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September 30th | older posts

a full heart is well loved and loves well.


leave us a comment and tell us what makes your heart full. i’ll be giving away two of these little sweeties.

they are also available today for $32 HERE. Happy Tuesday!!

423 Responses

  1. Diane Smid says:

    When I think on how much I am loved my heart overflows with thanks. I am loved by my husband, three boys, a daughter in law and many others. But even greater than their love is the love my heavenly Father has for me. Amazing love, amazing grace.

  2. Jackie Smith says:

    What fills my heart Lisa is looking at my two kids and being so thankful they are here. I love them so very much I can explode !! It’s what life’s all about right ?

  3. margaret says:

    i just found your site through a friend’s link and i’ve already gone through and admired much of your jewelery. every piece is so beautiful.

    my heart is full(est) when i know my two boys are happy. the sound of them giggling and playing together is the best sound in the world. :)

  4. Kathryn says:

    a very small and simple answer for a very large question – my children. Could there be any greater thing than the love of children to fill your heart?

  5. Carrie says:

    My heart is full when my Husband tells me how much he loves me. When my sister calls because she misses me. When I sing old hymns and am reminded of just how loved and blessed I am by God.

  6. What fills my heart…Knowing the promises of our Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6
    Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways knowledge him. He will make straight your path.
    Craziness in the world draws me closer to my blessings. My husband, My children. My heart is full.

  7. Karen Lamb says:

    My heart is full when …
    I see my husband calling me on my mobile – I have caller identity
    When I see Table Mountain, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world
    I see how happy my friends are in the computer, I love browsing their blogs and feeling the love, Yes Lisa, your blog is one of my favourites, I don’t start the day without checking in on your lovely family
    My heart is full as I have the Love of the Lord inside.
    Bye for now

  8. Lisa says:

    Hmmm… What makes my heart full…
    Seeing my sons smiley face next to my bed in the morning,
    cajoling a smile out of my grumpy-in-the-morning daughter,
    sunny autumn mornings,
    walks in the countryside,
    cozy autumn evenings with my family,
    snuggles before bedtime….. I could go on and on. Every day is full of heartfull moments once we open our eyes and see them.

  9. Jen says:

    Seeing other people happy makes my heart full.

  10. Penny says:

    Seeing pictures of my 3 nieces and nephews are so far away from me! I miss them so much but it makes me smile to see the pictures that my sister takes of them everyday and shares on her blog for me.

  11. Tania says:

    Hmmmm what leaves my heart full.. I guess those moments where the three of us (Luv, me, babe) are in bed playing some game or singing and we start laughing, those happy moments and seeing my luv’s eyes full of pride of our little one… That’s what leaves my heart full :)

  12. Sallie says:


  13. Kendra says:

    They’re adorable! Would love to win one!

  14. Lisa says:

    Hearing what my darling girl has to say about life, her world or even just repeating some phrase Papa or Momma said makes my heart full. What can be more exciting than hearing the world through someone just discovering how to put words together? And, hearing the many new ways she finds to put them together?

  15. Sarah says:

    My heart is full when I am surrounded by the love of my wonderful family.

  16. Juanita says:

    My heart is full when my 4 year old daughter runs up to me and says “You’re the best!!”. :)

  17. Jen says:

    My heart is full when I have dropped my kids off in their sunday school rooms, and I’m singing praise songs with the rest of the congregation. Also whenever we take a family photo somewhere. There’s something about being surrounded by your loved ones, smiling, knowing the picture will be around for a long long time, even if the moment won’t be!!

    These are gorgeous, I’d love to win one!

  18. Laura says:

    what makes my heart full…
    the feel of my 3 1/2 year old arms around me when he hugs me,
    raspberry kisses,
    the amazingly peaceful look on my little ones’ faces as they sleep,
    the innocence of youth,
    absolute joy on their little faces when they’re happy,
    the sound of being called “mama”
    the pitter pat of little feet
    the joy of trying to make each of their days special

  19. Patti says:

    Hanging out with family that wants to be around one another…

  20. sarah says:

    that even at 17 my daughter asks my opinion 😉

  21. Darcie says:

    1) When I reflect back on the time spent with my students and see how far they have come, my heart just wants to overflow with happiness.
    2) When the words of a hymn hit me, and I am struck by just how much Christ has done for me.
    3) Your jewelry (ok, I’m just being cheesy-although I love your jewelry!) :)

  22. Beth H says:

    My heart just overflows when my little guy runs to hug us…or says something totally out of the blue. My smile is so big and my love for him shows from all of me.

    The necklace is absolutely beautiful…I’m sure it would look great on my neck! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  23. Denise S says:

    Looking at this wonderful guy I am married to and thinking of the crazy ride we have been on the last 36 years together. Watching our 4 adult children making this world a better,safer place and last but most assuredly not least watching our 3 and almost 4 grandsons living large and grabbing onto life and running with it.

  24. Julie says:

    Tucking my boys into bed and hearing their thoughts and prayers

  25. Theresa says:

    My heart is full when my children and husband are home. When we are all together safe. Also when my friends are happy. It hurts to see them struggle.

  26. Vanessa says:

    Listening to the screaming laughter of my boys and those infectious giggles when they are alone, which can only mean trouble!!

  27. Southern Gal says:

    My heart overflows everytime I look at my husband of almost 28 years and the three children the Lord blessed us with despite the fertility specialists test results. My prayer babies are now 19, 17, and 6!

  28. Christine Super says:

    My heart is full everytime I think about the past 20 years I have spent with my wonderful husband. He has made every one of my dreams come true and continues to do so even after 20 years! I can’t wait for to see what the next 20 years will bring.

  29. Maria says:

    My son, Owen, makes my heart full. He is such a blessing.

  30. Bobbi says:

    My heart is full just having my wonderful family immediate and extended in my life. Nothing feels better than the love of a little one.

  31. Jenny Maddox says:

    My family and I were in a car accident Friday night and our mini-van was totaled. Our family walked away with nothing more than seat belt burns and bruises.

    Having everyone safe under one roof and seeing how amazing our God is to have taken care of us like that makes my heart full.

  32. Sasha says:

    My heart is full with all the blessings I have been given.

  33. Jo Ann Reynolds says:

    Health, heart, home and happyness make my heart full.

  34. Sherry Mescher says:

    My heart is overflowing today. Thirteen years ago today I married my best friend.

  35. Linda Park says:

    I stumbled upon your website … my kids, two grown and married, and my 16 year old make my heart full and happy. Today is my 54 birthday and having them to celebrate is all I need.

    My heart is also filled by the photos of your sons and the simple fact I can feel the love you have for them in your photos.

    Happy Tuesday.

  36. maryanne says:

    Last Friday night, seeing all 3 of my children (aged 9, 12, and 14) in our bed, together and asleep!

  37. Cristi says:

    My most recent post on my own small blog was about memories. I am so blessed to have so many many special memories of my children growing up. Those wonderful memories are what makes my heart full. Go make memories with your kids today. One day you will think back on them and feel that fullness in your heart too.

  38. Cristi says:

    Okay I put the wrong web address! Sorry, I am sure that one was good too though, I will have to check it out. LOL Mine is

  39. Amy says:

    The pure joy in my son’s face when our dog licks him on the face!

  40. anne rays says:

    My Joe when he speaks clearly and knows it and then says “I did it Mom”! Both of our hearts are full then.

  41. Kimberly says:

    Gorgeous! Gosh, I plan on doing some Christmas Shopping here!

  42. My kids and husband make my heart full. I bought one of these yesterday! Wish I had waited a day – maybe I could have won it instead! It would be neat to send one to my Mom for Christmas, though! So, got my fingers crossed!!

  43. Tammy Dorsett says:

    Studying the word of God with friends and applying it to my life daily.

  44. Angie says:

    My heart is full when all my kids are home under one roof. My family has stretched to include a new son-in-law last year and we’ll be having a new grandson this year. I love my changing family. :)

  45. Had the perfect heart-full moment last night when my children were helping each other with homework. My oldest son was helping my daughter with math while my other daughter was reading a book to my youngest. Aaah! Music to my ears!!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    What makes my heart full…. Knowing that my children feel loved and appreciated. Knowing that even when things get tough we will make it through. Just knowing :)

  47. robin says:

    my heart is full when I take pictures of my 5 kids all together…looking thru the viewfinder… that clear beautiful sight can be somewhat overwhelming…it truly touches my heart.

  48. Laura says:

    Hearing my students each morning say “Good Morning, Ms. Taylor!”

  49. Paula says:

    My heart is full when I take the time to stop and realize just how wonderful my life has turned out. I’m a very lucky person.

  50. Brevard Fraser says:

    My heart is full when my dad (who lost his wife of 47 years last year) begins to venture into the world again … meeting new people and beginning to embrace the world he has now.

  51. Cheryl says:

    The things that make my heart full are the warm breeze that comes with the change in the sun in the fall, looking at my family and knowing how precious they are, thinking of friends, and realizing how lucky we all are!

  52. Sandy says:

    My hubby. After eight years, today in fact, he still makes me swoon.

  53. Lisa Silver says:

    Hello… I have an endless list of things that make my heart full… watching my kids do anything together, getting hugs at bedtime, a sweet secret smile from my husband, a sunset or the bright leaves of a flower.

    Thanks for your inspiration and kindness.

  54. Jessica B says:

    I’m sure this is going to be a very common answer but my family and friends make my heart full. I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

    Love the necklace. Actually I love all of your necklaces :)

  55. Melinda says:

    I love the sound of my baby girl running over and saying “hi” and seeing pure joy on her face when she accomplishes something new. My children absolutely without a doubt fill my heart with more happiness than one person deserves.

  56. Kenna says:

    I think I am alot like everyone else on here today. My family is definitely what makes my heart full. They are such an amazing blessing.

