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Chrissie is here!

February 4th | older posts

Chrissie is here-Yeah! Rachel, our sweet, sweet sitter watched the boys last night even though they were still a bit sick. We took Chrissie to a fancy restaurant in Morro Bay (Foster’s Freeze) and then caught a movie. I NEEDED to get out!!! Today we skipped church (toddler room doesn’t welcome sniffly, sneezing, runny-nosed kiddos) and we took a hike around the state park. I brought the backpack for David, unfortunately Matty wanted to be carried, too. He’s pretty big–so Chrissie got a workout! We had fun. Then came home and took a long nap. Hope you are all having a good Sunday!

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  1. lindsey says:

    I’m so jealous you get to have your sister here with you right now! Isn’t it so great to have someone to totally be yourself with, and get a little help from with the kids! Have fun and say hi for me.

  2. Ellen says:

    Is Matty having fun with his “real” auntie? Don’t worry boys–I’m coming to visit real soon. Love you, miss you.

  3. Grace4Russia says:

    I’m jealous of sister time too. :( My day is coming though!

    Good to see you girls are looking as young and spry as usual. Looking forward to seeing you too!

    And those boys? Who wouldn’t be a proud auntie? :)

  4. Jeannett Gibson says:

    That dang nursery not wanting sickies! Who’s running that place??? I should have a word with them! :)

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