Both of the boys needed haircuts which is one of my least favorite activities. The only thing that makes it bearable, is the salon we take them to. Bluebird. It is absolutely darling! I am inspired every time we go. I’ve taken friends by just so they can see how cute it.

Love their mismatched letters with a hot pink chandelier.

Umbrellas hung on the back patio. Way, way too cute.

Here is Matty during his haircut. He was a trooper. Of course it was all about the lollipop he wanted to earn afterward.

And here is David post-haircut. The process is awful, about a half hour of fussing and wiggling. But the results are pretty cute!!

And they have a darling birdcage with, what else, a little bluebird.
Now we can wait at least 3 weeks before they need another haircut! Ugh.