  57. Debbie Leonard says:

    My heart is filled with the love of God, my family, and my dearest friends. I am blessed beyond measure with a loving husband, and two wonderful children. I couldn’t have made it through a lot of times without the Lord carrying me and my friends holding my hands.

  58. What makes my heart full is my husband and my 2 kids, hands down. They ARE my life and my heart!

  59. sara says:

    my heart is overflowing when i wake up to big, brown puppy eyes intently watching for the first flicker of my sleepy eyes to open. then the tail slowly starts to wag with increasing speed and just when he can’t stand the quiet of the morning any more, my puppy rolls over onto his back for that first belly rub of the morning. I love that boy.

  60. Annette says:

    Looking back over my marriage (of 19 years) and all that we have been through together. Loooking at our four children and remembering our “dating” years and even before that when I had a crush on my (now) husband when we were just kids. I met him when I was 4 years old! Overall, it is seeing how God worked and still works in my life with my husband and children.

  61. Wendy says:

    My children are definitely what makes my heart full. Three of my four kiddos have a genetic liver disorder that could be life threatening, but right now they are all healthy and happy and that is the greatest blessing of all.

  62. My heart is full of hope. God has carried my family through some tough stuff and now as we expect baby #4 I am hopeful for what the future holds.

  63. Jan says:

    I didn’t even read any of the above responses because my heart is always full with the joy and love of my grandchildren. I think I am a young-ish grandma and am enjoying every second with them. They are truly a heavenly gift to me and definitely are what fills my heart to the brim and more.

  64. Mandy Kirk says:

    My heart is full of worry right now because I find out in a week if we are having a boy or girl, and my worry is that it will have special needs just like one of my sons.

  65. Anne says:

    What makes my heart full…

    watching my kids run and play
    photography & art
    my hubby
    being so blessed

  66. My heart is full when I simply sit here and look at my two beautiful children, I know how deeply my husband loves me and my home is filled with endless love and laughter.

  67. Linda says:

    Hi, Lisa,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this adorable necklace. My heart is full when
    I am with my family. Thoughts of my mother, who went to be with her creator in February, fill my heart – I know she is my guardian angel. My husband, my children, my father, my sister and brother and their families all mean the world to me. I have good friends, but my family are my best and truest friends … and they love me for who I am. I’m grateful every day to have them in my life. God is good.

  68. Caroline says:

    My heart is full of my two children. When they are smiling and laughing, my heart is blissfully happy. When they cry from a boo boo or because daddy has to leave for work, my heart fully aches for them.

  69. Alicia Cornell says:

    My heart is full when….

    Nicolas, my oldest son who has autism, reveals the glimmer of the possible in his schoolwork, language or his laughter.

    My heart bubbles over with joy abundant!

  70. michele says:

    My heart is full when we take our 9 year old “Golden”, Bailey, to swim at Assateague Island, here in Maryland….His most favorite place on earth.. We love to see how happy he is “surfing” the waves… a dog’s life, how wonderful it seams..

  71. Jeri says:

    a full heart = an eskimo kiss from a sticky 3 year-old grandson who tells me “love you to the moon nanni” and then tightly hugs my neck and won’t let go; feeling his little fingers wrapped around mine taking a walk to the park, love pats on the cheeks upon waking from a nap. Knowing that his little heart is as full as mine because we share every second of our lives together. . .there is no greater love.

  72. Heather says:

    My heart is full when my daughter gives me an unexpected kiss. When she throws a tantrum and then immediately comes to me for a hug. When I peek in on my husband and see him cuddling with our daughter watching her favorite movie, Monster’s inc. My heart is full because of the love of my husband and daughter.

  73. Maria says:

    My heart is full of my two little daughters, especially when they are laughing and smiling and come close to me to give me a kiss.

  74. Kim R says:

    When I am still and know that my family is all that I need to be fulfilled.

  75. Cathy says:

    Jesus. Plain and simple.

  76. Kelly says:

    My heart is full when my children are happy. I love watching them play, laugh, run and enjoy life. They are joyful. I am blessed to have two beautiful children and a husband how is always telling me he loves me and that he is the luckiest guy.

  77. kristen says:

    my heart is so full this month for the love of my family and for the wonderful plan i know my father in heaven has for my little family. thanks lisa! kristen


  78. Sarah V. says:

    My heart is full knowing that I am loved unconditionally by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! And that the penalty for my sin has been paid in full by His blood.

  79. Brittany K. says:

    My heart is full everytime I sit back and look at my life. I have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally, I have 2 dogs that make me smile everyday and I have a future that I know is going to be awesome.

  80. Richelle says:

    When my daughter sings my heart overflows. Luckily for me she sings all day long!

  81. Anna says:

    My heart if full with the love of my family and friends…my children, my husband, my parents, siblings and their families and friends who make up our extended family. It is such a joy to know that in these tough times that we are all here for each other.
    I also want to say how much I enjoy your creative spirit. As a mother of 3 specials needs children, I know how hard it is to find time for creative endeavors and renewal of our own spirit and well being.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  82. donna says:

    Today I have 4 of my granddaugthers with me. My heart is full of joy :-)

  83. kristi says:

    i don’t know how i came across your website a while back, but your jewelry is exquisite, so of course i’d love to be entered in this giveaway–in addition to telling everyone who loves me that i would like them to buy other pieces for me for every major holiday. 😉

    my heart is full at the end of every day when my kids are sleeping peacefully, the house is picked up, i’m snuggling with my hubby and dog on the couch, i have time to work on a creative project for myself, and the air is cool instead of muggy outside (i live in florida, so i have to aim low when it comes to weather…).

  84. Hey Lisa, I love your new site. Especially how they display the date and title before your post. It’s very classy! Anyways, my heart gets full by many things, but my job always makes it fuller. I work for a Christian mentoring ministry for at-risk youth. When i hear kids say things like “My mentor is my best friend”, “I want to be a mentor when I grow up”, or “It’s nice to have someone to talk to about stuff at home”…. my heart swells. Those comments and others from the parents make all the difficulties melt away. Making a difference in these kids lives and pointing them to Christ is why we do what we do. My heart overflows!

  85. Anna says:


  86. Tammy says:

    When I think about how grateful I am to have been blessed with the chance to be a mother to my wonderful kids, it fills my heart. For some reason, as a child, I always wanted to be a mother, but thought I would not be able to have children. Each day, through the good, bad, discouraging, joyful, and even the grieving days I realize that there is nothing that could fill me the way these amazing creatures do.

  87. KirstyB says:

    Love the new digs, Lisa!! And the new necklace is fab too! :) What makes my heart full? Watching my son read to my daughter before bed. I love to listen to him read and to watch her soak up undivided big brother time…priceless!! :)

  88. kristin says:

    when i’m with my whole family…it rarely happens because we’re scattered across the country…but being all together and laughing definitely fills my heart.
    pariskae (at) aol (dot) com

  89. Janet Shimotake says:

    I work in an NICU. Everyday, I watch mothers cry over their children. Every night I go home and fill my arms with my own little ones, and am so full of thanks that my family has been so blessed. The best part of my job is wrapping up little babies and handing them to a mom or dad to hold for the very first time. But the best part of my day is holding my own.

  90. Cari says:

    Seeing my daughter and son healthy and happy make my heart full! There is always some smiles and giggles in our home and I love it!

  91. Sarah says:

    What makes my heart full?
    Love. Pouring out love on those who are so dear to me. Family. Spending endless hours talking and laughing with my family. Marriage. Being able to call myself the wife to the most amazing man in the whole world. Jesus. Without God in my heart, even with all of these things mentioned above, my heart would still be missing something and wouldn’t be at its fullest. That my dear, is what makes my heart full.

  92. My heart is full after finding out that my 2 year old is very healthy and on-track with her development * that is saying alot considering how her life started when she had only been in my belly for 32 weeks and we struggled through many hardships her first year of life.

    My heart is even fuller since finding out that baby #2, happily nestled in my belly is a BOY! To see the look of amazement and joy on my husbands face was priceless and enough to fill my heart forever!

    PS…love your jewelry :-)

  93. Ann says:

    This is so sweet and girlie. This would be a wonderful 13th birthday gift for my daughter.

  94. Paige says:

    What makes my heat full is knowing love and knowing that I am loved. I have no children yet…but I do have my hubby and he really fills my heart and our home with love.

  95. Nicole B. says:

    my 3 sweet girls
    my adoring husband
    my faith in God

    What a beautiful giveaway!

  96. Loraine says:

    laughing, love, friendship, my husband, vacations, the beach, pretty things, babies, blogging, my children… (completely random order). :-)

  97. Mindy says:

    Seeing my kids grow, prosper, and learn makes my heart full. I never thought I would be able to have any children and now I have 4 of them!

    The necklace is beautiful!

  98. Karon says:

    My two kids, ages 5 and 10, make my heart so full and make me feel so loved.

  99. Jennifer says:

    1. Worshipping God
    2. Feeling my son’s arms around my neck
    3. Knowing I am loved by an amazing man

  100. ani says:

    I love that necklace!

    When my beautiful, special 3 year old says “I love you more Mama” my cup runneth over. After a long struggle with IF and and a looooong adoption wait, our son was placed in our arms 3 years ago. The fact that I get to be his mother, that he is MINE to love and cherish… it overwhelms me.

  101. Karon says:

    My two kids, ages 5 and 10, make my heart so full and make me feel loved.

  102. elle. says:

    My family fills my heart so much. I have a fourteen month old Nephew, and he is the light of my life. I make it a point to see him almost every day. I am so thankful that I get to watch this beautiful little boy learn grow and play. His parents are the best and seeing him discover the world for the first time makes my heart so full of love and pride.

  103. April says:

    What makes my heart full is spending time with my family and knowing that someday (hopefully soon) I will get to start a family of my own with the most wonderful husband ever. :)

  104. Wendy T says:

    My heart is full holding my baby in my arms and soaking him in. It’s also full watching my husband with him and the love he has for our son.

