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October 24th | older posts

New, fun stuff! Email me if you’re interested in something. If it’s marked SOLD, I might be able to create something similar.

Oh. my. GOODNESS! Love these brass bangles. Two bangles united by two large brass rings, dangle with a french charm (less than yesterday, more than today), a swarovski ball and tiny key. SOLD

Another one. So, so cute! Three bangles united by two large brass ringes, dangle with a vintage key, vintage heart locket and crystal quartz. SOLD

Vintage brass pendant (about 2″) reads “Our hearts beat as one”. Strung from large handmade brass chain. J-clasps in the front, about 20″ in length, hits at the bust. I also added a swarovski ball. Fun, fifties charm! SOLD

This pendant is sooo fun and unusual! It reads “He who holds the key can unlock my heart. The key fits perfectly inside the vintage brass peandant. I also added a little crystal. J-clasp in the front 22″ long SOLD

Amour vintage brass pendant is strung from handmade chain with a vintage heart locket and crystal. J-clasps in the front. 22″ in length. SOLD

11 Responses

  1. Kristen says:

    So fun! My wish list keeps getting longer and longer! Your family photos are great!

  2. susaninfrance says:

    I just got my two necklaces from you and they are so AMAZING! I’ve shown them all around my office so expect some more contacts from texas soon! thanks so much and i can’t wait to order something else…

  3. RachelDenbow says:

    I’ve posted a pic of my necklace here. Love it!

    I love watching your style grow and include new elements.

  4. Earen says:

    The new jewelry you’re posting is just awesome! I”m going to have to save up my pennies & get one! You do such a great job!

  5. Kristen Borland says:

    ooo… LOVE the last pair of earrings, girly!!!!

  6. NewDew says:

    Just wanted to pop my head in and say hello. The way you write is so nice, comforting and familiar. Dunno what it is. And the jewellery.. amazing! So a great big hello from Norway :) Have a good day!

  7. Kelly says:

    I just love your style! Can you make more than one pair of the earring styles? I love that second one, but alas, its gone! :)

  8. Freckled Nest says:

    OHHH!!! That rinestone ball in the 2nd last photo is AWESOME!!! You’re art is so amazing and beautiful!!!!
    Leigh-Ann :)

  9. Kristen Borland says:

    where do you find those charms?! awesome bangles!

  10. tania says:

    your work is so amazing…i want it all…and slowly i shall collect it…

  11. Jo Bradford says:

    I jsut found your blog – your work is beautiful

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