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May 13th | older posts


wednesdays are ‘matty and mommy day’ since david is in school but matty isn’t (he goes M, W, Th).  so this is what matty wore today…racecar driver outfit, cape, boots, and a cowboy hat.  everyone at borders was freak-ing out.  so funny.  i almost told him to chose one accessory, but then i thought, what the heck?  you’re only five once!!

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  1. Becca says:

    love it! love it! love it!

  2. Christie says:

    Kids need to “express” themselves, too, and I think it’s great that you let him wear all of those cool things at once! I’ve always encouraged my daughter to pick her own outfits (which is not her gift, if we are being honest!). I had stickers made that said “I dressed myself today!” — she was SO proud to wear the sticker, and I was off the hook for how she looked! (Now if I could just get stickers that say, “My Dad did my hair today!”).

  3. Destiny says:

    Oh my word … that just may be the most precious image ever captured!

  4. lindsey says:

    that is awesome! good for you, letting him choose!

  5. Chrissie says:

    He looks so “fancy!”

  6. Mary Mohler says:

    O MAN :) too cute! love you and your family!
    I went to the top of Mount Bishop today and for a little bit I was just thinking when I was at the very top. Then, when talking with two of my close friends, I told them, “you know what? I truly love my growth group leader! and the group too!” And I really meant it! Hope you are having a fabulous week Lisa! See you tomorrow at 2!

  7. Chelle says:

    That’s AWESOME…what a great mom you are. My son ran around the house one day with his P.J.’s on, a backpack and ONE cowboy boot…it melted my heart :).

  8. Leonie says:

    Hilarious!! Ride-n- Cowboy!!

  9. Theresa says:

    This just made me chuckle.

    I love this age!!

  10. Jamie says:

    i don’t know what’s more precious….your son’s boy attire or the people freak-ing out. did you happen to take pictures of the looks on the faces of the people in the bookstore?

  11. Karen P. says:

    I love a man with his own unique style!!!! Go Matty!!!!

  12. Roxy says:

    Good for you, Momma! :-)

  13. Denise says:

    Too cute! My son loves to wear his cowboy hat E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (including to bed). So cute to see them with their own sense of fashion! 😉

  14. Linnea says:

    He’s got style, no doubt! It is such a nice age. My son is a year younger, but he doesn’t leave the house without his boots, a patch and his little friend pinched under his arm.

  15. Kathy says:

    If I didn’t know better, I would think this was my just turned 6 year old, Mason! This is exactly what he does and I love it so. I know I’m going to blink my eyes and he will be wanting to go to American Eagle for his clothes instead of the dress up box (which is gigantic in our house)! So precious…so fleeting…

  16. stephanie says:

    I love that he does his and that you let him — before I had kids I always thought — “I’d never” — with my now 13 year old he would only wear his costumes at him…no biggie — my 5 year old….everyday is a special and creative clothing ensemble.

  17. Donna Warrington says:

    He looks adorable…I wish I was there.

  18. Joanie says:

    Love it! Your sons are beyond precious!

  19. Melody says:

    Don’t you wish sometimes that you could get away with wearing something wild like that? Good for you for letting him take advantage of his age! 😉

  20. Rebecca says:

    Someone shared a link with me, suggesting I “check you out” and that was almost two hours ago. I got a wee bit scroll happy, I must admit. But it’s YOUR fault, really, because this really is beautiful blog. Inspiring!

    I love your sons getup. My kiddos dress like that often enough but I haven’t been as brave as you in taking them anywhere. We live in the country so they could get REALLY crazy with no more than the chickens noticing.

    I also wanted to say: in scrolling way. Way. WAY down, in ALL the pictures you post of David he is smiling the hugest possible smile ever. Unless he is asleep on someone’s shoulder. But I can totally see how uplifting it is to be around him, just from the pictures!

    I’ve added you to my reader. So…I’ll be back! :-)

  21. Sandy says:

    You are such a good mom to just let him be who he is! And, what great pictures you have as proof!

  22. erin says:

    I can hardly wait for Poppy to pick her own outfits and this sums up the perfection of why!
    so great.

  23. hannah m says:

    i adore this, so very much.

  24. Kristin says:

    so cute! That so looks like something my four year old would wear!

  25. Heather Prins says:

    I love it!!

  26. alyssa low says:

    amazing…so far will is just wearing the cape…we’ll have to see what changes and evolves. way to go, lisa for not having him pear down, but wear it all…you are so right-we are only 5 once!

  27. Dawn Suzette says:

    Holy Rainy Racer Cowboy!! Come save the day at my local book shop any time!!!

  28. Karmen M says:

    i love it!!!!

    i, too, have a 5 year old & one day, he went to school with a pair of pants on his head and a sock on each hand (as well as all other clothing ;). i really had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “oh, you’ll embarass yourself” because really, who was i kidding? he has no idea what embarassment is…me, on the other hand…thank goodness for the mom community !

  29. Theresa says:

    I have tagged you at my blog…I hope you will accept the invitation. I am so interested in your answers. :)

  30. Tina says:

    I love it!! SO CUTE!

  31. Melissa says:

    That is the cutest thing I have ever I seen!!!!! Your right “only 5 once”…….. I say he looks very fashionable! :)

  32. Marie Walter says:

    Oh my…you deserve Mom of the Year Award for letting him wear the whole getup! It’s over the top awesomeness! Reminds me of my daughter Emma who LOVES to wear head to toe princess, and yes, even to the store. Don’t you wish we could do that once in a while?

  33. All I have to say is, “THAT IS AWESOME!!!” This one should be a “canvas!!!”

  34. Sheila says:

    I love that!! I wish we didn’t lose that confidence! Many cheers for Matty!! My girls used to wear full princess regalia to the grocery store and it brought smiles to people’s faces so just think of the great gift Matty gave folks!!

  35. Laura says:

    That’s so funny! I ‘m sure Matty felt so GROWN UP when you gave him the privilege to pick his own own before going to the bookstore. I know it is so hard not tel tell him how to dress especially at age 5. But you did the right thing- “only 5 once.” Good Job, Mama!

  36. denise says:

    your such a good mommy.
    i want to be 5 and wear a cape with my rain boots to borders.

  37. Cynthiaa says:

    That’s adorable.

    And anyone freaking out, I bet it was adorable. 😀

  38. Ann says:

    What a classic picture! I love it! And good for you, mamma, for letting him go out like that!

  39. Brittany says:

    so i just showed my son this picture and he knows exactly what he is….
    a policeman secret agent because of the big hat! Kids rock!! I just thought… stinkin’ cute!

  40. Michele says:

    Oh my word that brought back memories! My son JR wore a shrek helmet and yellow rubber boots almost everywhere we went….I think it is great to let kids express themselves…and your right they are only 5 once!

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