    I love your necklaces, I have one from my husband for Mother’s Day and would love to add this one!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  105. Jeni says:

    my heart is especially full when i have quiet moments to reflect on the blessings of my life: a loving family, a fulfilling job, a merciful saviour… i am very grateful.

  106. cheryl says:

    my 2 sweet boys make my heart full…i love to hear them laughing & to watch them sleep so peacefully…and my husband-when he does something sweet for me just BECAUSE! i hope i win!

  107. Erin says:

    My heart is full when I think about the little baby girl my husband and I are waiting to adopt from China. The wait is long and difficult, but thinking of our little family of 3 helps each day pass.
    Your necklace made my think of her little heart inside my own heart.

  108. Asha says:

    My heart overflows when I look at my sweet 9 month old daughter, Maya. She fills my world with a joy that I never knew I could experience. Your necklace captures the true essence of how much a heart can hold.

  109. shannon stinson says:

    my heart is full every morning when i wake to my beautiful emma and aidan…and my husband. they remind me of the promises of God. His purpose in my life. His mercies are new every morning…and He fills my heart with all that i need every day. Praise the Lord.

  110. Heidi says:

    A full heart, were theres’s always place for another !!

  111. Jennifer Fast says:

    What makes my heart full is when my girls come running up to me after I have been away and jump into my arms telling me they missed me! It sure makes you appreciate them a lot more!
    1 other thing – seeing your blog Lisa and your son David, and all the unconditional love that you give to him. Takes a special person to do that! Trust me, I know!

    Jennifer Fast

  112. Elizabeth says:

    When my baby daughter gives me her huge toothless grin — then my heart is full!

  113. monique says:

    I tend to thing that my heart will be full when my kid’s love and obey, when my husband is putting me first or when other’s tell how much they appreciate me but really my heart is only full when it is in consistant fellowship with our wonderful Lord and is fully dependent on Him alone!

  114. Erica says:

    My new son, now almost 8 months, makes my heart full–his innocence, his joy at just being in the world. I hope that he never loses all of that.

  115. Becky T. says:

    My heart is full when I watch my 13 month old son with my husband, his daddy… Any man can be a father.It takes someone special to be a dad. My heart runneth over when my son leans his head in when he wants his daddy to kiss him good night…the way my son intently listens as his daddy reads him a story…the way they play…the way they dance together…their naps together are so beautiful and sweet. They definitely fill my heart!

  116. Kim Edmiston says:

    Watching my 3 year old “read” from “Love you Forever”…I have to hold back the tears!

  117. kristine hanson says:

    my heart is full when my husband is home in the evenings with me and the kids (he is gone a lot) I love just being a little family, all 4 of us together.

  118. Lisa says:

    What makes my heart full, is knowing my husband is not only providing for our family, but defending our country at the same time.

  119. All of my many blessings!

  120. Leann says:

    My Three daughters each in their special way makes my heart full.

  121. patti says:

    My heart is full of God’s never ending LOVE for me!!

  122. Shyrl says:

    My heart is so full when I see the 2 wonderful sons I raised being the best daddies in the world to their newborns. My grandsons were born July 14 and July 28 and my sons are the proudest daddies in the world.

  123. carole says:

    it is so beautiful and so ME!
    lovin’ your new blogs look & your photos stop me in my tracks!

  124. Denissa says:

    I’ll have to go with what everyone else has said, my three little boys. The out of the nowhere “I love you mama”.
    One thing that really warms my heart is on school mornings when my youngest runs back into his brothers classrooms and pulls out his pacifier to give them a big kiss! :)

  125. Samantha says:

    My is full and overflows with joy when I slow down and take a moment to look around me. I immediately see my three beautiful, healthy children and my husband. I have been blessed beyond measure.

  126. Marie says:

    When I wake up to a smiling, chubby baby snuggled next to me. When my 3 year old says “Mom, you’re the best!”. Whem I look into the eyes of my 5 year old & see myself in her. A Mother’s Heart is a Full Heart.

  127. Karen says:

    After a long weekend or vacation alone with my boyfriend…sigh. Romance definitely fills my heart.

    Such a pretty necklace!

  128. Brooke says:

    My heart is full when i’m with family, especially during holidays when EVERYONE is together. There is nothing better than laughing together, and we laugh a LOT!

  129. chrissie says:

  130. Sara Koppes says:

    My time with my daughter makes my heart so full I feel like it could burst. Last night was a perfect mommy/daughter time. After the park and starting to decorate for Halloween it was time for bed. We laid on Madeline’s pillows and had the best conversation we’ve ever had (Madeline is 4). She opened up about pre-school, her teachers, and her friends. She said, “I am finally getting to know my friends’ names.” :) I enjoyed listening to her so much that I ignored that the clock said it was past her bedtime for a school night. I can’t wait to have more talks like that. I hope she always feels comfortable enough to talk with me about anything. I love our relationship–it makes my heart swell with love and pride towards my daughter.

    I love your new blog, Lisa. Congrats on getting it up and running.

  131. Anjanette says:

    My heart is full in the simple things. Today it is scoping out pumpkins on our drive home from preschool, seeing a meadow full of purple wildflowers and watching the leaves on the trees change color.

  132. Heather in MT says:

    My husband and my daughter. What more could you need?

  133. my heart is full when my 2 1/2 year old tells me that he loves me or when he asks me if i’m feeling good and then gives me a kiss and says now you are feel good mommy? :) he has such a sweet heart he makes mine full to overflowing.

    i love the new blog – love the BIG pictures!!

  134. liz says:

    My heart fills up when I hear the sound of little bare feet running across our wood floors. I especially remember the first time hearing our youngest and saying “she’s running!” I can hear it now, just thinking back :)

  135. Paloma says:

    My heart is full when I introspect and see that it is not impossible to give what I have not received. Giving my whole self into my daughters lives makes my heart full.

  136. amy says:

    little boy laughter ringing through my house…

  137. Heidi says:

    My daughter making her animal noises!

  138. Kelly Atwood says:

    my heart is full! my heart is overflowing with my love for my husband, my babies and my god! i am so thankful and grateful! i am in love with all of your jewelry i look at your blog daily! thank you for your inspiration!

  139. Sarah says:

    Being God’s daughter makes my heart full! How awesome it is to have that unconditional love.
    My awesome husband and 2 boys fill my heart will love as well.
    Love your jewelry! You are such a talented lady!

  140. Cathy Spock says:

    My heart is full because I am living and breathing today! There are so many people who die everyday, wishing for yet more days to live. I am loved by so many… my husband, my daughters, my freinds and family… my grateful heart makes my heart burst with happiness. :)

  141. ChristineK says:

    My heart is full sitting on the couch, snuggled up with my two children and reading every evening. I feel truly blessed to be able to be here with them and to watch them grow up.

  142. Linda Larsen says:

    Lisa –

    What a wonderful design!! What makes my heart full is my precious granddaughter Emily. She is a red head delight and keeps me young. You have a wonderful blog – I have to read it before I start work.


  143. Heather says:

    Wow, Lisa, first I have to say you are really popular! 140 comments after only 10 hours of a post! WOW! I’m so happy for your success!
    okay, what makes my heart full? So many things… the amazing love of God, the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for MY sins, the love of my family and friends, helping a student learn how to read, spell… etc, seeing that light bulb go on in a student’s mind, a hug from a child, having people tell me they are praying for me, seeing how many people showed up at my going away party…. I think that’s probably enough since you will probably get another 140 comments after me!
    Love you girlie! And I love the new necklace!

  144. Heather says:

    Hey, just a side note… it’s 11:53am in TX, which means it’s 9:53 in CA and it says that I posted that at 4:53 pm… so I don’t know what time zone it has you in.

  145. APRIL says:

    My heart is FULL when I look at my growing boy (he’s now a teenager) and when my LOVE says he loves me even when I’m being crabby to the family. I gotta love my guys!

  146. Cassie says:

    The empathy that my daughter has for the people around her makes my heart full. It makes me weepy when she gets sad when a friend of hers is hurt. I just hope that as she gets older that empathy continues.

  147. Amanda H says:

    My heart is full knowing that on Friday we will be celebrating 10 happy years of being married.

  148. When my son comes running up to me with arms wide open at the end of Mother’s Day out. I don’t normally get to see that level of excitement because I am home with him all day the rest of the week.

  149. APRIL says:

    Lost my post.

    My heart is full when the computer cooperates.

    Seriously, my heart is full when I look at my growing boy (now a 13yr old). When my LOVE says I Love You while I’m being crabby. Looking at sweet babies.

    And you, Lisa, my heart is full when I look at pictures of your precious family and you beautiful jewelry.

  150. Michelle B says:

    Yesterday I just suffered from my 3 miscarriage. At times like these my heart feels empty. But I have to beautiful boys {age 4 and 2} and for that my heart feels full to be blessed with them in my life.

  151. Beth says:

    I LOVE seeing my daughters grow up together. The secrets, the giggles, the sqabbles, even. Catching them holding hands or sharing a hug without prodding. Man do I love them.

  152. Melody says:

    I love people. God has given me a heart for others and I know the love I have in my heart for them is only a reflection of the love He feels for us.

    And I must say what a blessing it is to read all these other sweet comments!

  153. Pam says:

    My heart is full when I look back over my life at all the ways God has blessed me when I didn’t deserve it. God’s grace is so amazing.

  154. Kimberly Sackett says:

    When my 5 year old yells mom for the millionth time in a day and it it just to tell me that he loves me…

  155. colleen says:

    my heart is full that moment before I have to wake my son for school and I get to watch him sleeping….
    and all day today, celebrating 8 years of marriage to the best guy ever!

  156. Amy Morse says:

    My heart feels full when I think of all the family, friends, and even complete strangers who have shown kindness, compassion, and love towards my son and our family during a time of great sadness in our lives. I am humbled every day. Through our family tragedy I am sure that my children will grow up knowing what it really means to love and to be loved. I hope they grow up and truly use that gift to help others in need.

