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aqua {and a giveaway!}

November 4th | older posts


a little bit of happiness brought to you by way of the color aqua.




i found aqua in the sky on a warm fall day.  and a vintage globe at our local thrift store was the perfect find.




i have an aqua dish that holds my wedding rings and i am drawn to aqua pottery-particularly cornucopias.




our kitchen table is adorned with the sweetest aqua glazed eggs and an oversized aqua vase found here.




yesterday, i put some flowers into an old aqua pitcher.  and i’m carrying a funky aqua bag these days.




i’m loving this aqua clutch and neck warmer.  aren’t they fun?  but i’m not keeping them–i’m giving them away. (well okay, i bought a neck warmer for myself, too!).

* * *



one person will win

*the aqua clutch

*the aqua stone earrings

*the aqua neck warmer (from target)

*a petite crest necklace.

* * *

leave a comment and tell us something {right now} that’s inspiring you!

giveaway closed.  thank you!

629 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    I live in upstate NY, and the Autumn leaves were glorious this year. There’s nothing more beautiful than brilliant sun’s rays hitting trees and leaf carpets filled with glory’s color. I’m inspired to enjoy this season of harvest and live in the moment.

  2. Faith Sheehan says:

    The NY Yankees are inspiring me !!! I’ve been a Yankee fan since age 5 when my Dad took me to a game. Tough thing is, I live outside of Philly and the fans have been arrogant and mean…even to my kids. I am biting my lip and taking the high road. People are crossing the line, when they are mean to my children. Drawing inspiration from my Dad. He was a stand up guy.

  3. Kay says:

    I am inspired by the beautiful sunny fall Iowa day. And the forecast helps with temperatures reaching the 60’s for the weekend. Cannot wait to get outside and rake leaves and enjoy the last warm days before winter hits.

  4. Melinda says:

    Lately I have been inspired by turquoise. I’m not really sure why but I just love it and wear something turquoise just about every day. It feels so fresh and natural to me.

  5. Janelle says:

    I’m inspired by the beauty of the place where I live and the beauty of the people who live here.

  6. amy says:

    i am inspired by so many different things daily…this morning i was inspired by the beautiful sunrise…my children inspire me every single day…i am inspired by fall and the upcoming holiday season…

  7. Hi Lisa!
    So nice to “meet” you!
    Oh I love aqua, always did and your photos here are wonderful!
    I love your jewelry too. What a generous and beautiful give away! I would be so lucky if I’d win these special pieces, and would wear them with pride and joy, although I don’t think I will be so lucky.
    At the moment I’m very inspired by black silhouettes (see my blog) and everything cream colored, but I can already feel vintage Christmas coming with lots of sparkly white and silver tinsel!
    Warmest wishes from rainy Germany sends you

  8. Oops I wrote one letter wrong so the link back to my blog didn’t work, but now it should!

  9. shannon stinson says:

    well…i am inspired by all the children that face childhood cancer. the children inspire me because they face, daily, the beast that robs them of their childhood. yet, somehow, they fight with all that is within them…for a chance to survive…to live. they face pain that is not imaginable. their bodies become weak. and they still smile. they don’t complain. if they can fight the beast….than we can surely face the every day struggles that really are no big deal at all. they inspire to be better than i am. to help someone who could use it. they have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. i am hoping to do some volunteer work at a horse farm that caters to those children. not only do i want to help the precious children, but i am looking to be changed myself. to grow. yes, in words i can’t write, they are oh so inspiring. and i wish i could cradle each and every one of the kids that endure such a battle.

  10. I’m inspired by God’s grace and mercy. We thought my little girl would have to have surgery on her skull but the tests came back that she did not have to. I give all the glory to God!

  11. Angela G. says:

    I’m inspired by my father. Diagnosed in April with stage 4 lung cancer, now has a titanium femur, still positive, still motivated to white water raft, and climb peaks, and explore, never choosing to lose faith…in god, himself, or his family. I’m proud to be his daughter.

  12. Ramona says:

    I am inspired by my daughter.
    She is a dancer with passion.

  13. Shana Stoll says:

    I am inspired by my friends and family and all those wonderful people around me!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Christine says:

    I am inspired by chaos! My everyday is so full of order and structure… breakfast, kids out door, dishes, picking toys up for the millionth time, homework, dinner and so on and so on! I love it but somedays can be quite predictable. The chaos that stirs in my head gets me going. Having so much I want to create and trying to get it all out at once… find I create the most wicked sweet things in those moments:)

  15. Angie says:

    I’m inspired by the pure honesty and innocence of my little ones.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I’m inspired by my kids everyday. I’m inspired to be the best me I can be.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I have been really inspired by visiting LOTS of decorating blogs. I feel I need a change around my home… and there is SO much talent in these blogs. It’s very motivating!! :) What a fantastic giveaway!

  18. Ashley says:

    Lately I have been inspired by cardigans. I have always liked them, but lately I’ve been wearing them like crazy! Everyone I own is from a thrift store, so I have come across some beauties! I love how I can wear them in so many ways! Dressy, casual, just to keep me warm, layered with lace camis or a plain white tshirt, whatever! Absolutely I am in love with them right now!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I have been inspired by my Grandmother who is slowly slipping away from us. She doing this full of calm, grace and acceptance for what is inevitable.

  20. Traci says:

    The look of wonder on my boys’ faces when they realized the “scary” noise coming from our backyard this morning was not some monster….. but hundreds of birds calling to eachother among the branches of their favorite tree. They had known about migration before, but seemed to swell with the excitement and awe of being right in the path of such an important event.

  21. Renea says:

    As a teacher of high schoolers who are deaf, I am inspired by my students every day. They make me strive to be a better teacher, and to find ways to de-mystify the English language. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful pieces!

  22. Sarah says:

    I am inspired by the stories of couples who have “overcome” infertility. As my husband and I walk this path, it can be such a scary time, and as we lay it all down at God’s feet, we feel inspired and hopeful that we too will be given a little blessing.

  23. Kimberly C. says:

    Christmas is inspiring me right now! I’m decorating for an event with the Winter Wonderland theme and my mind is swirling with ideas and hopefully I can pull it off without spending a lot of money. Large decorating stash to pull from on this one. Yay!

  24. Lauren says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am inspired by your photos – the lighting, color, and angles! I hope to get a “fancy” camera soon and dream to be able to take pictures of my daughter and family that are as beautiful as the ones you have on your blog.

  25. Julie P says:

    I have a little baby kicking inside of me and that is my inspiration right now :)

  26. DeAnn says:

    Christmas is inspiring me too. I love the whole season, and I love finding/making the perfect gift for someone. There’s nothing better than the smile when someone opens a gift they adore.

  27. Noelle White says:

    THE BEACH. It seems we never go during the summer but as soon as October and November roll around, we can’t stay away. There is no fog this time of year and all the tourists are gone. I love taking the girls early in the morning and letting them run wild.

  28. JD in Canada says:

    I’m not girly enough to win any of this, although it is beautiful, so please don’t pick me… I just wanted to share what inspires me today…

    I was thinking about sunflowers the other day… a seed is planted, a hardy seed that’s determined to grow. It’s so tiny, yet grows strong, straight, tall, and faces the sun, worshiping the sun and basking in the beauty of the warmth it receives from the sun. Come fall, it begins to die to self and heavy with all the seeds it has accumulated along the way, its face bends to the ground, although it’s still standing tall. As it dies to self, a new beauty emerges from it… the seeds fall to the ground, nurturing new life, and the cycle begins all over again.

    I see so many parallels between sunflowers and Christians. When we’re born, it’s like a seed of life is planted, embracing life vigorously, growing, reaching for God. As we began to discover God, we bloom and turn our face to the shadows and face God, worshiping The Son. It’s a beautiful thing to watch in a human, just like it is beautiful to watch in a sunflower. As we grow closer to God and gather seeds of knowledge and life, we slowly die to self, but still stand, heads bowed in reverence to God… As we share what we’ve learned, minister to others and share the love of Christ, more seeds are released, planted, and new life begins, as ours begins to fade…

    Sunflowers…. SONflowers… life is beautiful.

  29. Ashley says:

    I am loving, Loving, LOVING the aqua too…..we are buying a new house in Ohio, so the neckwarmer would be handy!, and have been thinking aqua for the school room….yes, the house actually has a school room that our home schooling family is so excited about! But hey, I love that whole giveaway!!!!

  30. Cindy B says:

    I’m inspired by the conversation I’ll be continuing with my Manager today about my upcoming promotion. Definetly inspired to keep doing well here at work, with a smile every day!

  31. Ally says:

    I am inspired by a man who manages to make me feel loved, even deployed so many miles away from me.

  32. Miranda says:

    What is inspiring me now is life, the grace that God has and the humble spirit that a child has. And this inspiration has come from a Young girl fighting with cancer through her last days of life here on earth. But she has an amazingly humble spirit and knows that when she gets to Heaven God will heal her. This is not meant to make anyone sad but to inspire, uplift and encourage. God’s Grace is so good and I am so Thankful to know his grace. It inspires me to wake up and be Thankful for every day that he blesses me with. If you would like to find the story of Sydney you can find it here at this link.

    Thank You for the opprotunity to comment.

