The girls had a blast hanging out at lindsey’s yesterday! It was a cozy group so we had lots of time to chat. Here are a few pieces I had with me…

Open circle. Love this message. Add the open circle to you basket and in the note area type ‘love honestly design’

This is the My heart necklace. One of my favorites!

OK, this one turned out WAY to cute! Don’t you love it?–no pun intended! To order, add the sparkle necklace to your basket and then in the notes type ‘lots of love design’.

So sweet.  This is the original necklace with the wings charm (love it!!). You can put a note to request the circle be hammered and 2 sizes of letters.

True love hearts. Makes me want to get married all over again (to you, honey, of course!). In the note section, request dots around the edge.