we’ve been having such lazy mornings…which totally works for me! but i decided we need to get out and do something– so we headed to the elfin forest for a walk. this will be easy, right? david can hang out in the stroller and get out for breaks to explore while matty runs and plays. uh, not exactly…david was either arching his back and dragging his feet on the ground or leaning his head all the way forward so that i thought the stoller might flip.

matty was fine running and playing, until…

i let david out of the stoller so he could walk. then of course matty wanted to ride in the stoller. david needs a sturdy hand to hold onto and trying to push the stoller one-handed with a four year old inside just wasn’t working.

so we doubled up for a while. david was actually happiest when he was sitting on matty’s lap…rascal! we had fun, but i was exhausted by the time we got home!