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hello monday!

June 16th | older posts

hydrangeas about to bloom and no more school for the summer. feels good! off to see my sweet nieces and maybe hit the zoo. more pics tomorrow!!

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  1. Katrina says:

    Sounds like my kind of a day. First day of no school here too. My girls with huge smiles,” We didn’t even leave the house today!”

  2. Laura and the family says:

    OH I wish I have a first day off from teaching today. I just will have to wait until Friday afternoon,then I am free for the summer. Good thing you do have the heart for the kids’ adventures.

  3. the camp says:

    love hydrangeas….i am wearing my necklace. i dig it.

  4. Monya & Rick says:

    Just discovered your blog, love it! Also saw your necklaces advertised in OK magazine!!! Can’t wait to buy my first one.

  5. Michaelene says:

    Well, hi! I actually came to your “sweet & shiny” site to find something new for myself and I promised myself if I clicked on the blog, I would only read for a minute – ha, ha, joke’s on me!

    What a beautiful set of boys you have! I’ll be back later to read on, minus little fingers all over the keyboard! For now, I’ve got my eyes set on something shiny that I’d like you to put together for me – especially if I can get it ordered before my husband comes home :)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Life is good, isn’t it?!

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