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david, you teach me to…

May 1st | older posts


play. explore. touch. laugh. try new things. wander. linger. climb. enjoy. discover. soak up every moment.

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  1. Joanie says:

    I love this beautiful kid!

  2. Leonie says:

    yeah, i get that, i totally understand the depth of what you are saying, well put. xx

  3. celia says:

    What a wonderful post Lisa!
    You’re right, kids are always teaching us more than we can teach them!
    And yours are so sweet!

  4. Heidi @ ggip says:

    Very sweet. I know I have learned a lot during our journey as well.

  5. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your precious David with all of us! What a blessing to “know” him…and thanks for reminding me this morning that our children can be our best teachers sometimes!

  6. Dawn Suzette says:

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Melody says:

    Kids are great that way, aren’t they?!

  8. erin says:

    How wonderful!

  9. denissa says:

    man he is soooo cute :)

  10. Theresa says:

    He is a true blessing!!

    Isn’t it fun to see the world through our children’s eyes! It is a huge gift to have the ability.

  11. Staci says:

    So so so true! It is amazing what our children can teach us!

  12. suna says:

    i feel the same way about my little boy.

  13. sheri anderson says:

    I have an adult son with special needs. What a wonderful blessing from God! They do teach us so many things that we would have never known if these precious ones were not in our lives. Enjoy Lisa and treasure these moments!

  14. Diana says:

    It’s always so amazing to sit back and watch our children explore and take on the world. They teach us so much and sometimes we don’t even realize it. <3

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