  33. Melissa says:

    I am inspired by my 6 year old who thinks every new day is the best. Every meal he eats is his favorite. Every TV show is his favorite, etc. It’s a good way to live.

  34. Emily says:

    I am inspired by my son who is too young to know hate or greed and lives only for the moment, the here and now – I have no desire to be younger but I so envy his innocence.

  35. I find most often that color inspires me. I think I love almost every color there is! I make handmade cards, and so when I see a color I love, or a combination, I think of how I could translate it into a card. And sometimes color inspire me just to enjoy life! 😉

  36. Jennifer says:

    At the moment I am inspired by the little things, the sun coming through the window (as we’ve been having lots of gloomy days), the occasional bird song I hear, the snuggles with my kiddos. What a generous and great giveaway, love the colours.

  37. Brittany says:

    This morning as I was driving to work I caught sight of the American flag unfurled against a backdrop of clear blue skies and golden leaves. It made me catch my breath in pride and patriotism. The sight of that flag inspired me to remember that although I may not always agree with everything this great nation does, I will still always be proud of her.

  38. Donna Thomas says:

    Lisa – You inspire me everyday! I have added your website to my favorites and check it every morning. I love how you enjoy life and the simple things! You are always so positive! You bring sunshine to my mornings! Love your website and have ordered of few of your things! Thank you!

  39. Carolyn says:

    I am inspired by my 3 little children. They really amaze me each and every day, and no matter how tired I feel I’m always uplifted by their constant energy!

  40. Maya says:

    How pretty! My favorite color!
    I am inspired by the crisp air and the last days of fall. The trees are almost naked here in Wisconsin, just holding on some last leaves.

  41. Keli says:

    I’m inspired by Google Reader. It’s loaded with great stuff waiting for me every morning! I LOVE being inspired by my creative blogger-friends!

  42. Lori Danelle says:

    I know this will sound obvious, but it’s the most relevant inspiration for me right now.


    My introduction to blogs was about 10 years ago when social networking consisted of angsty teenagers spilling their woes to the world via the internet. I like the idea of a blog, but in the end, it didn’t really catch on for me.

    Then last year, through a tragic event I was re-introduced to the world of blogging and discovered that it was no longer little on-line journals, unconnected to anything else, but a community of ideas, and inspiration. I realized that my silly little crafts and ideas might not be so silly and that there were people out there with the same passions as mine.

    A whole new world opened up to me. I’m in the (very) infant stages of starting my own business. I’ve pulled so many ideas into how I’m remodeling my house and refinishing furniture for my girls’ bedroom. I’ve been inspired to not be satisfied that at this point in my life I just don’t have time for creating and that I’ll have to wait until the girls get older and my job becomes less demanding. My projects range from little to big, but I’m trying to remember how important my creativity is to my being and that I’m not really myself if I’m not incorporating it into my daily life.

    So thank you fellow bloggers for reminding me to dream!!!

  43. Julie B says:

    Since I have to pick just one… this beautiful waning autumn light has been inspiring me to pick up my camera and take lots of pictures! =)

  44. Elizabeth says:

    I’m inspired by my baby girl’s zest for life! Everything needs to be examined, touched, pondered, and explored. I love her little way of looking at the world.

  45. JennK says:

    My daughters inspire me to be a better person in all aspects of my life….. They are the loves of my life and make me aware of how quickly things can change. They inspire me to live in the moment and to love fully.

  46. Carmen says:

    I am inspired by all the fun fall and holiday magazines – such great inspiration in them!

  47. Lynne S says:

    Right now, I am inspired by my Kindergarten class who is working so so hard on beginning reading skills already….and it is just October!

  48. Stefanie says:

    I am inspired by so much these days…so very much. It seems almost daily I’m reminded (inspired) by so much that it’s hard to narrow down to just one thing. I’m inspired when I look into my baby boy’s eyes and see such wonder and amazement – he inspires me to be better all around so I can be the best example for him. I’m inspired when I see my hubby go back to his first love, the kitchen – he’s a culinarian, a talent placed in his heart only by God – and recently God placed an awesome opportunity in front of him and he ran with it…fearlessly, something I don’t think I could do. My hubby inspires me to take chances and follow what God has placed in your heart. And recently I have been inspired by Stellan McKinney and his MckMama! Seeing recent pics of Stellan on Jennifer’s blog made my heart sing…he is smiling and laughing in the pics from a day or so after his 1st even though he’s battling SVT and spent his 1st in the PICU…as soon as I laid eyes on those pics of him I told myself…wow, if Stellan can laugh in smile inspite of ALL that he is going thru then why can’t I? My hurdles are nothing compared to his. And then there’s Jennifer…she and her family are facing such huge things this week in regards to Stellan’s health…and yet she still found time and energy when the “littles” were asleep to build a castle for her “bigs”. She’s a great Mama, that one!
    Everyday there is so much inspiration to be found…in the mundane and not so mundane, if we’re just willing to slow down and look!

    I would love to snag these sweet giveaways…I’ve been dying for one of your gorgeous necklaces!! I have sent my hubby your store’s link twice now hoping he gets the hint…lol! :)

  49. Jenny Hart says:

    The crisp fresh air is so refreshing. I am enjoying the sunshine early in the morning and the bright full moon in the sky at night.

  50. Lisa says:

    I’m inspired by the creek we found by our house. My boys love to explore it and are working on building a tiny dam. It reminds me to take time to have some fun and get creative!

  51. The David Crowder Band playing on my computer!

  52. Dawn Estes says:

    I am inspired by thankfulness. I am thankful to be able to work with children in my home so I can be here for my family before and after school and be more prepared for our family time in the evenings and weekends. I am thankful for that so I am focusing on doing my best for those kids when I’m with them and my family when I am with them – we’ve had some incredible times lately!

  53. RebeccaL says:

    Right now I am inspired by 2 Chronicles 20:15 – This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

    I’m going through a rough time, and this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  54. Michelle says:

    I’m inspired by the autumn weather and the beautiful leaves. I love fall and it seems to go by too quickly.

    Also inspired by the new house we are building. It is so awesome to be able to pick everything out and put your touch on the place.

  55. Andrea T. :) says:

    I have lots of fun new fabric showing up in my mailbox that gets me so excited to create!! I love aqua too … especially red & aqua. I have several items in my shop that show my current infatuation :).

  56. As hard as it is to get a new routine with the time change, it has been beautiful to wake up in my pretty bedroom with the sun peeking through the shades. It’s been easier to get out of bed smiling the last few days! :) I LOVE all of your aqua, and the neck warmer is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  57. Susan Yates says:

    First off, I am inspired by the beautiful smile on my little boys face at the start of each and everyday. This afternoon, I am totally inspired by your beautiful pieces of jewerly that I came across after seeing Elizabeth Kartchner’s (who is totally inspiring) post about your designs!

  58. Rachel Smith says:

    I am inspired by beautiful fabrics, by the way they look and their patterns, colors. I love the different textures and often use as many different textures as I can. Pretty for the eyes and the fingers!

    I’m inspired by Scripture. I love the way there is always something new and exciting every time I open it.

  59. Melanie says:

    I am an outdoor runner, and I have really been inspired by the onset of Fall in Georgia. We had a warm October, so the leaves have only recently begun to turn and fall. Running outside in the crisp air with all the beautiful colors really makes me want to create.

    I have also been inspired by my beautiful four-month-old son. It seems he does something new almost every day, and I am constantly in awe of his complete perfectness. With this beautiful weather, I can see the world through his eyes, and it makes me want to show him all that is good and beautiful in the world!

  60. Jennifer says:

    I am inspired by the gorgeous fall colors.

  61. Corinne says:

    Right now I’m getting inspired by these two beautiful wineracks we have. Sounds silly… but they were my husbands before we were dating. They were probably picked up for a small amount, but they’re so simple and gorgeous. Reminds me of when we were first dating and we were in that getting to know you and your stuff phase :) Makes me want to write for hours!

  62. I am inspired by a whole world full of Christian women that I discovered through blogging. So many are an inspiration and they encourage me in my own walk of faith.

  63. Jenifer says:

    Oh my word! What a lovely giveaway this would be to win! I was jumping up and down yesterday when I saw that you had made a petite version of the crest necklace (which has been my favorite since you first introduced it a few months ago!). :)

    Today I am inspired by 2 things totally unrelated.

    One a friend is in labor and will be soon holding her new baby, Lordwilling, a first girl after two sweet little boys. New life always inspires me. ♥

    And we are watching Chariots of Fire today. The story of Eric Liddell is very inspiring, a quote of his when speaking about his running was that when he ran he could feel God’s pleasure. What an inspiring thought that is!!

  64. Liz S says:

    I am inspired by friends (new and old) who are taking off their masks and getting real, showing transparency and honesty about their lives, their walks with God, their flaws–and seeing them find peace in this. Oh, how sweet is our Beloved!

  65. Megan says:

    right now I’m inspired by Joyful Weddings and Events blog. I’m planning my wedding and love looking to this site for inspiration!

  66. Tamra says:

    I am inspired by my two teenage daughters. So sensible, so mature, so loving, so funny and so very generous and creative. I am inspired how they push my creativity to help them decorate their rooms so cool, hip and chic in ways I might not always think are so. I am inspired how they love their little cousin with Downs and make her feel like the most beautiful little girl in the world. They inspire me to be a better parent and person everyday. And I am inspired by all the other fellow bloggers who post stunning pictures to stir my right brain into high speed. Thank you all!