    My heart also feels full when I think of those at the hospital who choose careers that give so much back to humanity. They are part of miracles and tragedies every day. These folks sacrifice so much of themselves in order to care for children and their families.

    My heart feels full to think of the blessings that I still have present in my life.

  157. Andrea P says:

    My heart is full the moment I see my husband of 8 years. He is just a wonderful man!

  158. Charthree says:

    Helping others and seeing people step up and do the “right thing”. There are so many wonderful people out there that come together to help others. They care and do the right thing. You don’t always hear about the “good stuff” on the news. It fills my heart when I see and hear about it.

  159. Holly says:

    I am blessed beyond measure-a God who saved me, a husband who loves me and 4 children who complete my life.

  160. DEBBY WARREN says:

    What fills my heart is looking into the eyes of my family after dinner….We usually eat dinner, and then have a 15 minute family devotion…We love it and my heart fills even more when my kids ask for more…We are reading through the Old Testament, and they are loving the stories! :) Being all together is amazing and I’m SO thankful!! :)

  161. Oh, wow, love that necklace!

    My 6-month-old’s guffawing at his big sister as she blows raspberries at him…. That makes my heart full.

  162. Jess says:

    My heart is full…..when my 4 year old spontaneously says, “mom, I love you.” (and not wanting anything at the same moment) and when my 2 year old gives me a spontaneous hug and kiss. I feel their love in the little moments…that is what fills my heart. -jess

  163. Meredith Barr says:

    Realizing again the extravagant love and grace the Father showers on me daily…regardless of my actions, accomplishments,or attitude. Because of that my heart is full of love for Him and the people He has put in my life.

  164. Rosie says:

    What makes my heart full–
    When my two kids are getting along and declare themselves “best buddies”, this makes my heart the most full. They have a beautiful friendship when they’re getting along!

  165. Alicia says:

    Seeing my little dog wiggling around with excitement when I get home makes my heart full.
    Also talking to my wonderful grandmother on the phone makes me feel so warm and full inside.

  166. Jess says:

    My husband and my precious children fill my heart more than I ever thought possible.

  167. Naomi says:

    My heart is made full by my family, friends, church, and little children, and big kids.

  168. Jessica F says:

    Might heart absolutely about burst when I see my two girls playing together.

  169. Kim says:

    Many things make my heart filled. My son fills it daily! Honest, caring, giving, loving people fills it too.

  170. Krista says:

    Having my parents close by to play with my son and seeing him point them out in a picture and get all excited and call them G-ba and Papa!

  171. Petra says:

    My heart gets full when I think about the growing baby girl inside me. She has about 6 weeks left until we can welcome her into this world.

  172. WyCountrygirl says:

    My husband of 14 1/2 years and our girls (1&4) make my heart so full. But the love my Lord Jesus has for me makes my heart want to burst with thankfulness!

  173. AmberC says:

    My heart is full when my kids wrap their little hands around me and tell me they love me.

  174. wendy says:

    Love is knowing even though i think I’ve failed as a Mother at times, my kids are clueless to it and their reassuring hugs and kisses are proof! Love is what we make it, it takes no certain shape, it’s not a particular size and it can only be measured by the amount that is poured from our hearts.

  175. Trina Walker says:

    There is nothing else that fills my heart more than my two beautiful children, just the thought of them and them growing and flourishing brings tears to my eyes. My heart could burst.

  176. Jennifer says:

    My heart is full when my daughter wants to love on me.

  177. Holly R. says:

    A warm smile, a hello, the opening of a door, the little things.

  178. Tanya S. says:

    Right now it’s my two little dogs. they remind me to find joy and happiness in everything I do. It’s impossible to stay angry at anyone or any situation when they give me kisses and look up at me with such unconditional affection.

  179. Tiffany says:

    my children make my heart the fullest. my heart is full of thanks that i have two beautiful healthy children. their happiness and love makes my heart so full sometimes it hurts!!

    have a great day!

  180. Gidget says:

    When my daughter says “I wuh whoa” (I love you) and I actually stop to remember and thank God for the miracle that she is.

  181. Liz says:

    My husband fills my heart. Also spending time with my 4 sisters and parents – I’m lucky to have them close by.

  182. Jen L. says:

    Watching my 4 kids play and interact together makes my heart full. They are all 6 and under so they’re good friends as well as siblings.

  183. Darci says:

    What makes my heart full is my son Ty. To wake to my 32 weeker sons face each day and know how far hes come the past 4 years and how amazing of a little creature he is melts my heart. I see new things in him daily that are purely amazing, its the best feeling in the world to know that he is “my” son and I created that perfect face and skin.

  184. Erin says:

    My husband and my kids make my heart full. My husband is terminally ill and undergoing chemo but being stubborn, it’s not stopping him. Last night, he came home feeling crappy – refusing to kiss me on the lips because of the after-affects of chemo but yet he still curled up on the couch with the 9 year old who just wanted a few daddy minutes. Seeing him feel so sick and only wanting to crawl into bed but yet he takes the time to spend some quality time with our son… it’s priceless.

  185. Amy says:

    what makes my heart full? spending the last four and a half years with my daughter! she was born with a heart defect and I (secretly) fear every day that it will be our last SO every day I make it COUNT. I fill my heart up with her love, smell, touch, kisses, sweet voice and laughter and everything else in between. Even though at this age it can be tough…she is fiercely independent I take what I can get and never forget that today is a gift!!

    p.s. love the heart – it is beautiful!

  186. Gabrielle says:

    My heart is full of love for and from my wonderful husband, precious daughter, and the Lord. Your jewelry designs are amazing and I would be so delighted to win one!

  187. Allison says:

    Pick me, pick me!
    My husband and children fill my heart. I am so thankful to have them.

  188. My kids make my heart full! Love this new necklace!

  189. Camie says:

    My heart is full when my 2-yr-old says “I love you, mommy” totally out-of-the-blue and unprompted!

  190. Kimberly Marcus says:

    Seeing my two wonderful boys playing, laughing and loving. Such a full mommy’s heart.

  191. A smile. Just one, not even ear to ear, just a little grin. My littlest didn’t smile for a long time, and then she started again. All it takes is one tiny smile to set my day right.

  192. Linda w says:

    My heart is full when I see any of my boys. They are grown now and 2 have a child of their own. There is nothing more precious.

  193. Nothing fills my heart like watching my son & husband play & love on each other. The two men of my life fill me with so much joy & I cannot express the love the explodes from my heart when my 11 month old son crawls up to my hubby and hugs him. Pure bliss!

  194. Joelle says:

    Hi Lisa,

    My heart is filled with the love that my twin boys and hubby give me. Thanks Lisa for the reminder.

  195. Missy says:

    My heart is full when I know that regardless of my current situation, I am right where God wants me to be.

  196. D Rashall says:

    My family. I have two little boys and an amazing husband.

  197. Ashley says:

    My family of course. I always feel it in the evenings when everyone is sleeping and the house is calm….the only time I know everyone in the house is peaceful:)

  198. Kristyn says:

    My heart is full of love when I focus on the amazing grace of my heavenly Father! What an amazing family He has given me to be the earthly reminders of His daily love for me!

  199. Kristin says:

    Snuggling up with my kids reading stories!

  200. Jen says:

    My family…who help me realize that I already have everything I really truly need.

  201. Marilyn Phillips says:

    Almost everything that is good makes my heart full…babies, nature, hugs, family, prayer, music, etc.

  202. Jamie Mauro says:

    My heart is full because I am a first year teacher. I absolutely love my 2nd graders and all the joy they bring to my life!

  203. tara beck says:

    my two little girls fill my heart! everyday is a new day with the two of them around.

  204. Tara May says:

    My heart is full at the moment thinking of my sweet cousin whose baby is in the hospital. I don’t know what to do to help her or make her feel better. Her little Jace is 3 weeks old and she’s only been able to hold him twice. He cannot breathe on his own and the doctors don’t know why. When I saw this beautiful necklace it made me think of her. She posted on her blog today, “I carried him next to my heart for 9 months and felt his spirit connect with mine. I feel like he was ripped from my protection and thrown out into this cold world where I can’t do anything to help save him. We feel helpless.” If my name is drawn, I will be giving the necklace to her.

  205. T says:

    The toothless grin of my 3 month old grandson makes my heart full.

  206. T says:

    Tara May,

    I will pray for your cousin and baby Jace.

    God bless,


  207. Kathy Foster says:

    Is when my son and/or daughter come up to me at any random moment, give me a huge squeeze from behind, and say “Mommy – I JUST LOVE YOU”! No matter how busy I am, I just need to stop what I’m doing and reciprocate.

    How can that not make your day??

    Sherborn, MA

  208. Steffi says:

    Watching my kids dancing under a warm shower after having played in the cold pool for quite some time.

  209. Marnie says:

    Giving up something you love for something you love even more. Doing something bigger than yourself. Serving Jesus, serving others or serving your family. Giving yourself away for the heart of others.

  210. Karen Deal says:

    My heart is full watching my husband dance around and snuggle our son!

  211. missy says:

    i love this necklace. i think its my favorite. it makes me think of my heart and his heart and how now that two is one heart, its a bigger heart. love all your jewelry. hope i get a special piece soon. i’ve been hinting quite clearly to my hub-a-lub, “i want that!”

  212. Marci says:

    My children. They are my greatest source of joy. Their laughs, their hugs, their “I love you”s…

    My husband. For giving me the family I’ve always dreamt of.

  213. Kristy V says:

    For me, my heart fills daily when I listen to my 3 year old class pray in the morning. I lead the prayer and then let them pray for whatever they think they need prayer for. It fills my heart to hear them pray for the teachers, a good nap, their baby brother, or their owies! Just recently I had them praying for my friend’s baby who she was at risk of losing and low and behold she had a healthy baby yesterday. This shows that God listens to the prayers of little children and I am sure they fill his heart as well!

