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friday, funday.

September 12th | older posts

hurray for friday! it feels like a good excuse to celebrate…*today only*
every order is eligible a free pair of earrings.
i love these earrings! they are so classic and simple.
two cream, freshwater pearls are strung on sterling earwires.
($16 value)

in the notes section enter
free earring friday.

now let’s get shopping!!

14 Responses

  1. Pink Lemonade Bags says:

    Those earrings are so perfectly elegant! You are so generous!

  2. Karon says:

    I ordered two days too early! I ordered a necklace (which I am so excited about) on Wednesday, the 10th. This would have been a great time to procastinate. :)

  3. Denissa says:

    Hi Lisa,
    You’re so sweet! I love mine that I ordered w/ my necklace. Love the pic of Matty :) too funny the things that they say…
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. chickadee says:

    i’ve been admiring the bird necklace since you posted it (hoped i’d win one but didn’t) so the earrings have pushed me over the edge today and i’m ordering it!

  5. chickadee says:

    i hope i put the free earrings in the right spot. i don’t want that printed on the necklace and i think that’s the box where i put it.

  6. goose and bear says:

    what a generous, thoughtful thing to do. I think I’m going to make today the day I break down and order something…finally!

  7. Deals says:

    Ok! Loved those since I have seen them. Will definitely be placing my order this evening! I just have had such a hard time choosing between 4 different designs!!

  8. Dana says:

    I’m giving away one of your necklaces on my blog. Just so you know.

  9. Cristi says:

    Oooooh thanks! I have been wanting those earrings. I took this opportunity to order the necklace I have been wanting to get my daughter. I cant wait to see them. Any questions about my order just e mail me. Thanks. Cristi

  10. Sarah Markley says:

    beautiful photo at the top!!

  11. Erin says:

    those are beautiful. i’m not a silver gal usually but…

  12. Kimberly says:

    Gorgeous. Darn, I missed it!

  13. plumtickled says:

    Gosh.. I missed Friday! BOoo HOooo!

    I have a pair of these lovely earrings…… well, I should say I have ONE of these! In a moment of panic during a rainstorm…… I was runnying to my car and lost one.

    To everyone….. these earrings are perfect for anything!

  14. Paige says:

    My friend has these earrings and I love them! I’m so bummed I missed out on them, cause I am ready to place an order! I just love your stuff, Lisa :)

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