  67. Amy says:

    Nice of you to ask! Today I am inspired by the (in)courage devotion about friends.
    “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man (woman) sharpen another” – Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)
    What a powerful verse! The whole devotion is reaffirming.
    And I am loving the freshness of your aqua pictures! Have a beautiful Fall Day!


  68. Jen L. says:

    Seeing and hearing my kids smiles and laughs today. They’ve been sick with the flu since last Thursday and it’s good to hear them happy again. That also means they’re fighting again but I’m dealing with that too! =)

  69. Deanna says:

    I am finding inspiration from the ultimate source – Jesus.
    When it feels like my hopes, dreams, and life in general is in tatters – I can still find thankfulness amidst the heartache. I am a “details” person, so I love your blog – the little things count.
    As an amateur photographer, your “color posts” and photos make me smile.
    Thanks for sharing your gift. Inspiration found there and from the many talented bloggers I follow.

  70. Kate says:

    At the moment I’m inspired by quilt blogs as I am making my first ever quilt. I love the internet!

  71. Stefany says:

    This week I am inspired by animal crackers as I plan a baby shower for my childhood best friend as she prepares to welcome her first child into the world.

  72. Dianne says:

    I am inspired by all of the fabric that I see! I have SO many ideas and not enough hours!

  73. dawn says:

    I’m inspired by so many in my life who have given of themselves to adopt a child. Several international adoptions and a few foster-to-adopt kids as well. They are not always babies. One has a medical need. Several have emotional needs. These parents are imitating our Lord who has adopted us as His own as well.

  74. Maria says:

    Today I’m inspired by my two year old. He’s so cute, lovable, and adorable. I love seeing things through his eyes. Everything is wonderful and exciting!

  75. Susanne N. says:

    i’ve just been on a girls weekend scrap retreat where i worked on my first art journal of our anniversary trip to mexico. so i am really inspired to keep being creative. my absolute favorite color is aqua!

  76. Heather Prins says:

    you are inspiring me!!! I love all the goodness i am seeing in blog land! Today i also loved blogs by Vee Jennings and Jen Johner!

  77. angie says:

    Im so blessed to have my hearing kids who accepts me being deaf. i get inspires to talk with them in sign language! LOVE em. LOVE your post!! So good person you are! =)

  78. MrsBagley says:

    I’m inspired by Wednesday, which is only two days from the weekend. That is my inspiration for this moment.

    (Brought to you by sinus congestion, a sore throat and a nasty cough.)

  79. Candace says:

    My children are inspiring me lately-……they are so sweet, and sassy, and innocent and mischievious- all rolled up into one perfect little person. They make me want to be a better mother, wife, friend, person. Also your blog inspires me daily- I love it :)

  80. Elicia says:

    I am inspired by all the women I know who are either facing breast cancer, or have faced it head on and given it their all. I admire them and hope if I ever get the same diagnosis, I will be as brave and courageous as them.

  81. Bethany says:

    It’s silly but your photos inspire me. I’m not a very crafty or artsy person, but deep in my heart I feel artistic stirrings. I just have no avanue for them. I write, but that doesn’t feel artistic for me. I want to work with my hands, if only to help my daughter shape playdough. I love to peek at your photos and see your creative spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Erika says:

    My twin 2 year olds inspire (and tire) me every day:)

    Love your stuff!


  83. sarah b says:

    i’m super inspired by our brand new 2 acres! there are so many sweet spots to plop our toddler for beautiful photo shoots. i can’t wait for christmas lights in the trees and for flowers in the spring! :)

  84. Rebecca says:

    I love aqua! currently am inspired by hot apple cider, falling leaves, white pumpkins, a soft blanket, and a fire in the fireplace while listening to Coldplay.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  85. I am inspired by a deadline (to clean!) I am also occasionally inspired by a random burst of energy combined with all the right things being available at my fingertips at that precise moment (for a “making” project). Or the texture of a wall with just the right light washing it (for a photo). So many things…

  86. Amanda says:

    I am inspired by hot chocolate right now! So yummy and I can’t get enough!!

  87. Kristen says:

    your blog! always inspiring in the morning. And the last of the fall leaves. My cup of morning tea. Holidays coming up soon…have to get crafting…
    thanks for your cheery blog!

  88. Tanya S. says:

    This isn’t an artistic inspiriation, but lately I’ve really noticed how sluggish I am and how truly out-of-shape I have become. So I’ve been inspired (especially by my healthy friends and co-workers) to really start treating my body better and making myself a lot more healthy. It’s only been about a week but I’ve been making some good changes. {I also love aqua!}

  89. Brooke says:

    Last weekend’s beautiful 70 degree weather inspired me to get outside and spend the day at the park with my kids. What a wonderful weekend!

  90. Andrea says:

    The weather it is so fallish here and that is saying alot for Texas since it has a hard time distinguishing the seasons!

  91. Ellen S says:

    I love AQUA…… reminds me of warm vacations– gazing at a seemingly endless ocean. I need to add more aqua to my wardrobe and home to set a relaxing mood. Yeah, for all that aqua symbolizes..

  92. Becky Hayes says:

    I am inspired by the crackling fire in my fireplace and the cozy warmth it provides on a chilly fall night.

  93. amykate says:

    This time of year, I find myself pulling the car off to the side of the road just to take a picture of old rugged, red barns against vivid blue skies and still green fields. The kids roll their eyes but it’s too breathtaking to drive by….
    Many blessings,

  94. right now i’m inspired by mercury glass and tree branches! i would LOVE to win your beautiful giveaway! thanks for the opportunity! -alicia

  95. Whitney Bray says:

    My kids inspire me everyday. Autumn is glorious and inspires me every year. I know brave people who are fighting a life-threatening illness right now-Mothers who cry out to the Lord to heal their children-Mothers who cling to the Hope they have in Jesus. THEY inspire me.

  96. Meredith says:

    Right now fall is inspiring me. The colors and textures of the leaves are really rich and warm. My husband is also inspiring me right now. We have gone through a lot this past year and he just keeps me going strong. I am blessed!

  97. Sonya says:

    I am inspired by our weather here in Washington. These beautiful, crisp, sunshine-y days are wonderful. I’ve been outside taking photos of all that is beautiful here.

    I love your jewelry and am eyeing a couple of pieces for Christmas!!! :-)

  98. Tiffany says:

    I am inspired by my husband and my children. Every morning my man wakes up in order to provide for us and he NEVER complains. My 3 year old daughter, the free spirit of the house who goes around dancing and singing all day long, and my 4 month old son who has the biggest, gummiest smile ever.

    Thanks for the opportunity Lisa. I just adore your blog.

  99. I forgot how inspiring my bloggie mates were! It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve been around to visit everyone. I finally cleaned out my feedreader and I am looking forward to peeking in more often!

  100. Jennifer says:

    Firstly Lisa, THANK YOU for sharing your world with all of us. God bless you & your family.
    I am inspired lately and pretty much every day of my life, my wonderful boys.
    I have 4 awesome young men that I am so blessed to call my kids.
    They are now 24, 22, and the twins are 17. I can so relate to you and your boys.
    Thanks again for letting me revisit those days of super hero capes and make believe!!

  101. Cindy says:

    I’m inspired by the crisp fall air and falling leaves. The holidays are coming! I’m getting excited at the thoughts of the baking, decorating, shopping, wrapping of the holiday season but most of all, spending time with family and making new memories!

  102. Karen says:

    Lately I have been inspired by the beautiful blue birds that are feasting on the bird feeder in our front yard :)

  103. Oh my goodness! How beautiful! Dreaming of colors and decor for baby #2’s nursery is inspiring me right now. (He’s arriving in January so I’m hoping I get inspirted to do more than just dream soon!!)

  104. Kristin says:

    so pretty! hmm…right now I’m inspired by wool felt, linen, ruffles, I guess textures in general. Fall Colors….and always, my boys.

  105. Heather says:

    Hi, I am inspired by my 8 year old son! He has a whole lot of serious health issues and nothing gets him down. He is doing so amazingly well at school despite the challenges he deals with on a daily basis. No matter what is going on with his little body he ALWAYS says, “I’m fine Mom!” I thank God daily for the strength and “spunk” he provides to Grant!

    BTW, gotta say that I love, love your jewelry and am trying to talk my husband into the “True Love” necklace!

    Heather in chilly Michigan

  106. Stephanie says:

    Finishing a project is always inspiring! Especially when my Violet Joy girl zooms around the house in her new super hero cape!

  107. Erin G says:

    My two toddlers playing in the box that the new vacuum arrived in…that inspires me to take cute pictures of them! I love how they are so easily entertained with something an adult would throw away.

  108. heatherc says:

    Today I’m inspired by the sprinkle of freckles on my daughter’s nose and the sparkle in her eyes ! She makes me want to be a better person, wife and mother!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Very fun!!

  109. Amber says:

    Is it possible to be inspired by Halloween even though it is over? I now want to have a themed birthday party where my guests are required to dress in costume. There need to be more holidays throughout the year that require costumes.

