David and I hung out and read magazines.

Daddy and Matty playe d and went potty multiple times. Matty was so excited about being on a plane. He also loved the shuttle bus ride from the car to the airport.

Janine and I got to sneak away and get pedicures one evening.

Watching the cousins laugh and play and enjoy each other.

David explored the entire house, made friends at restaurants and couldn’t keep still!

Janine hosted a jewelry party and I got to meet so many of her sweet friends and neighbors (and we paid for a big chunk of our trip)!

We took the kids to a drive-thru safari in Fossil Rim. It was so fun having the animals roam free while we were caged in the car. The kids loved it!

Other highlights…Janines’s amazing cooking, Danny taking me to Sears to introduce me to some new tools that I can use for jewelry making, Wii, Steve letting me sleep in and waking up to fresh coffee, watching the new Masterpiece Persuasion on PBS, eating brownies, bars and donuts, Spring Creek, and seeing it snow!!