  214. Karon says:

    My two children, ages 5 and 10, make my heart so full and make me feel loved.

  215. Alana says:

    the four of us: my girls, my husband and me

  216. It is my children, now 21 and 23, who fill my heart with joy. Even though we live in different places, the fact that they take the time to join together and spend time with me is a true blessing!

  217. Melissa says:

    When my 2-year old daughter spontaneously hugs me – gets me every time!

  218. Chelle says:

    i heart this necklace! i like the bigger pictures! your photography is amazing, what a joy to see them take center stage on the new blog!

    what fills my heart is being a mom…it is the joy of my life…even in trying times, i have to stop and remember that i have been blessed with the care of another human being, a gift so precious because we never really know how long we get to do the job of mothering for…

  219. JenR says:

    My heart feels full when I look across the room FULL of family. Even though we drive each other crazy at times, you can feel the genuine love for one another. My heart is most full when I look across that same room and spy my hubby and daughter, our eyes meet and without saying a word, we say “I love you”…

  220. Kari says:

    “I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the Truth”. When my 7 year old talks to me about God and how much he knows God loves him just the way he is! When I listen to my children pray….when my 5 year old daughter talk about what Jesus did for us…my heart is full and overflowing!!

  221. pam says:

    My heart feels full everytime I stop and count my blessings; the privilege for being my daughter’s mom is right up there at the top!

  222. Lynn Warner says:

    Lisa- As always, your work is beautiful! I need to either win this… or get to ordering!! Gotta go check out all your stuff! Take care. Lynn

  223. Cindy Schneider says:

    My heart was most full, when our 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, and the doctor said, “…but he’ll be okay”. Then I looked at Jack and he said, “Yeah Mom I’ll be okay.” God truly never gives us more than we can handle, no matter if we’re 36 or 3 years old.

  224. Darcy says:

    It makes my heart full when I hear my daughter (4) talking to my son (1) when they go to bed at night, especially if he is upset, she tells him stories and sings songs. Also when I look back in the car and see them holding hands.

  225. Tricia says:

    My kids make my heart full. there is NOTHING better than hearing their sweet little laughs…throw in my husbands along with theirs and I am over the moon in L O V E!!!!

  226. Paige says:

    My heart is full and overflowing when I think of how wonderful our Lord and Savior Jesus is!

  227. Sheila Rye says:

    My heart is FULL when I’m snuggled up on the couch with my husband and 3 daughters – all of us together, loving being together! :)

  228. Teresa says:

    My daughter´s laugh
    My husband´s hugs
    My mother, always

  229. michelle says:

    What fills my heart is when your family is sick (like they are now) and they need me even more then ever. I feel wanted and loved and i will always always help and love them no matter what…It makes me sad when they are ill, but when they are better the clouds part and sun comes out and they are ready for a great day! I love that!!

    Lisa You rock!
    Take care!!

  230. Jenna says:

    snugs and kisses during *family time*, the little feet that run throughout this house, the hands that protect and provide for our family, and the love that we all share. :)

  231. Natasha Weller says:

    seeing my preschool kids and spending time with them everyday makes my heart full!

  232. Madeline says:

    laughing with my family and friends

  233. KitKat says:

    Things that Fill My Heart:
    Love…in all its amazing forms. The sights, smells, and sounds of autumn, and realizing, as the season is gently changing into her winter garb, just how much beauty and grace there is in Change (even though it is scary sometimes!). Freshly made pumpkin pancakes and a steaming mug of coffee, as the wind blows the crisp leaves around outside the kitchen window. The sound of a new friend’s voice on the answering machine, calling to talk about her day, and then telling me that she loves me and how much our friendship means to her. Family (of blood or of choice). The warmth of a smile.

  234. Brittany says:

    Watching or listening to my daughter speak gently and kindly to her brother makes my heart so full it wants to burst right out of my chest. I especially love when I hear her using the tone and words I use to speak to them, it makes me want to be a better mommy all of the time.
    I LOVE your art, and have your website on my Christmas wishlist! Thanks for all you do!

  235. jaclyn says:

    my heart is full when i really think about how blessed my little family is… were all happy & healthy and well taken care of!

  236. kaley smith says:

    my heart is full when i think about the blessings God has given our family, which includes a new addition this spring!

  237. Cindie says:

    snuggling with my boys first thing in the morning… makes the early morning wake up worth while… my relationship with my husband… still in love after all these years!

  238. Shyrl says:

    I posted earlier today but I just wanted to add another thing that fill my heart is when you see some “Pay it Forward”.

  239. Alisa says:

    My husband. Without him and our love my heart would not be full of love for him and our son.

  240. Carolyn says:

    My heart is overflowing now – I’m a day overdue with baby #2 and my three year old says “Mommy, I just can’t wait!” He give me a hug, a kiss, and a pat before bed and one each for the baby as well. Let’s pray this innocent love continues as the newborn arrives (soon!).

  241. Cori Fraser says:

    cuddles and hugs from little creatures – my little creatures!

  242. Andrea L. says:

    What makes my heart full?

    Family, seeing old friends again, fellowship with other believers, blues skies and mild temps in spring or fall, nature, and quiet time with God.

  243. Katherine says:

    What makes my heart full?

    My boys, and all of their crazy quirks
    My wonderful husband, and all of his crazy quirks. :)
    My old house with so many repairs needed.
    My students and their wonderful faces when they have a “light bulb” moment.
    Driving around my town and having everyone wave to me.
    Mainly, basically, my life.

  244. Siobhan says:

    Simple, Life & all it has thrown my way. Husband, 3 energetic boys & wonderful friends, new & old!

  245. Kim says:

    My heart is full as I can spend time with my 2 girls while they are young like my mom did with my brother and me.

  246. Elizabeth Hoskins says:

    My heart is fullest when my husband hugs me, my kids are giggling and we all snuggle in at the end of a busy day!

  247. Sarah says:

    My heart is full(est) when my sweet baby girl (4 months) smiles and laughs at me.

  248. lisa keefer says:

    I see this and think of my heart is small and God’s heart is big and holding on to my heart as well..

  249. Shannon says:

    My heart is full of gratitude for the blessings in my life! It overflows……….

  250. Jen H. says:

    My heart feels full and overflowing every night when my husband, daughter, and I cuddle up in her bed and talk, read books, and pray. It is that one moment of the day when we are not pulled in so many directions and can just be us…a family.

  251. Shelly Primm says:

    My heart is full when I hear my two girls laughing and playing with each other and there is no fighting between them.

  252. Vicki says:

    My health,
    My daughter and two sons,

  253. Lisa says:

    When my sweet daughter gives me a huge hug for no reason and tells me how much she loves me.

  254. What makes my heart full? MY FAMILY!!

  255. Jen Nichols says:

    my heart is full when i stop and take the time to appreciate all the little wonderful things i have to be grateful for….and stop worrying about all the things i have no control over! oh, and my baby boy’s grins and giggles….

  256. Susan says:

    What warms my heart is: when my kids are helping each other with their homework or a project!!

    Your jewlery is amazing! : ) I love your blog.

  257. Beverly says:

    Hi, Lisa!! My heart is full as I watch the three daughters (ages 25, 14, and 13) God has blessed us with blossom into young women with a desire to make a difference.

  258. katie hansen says:

    I’d have to say that humor makes my heart feel full. There’s nothing like a good, hearty, genuine laugh to set you right.

  259. Stacey says:

    Each day as a mommy brings more joy than I ever expected and my heart is truly thankful for all of our family’s blessings. My little boy fills my heart with joy.

  260. Pamela Malmsten says:

    Getting together with “old” friends and its like we never let one another!

  261. Erin says:

    My heart is full when I hear my little girl giggling. There is no better sound.

  262. amy says:

    i know that we’re all mentioning the same heart filler, but my heart is also filled with joy by my boy. it took a very long time for him to get here and when he smiles at me with his big dimples, my heart melts…and then fills with joy! =)

  263. Charmayne Bowling says:

    so many things fill my heart with love and joy. However, my husband and my sweet daughter Marlee and my son Ian fill my heart each and every day. I can’t imagine my life without them in it. They make everything worth it.

  264. Elizabeth Dlima says:

    My 2 year old daughters laugh……’s the most beautiful sound. Also when she reaches out and just holds my hand. So innocent and sweet.

  265. Laura McKinstry says:

    As so many others, my 3 sons fill my heart, as well as my extended family. Thank you for such a sweet opportunity. Take care.

  266. Lauren says:

    Watching my 11-year old daughter grow up makes my heart full–when she will reach over to grab my hand, befoe she realizes what she is doing; still being called “Mommy”; watching her and my husband goofing off—all of these things make me proud and my heart full

  267. Jenn W says:

    Things that make my heart full…

    Snuggling in bed w/ my 3 children and husband on a rainy morning

    Hearing one of my children say I love you

    A quiet house with everyone tucked in and sleeping

    Baking cookies with my children

    Family nature walks on a cool Autumn day with the smell of wood stoves, hot mulled cider, colorful leaves, and cozy sweaters.

    Watching my 9 and 7 year old being kind and gentle to their 2 year old brother.

  268. Rika Toll says:

    My heart is full with the pitter patter of 2 year old feet. The tiny fingers clutching my back as my baby tries to stand. The hot skin of a sleepy husband. The snorts and sighs of two dogs at the end of the day.

  269. Ann says:

    My three little girlies make my heart full. They make me smile every day, and make me complete.

  270. kim says:

    Happiness is….Coming home from a long 12 hour shift from work and having my baby daughter smile at me. Its great to know that she knows who I am now! I am also very blessed to have an amazing husband, who supports and loves me…no questions asked.