  110. Becky says:

    I love aqua… and I’ll try not to be too jealous of the lucky person that wins this giveaway. Today I’m inspired by my boxes of old family pictures I need to organize and display. Looking back and reviewing memories always gets me excited for the future. It also gets me excited to design and print our Christmas cards this year and share our latest pictures!!

  111. Inspired by the hope that my two little boys in Haiti might finally come home for Christmas this year.

  112. mindy taylor says:

    Right now I am inspired by all the amazingly crafty bloggers out there. Everyday I fibd something new to try. You are all fabulous.

  113. Carrie says:

    mmm, love aqua! and all the prizes are sooo pretty!

    Right now I am inspired by my growing belly and the baby girl in there! ( I think she will love aqua too!) I am also inspired by the ladies at my church and their desire to truly know God, it pushes me to dig deeper and try to learn more too. I am also inspired by our pastor and his genuine heart and passion for the lost souls of this world.

  114. Kristie says:

    it’s a sunny November day – which is rare in the Northwest. beautiful!

  115. Sandra says:

    I am inspired by everyday moments like the warmth of early morning sunshine on a cool fall day, the toasty scent of Bancha tea in a colorful ceramic mug, and the sound of gleeful laughter at recess in the school playground a block from my home. I am inspired by all the people who have transformed their lives into something even more worthy and beautiful when adversity struck.

    Lisa, your blog reminds me to take notice of all the beauty and joy in every single day. Thank you!

  116. Teresa says:

    I’m inspired by so many amazing bloggers, including you!

  117. Southern Gal says:

    The beautiful Moda fabrics that I keep seeing on the web are inspiring me to break out the sewing machine. I’m about to start sewing Christmas presents.

    Aqua and red are my faves right now. Love your aqua collections.

  118. Shari says:

    I am inspired by all the Christmas decorations that are getting put out. I know it’s early, but I love love Christmas. All the glitter and sparkle and fun. I’m especially finding inspiration for cute photos of a little girl who is just starting to understand Santa.

  119. Inspiring? besides you? I love visiting crafty blogs and seeing beautiful items made from hand…paper crafts…embroidered are some of my favorites.

  120. Andrea says:

    I have been cleaning out my basement the past few weeks. During the process I have been finding little articles or ideas I have clipped and saved. I am inspired by things that have influenced me in the past. It has been fun to rediscover little bits of me that have been tucked away for a while.

  121. amy says:

    what a beautiful giveaway!

    today, i’m inspired by so many things…
    yesterday, we received an updated evaluation from our son’s speech therapist.
    it wasn’t very easy to read and pointed out each and every deficiency he has.
    but instead of dwelling on those cold words typed on those cold sheets of paper, i’m choosing to be inspired to help him reach each and every one of his goals.
    who couldn’t be inspired by a smiley, happy little boy? :)

  122. My son’s newfound love of the Holy Scriptures. They rise and read, they sneak away during the day to read, they want to hear the Scriptures read to them at night as they drift off to sleep. They are inspiring me to find new ways to bring scripture into our everyday mundane tasks.

  123. Tamara says:

    As I sit upstairs working, I’m inspired by the crazy piano tapping–err, banging–going on downstairs, as my 2 year old rocks along to his Rob Biagi DVD with our babysitter. My son alternates between doing the vocals, choreography, guitar, piano, and drums…love it!

  124. Charla says:

    I am inspired today by the beauty of nature around me. From my couch where I am sitting (trying to recover from a cold that has knocked me out) next to a pile of magazines, a box of Kleenex and a bowl that once contained Rocky Road ice cream under my favorite quilt that I made just for me, I can see the trees in our neighborhood that are varying shades of red, orange, yellow and green, the blue sky and Mt. Shasta in the distance. It is a beautiful sight, and it makes my horrible feel just a little bit better!

  125. Amanda Jean Inez says:

    I am inspired by the little things: a bright yellow leaf found on the sidewalk, sunshine streaming in through my window, the sound of laughter, a friendly smile. My list could go on and on.

    If you’ve never listened to it, I recommend the song Ordinary Miracle by Sarah Mclachlan!

  126. Janice says:

    My teenage brother calling home from between classes at high school to tell me something he was praying for…inspiring!

    My teenage sister “doing hard things” above and beyond her years…inspiring!!

    My college age brother dealing with cancer and somehow making it seem like a blessing by his response to suffering…INSPIRING.

  127. Robin says:

    I’m inspired by my dear friend’s passing yesterday. Our loss is heaven’s gain. Inspired to cherish the small moments with my daughter, tell my husband I love him more often, and not to take time with others (family and friends) forgranted. I’m inspired to strive to be more Christ-like, less selfish, less interested in our culture, and more involved with the people who make up the culture. I’m inspired to serve as a pastor’s wife instead of just “being” one. I’m inspired to encourage others, to lift them up, and to prayerfully help them navigate new places they have never been – as my sweet friend did for me.

  128. Deb Martell says:

    The Word of God – always!

  129. Jessica says:

    The fall leaves are inspiring, as is my childrens’ delight in them. We’ve also been singing and dancing a lot around the house lately…reveling in the little moments of joy in a hectic day inspire me to find them more often!

  130. Vicki Spencer says:

    I’m loving the color gold these days… the leaves, in sunflowers, in the glow of candles…makes me want to paint again!

    Love the clutch~

  131. Kimberly says:

    My inspiration right now is the Christmas Spirit. I am really enjoying a change with Christmas Color and adding “black” with some of my Christmas Design. Loving it! Oh yeah, Aqua is a very soothing color. I would love to own some it…………………*fingers crossed!*

  132. We have a large tree outside of our new house and it sheds it’s little leaves all day long. When the light hits it, it is absolutely beautiful- like a pretty shower of fall leaves. It brings me joy and inspiration every day- I’ve been working at my kitchen table more than my desk so I can stare out the window.

  133. treeathie says:

    Color, as always. Currently in the form of lots and lots of fabric. Actually, aqua has been on my mind for a long time, so funny you should ask about inspiration in an aqua post!

  134. Regina says:

    Today I am so inspired by the sunshine! After many, many days of rain in the East, we finally have had 4 days straight of no rain and beautiful sunshine! The air is crisp and leaves are radiant with fall colors! I am so looking forward to holidays with family and already planning rest afterwards, with a cabin getaway to the mountains!

  135. AbbyS says:

    Right now I’m inspired by my husband. Just within these past months, he has endured a lot of personal pain with the loss of his father and his best companion… Shortly after the services, I’ve noticed a quick change in him…He went from the mourning phase to an “at peace” phase. He started taking better care of himself (eating better, exercising) and diving back into work and his business has picked up rapidly since then… And I could only imagine how I could be if I had lost two important members in our family… But seeing how strong-willed he is reassures me that life will be OK.

  136. Cherith Hediger says:

    Right now I’m inspired by the cool crisp fall afternoons with the gorgeous clear blue skies and the yellow leaves scattered all over the ground. I love watching my daughter play in the leaves with lots of laughter. My daughter inspires me to be myself and helps me to keep in perspective what is the most important things/people in my life.
    It would be a joy to wear and use the items in this giveaway!

  137. rachael says:

    today, i am feeling quite uninspired + blue. i need to get things back on track after a really rough week last week, one in which i ignored inspiration. but…this post reminded me to embrace it as it appears in my life + so i suppose, you would e my inspiration today. thank you.

  138. Tiffany says:

    Well, at the risk of sounding like a “suck up” I am inspired by your blog! Serioulsy – it has inspired me to journal, stop sweating the small stuff and BE in the moment.

    Besides your blog, I am inspired by the love I feel everyday from my husband and kids!

    Have a great day Lisa!

  139. Melonie Collmann says:

    I’m inspired by the opportunities God gives us every day to be better, do better and achieve our goals. My two babies inspire me and my loving husband as well! Thanks for the give-away…it’s fun!

  140. Kim says:

    I am inspired right now by my auntie who bravely underwent a double mastectomy last week and is completely at peace knowing that whatever may come her life is in the hands of the Lord. I can’t help but be inspired by her trust in God.

  141. Allison M says:

    Right now, i’m inspired by my Bible! (well, always really)

    I love all of these items! Thank you, thank you! And keep up the great work inspiring others!

  142. Edyta says:

    I’m inspired by paper, its texture and colours (green forever). I love paper art… but every day my family brings me more inspiration than everything (ups – my English is rather poor).
    Thanks for your blog
    Edyta from (very inspirational)Poland

  143. K Hutchinson says:

    I am inspired my blogs but most of all how much my kids believe in my art and me! They are amazing!

  144. mandi says:

    my kids right now…i love having a toddler this time of year. everything is new and fun and exciting for her.

  145. Anna G says:

    I am inspired lately by “how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.”

  146. Laury Booy Hoganson says:

    The last 2 years I was on an Aqua kick, still am. Our living room is nest themed (like your pictured nest) and has aqua colors and natural tones. I am also inspired by sillouettes and tree tops. I try to gaze up at the heaveans and just breathe these days, hecktic times, but I try. I heard a quote last week that has made me think. Something like, “It is not what you do for a living that defines you, but how/who you love.” My Son is going through the process of being diagnosed with Autism. We do not know exactly where on the spectrum yet, but my ways of thinking are different none the less. One thing is certain, God sure must trust us a whole lot to give us such precious toddlers.

