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I got a little break!!!

February 7th | older posts

Yesterday, while David was in school, a sweet friend offered to let Matty and Max have a playdate at her house so Jen and I could have coffee and hang out together. It was so nice to have an uninterrupted conversation!
Gosh, I wonder if the boys had fun??

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  1. chrissie says:

    Ummmmmmm…how cute are they?

  2. Michelle B says:

    so very cute!

  3. Kate says:

    I can tell by the look of the front porch who your “sweet friend” is. And boy, isn’t she sweet. She’s probably one of our most favorite people at church…to have her watch your kiddos, boy what a treat!

  4. Jody says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your Valentine ABC/I love U necklace. I hope you have great sales with them! And you look so amazing in all your pictures. Always. I love your style…and I don’t know how you always look so ‘fresh’. Must be good friends and your ‘me time’! Good for you. =) Looks likes the boys had a blast!

  5. Laura and the family says:

    Clear and loud, both boys were having fun! Glad yourself a treat, a break!

  6. Nance says:

    ohhh … how sweet! the boys are having a blast!
    good friends are a blessing indeed!

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