  271. Wow your stuff is SO nice – a friend directed me to your stuff and I’m glad I found it. Ok now to the question: I guess I’d have to say what makes my heart full is my son. But not just him but his laugh when he gets tired (cause it’s totally different) and his little fat cheeks when he gives me a grin and when he wakes up and I go get him he will say “hi mama” and waves at me or when he says “Q mama” (thank you mama)! Those are the things that I wouldn’t give up for the world so they really make my heart overflow thats for sure.

  272. Jodi says:

    My adorable nephews. They are my world.

  273. michelle says:

    my two boys and my husband definately make my heart full!

  274. Rebecca says:

    When I see my husband playing with my two boys!

  275. Dawn says:

    What makes my heart full…spending time with my 5-year old nephew and my 18-month old niece. They are so special to me.

  276. Rebecca B. says:

    The love of my Savior makes my heart full :)

  277. Amy says:

    Wow – that necklace is beautiful. You have great talent!!!!

    What make my heart full – so many things… but one would be sitting on the sofa with dear hubby, listening to the kids playing and hearing my 3 yr old tell my 8 yr old that he loves her – and hearing her tell him that she loves him to, but not to tell Mom and Dad.

  278. Ann says:

    Love your new site…

    My heart is fullest when I look around me and appreciate the blessings, large and small, and am thankful.

    Have a sweet evening…


  279. stacey says:

    listening to my 4-year old son talk randomly the other day and hearing him say, “i want to be a daddy when i get bigger. i be a good man.”

    so full!

  280. erika says:

    my twin baby girls’ giggles!

  281. Chance says:

    Hearing my two year old son, Addison, enthusiastically yell, “love you, peace out mom” every morning as I drop him off at daycare leaves my heart full. I leave with a smile on my face and thank God for such a blessed life.

  282. Tracey Ireland says:

    My heart is full today because it is my oldest son’s 12th birthday. Hard to believe it’s been 12 years. My heart is also full to see how much my other son and daughter love their big brother. I am blessed!

  283. Amanda says:

    Jesus. Jesus makes my heart so full of love that I feel like I am about to explode. Why? Because He loves me. Weak, broken me. I can be so awful and turn to so many other things but Him. Yet He still loves me. He still delights in me. He still died for me. How can I not love someone who is so devoted and has given up His life for me? I am absolutely in Love with the One who created Love. I am absolutely so full of love for Him, its the best love I have ever known. He is amazing.

  284. Mandi says:

    My heart is full from the love of my wonderful husband and my sweet baby girl.

  285. Kristen Culliney says:

    My heart is full when:

    My husband is happy
    My children are happy
    My Lord is saying “Well Done!”

  286. Darla Hall says:

    Lisa, my heart is full quite often, what made it overflow most recently was watching my daughter sing in the church choir.
    I was blessed with one child at age 39. I sat there watching her, just thanking God for the opportunity he gave me to be a Mom.
    You often make my heart full, I love you ability to see the simple beauty in everything. THANKS, Darla

  287. melissa says:

    my heart is fullest when i am surrounded by the people i love, good wine and good laughter.

    welcome to your new home on the web! :)

  288. Renee says:

    Today, I picked my 9-month old up out of her first ride in her ‘big girl’ car seat. She loved it so much it put her straight to sleep. Her eyes were glazed over and she buried her head into the bend of my neck and breathed the sweetest breath you have ever smelled. A full heart for a safe baby and sweet breath!

  289. Corey says:

    Seeing Chase play with his daddy and hear them both laugh and love each other. Hearing Chase tell me that he “wuvs” me :)

  290. Sandy says:

    My husband~ his love and support in all we do. I love to see the ring on my finger inscribed by you with his name and the date of our union 10+ years ago.

    Our only son~ his laughter, tears, hugs and kisses. His brilliant mind (keep in mind, I am his mom!) and his “2 and ‘f’ree quarters” years that have gone by way too fast. My heart fills doubly with love for him when I think of the siblings that I can never give him, even though he now asks daily. His baby bear will have to do…

    It fills my heart that I have been able to bring both of them to God, and I overflow to see their love for Him blossom and grow.

    Your art is simply beautiful!

  291. Charlotte N says:

    my heart is full of awe of God’s grace and provision.

  292. Kelly M says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Such a lovely necklace and great new blog! My heart is full when I see my preschooler waiting, waiting at the gate for her big sister to get out of school. When she sees her, she gets this enormous smile on her face and then, they HUG each other. No prompting, no prodding – just an honest sister lovin’ hug!!

  293. Jennifer says:

    My heart is full when I see how much God has blessed me with His grace and my beautiful family!

  294. Jennifer A says:

    My heart is incredibly full when I hear my oldest son reciting scriptures he has memorized each week. Those remembered promises will be a gift and a peace for him for the rest of his life.

  295. jan richards says:

    Love your new blog. My heart is full when I am with our family. My husband and I have 2 grown daughters, 2 sons in law, and 5 grandchildren all living about 1 1/2 hrs away….close enough to see often and have them stay with us as often as busy lives allow. We do indeed feel blessed by the Lord to enjoy them so very much.

  296. Katherine says:

    I like the new look!

    My heart is full when I pick up my baby girl first thing in the morning and she snuggles her face into my neck, gets herself comfy, and lets me hug her for a really long time!

  297. christine says:

    as I read your post ,my eyes filled with tears. I knew it before I finished reading the sentence “what makes your heart full….”. I had my answer…family. My family…through all the heartache , all the sorrow and all the pain…we’re still here…they fill my heart up…every day. Its almost magical how much they give to me….even when I feel like I’m not giving them anything…..

  298. Cheryl Sims says:

    My heart is especially full right now as I am in PA at my mom’s and going to attend the funeral for my stepfather who passed away Sunday night. I can not express the appreciation I had for him as he joined our family when I was entering my teen years and never treated me any different than his own daughter. I am so thankful that I always told him that and our family will be so empty without him. Thank you for allowing me to express this.
    Cheryl Sims

  299. Teri says:

    What makes my heart full — a husband that loves me, two children, their spouses, two grandsons, a host of family and friends, and the Love of God.

  300. Laura says:

    My heart fills to overflowing AFTER I have loved the unlovely
    served the selfish
    banished pride

  301. rosalind says:

    hearing the words I love you, mom from my children, just because….. not because i said it first, not because they are leaving or ending a phone call with me. Just out of the blue, I love you mom.. ..i love those lil guys!

  302. kelly says:

    My heart is full when my husband calls me pony, a nickname for the last 20 years, and our girls giggle at silliness!

  303. Nancy says:

    Evan and Emily, my children, make my heart full!

  304. Jen says:

    My husband makes my heart full. After being gone for a year, he returns in 6 weeks. My heart will burst then.

  305. Dana F says:

    My heart has been filled this week by hearing of all the beautiful things that have been happening to my friends; one’s husband returned after being deployed, another received the beautiful gift of photography, another still is achieving great heights in her art.

    This fills my heart as they have all been so good to me, I love each of them so.

  306. KAY says:

    When my children do something they are very proud of-the look in their eyes. Nothing like it!

  307. Brianne says:

    Two things make my heart full. God makes my heart full because He loved me enough to send his son to SAVE ME. He loved me that much.. how cool is that? My family is the other thing that fills my heart with so much love. Starting with my parents, who formed me in to a Christ loving/seeking individual, and supported me. Then my husband who is the most amazing man, and my little girl. She’s beautiful, and is such a gift from God. My Gram also is a wonderful person. Without these people, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I am so blessed!!

  308. Jen White says:

    I simply cannot just name two things that make my heart full. My three children bring joy, simplicty, magic and love into my heart. Seeing the world through their eyes reminds me of the joys in life, the littlest pleasures, and the benefits of having a little wonder in each and every day. A little wonder…that makes a heart full.

  309. Jeannine says:

    Snuggling with my dog on a cold chilly morning!

  310. Sophie says:

    Two things that make my heart full?? Well my 9 yo son and I went to the Obama rally yesterday here in Reno…and we shook his hand…it was amazing…and Hope…the fact that we always have Hope!

  311. i love the fact that i have too many things to name that make my heart full…
    my two daughters. my hubby. my wonderful friends. creativity. faith. hope. hugs. smiles. coca cola classic. toes in the sand. children’s laughter. the sights and smells of fall. family. being able to love so fully.
    just to name a few…

  312. tami says:

    A wonderful man who has character and integrity and loves me for who I am and not what he wishes I would be…crazy girl stuff and all.

  313. melissa says:

    a great question to ask myself on a bad day! my heart is full when i’m surrounded by those i love, when I think about all that God has blessed me with, and when I think about the future because I know God has exciting plans for me. thanks for posting this question today!

  314. Tia Davis says:

    Oh what a good question! I guess what makes my heart full is knowing that I am doing a great job raising my daughter even though I lost my own mother a few years before she was born. I was terrified that I couldn’t do it without her and now I know that I can (and am!) Of course, I do have an awesome husband that is a true partner. That helps!

  315. susan says:

    I just love, love, love this necklace!! My heart is full when my six year old son comes to me for huggy time. We have huggy time everyday and I love it.


  316. Tina says:

    Hi Lisa! It makes my heart full to know how much my husband, 2 boys and God loves me. And how much I love them in return. My heart is full when I get to spend time with my family and friends. And live each day the way God would want me to live….as I am truly BLESSED!!

    Thanks. I LOVE your blog!!

  317. Judith W. says:

    Seeing my husband and daughter together.

  318. Brooke says:

    My heart is full when the house is quiet, and the silence becomes interrupted with laughter, knowing my two young children really do love each other!

  319. Emily says:

    Sitting on the couch with my husband and our dogs feeling our baby kick inside me makes my heart full :)

  320. Lisa Hamelin says:

    The unconditional love for and from my children fills my heart! As well, the memories of my dear brother who passed fills my heart and brings a smile to my face every day!


  321. Dina says:

    The unconditional love in my life, from: God, my husband, my children.