  147. Heather says:

    I’m inspired by my friends and family, with their unconditional love and support. I know I can turn to them when I feel ready to give up. And my Mom is inspiring with the dedication she pours into her students at the school.
    Artistically, I’m inspired by color… always have been… really, anything I find beautiful inspires me, but if it’s not a thought (poetry, a quote, a word) it’s almost always color that draws me in.

  148. Colleen Wheeler says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I love reading your blog everyday and there are multiple pieces of your jewelry on my Christmas lists! :)

  149. Geneviève says:

    I am inspired by the colors of fall, by my morning chai latte, and by the people that are in my life… I am inspired by all the amazing women that have successful businesse (like you Lisa!), it helps me dream bigger dreams for myself…

  150. Heather says:

    Oops! I also wanted to add that your wedding rings are beautiful! :)

  151. angela says:

    You’re inspiring to me. Right now. And every day that I read your blog. Your jewelry is so beautiful and classic. It just makes me feel good. Thank you.

  152. Canela says:

    The sound of neighbor children laughing as they play in piles of leaves.

  153. Colleen Wheeler says:

    What a fabulous giveaway, your blog is wonderful to read! I am inspired right now by 40 year old sister-in-law who is in hospice dying of cervical cancer, yet still manages to talk with all of us and get through her days – she has smiles for her 6 year old and love for all of us. We love her so and I am inspired by her courage not to be afraid of dying.

  154. Shana says:

    I’m inspired by other creative women. Seriously, yours was the first blog that I came across and from yours I now visit lots of other blogs of creative women who are mostly moms. You all totally inspire me to live my most creative and fun life! Thank you! Happy Wednesday!

  155. Maria says:

    Hi Lisa! This past week I have been inspired by a blog post (as is often the case, which is why I’m addicted to blogs!) I read on one my fave blogs “Ink on my Fingers”

    It’s a good post for all the writers out there who are afraid of failure.

    I’m posting the link in case anyone else want to read it:

    After reading that last paragraph, I made a commitment to myself to write at least one hour a day- and I have done it so far! :)

  156. I’m inspired by pumpkins. I think that it is the time of year. I love the color, the shape, the oozy feeling of the insides, the popping of warm pumpkin seeds in my mouth and the smell of frosted pumpkin bars right out of the oven. The poem, “Frost is on the Punkin” by James Whitcomb Riley brings back happy memories of my childhood.

    Blessings, Patti

  157. Rachel says:

    Whoa! Amazing giveaway! Lately my world has been rather small because my kids have been really sick for 3 weeks and we can’t leave the house. I’m finding inspiration in looking at the everyday with fresh eyes, in quiet, simple moments, in the things that bring a smile to my children’s faces, to the way light plays across the hardwood in the late afternoon.

    Is that one of Kal’s paintings on your kitchen hutch? Love her work!

  158. Maria says:

    p.s. where can I get a funky aqua bag like the one you pictured? i love the color and it looks like it can handle all the stuff I carry with me everyday! thanks :)

  159. Alicia says:

    I am inspired by a photography book my dad just gave me. I am dying for a second of free time to sit down and read it and play with my camera.

  160. I have been inspired lately by time. I have had extra time this week and it has been amazing! I have been crafting more and blogging more and well just plain breathing more. It has been inspiring to slow down and enjoy my quarter.

  161. Jackie says:

    This fall season is what inspires me right now. I live in upstate NY and it is beautiful right now. Crisp fall air, crunchy leaves below your feet, pumpinks & mums everywhere you look. Its my favorite time of year to just get the kids out of the house and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  162. Meg says:

    You and your blog inspire me. You have a lovely family, a great outlook on life, and a wonderful business. Women like you who manage to be a wife, mother, homemaker, and entrepreneur while maintaining style and grace are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story and your lovely creations!


  163. Coralee says:

    The Bible says that the testing of our faith develops perseverance – that’s my current inspiration.

  164. Dena says:

    My kids. They inspire me every single day. They inspire me to be the best person I can be.

  165. tammycirceo says:

    Other people’s ideas and creativity inspire me to think further outside the box and see things from a different perspective than I would see them normally. “Iron sharpens iron.”

  166. Hillary says:

    I’ve been inspired by this scripture lately:
    To whom much is given, much is expected. Luke 12:48
    Very fitting right now in my life. Great giveaway! I’ve always wanted one of your creations. They are so beautiful.

  167. Gen says:

    What a lovely giveaway, thank you! Fall is inspiring me right now…today my 5-year old daughter & her best friend have made a really neat fall craft & we’re going to go into the kitchen next to make some pumpkin bread. Mmmm…it’s a good day!

  168. Colleen Molen says:

    I am now being inspired by the Etsy finds e-mail. So many beautiful and creative things I would never have searched for… delivered to me to daily drool over!

  169. Bridget says:

    I’m loving your aqua things as well! I’m inspired by some families in our small community that are dealing with cancer. They push on with faith and fortitude that I can only hope and pray to possess. I applaud their strength and courage.

  170. Robyn says:

    I am inspired by my wonderful, loving husband. He was recently laid off due to budget cuts and yet each and every day he rises with a smile and a positive attitude.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful jewelry!!

  171. lindsay says:

    I’m inspired by so many things, but I’ll just share a couple :) First of all, God’s grace to live life from freedom each day, and secondly, I’m inspired by the things He gives. Right now it’s fall. I LOVE this season with the crisp air, frost in the morning, and the gorgeous changing leaves.

  172. Sallie says:

    My family inspires me daily!

  173. Kate says:

    Im inspired by our young people. I gave a distance learning lecture today to 18 state schools and it was great to see the student’s be interested and asking questions.

  174. mel says:

    the blogs i read, especially this time of year when we are coming up on Christmas. It gets my crafty juices flowing and I love it!!! My dining room table is covered with my daughters’ crafting and I have a list of all of the crafts I want to get done before Christmas. This happens every year all because of my favorite blogs! :)

  175. Naomi says:

    My husband inspires me. He is so quick on his feet and thoughtful, and whenever he speaks its either profound, hilarious or sweet. My mind and creativity feed off of him.

  176. Julie says:

    We got our first snowfall of the season today in Ohio and it was beautiful! Big, fluffy flakes….

  177. kim krzeminski says:

    I am inspired by my beautiful mother…with her boundless energy and her generosity of spirit. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. she has been a godsend especially when it comes to my son Max (who has autism). i hope to someday be half as wonderful as she is and even that will be a great feat.

  178. robin says:

    I think it is the teacher in me, but I LOVE fall and am always inspired to update, organize and start new projects. It is totally MY new year and resolutions abound! So I guess I am inspired by FALL!

  179. lindsay says:

    God’s faithfulness … as the seasons change … his love does not! God’s goodness … ever-present througout the day as I teach my 2nd grade class! God’s unfailing love … simply amazing to me and so good!

    That is what is {inspiring} me today!

  180. Jenny says:

    My son, Levi, is inspiring me today. It is his first birthday! Levi was the “surprise” child. He inspires me to believe that our Father knows what is best for us and has plans that we wouldn’t dare to dream. I love Him, and him, with all of my heart and I’m so thankful for this day, one year ago!

  181. Susan says:

    I’m inspired by my 9 day old son, a beautiful new addition to the family, reminding us all of new beginnings and precious time together.

  182. Lauren says:

    There are so many things, everyday, that inspire. My children inspire me to be a better person. My husband, a Marine, inspires me to learn the art of sacrifice. Angie Smith’s (the story of Audrey Caroline) blog inspires me to love God more and have more trust in Him. My friends who home school their children inspire me. Your blog inpires me to be more creative.

    Love your work and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one!! 😉

  183. Anna Fraizer says:

    I’m inspired by my daughter who started kindergarten this year. In a room full of puppy and kitten lovers, she has found the ability to stay true to her animal love…the elephant. Down with peer pressure–viva la individuality!

  184. Liz D says:

    Today I am inspired by the love of my husband (that was given to him through our Father). He has been allowing God to use him to bless me in simple, practical, and very helpful ways. He doesn’t even expect anything in return, but it causes me to want to bless him back and see how I can bless others as well.

    By the way, this giveaway is wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  185. Trisha says:

    I am inspired by women like you that take time out of their busy lives to share their stories and passions with all of us. Reading your blog and everyone’s comments makes me want to follow my dreams. I am also inspired everyday by my three wonderful boys and by the upcoming holiday season. Thanks Lisa.

  186. Eeva Valentine says:

    I am inspired by knitting. Hours that were spent idle in front of TV or as a passenger in a car are now put in good use. I can still enjoy the TV programs or conversations with my husband during our commute to work while creating something useful at the same time. It seems so effortless and the results are beautiful.

  187. Jen says:

    I am inspired by my father’s legacy. i am inspired everyday by the prints he left in my heart. he was the most amazing father, husband, brother, son, and friend that ANYONE could ever ask for. i want to be just like him. How lucky they are to have him in heaven. i miss him daily… but his legacy is what keeps me going. 3 months ago my world was turned upside down…. but HE is what keeps me going. his contagious smile, love, and passion for life. THAT is what keeps me inspired.

  188. Tara says:

    you are so creative! love the color themes…the petite necklace is so cute! not too much inspiration today, just hoping my twin boys are feeling better soon!!

