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david discovered slime this week.  he looooves it.  it’s gooey and messy and so fun.

his teacher made it with equal parts white glue and corn starch.

(pics taken with my phone)




guess who matthias is going to be for halloween?  or i should say, guess who matthias is going to be everyday from now until halloween?  and i love this family portrait drawn by matthias.  no need to have professional pictures taken for our christmas card this year, we’ll just use this drawing!




love these pics i re-discovered of the boys wrestling with daddy.  and that huge grin on david’s face.  is there anything better??




and keychains are on sale this weekend. perfect for daddy or grandpa


we are ready for the weekend and some time to play.  and maybe a little sleeping in.  enjoy yourselves!!

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  1. Robbin says:

    I think my favorite pictures are of Steve and the boys (I’d say you, too, but you’re taking those cute pictures). And David’s grin is so priceless. This will be the first halloween away from the harvest festival, but I think I’m going to stay home and hand out candy for a change. We live in a neighborhood that actually has kids all around. We never got kids at our condo – but then we were usually at the harvest festival at Grace. This weekend I’ll be getting things straightened out and waiting for Noonie to come visit on Sunday. So excited! Bring out the air mattress and snacks.

  2. Carrington says:

    Oh, I love seeing kiddos playing with their Dad’s! That’s just the best! I also love how Halloween costumes become dress up toys for the whole year round! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Dan says:

    I like David’s sly smile playing with the slime.
    Tell Matty that his upper body looks great but he needs to work out his legs more.
    We are looking or Christmas plane tickets, now. Can’t wait.

  4. Laura says:

    Just in time for Halloween to make slimes for David! Matt is an excellent artist cuz I love the way he drew pictures of Supermen!

  5. Karla from Louisiana says:


    I luv looking at your pictures and seeing how you handle life…………….I am a MOM of two beautiful children (27, 29 now) and one of them has a severe terminal disability. He was not to make it past 17 years of age and he is 27 now…………we have been so blessed! My daughter has been the best sister……….we have included him in every aspect of our lives !!!!

    Keep the faith and you will have a wonderful prosperous life! I have……

    Karla in Louisiana

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