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busy guy

January 21st | older posts

david has been so busy lately–making messes, scooting around the house, spinning around doing donuts on his bottom (it’s hilarious!), and opening up cupboards. here’s a few photos of him playing with his dump truck, looking up when i called him, pulling up to a stand-INDEPENDENTLY!!! and pulling steve’s cap off his head. this guy is a trouble maker–watch out!

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  1. Ellen says:

    David! Don’t make so much trouble! It’s fun to see him explore, respond, and experiment. I miss you sweetie! Kisses from your auntie.

  2. chrissie says:

    Baby Love!

  3. kristen borland says:

    david seems like such a special guy. and i truly mean that. one thing i regret is not having gotten to know him… your whole family really. it’s always such a blessing to see you with david, and to see your love for him and the joy he instills in you.

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