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give the boy a cape…

October 4th | older posts

and he will fly.


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  1. what a cute little super hero :)

  2. Tara May says:

    So cute! Where do you find all his adorable boots?

  3. cathrine says:

    I love your blog and I love your jewlerys!!!
    Where are u from?

  4. Tania says:

    Super Matt! :)
    I love his Wellies! Can you tell me the label? Maybe I can shop for them online :)
    Love that cute little handle to help put them on..
    The cape and the wellies… Hmmmm is little Matt the Super Rain Puddle Boy? Oh yey!! A super hero!! 😀

  5. Cristi says:

    That is so adorable. Arent little boys so imaginative and fun!

  6. misty says:

    those are aorable pics!

  7. misty says:

    i meant adorable above lol!

  8. Jill says:

    Looks like he has a massive imagination! That will serve him well… he is a beautiful child :)

  9. Lisa says:

    the boots are from target!

  10. Karen says:

    How awesome! I have a five year old who would LOVE to have a cape like that!

  11. Heather says:

    So cute! Give Matty a big hug from me! One of these days I will email you the pics I took of the boys on your birthday when I was babysitting. Not now though, I just finished a 14 hour shift and should really be in bed!!! :) Love you!

  12. Julie says:

    Love the new blog. I just recently found your old one and also your sister’s, I am enjoying reading all your past posts. Keep them coming!

    P.S. Love the jewelry!

  13. Swampy says:

    Just flew over from JulieBug’s Place. (Another Chance Ranch)
    Love the photos. What a precious little boy. Gotta love that smile.
    Will be back to check out the jewelry.

  14. nance says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I love your new “home”. Your boys are so cute, looks like they are always having fun!


  15. Darci says:

    Adorable pics, the freedom of youth always brings a smile to my face :)

    BTW I LOVE the new Breast cancer piece. My mom was diagmosed with Stage 3 in march and its been a long haul but shes getting thru day by day. A Beauty and the cause is awesome, thank you!!

  16. Karen says:

    Wow, you take amazing photos! Those are beautiful…. I’m so impressed and what great memories for your family.

    Thank you for doing the contest at Nesting Place!

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