  322. karen says:

    My puppy running through the house to greet me when I come home after a long day. Or just when I come back in with newspaper. He’s always so happy to see me whenever I appear. I wish I had that much happiness inside me it just has to burst out all day!!

  323. Jaime says:

    A full heart is knowing that you’re loved fully by God. Also knowing that the friends and family you love, love you just as much in return.

  324. Kim says:

    Living a full and contented life with my family and God. Drinking in every day as we grow together. Creative inspiration from people such as you! :) Sunshine, smiles and hugs. A baby who just learned how to spin in circles!

  325. Bethany says:

    What makes my heart full?
    *hearing my students laugh and knowing the sweet victory within each note
    * hiking and allowing the beauty of the moment to take my breath away
    * watching my niece dance without a care and demanding that her place in this world be acknowledged
    * watching how kids are just kids and how once they are given the information they want/need, it is basically all about playing and things like wheelchairs and seizure helmets and speech (or not using speech) are irrelevant
    * having the opportunity to dream and wish upon stars
    * being able to take all that I have been given and use it to give to others – to be loved and in turn love others

  326. Shelly says:

    My son makes my heart full of joy. My husband and I adopted him from Guatemala and he is our joy. We are so thankful God blessed us with an amazing son!


  327. Grateful for all that God has given me, my husband, sons, family and most of all Himself!

  328. Christine D. says:

    When I hear my three year old daughter’s simple prayers….”For Alyssa far away. Amen.”

  329. what makes me feel loved these days is being remembered. having moved 2 years ago and having not made any deep friends yet, there are days when i wonder who cares about what’s going on with me. then, out of the blue, someone will send an email, like yesterday, and i’ll be reminded that i am not alone nor forgotten.

    the necklace is beautiful…as are your posts.

  330. ali says:

    My heart is full when I get to be home taking care of my sweet little girl with the flu and not having to worry about missing a day of work. Thanks, husband!

  331. jen decker says:

    my heart is the fullest when I hear my 3 year old memorize her older sisters bible verse. she kept practicing over and over and finally can say,…and whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for man.

  332. krista says:

    my heart grows full to the bursting point when i walk into a classroom to teach yoga to children. i have formed a very special bond with all 215 children who i teach each week. when a child shares with me how yogic breathing got her/him through a sad time or a nervous time or a (fill in the blank) time, my heart aches with happiness because i realize that I am helping them face their fears now and in the future.

  333. Monica M. says:

    😉 my heart is super duper full with my children’s & husband hugs and kisses and God’s unconditional love.

  334. THere are so many things that make me happy…but the one that comes to mind first would have to be hearing my youngest son whistle while he is doing his chores or surfing the internet…it reminds my of my grandfather who whistled that my son never had a chance to meet…

    Jenny in Maine
    MY BLog:

  335. Stephanie says:

    When my daughter tells me that her friends at school always yell her name when she arrives on the playground and she doesn’t know why…”it’s because they like you and they’re happy to see you!” That just warms my heart :)

  336. Sue says:

    My children and Olivia, my granddaughter.

  337. Christy Ghiorso says:

    Conversations with my 4 year old nephew.
    “C’m here and take a look, Auntie Christy!”

    “Are we going to the Cakery tomorrow?”


  338. Irene says:

    Giggles from the crib, hearing “Mommy, I went poopoo in the potty.”, and the minute my husband walks through the door. This makes my heart full.

  339. MariaRose says:

    My heart is full when I think about how very much I have been given.

  340. Susanne N. says:

    My heart is full when I think about how good my life is. Even though we all have problems, concerns, fears, etc. when you think about all the injustices and sorrow people are going through, it really makes me grateful and thankful for what I have. It makes me want to be content with what I have right now and not constantly be thinking about material things!

  341. Katrina N. says:

    When I have made a difference in someone’s life, either by touch, smile, words or good food!

  342. Jessica says:

    My heart is filled with love for Christ Jesus. No other one has loved as He has loved us. I’m so blessed to be loved by Him.

  343. Margaret says:

    Nice people like you!

  344. Susan says:

    Loving and the love of my family makes my heart full! I have a wonderful husband and son. I was blessed with a wonderful mother, father and sister who now are in Heaven with our Lord. Not a day goes by that my heart is not full of thanks for my blessings here on earth as well as in Heaven!

  345. tricia says:

    My kids, my husband…they are everything.

  346. Jennifer says:

    Hearing my children giggle when they don’t know that I am paying attention.

  347. Jennifer M. says:

    I am working on my Master’s in School counseling and doing a practicum in a middle school this semester. The days aren’t always easy but sometimes the kids I work with show such bravery and strength at such a young age. My heart is full when I see them smile and when I see them succeed and overcome struggles they thought they couldn’t.

  348. Jackie says:

    My heart is filled… with admiration when I see my mom and dad hold hands after 40 years of marriage. It makes me giggle and I’m 37 years old!

  349. Debbie says:

    My sweet growing family

  350. Laura says:

    Since I used to teach Junior High School students, I have changed my teaching position to pre-school and 1st grader deaf students. It is a REALLY BIG GAP for me to change. The reason why I wanted this job is because I know too often, the deaf students don’t get any language acquisition at home because 90% of hearing parents are NOT willing to communicate with the deaf child. It wrenches my heart. Instead of breaking my heart, watching them blooming new vocabulary words made my heart smiles. Knowing that I am the key master to fill their “happy” hearts. Not only making their hearts happy, it even brighten my heart, too. I am totally BLESSED working with them.

  351. hayley says:

    My heart is full with love for my little girls.

    Chuck full.

  352. Susan says:

    my three kids……

  353. alison says:

    the smiles, tears, laughs, snuggles, sighs, and snores of my beautiful boys

  354. Chen says:

    My 4 nieces and nephew who never fail to put a smile on my face!

  355. Dana says:

    A full heart…as a mom, our hearts grow the moment we hear those words, “You’re pregnant.” On the day our baby greets the world, our hearts will never be the same size again. I remember actually feeling that my heart was different — full with love — when I first laid eyes on my child. It was a distinct feeling in my chest — almost as if my heart would explode it was so full. And that feeling never goes away. We are brought right back to it when our child hugs us, or laughs, or says, “I love you.” A full heart…it is the gift God gives to every mother. A fragile gift, easily broken, but forever ours.

  356. Amy Puttroff says:

    What makes my heart full?? Hearing my two little boys on the baby moniter talking to each other as they are 6 and 2… And hearing them giggle and laugh… Times I can let them grow and learn together while still being there even though they don’t think I am… :)Amy

  357. kieran says:

    my heart is full every time I know that my life is good. My kids are happy, my husband is calm and my (mom,wife,family)duties are fullfilled! It’s nice to sit back and fill happy!

  358. Mina says:

    My heart is fullest when my children show kindness and love to each other.

  359. Susan says:

    There are so many things…the sound of my husband laughing, watching my girls mess with each other, waking up to the scent of fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked bread… gotta love modern technology! A cat curled up on my lap, the beauty of a turning leaf on a crisp autumn day…so much…life is good…

  360. When I watch my son breathe knowing how hard it was for him to do that 2 years ago, yet he kept fighting to do so for all of us. A tracheostomy assists him with this and it fills my heart when I look at him and how he fought so hard for all of us.
    His being able to breathe fills my heart up.

  361. Julie Nelson Rhodes says:

    I am blessed in so many ways … but one thing that makes my heart burst is when walking along, you suddenly feel that little hand slip into yours. All is well with the world then.

  362. Diana says:

    Spending time with my family – this is even more precious since my Mum died.
    D x

  363. Kat says:

    My seven year old is our baby. When she comes to me and grabs my face and kisses me, then tells me I’m a good cooker!

    My 19 year old son is 6’4. He bends down a kisses me, even in front of his friends.

    My 10 year old daughter is so grown up already. She is a lot like me. She gives me a smile and says, ” Love you mom.”

    I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth.
    3 John 1:4

  364. Danielle says:

    My heart is full when my 5 year old hugs and loves on my 2 year old. The laughter they create together could fill my heart for all of my days.

  365. pam K says:

    My heart if full every time I see my boys. No one knows how fulfilling motherhood is until it happens.

  366. Lisa says:

    My heart is full – is filled – with the wonder of God Almighty. His love, His joy, His peace. Yes, my heart is full. And I am thankful.
    By the way, your jewelry is beautiful and your story inspiring.

  367. Emily says:

    My heart is full when I think of my daughter in Heaven and how the angels sing her to sleep and my heavenly Father says her prayers with her.

  368. Rachelle says:

    Being with the ones I love fills my heart. Especially tender moments with my daughter or husband.

  369. Jess says:

    I have a full heart when I am surrounded by my 3 beautiful children and wonderful husband. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

  370. Jennie says:

    My heart is full when I’m playing on the floor with my 13 1/2 month old twins and hubby. There is nothing better than being a crawl over toy for your child!

  371. Kick says:

    What makes my heart full… My ‘family’ of friends, two and four legged and how much we all care about each other!

  372. Caryn says:

    What makes me happy are my two children! With 18 month old twins, I often feel like I have no time for myself, the house is always a mess, there’s always a pile of things “to do” – but looking into their eyes and getting a hug — that’s what makes my heart happy!

  373. cathy says:

    I hope I’m not too late…my heart is full when everyone is happy and nearby and I can let go of my work for a bit and just “be”. :)

  374. tina says:

    My heart is full when I am able to serve others. When I get past myself and open my ears to listen… my eyes to see… my hands to give…
    it is fullness of JOY!

  375. Gretchen says:

    Stepping off the plane from Japan and seeing my family gathered at the gate waiting for little ‘ole me! It’s a different story when I have to get back on the plane a few weeks later to go back to my job…miss them everyday!

  376. Etta says:

    This is SO beautiful. I love your work. What makes my heart full? My hard-working husband, my five-year old’s joy, and my 2 year old’s smile.

