Wow, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Matty really turned a corner yesterday with his nasty cold. David is feeling much better today, thank goodness! We visited our pediatrician yesterday. I apologized to him for a second visit in one week. I told I feel like I am so in the middle of taking care of David that I lose objectivity and it’s really hard for me to tell whether he getting better or worse! He set David’s chart down, turned and looked at me and said, ” Don’t ever think you are wasting my time. David is a unique kid and needs special attention. We have to stay on top of any health issues he has.” So of course, I was tearing up. I am so thankful for good doctors, who really love my boys. I am so thankful for a husband who helps me and lets me vent when I am exhausted and for friends who love and support us. This blog has been the perfect way to connect while I’ve been holed up in the house with sick kiddos. Thanks for walking this journey with me. We all need to hold hands and help each other out.

***I updated the handmade brass, vintage & beaded designs link to the right. I was having so much FUN last night with these vintage pieces!!!