Here are the SCARY before shots. We had no shelving at all, so everything just got piled up on the floor. We bought three industrial shelving units from Costco on Monday and Steve got them all put together. There were boxes that never got opened after the move (uh, two years ago!). Steve said this tower of boxes is a tribute to my organizing skills. It’s true, I just shove things somewhere to get them out of the way, thinking I’ll deal with it later…well, later came this weekend! The ‘after’ shot is still not totally complete. We have a lot of empty bins to get rid of, and a couple more boxes to go through. But you can see the dramatic improvement! I set up a little ‘office’ area to organzie all my jewelry receipts and paperwork. I am super excited about my new fancy office! There is a can crusher next to that CD tower that the previous owners installed. So if I’m done with my soda, I can just crush my can right there, and get back to work–so convenient!!