thanks for all your great questions. even my friends who love to mock me (joy and michele!) we are gearing down for a relaxing weekend which sounds just right!

to answer one question, the boys are doing great.

*david* loves his class and i am slowly relaxing and adjusting. his teacher is great and they have hired a 1:1 for him who is also amazing. unfortunately she hurt her foot and will be out for a few weeks. in the meantime, we have had a consistent sub who has been wonderful!

in the last couple months i have felt increased anxiety about david’s safety and i’m trying to relax and take a deep breath. his transition to 1st grade was much harder than i anticipated and it brought up a lot of feelings for me. slowly, i am getting into a new rhythm. meanwhile, david has loved the transition and really enjoys his new class.

at home he loves to play his piano and explore the house. he notices anything new. he continues to communicate with us more (through gestures and pulling on us). he is easy going and so fun.

*matty* is loving his pre-K class and is doing well. sometimes he needs to calm down and listen better in class so we are working on that LOL! he is all about superheros and bad guys. he divides all his toys into two groups. yesterday dora the explorer was a bad guy. never knew she had it in her! he wears his cape and rainboots everywhere.

i have noticed a real change in him lately with regards to david. he is very helpful (and a little bossy) with his brother. he has definitely taken the big brother roll. we have had a couple conversations lately about getting a few more fingers for david. 7 fingers just isn’t enough. i try to explain that david doesn’t seem to mind, but matty wants him to be able to count to 10.

so, overall the boys are great. i’ll work on answering more questions in the next few days. enjoy your friday!