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date night

September 1st | older posts

Last night Steve took me to Taco Temple for crab cakes & cheesecake-YUM! To the movie ‘Once’ (I highly reccommend it!). To Barnes & Noble for a little browsing & coffee. It was so good to focus on each other and talk and reconnect.

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  1. Joy says:

    we LOVE taco temple! i love their scallop tacos and their chocolate bread pudding is to die for. sounds like a fun night and you guys are a beautiful couple. you always photograph so well!

  2. Ellen says:

    I’m glad you and Steve got some time to connect. It’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with potty training going on. =)

  3. RachelDenbow says:

    We had a date night, too! Ate at Elephant Bar and saw ‘Becoming Jane’.

    I didn’t get your e-mail but I’ll send you one with my addy. I’ve got some pretty leather here with your name on it!

  4. Sarah Markley says:

    I know I’m only a wanna-be central-coaster, but I can’t believe there is a place called taco temple…really. Wow. I shouldn’t knock it till I try it, right? I am so glad you had fun!

  5. Karen says:

    Hooray for date night! Sounds like you guys had fun. I love Barnes and Noble, but the closest one is an hour away from here!
    We don’t go on too many date nights ourselves because of childcare issues.

  6. Andrea* says:

    Your date night sounds a lot like my perfect date nights with DH…we used to have lots more before the kiddos though, LOL!

    I left you a yummy cookie recipe in your cookie post, so hopefully you’ll see it and love it as much as we do! :c)

    Have a great day!

  7. Amy says:

    I loved ‘Once’! Glad I’m not the only one who has seen it. I loved the music so much I had to come home and download it to my mp3 player.

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