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December 29th | older posts

twin sister. genuine. funny. compassionate. best friend. sensitive. insightful. intelligent. intense. beautiful. creative. natural. lovable. blessing.

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  1. Carolina Mama says:

    Lisa, I love this! You know we moms of twins l.o.v.e seeing what the years ahead look like!

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    ummm… you’re the one on the left?

  3. chrissie says:

    Wow, thanks, Lisa. Perfect timing.
    I feel so incredibly defeated right now. I have a head cold and Cutie has been tantruming all day.
    Thanks for loving me and believing in me.
    I LOVE you so much!

  4. Earen says:

    What a blessing for sure!

  5. Sarah Markley says:


  6. Rojas' says:

    She is all those things and I’m blessed to call her my friend and sister in Christ :} (And I also love seeing you two twins in hopes of what my twins will share someday)

  7. Sarah Markley says:

    You totally changed the picture! What happened?

  8. Lisa Leonard says:

    I liked this one better! LOL

  9. michele says:

    I’m glad you removed that post. So insensitive! You and Chrissie have such a special relationship. Enjoy each other this week!

  10. Cathi Hamen says:

    You both are so great!!! i am soo happy you can share motherhood together.. just one more thing to love about one another!!

  11. asnipofgoodness says:

    I am usually only a lurker on your blog, but I decided to post, just to tell you what a blessing your blog has been to me. I am wondering where you are, and I miss your posts, but mostly, I am just praying that you and your family are alright. Just know that i miss your encouraging words, and life.

  12. SECPumpkin says:

    hi, I read your blog and love your jewelery. I’m even hoping for some in the next few holidays…valentines or my birthday(I’ve been dropping hints)! When I catch up on my blog reading every week I think about how much I miss reading yours, seeing your family pics, and what new amazing jewelry ideas you’ve come up with. And I thought I should let you know! I hope everything is okay and you are just taking a blog sebatical and getting some much deserved rest!

  13. SECPumpkin says:

    by the way, i know this post has been up for awhile…but i meant to comment on it. I don’t have a twin, but my sister is 13 months younger than me. We grew up like twins, and there is nothing more precious than sisterhood!

  14. beckyhomecky says:

    Can’t believe you are a twin. To have two beautiful people like you is a dream. I love your jewelry and must order some soon!

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