  189. Maureen says:

    these are all amazing! I just adore the neck warmer. Lately I’ve been inspired by various types of fingerless gloves. I know, random, but here its not cold enough for full-fledged gloves, but its nice and cozy to have parts of the hand warm. :)

  190. Tricia says:

    I’m inspired by my husband who ran his first 1/2 marathon. I’ve started training to run a 5k.

  191. Paula Warlick says:

    Like you – aqua has been inspiring me also. I just love the colour. I got a great chunky necklace from a local consignment shop that has big, chunky aqua beads that is wonderful to wear with my Lisa Leonard necklace that I got a few months ago. What is really inspiring me right now is Thanksgiving. I’m feeling very thankful for many things right now. Health, my family and friends.

  192. I am inspired by the colors of nature at our new home, the reds and oranges together, sooo pretty.

  193. Kathy Eller says:

    Im going to be really really sappy and say this and some other blogs are what is inspiring me right now. I have a house full of poeple who wont let me finish a sentence and a teenage son who is giving me a run for my money. I come here and watch as you find the beauty in everyday objects and an attainable life and I feel refreshed and inspired.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace and the earrings and the neck warmer (coudl I pull that off?) and the clutch!! fingers crossed.

  194. Jeannine says:

    I am inspired by possibility…

  195. Amber says:

    I have been inspired by the quiet moments in my life, and the pain and hurt I am letting God heal me from.

  196. I live in Alaska and I wake up every morning to an incredibly inspiring view of the mountains!

  197. Amanda Smith says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Hi. I saw your work and as I do jewelry, I just wanted to say how much I like the work you did
    on the necklace. Its simplicity and elegance is amazing!!! Keep up the good work!

    Amanda Smith

  198. karyn says:

    I have been inspired by my neighbors lately. We have built the neatest little co-op amongst the three of us. We cover for each other when we are in a bind, or take each others kids to school when the other is sick (which happens to be me right now). We call each other before going to Costco to see if the other needs anything. It has been so inspiring to have the motherhood relationships I have longed for and all within walking distance of each other.

  199. Jennifer says:

    Today I am inspired by the view from my office. I can see the Ohio River and it’s really peaceful today.

  200. Deborah Smith says:

    When I was growing up, aqua was one of my mother’s favorite colors. Now that she is with the Lord, every time I see aqua I think of her and remember our friendship.

  201. Helen says:

    Cool crisp mornings.

  202. Laurie says:

    I am inspired by true friends that take the place of family. I have been struggling for a year now with a Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak in my spine that leaves me in debilitating pain. It has been my friends that have stepped up and cared for my daughter and I. Somehow, within their busy schedules and family commitments they have made time for my little family of two. They have made me feel truly blessed. I am so thankful and inspired by what true friendship can offer….

  203. Nicolle says:

    My unborn twins are inspiring me. I found out 3 weeks ago that I was pregnant & the very next day I found out that I was pregnant with fraternal twins. I have my second doctor’s appointment at 3:45 this afternoon & my mom & husband are going with me. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the appointment! 3:45 can’t get here fast enough! Every second I think about the twins & I can’t wait to become a mommy for the first time! :-)

  204. Kelly P says:

    I’m actually searching for some inspiration. Lately I’ve been finding it in the trails winding thru a forest near by. Beautiful and quiet 😉

  205. April says:

    Fall is inspiring me and that extra hour in the morning to work out is awesome!

  206. Paige says:

    Right now I am truly inspired by the fall weather here in Virginia….all the orange and red and yellows are so beautiful. I am baking sweet potato pie and wearing lots of brown and orange. I love fall!

  207. Christina says:

    You mentioned the thrift store…ours is AMAZING these days. I found cut quilt squares just begging to be sewn together and have managed to extract enough (from the STACK OF 400!!) to make up a fun Christmas quilt! If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is! :)

    Beautiful aquaness this week!

  208. My husband is inspiring me right now. He’s had many setbacks when it comes with finishing school, but he is bound and determined to finish for the betterment of our family. He inspires me how he has not given up and it is encouraging me to be a more loving and understanding wife!

  209. Sarah says:

    I’m having a baby in 2 weeks (give or take) and there’s nothing more inspiring than feeling that little one wiggling around inside you. The nesting instinct has kicked into high gear, and I’ve been cooking, crafting, and cleaning non-stop! :-)

  210. Rae says:

    The color green always inspires and invigorates me. It is my favorite but I must say this post on aqua has me yearning to add some in my life! I have to say that my husband is my biggest inspiration. Last night he won a seat on our town’s council. I am so proud of him!

  211. stephanie says:

    actually i too am obsessed with aqua lately……my new aqua scarf and cardigan!

  212. Tina says:

    Creatively I’m inspired by you (I read your blog every day) and Stacy Julian.

  213. MIRACLE says:

    I love aqua. But what is inspiring me today is my daughter. when she wakes up at 5:30 with a big grin and says, “But I’m not sleepy anymore mommy,” my heart melts and I know that there is a reason to get up while it’s still dark out.

  214. Jennifer says:

    My daughter’s 2nd birthday party is quickly approaching and nothing inspires me more than throwing a good party!

  215. Christina says:

    I’m inspired daily by my elementary students. I teach students whose first (and sometimes second) language is not English. They come to school every day with big smiles on their faces, eager to learn amidst many social and academic challenges. My students inspire me to search out and try new ways of teaching. I love learning right alongside my students!

  216. Ellen says:

    I am inspired by God’s fall decorations!

    Fall leaves, river rocks, and pumpkins everywhere!

  217. Kelsey says:

    Today I’m inspired by:
    *My 18 month old bravely jumping into the pool on his first day of swim lessons
    *By the cancer patients i care for as a nurse
    *And by your beautiful pictures of aqua…thanks!

  218. Brianne says:

    I am inspired by the children I work with. They have challenges far beyond anything I will expereince in my lifetime, and I am still blown away by the amount they teach me everyday :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  219. Annie says:

    I find that inspiration comes from many sources, but lately I have been finding inspiration from hiking and looking at nature

  220. Julie says:

    I’ve been inspired by the gorgeous fall sunsets and sunrises.

  221. my sweet kids painting fall trees in the kitchen!

  222. Lindsay says:

    Today I was inspired by the chaos of the marketplace in Cotonou, Benin (West Africa). All the colors, sights, sounds, smells… some nicer than others, to be sure… but beautiful nonetheless! And the fabrics, too… bright colors and patterns.

  223. Ali says:

    the baby growing inside me :)

  224. BettyC says:

    The ocean inspires me. When you get there & step out of your car–I love that scent in the air! Luckily, we don’t live far from the ocean & can experience this at will.

  225. Sarah W says:

    I am inspired by my boys! Ever day they remind me to be flexible and fun, creative and courageous.

  226. Laura says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My boyfriend got me a dozen red roses for our anniversary, and they inspire me every time I walk in my room.

  227. Kimberly Kight says:

    My mother passed away from brain cancer in June at only 61 years old. I’m inspired everyday by how many people she touched and how many people loved her! If only everyone could be loved like she was!

  228. angie says:

    I am inspired to be the amazing mother to my daughter that my mom was to me.

  229. amy says:

    I am inspired by Biggest Loser. I am going to start working out today. I promise!

  230. Tammy says:

    A book called ‘Crazy Love”. I am totally being made into a more loving person…

  231. Melody says:

    As a young (26) single in my church, I’ve been really inspired lately by the more “mature” women in my Bible study who show an example of what it is to be a Godly woman. These moms and grandmothers have so much wisdom and experience and I love to glean from them each week!

  232. sonya mckelvey says:

    Hi Lisa :)

    I am inspired by my children’s enthusiasm for memorizing the books of the Bible.



  233. Meredith says:

    I am inspired by the book “Crazy Love.” I am reading it right now and can’t get enough. Was so amused to see the comment a couple rows up with the same response!! Didn’t copy–promise!!

  234. Cheryl Sims says:

    I don’t know why I am even entering my response as I will never win, but the question did get my thoughts moving on to what is inspiring me at the moment. I have had to think and it is amazing how many things are inspiring me just when I thought there was nothing!! I am inspired by all of the wonderful workkampers that I have come in contact with these past few months, I am inspired by how loving and giving our daughter is, I am inspired by the unconditional love that our dog has for us and I am really inspired by life. Thank you Lisa for making me count my many blessings again.
    Cheryl Sims

  235. Charmayne Bowling says:

    So thankful for the joy of having a family. Their unconditional love lifts and upholds me.

  236. Charmayne Bowling says:

    Where did you get your aqua purse from? Target???

  237. megan says:

    My daughter is inspiring me, she has been inspired to draw color or paint anything she can. she wakes up coloring and falls asleep coloring. But mostly her passion for art is inspiring me to find my own passion in life, being a mother, friend and working hard on my nursing degree!

  238. Melissa says:

    I have been inspired by spending time with people who grew up in cultures different than mine.

  239. Marcy says:

    my kids…they have so much love for life and energy…I wish I could bottle it up and give it to them when they become teenagers

  240. Sara says:

    Looking at the amazing work out on Etsy is incredibly inspiring for me. The creative energy of some people is fantastic.

  241. Allison says:

    All the fall leaves are inspiring me! I want to bring that beauty inside my house.

  242. what a generous giveaway that will match my living room :)

    something inspiring me right now is the quiet.

