I gave David a haircut last night and man was he MAD! He was kicking and screaming and twisting and turning. He has never like haircuts, but since his last hospital stay he has gotten much more fiesty about being held down.

I hate to see him upset, but Steve and I feel strongly about making sure he is always well groomed and dressed nicely. This might sound simple, but the kid’s got THICK hair that grows REALLY fast. Plus he’s the size of an 18 month old. Finding clothes for him is a part time job. I don’t want anything with little doggies or blue bears–I want BIG BOY clothes, but in a tiny size. The Gap has been good to me. We also have a really sweet friend who has professionally altered many pairs of pants for David. Over the weekend I found a pair of navy blue Converse high tops in David’s size. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! They are so, so cute! So I dropped him off at school today with a new haircut and blue converse. Man I love that kid!!