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May 8th | older posts


we spent the day in los angeles at a show–so crazy and so fun.  i’ll tell you more about it later, but for now, here is the view from our hotel room this morning and then tonight.  off to sleep!

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  1. Melody says:

    Love the pics! What a difference nightime makes!

  2. Jamie says:

    Very cool pics! Always being creative! Love it!

  3. maryanne says:

    Happy Mothers Day!

  4. lindsey says:

    i can’t wait to hear all the fun details!

  5. Sheila says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Lisa!
    I hope you have a WonderfuL day!
    I’m back in CA and will be down in SLO in 2 weeks (22-26) Can’t wait to see you!

  6. angie says:

    Hope you had a GREAT Mother’s Day! Oh & LOVED your Donna Downey “Inspired” event necklaces! SOOO pretty! Of course, I had to get one!

  7. Sheila says:

    Hi! I love this picture! I create teaching resources and wanted to know if I could have your permission to use this picture in a “day and night” unit for primary children? I would credit your website for the picture. :)

    Sheila Melton

  8. Tsombawi says:

    Ms. Leonard

    I am the Creative Arts Director at my church. I’m putting together a slideshow presentation. By your permission may use this picture in a presentation representing the day and night comparison?


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