  243. Angela B. says:

    Lately my three-year-old has been inspiring me. She sees the world so positively and helps me see the glass as half full. She inspires me to slow down and remember what’s really important in life. And of course her beauty inside and out reminds me of my beauty too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  244. Holly says:

    Well, this may not mean much to anyone else but this is my inspiration….2 weekends ago we witnessed a beautiful event called “St. Baldricks” which is a fundraiser for children with cancer. People volunteer to shave their heads and raise money from their friends and family. We watched over 100 men and women shave their heads in solidarity with children fighting cancer. My 6 year old son is a survivor and his hair had just recently grown back in from his months of chemo. That weekend we met another family – the ones who actually hosted the event – and their little boy who had just completed treatment for his cancer. Our two sons were the exact same age, diagnosed 2weeks apart, battled the same cancer and both came out as survivors. Praise God! My inspiration was my son Hunter, suddenly and unexpectedly volunteering to shave his head and watching our new little cancer survivor friend, Bo shave Hunter’s precious hair off. It was truly an unforgetable moment and touched everyone there. Now looking at my once again bald little boy, I see the sunlight bounce in his beautiful blue/green eyes and the pure joy of being alive come through in everything he does! Truly an inspiration to enjoy every ounce of life we are blessed with!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a treasured work of art from you! I love the family crest jewlery!

  245. Beven says:

    I’m totally inspired by my 15 year old son today, who is usually way too cool to even admit he even has a mother! However, today he decided he’d like me to knit him a hat. He picked out the pattern from the internet, and we went together, yes TOGETHER (and he walked beside me the whole way!), to our LYS and he picked out the wool colour. It meant the world to me to be able to do this…I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it rocked my world!!

  246. Jessica says:

    I recently arrived in Vancouver and I am inspired by the great harbor nearby. As I walked by, I saw an endless sky reaching over an endless horizon and it all just made me feel eternal somehow. And a stirring sense of potential. Like since God is limitless, we don’t need to be afraid to reach and reach and reach.

  247. marla m. says:

    right now my corner of the country is inspiring me…i love western ny! the changing seasons. the smell of freshly fallen leaves. crisp afternoons perfect for a walk in the woods. beautiful drives with the sun shining golden over fields of corn. coming home to a warm house and snuggling with cozy blankets and a steaming cup of tea. i’m so inspired by my neck of the woods!

  248. erin says:

    My kids are inspiring me, my hubby is gone for a few months and I have 3 kids under 3. They inspire on a daily basis to keep going and having fun too.

  249. Tiffany says:

    Autumn…I am loving anything orange and dark red!

  250. Sarah says:

    My beautiful and wonderful friends are inspiring me right now. I’m on “I-want-to-make-hand-made-presents-for-everyone” overload and it’s pushing me to be creative all over the place. Hope I win! That neck warmer looks deliciously cozy!

  251. the sun is inspiring me. i just wish i had the energy to match it.

  252. Brandi says:

    I am inspired from my husband’s vision………planning for the future…… :-)

  253. Amanda says:

    I’m very inspired by the change of season and upcoming holidays.

  254. Kathy Caplinger says:

    I am inspired right now by the thoughts of Advent…..the waiting, the anticipation of Jesus! A couple in our community is in the hospital as I type this having a baby and I have LOVED the waiting, and the anticipation this couple has for their very first baby. It puts me in the Christmas mood to anticipate the coming of the King!!!

    P.s.- I LOVE your blog because it always makes me smile!

  255. odelsa says:

    right now? I’m inspired by friends making the best of terrible situations. Courage and grace is inspiring!

  256. Angela P says:

    I’m wearing aqua today. What a coincidence.
    Today I’m inspired by a heritage apple that a coworker picked for me. It is a beautiful apple. A perfect fall symbol.

  257. Kim Elks says:

    the sweet older lady i work with (she works part-time) at age 76! she’s always in a sweet mood and i just love listening to her speak of her husband in a loving way. they’ve been married 50+ years and that inspires me with my own 15 year marriage.

  258. Jenny says:

    Hmmmm…. I’m inspired right now by sleep (I’m not getting lots of it these days!) and simplicity. I want to reorganize and get rid of lots of clutter in my house… but maybe I’ll wait until our next move?? :-) I’m loving aqua too lately!

  259. Shellie Hartsock says:

    This blog is inspiring me. Love that aqua color!

  260. Lynette says:

    Reading blogs like yours inspire me everyday. Yours is one of my favorites!

  261. Lori Taylor says:

    I am inspired by the smile on my husbands face and warm caring words he says to me every morning before he leaves the house.

  262. Jackie says:

    I am pregnant with our second child, and these days I have a hard time remaining in the present. I keep fast forwarding to when she is born in March. Thinking of all of the nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and how I am going to manage all of this with a 2 year old son, and part time job. But with all these thoughts weighing on my mind, I feel so blessed and happy to be young with a growing family. I can’t help but think that this is the best time in my life. Having young children can be so exhausting, but also so sweet. It makes my day to watch my 2 year old explore and discover his world. He is fascinated by all of the little things in life that we take for granted. Like today he was so excited just to be at the car wash and watch the cars pass through the water. He kept shouting, “car wash, car wash” over and over with a huge smile on his face. So the sweetness and simplicity of childhood is what is inspiring today. It reminds me to slow down and really appreciate this wonderful time in my life instead of worrying about things I can’t control.

  263. julesandthemonty says:

    Gotta give it up for my Grandma!!! She has inspired me my whole life and taught me and continues to teach me how to sew and crochet. Can’t wait to be an awesome grandma like her someday! And Lisa’s blog also inspires me everytime I’m here, see you tomorrow!

  264. Babies! A friend is expecting any day now. A niece will be giving birth to twins before the year is over and a neighbor who thought she might never have a baby is expecting! I love to make cards so these babies are giving me a reason to express myself! (and they don’t even know it!)

  265. Karne says:

    I am inspired by the pile of leaves that we raked together and Daniel jumped in and played. I am inspired by an almost clean garage waiting for a car to be parked in it for the winter. I am inspired by our new gas fireplace keeping us toasty as we play trains on the living room floor!

  266. Carolyn says:

    I just bought the earrings for a friend for Christmas – they came Monday and are perfect!! I’m inspired by my children – particularly my littlest one with just one little blond curl on the back of her head.

  267. Lita Anderson says:

    I’m both inspired by and intimidated by the number of leaves in my yard. Way past time to rake, and then the cool fall air will inspire me.

  268. Amy says:

    I am inspired daily by my children and their enthusiasm and innocence and curiosity!

    A few weeks ago my just–turned-5-year-old, Wyatt, had his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
    He told me everything they had learned about how pumpkins grow and walked around picking up seeds and putting them in his pocket. I forgot all about the seeds after that day, but he didn’t. A week or so later he asked if he could do something in the back yard by himself without me looking, I reluctantly said yes because he seemed so excited. A few minutes later he told me to come outside and he showed me where he had planted the pumpkin seeds; he dug holes, planted them, covered them and watered them all by himself. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t the time to plant pumpkin seeds or that he planted them right next to the patio in a spot that the dogs walk over a hundred times a day. Throughout the day he kept going out to check on the seeds and even told me once he thought they were already GROWING! I wish this very attitude, pride and sweetness is something that both of my children could hold on to forever……and that is what is inspiring me these days!

  269. Melanie says:

    That neck warmer is inspiring me today…lol. It’s a warm 77 degrees here, and I’m ready for some crisp fall weather. :)
    Love your blog.


  270. Rebecca says:

    The crisp air. It makes me not want to take the camera off my neck!

  271. melissa says:

    i have been really inspired lately by your friend, Lindsey Cheney. I read both of your blogs and look forward to them every day! i feel as though both blogs have inspired me to not only be more creative as a person, but also as a mom!

    thanks :)

  272. Robin says:

    I am inspired today to take a long walk by the longing look in my dog’s eyes.

  273. Abigail Heath says:

    The beautiful fall trees in Ohio are inspiring me!

  274. Christy says:

    I am currently inspired by Christmas!!!!!! I know we haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet, but there is so much to do with letters, homemade gifts, shopping lists, baking items, and more! Today I bought a notebook to keep track of it all!

  275. Amanda says:

    The sunshine!! We’ve gone for weeks with nothing but rain and clouds. The past few days have been simply glorious! I feel alive agian!! :)

  276. Misty says:

    Crunchy leaves under my boots. Wearing my favorite sweaters, and jeans.. crisp, cool air, blue skies and sunshine! Just autumn in general!

  277. Diana says:

    Hello Lisa! I found your blog yesterday by doing some blog hopping (you can find loads of inspiration that way) and spent quite a few hours reading your posts, getting to know your family and ooohhhing and aaahhhhing at your amazing photos! Your blog is inspiring me right now, the strength and bond of your family is so evident and the love flows so freely. I am very thankful that I happened upon your blog, you and your family are an inspiration to behold, thank you for that! xo

  278. Rian says:

    So cliche, I know, but really, my two sons keep me going! (one of which just turned one yesterday). btw, I love all things aqua and teal, so this post was so beautiful to me!

