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conference pics…

March 12th | older posts

thought i’d share some jewelry from the women’s conference last weekend. it was so fun to connect with some ladies, make a target run, and sell almost everything!

love how this is off-center. so sweet!
steve laughed when i made this one. it’s a good reminder-i need to slow down sometimes!

love the dots and hammered and hammered heart.

Just a few fun ones…

I sold all my earrings the first night! They are so simple-great for dressing up or down.

The boys are napping and I’m getting a few things done. Have a wonderful day!!

17 Responses

  1. Sarah Markley says:

    I reeeaaallly like the Sweat pea one…so adorable. =0

  2. Kristen says:

    I love it all! I really like the love with the dots – so sweet.

  3. Katrina says:

    I love the chain on Sweet Pea! What is it called? Everything is just beautiful

  4. Jackie says:

    Lisa, You should really come down to Orange County and sell your stuff, we have lots of craft shows down this way as Christmas gets closer. Bet you would sell lots of stuff.

  5. Rays Family says:

    I’m so trying to keep my commitment to saving money but, you make it so hard. Love it all.


  6. lindsey cheney says:

    glad it was a success! i really like the chain on sweet pea.

  7. Canada Lizzy says:

    In all the time I have visited this blog, I never knew you had a website! (I saw it on your earing card)… I can’t seem to get the “braclet”, “earing”, etc. links to work… is that me? I would love to see more of your designs!

  8. 100 Percent Cottam says:

    ooh, i WANT the slow down version! so cute!

  9. Rachel says:

    congratulations…sounds like you did wonderful!

  10. i know a mom says:

    love.them.all! great job!

  11. chrissie says:

    love the photography. soo beautiful.

  12. Lisa Leonard says:

    the website will be up in about a WEEK! Yay! The chain on the sweet pea necklace is ‘fine link chain’. I love it, too!

  13. A thankful heart says:

    Hey Lisa! It was so great to see you and chat a little! Your jewelry was really beautiful and now I’m just thinking of what I’d like for my mom-in-law! I know you’re probably swamped for time (and we homeschool so we are too!!) but I would still love to get together some time….Maybe the boys too!?!xoxoKendall

  14. Anonymous says:

    Love them all.
    When is the special mother’s day necklace going to appear. I can’t wait!!!

  15. Lisa Leonard says:

    i’ll be posting a pic of the mother’s day necklace next week! it is be.a.u.tiful!

  16. kelly mccaleb says:

    oh my goodness those are really really gorgeous. i need to decide which one to buy!!

  17. Kenna says:

    gorgeous jewelry, I can see why it sold so well for you. I love the chain on the sweet pea necklace!

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