  377. gail k says:

    my husband tucking me in at night…

  378. Jeannie Rivera says:

    I have many. But the one that sticks out would be when my 14 year old tells me about his supposedly girl-friend. He said, “You have to know these things, you’re my mom!”

  379. My Savior and my beautiful family! :)

  380. Kim J says:

    when my 13 month old daughter says mama for the 200th time that day! it makes my heart smile when I close my eyes to listen to her….:)

  381. Michelle says:

    …my 6 year old reading a bedtime story to her 3 year old sister in the dark after they’ve already been read to by Mom and Dad, and tucked in for the night. :0)

  382. DeAnna says:

    My heart is full knowing that I am loved unconditionally.

  383. Cathy says:

    seeing my kids truly happy makes me so happy. Love this necklace.

  384. Early morning laughs and warm snuggles with my sweetheart. Watching something sprout from almost nothing in the kitchen garden. Sitting down to an amazing meal that we produced here on the farm. The love and affection of so many cute and crazy animals!

  385. Dyan says:

    Love makes my heart full – giving and receiving and just seeing all the beauty and wonder in Nature.

  386. Jenny says:

    My heart is so full when I see a father with their small son or daughter and are totally, honestly engrossed in what the little one is doing. Melts my heart.

  387. Traci Severson says:

    My two children fill my heart to overflowing and I am so grateful and thankful to have been blessed, if only for such a short time, to have them in my lives and to call them mine.

  388. Rachel says:

    what makes my heart full is seeing my girls interact and loving one another…ah, i love it!

  389. Heather Grady says:

    You know, I never really thought about it in terms of “making my heart full” until I read your blog. I am a full time, working, married mother of two precious little girls, and am also in school to get my Masters in Education. I am ridden with guilt about not being home enough, not making enough sit-down dinners and just simply being “to busy”. My heart is the most full when I am home and can sit down with my family and know that there is no other place on earth I would rather be. Hearing my 3 1/2 year old say her prayers and ask God to bless “mommy and daddy and Reese (her sister) and telling me that her “secret” is “I love you”. Feeling my 9 month old lay her head on my shoulder after a bath and look up at me just long enough to give me her two-toothed grin. Seeing my husband with the girls and watching him with them swell my heart with not only pride, but love. Those are just a few things that make my heart full. I thank God every day for each of them.

    *Sorry I didn’t mean to write a “book”. :0)

  390. Lisa says:

    My heart is full knowing God holds it all in the palm of His hand. My heart is full because He allows me to be a part of something wonderful when my children accomplish a really hard task, or when we sit down to play a game, or when one of them is doubled over in a belly laugh. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband to share all of this with, and this makes my heart full.

  391. marcia says:

    Some days my heart is full of pain, fear as I read the latest email from my dauhters Special Ed teacher…she was disrptive and had to leave regular ed class, she may have to move to another school…Lately my heart is full of hope, her teacher writes, she had another great day, is acting very appropriatly inregular classes and getting along well with peers,she is so bright and learning so much…we always knew it was there, she is just blosseming. She knows more about nature than the science teacher on a fieldtrip! This thing called Aspergers is a part of what makes her, her. She is unique made with love by His Hands. She is developing to be all that He has planned. My heart is full of joy!

  392. Rachel Tanner says:

    I don’t need too much for my heart to be fukll, I am content and my heart is filled to brim and overflowing!

    Wow, lovely, saw you on CT, I need a necklace, do you shio#p to the UK?

  393. april says:

    I am a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse. My heart is full when I leave at the end of a shift and now that I have done everything I can to make that day better for my patient.

  394. Debbie says:

    My heart is full because I just realized we’ve gone an entire year without a hospitalization. And for a kid who’s still considered failure to thrive and medically fragile, that’s awesome.
    My heart is full because both of my kids are just amazing every single day. And I’m so lucky to be their momma.
    Love the necklace!

  395. Lin says:

    My heart is full when, thinking i’m not looking, my 2 year old son will wipe the dribble off my 3 month old daughter’s lips and give her a great big ‘mwah’ of a kiss. I’m so full of joy to know that he loves her so much, even though she takes up a lot of my time; time that used to be his.

  396. Allie says:

    My heart is full when I think about my family – my two little boys and my wonderful husband. God has been so good to us.

  397. Mary K says:

    Spending a beautiful fall day with my kids at the pumpkin patch. Simply awesome.

  398. Charity says:

    Watching my children play together – happy, no fighting, enjoying one another. :0)

  399. Lara says:

    My two sweet little boys– 3 1/2 years and 8 weeks. They are growing way too fast and my heart is full watching them grow and change. Motherhood is such a blessing!

  400. Jessica says:

    When our son or daughter say something very profound about God or heaven… and I thank the Lord for the reminder that I ought to have the faith of a child.

  401. wakana says:

    when i see my kids being kind to others, to me nothing beats that one :-)

  402. Una says:

    Hey Lisa. Been reading your blog for about a year now, and have fallen in love with your family and your designs.

    What makes my heart full, is when I meet my nieces. I have two, one is four, the other is seven months old. The fouryearold is as all others, happy when she’s not tired and right out cranky when she’s tired. But she fills my heart to the limit when she, in all her crankyness, finds it in herself to stop and give me the largest hug and a kiss. She is a doll. The other little one fills my heart differently, I think it is more me filling hers. How? By letting her pull my hair as much as she wants to! :)

  403. pam says:

    A heart full, that God’s love is enough, but on top of that He gave me the family I never had growing up.

  404. Leslie says:

    My heart is full when I see how our children treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. On that note, before I decided to homeschool our children our boys were always chosen to be peers for kids with special needs…this really made them fiercely protective of their “buddy”. Maybe you should look into something like this for David if they haven’t already initiated it. Our oldest son started this in Kindergarten and along with him making a great friend I also became best friends! They are in 6th grade now and still great friends!!

  405. Leslie says:

    whoops, I became best friends with his friends mom……whoa long day already!! :)(

  406. what makes my heart full is loving my seven children and my lord and my husband with all my being.what holds mt heart is the way my women friends surround and support me with love understanding and faith. may god bless you for yours.

  407. what makes my heart full is loving my seven children my Lord and my husband with all my being.what holds my heart is the way my women friends surround and support me with love understanding and
    faith.may God bless you for yours.

  408. Rosemary says:

    My heart is it’s fullest when I hear my beautiful children laughing. I have three kids, and to be honest, it’s not easy having three little ones running around. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but I hear those little laughs and see those sweet smiles, and everything else disappears! I know then that I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I’m the mommy to these three beautiful children. I look in on them at night and see them draw slow, deep breaths in, and everything is right with the world!

    I just found your blog, and your pieces are simple, classy, and beautiful!

  409. brook lotze says:

    My heart is happiest on a crisp fall day when my husband and I take my 6 yr. old daughter and 9 yr. old son to the pumpkin patch where they run through the pumpkin fields picking up every pumpkin they see. I take soooo many pictures that I have been known to say, “I would live in a pumpkin patch if I could!” The colors against their skin and the breeze is so dreamy!!!! We race to sit on the tractors and pick apples as well. Finally, going to the country store is a favorite as well. On the way home EVERYBODY’S heart is racing…we are eating caramel apples and talking about our favoite parts of the day. We all look forward to the day at the pumpkin patch ALL year and what a great way to spend time with each other as well. Fill ‘Er Up!!!! :0)

  410. Samantha says:

    My heart is full when I hear my children pray. Their faith is so very very sweet.

    Your jewelry is just gorgeous! I’m definitely putting you on my Christmas list this year. Now, to choose just the right thing…

  411. Helen says:

    Is it too late to get in on the drawing!!!??? I love your jewelry. My life is good — God is good. This is what fills my heart.

  412. Carrie says:

    For the past several months I have been dealing with a very heavy family issue. 3 weekends ago it all came crashing down around me and I could not emotionally hold up any longer. That very Sunday morning I was getting ready to teach my Sunday School class when one of my little bus girl brought me 2 little rose buds she picked while waiting on the bus. She had no idea that I was having one of the worst days of my life… but God did and he showed me in those little rosebuds that someone still loved me. That makes my heart full to know that the Lord loves me and cares for me in the smallest of ways if you keep your eyes on the Lord.

  413. Beth says:

    My heart is full and grateful when I think of my family: my husband and two wonderful sons.

  414. Wylie Hunt says:

    Lisa, your jewelry and your blog are just beautiful.

    God’s amazing grace and his love shown to us through each other makes my heart full and overflowing. My children’s love and concern for each other reflects this love.

  415. Wendi says:

    little fingers and toes fill my heart!

  416. JoAnn says:

    sleeping in the middle!!

  417. My heart is full when I watch the sunrise, read my bible, sing at the top of my lungs and don’t care who can hear me, when I’m having a wonderful deep conversation with a true friend and when my Husband hugs me and won’t let go because he’s not ready to.

  418. Tina says:

    As a daughter of the King, mom, wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend
    I know my heart swells when I think of how blessed I am to be Loved & to Love!!!
    I love your Blog!! I’ve missed your daily posts!! & I just ordered my 1st necklace from my Kid’s for my Birthday!!! crossing my fingers it’s be in Friday’s mail!!
    I can’t wait to see it & put it on!!!
    I’d love a chance at wining the heart necklace you have!! it’s beatuiful!!
    ~~love you!!!

  419. My heart swells just seeing that beautiful necklace.

    other than that:
    my family
    a sunset/sunrise
    another day
    Gods works in nature
    good food
    moms comforting words
    puppy love from my shihtsus
    my parents
    a good story teller like kathryn tucker windham
    thw sound of waves
    my childrens painted pictures
    my husbands attempt at poetry
    bulbs from grandpa that grow every spring
    lazy weekends
    hugs and kisses
    my husbands hugs
    my childrens kisses
    their hands in mine

  420. Theresa says:

    My heart is full when my family is together, laughing.

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