  279. Whitney says:

    My beautiful children, sleeping peacefully in their beds! When they wake up, we are going to jump in the gigantic pile of leaves we have in the backyard that I haven’t the heart to bag up yet. :)

  280. Loren says:

    I am inspired by my mother who passed away suddenly a couple of years ago. She had a physical disability that was degenerative and caused her to be in pain many days. Throughout all her struggles and difficulties, she never complained or felt sorry for herself and went out of her way to do things for others. Her priorities were her faith, family and friends. I think of her and miss her most heading into the holidays because she always made them extra special for my sister and me. Even though she is no longer physically here with me, I am still learning lessons from her each day.

  281. Sue says:

    I am inspired by my love of nature, especially during this fall season. The crisp mornings are inspirational and always make me reflect on everything I have to be thankful for.

  282. Valerie Ross says:

    My kids are inspiring me today. To work diligently and thoughtfully, so I can be done and be home with them after school. And really be WITH them, not just thinking about what is left to do at work! Thank you for asking, now I have some clarity for my day!!

  283. Caroline says:

    I am inspired by so much at the moment – one being a book called “The Creative Call” which, together with the present climate, has inspired me to make all my Christmas presents this year! and by my brother’s wife’s pregnancy after several years of anguish – we went through the same and have twin daughters now. I am bursting with joy for them!!

  284. Katy says:

    The new Starbucks RED range … made me super happy to see those when I went in this morning! :)

  285. wendy sanchez says:

    Mixed media art is now inspiring me! I have decided to rid myself of the things I no longer need in my life and surround myself with the things I do! Family, home, love and art….

  286. clare says:

    I am inspired by my beautiful three year old daughter who today has had to have blood tests to check various things, 5 holes later they finally got the blood & then down to xray to check her bone age & we are left with one very upset little girl & an upset mummy who hates seeing her suffer, but is so proud of her girl.

    I love this colour my best friend has just chosen it for my bridesmaid dress for when she gets married x x

  287. kara s. says:

    my girls!! they are all at fun ages and i adore sewing for them!! :]

  288. Kendall says:

    The beautiful, bright blue autumn sky against the red, gold and orange leaves. It always reminds me that God really is the most amazing artist!

  289. heather says:

    Totally inspired right now by the textures of fall… in nature, in clothing, in produce and food (especially squash that are nubbly on the outside but that end up as the creamiest of soups).

  290. Jennifer says:

    We have had some gorgeous sunny days–lately I am inspired by sunshine!

  291. Rebecca says:

    My daughter gives me my inspirations every day! She loves to paint with watercolors and our walls in the house are full with her great paintings – every size and every color :-)
    Happy day!

  292. Beth Stone says:

    I am inspired by the beautiful fall colors of TN! What a lovely site you have!

  293. Rebecca says:

    Anything in shades of brown…..leaves, plants, cocoa, coffee!!!!

  294. Michelle says:

    I’m inspired by my children every single day!! they live life innocently still, and that brings renewed hope & vision to me. So very thankful!!

  295. Whitney says:

    I am inspired by the small and simple things these days. After losing my dad suddenly, I realized that the most important things he taught me were by his example and his love of God–simple but strong. I believe he still inspires me every day in the little things I do. I love you Dad!

  296. Jennie says:

    I’m inspired by my two week old daughter lying in my lap. Nowhere to be, nothing to think about, or worry about. Just lying so peacefully in my lap. The dryer just buzzed reminding me of things, I “need” to do. Thankfully the want to hold her a few minutes longer outweighs the “need” to get things done.

  297. Victoria says:

    I’m insipred by the colours of the leaves when I am walking my dog. It gives me inpriation when thinking of colour combinations when sewing.

  298. Amanda says:

    How about your pictures? I love seeing what people put in their own homes. I tend to spend on other things – but not my house – even though it is the personal touches that makes it your own.

  299. Stephanie says:

    I’m inspired by my husband. He is my rock and he loves me just the way I am.

  300. Shelly says:

    I am inspired by all the beautiful women in blogworld who share their idea’s. I have learned and discovered so much. It brings joy to each of my days!

  301. jamie says:

    Can I enter the giveaway? I already have the pretty aqua stone earrings but I would love to give away some gifts to friends and my Mom. I am so inspired by my nephew and niece! I just love how full of life they are and how much joy they each have! I am so thankful for both of them! They are so precious to me.

  302. Lori Taylor says:

    I am inspired by my husbands gorgeous smile and the kind words that he says to me everyday.

  303. Christine says:

    Lately, I have been inspired by my 13year old beautiful daughter. She has several learning disabilities and while I tend to get frustrated with her when I help her with homework, she never seems to give up. Looking at how hard she has to work just to get by at school, I know her spirit and inner beauty will carry her far in life.

  304. natalie says:

    I am inspired by two friends battling cancer. Their strength to appreciate the mundane and fight this horrible monster makes all the things I get frustrated with seem petty and silly. They inspire me to be a better person.

  305. Lourdes says:

    Right now Fall is inspiring to me; the new season, the cooler mornings, the new menu ideas…. And living in Las Vegas, Fall seems to never get here….believe me, you don’t know blazing HOT, til you spend a Summer here and then anxiously wait for Fall.
    I got one more, and I truly mean it. Your blog inspires me, totally serious, that’s why I read it. So nice to quick click, read and see all the bits of inspiration you share. You are talented–and very, very, blessed.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Fingers crossed!!!

  306. Katie says:

    I’m inspired by my daughter; she wears her heart on her sleeve.
    I think she’s a much braver person than I ever was…

  307. Michelle Witt says:

    There is so much to be inspired by! I was recently introduced to an awesome one of a kind vintage store in town with all kinds of crafty goodies that inspire me to just try and beautify everything! The contents of this store also reminds me very much of my Grandma, a cancer survivor and a very inspiring woman!

  308. Beth says:

    I am inspired by all of the crazy beautiful craftyness in blogland right now! It is too bad that my job cuts into the time I would like to be at home creating!

  309. Becky says:

    I am inspired by God’s grace. As a mother of two toddlers, I am constantly reminded of the need for patience, unconditional love, and grace. Today the sun is shining, and my heart is soaring. I am expecting our third child who we waited for 2 long years for! I am inspired by God’s beautiful gift of life that moves within my belly!

    Your photos are beautiful! Loving aqua here too ;0)

  310. I’m inspired right now by the Ragamuffin Garland project on a blog I love Life In Grace. I fell in love with it right away and went tearing up the house for Christmas colored fabric scraps. I even sent out a office wide search alert for fabric. I think most of all I’m inspired by the creative women I’m finding online who just blow me away each day at what they’ve created. Thank you.

  311. Tara Standerfer says:

    I’m inspired by God’s awesome grace, His power to strengthen each of us and His ability to heal. In the last month my husband has lost both grandparents, I’ve lost a grandmother and my mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Through all these tough times I find inspiration to go on knowing that our loved ones are in a place much better than what we have here on Earth and that prayers for healing are answered each day. Thank you J-E-S-U-S!!!!

  312. Trish says:

    Right now I’m inspired by my zebra danskos. I just them and they are the funkiest thing I own. Hoping they will help me “think out of the box” and have fun!
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  313. Trish says:

    Right now I’m inspired by my zebra danskos. I just got them and they are the funkiest thing I own. Hoping they will help me “think out of the box” and have fun!
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  314. Mandi says:

    I am inspired by the tiny life growing inside of me. Only 9 more weeks until I meet this precious little girl!

  315. right now? well, after that post, aqua of course! and also the cool fall breeze. bring on the chill!!

  316. Carolyn Mills says:

    I’m inspired everyday by the my two little girls, they are so excited by everything new- I just took them back to the coast of Maine to visit family and never knew how much fun seaweed could be!

  317. Lianne says:

    Bloghopping inspires me, I find it’s a good way to find inspiration

  318. Monica M. says:

    I’m inspired by God… husband and our children!!!!!

  319. Suzan Zurenko says:

    I love your website – it’s on visit list every day! Your photographs inspire me! (well, that and the chance to win a prize!)

  320. Jennifer Becker says:

    my husband!! He is working a ton which is a good thing in this enconomy. when he gets home after helps with the house, kids and everything else. We are expecting # 4 in the spring and not feeling well. He told me last night don’t worry about the house my main concern is keeping the baby growing inside healthy!! I know I am loved!!

  321. Elizabeth says:

    Count me in!

    I am inspired by beauty and my faith; seeing beauty in the present moment and thankfulness for what I am given really help me. Knowing people who also love beauty and art is also a great encouragement!

  322. Kristen Thie says:

    I am inspired by my daughters each day. Their energy, creativity and love inspires me.

  323. Tobey Heckadon says:

    Oh the fabric on that clutch with the aqua and yellow! I just love Anna Maria Horner fabric. My favorite. I could say that fabric and paint are inspiring me right now. I have so many projects on my list to sew and chairs to paint. I also love the colors orange and yellow this time of year. Your blog is pretty inspiring as well!

  324. Susan says:

    I’m inspired by God’s creation every day. My kids, the people He puts into my life, the beauty of Fall. Lately, however, I’m inspired by the teachers at our elementary school who invest so much into the kids in our area. They are overloaded and overwhelmed and they invest in MY kids. They rock!

  325. Brianne T says:

    I am inspired by my two twin boys and of course the creativity in the blogs I have been reading lately.

  326. Renae says:

    I’m inspired by this website:

    Talk about an inspiration. I’ve already redecorated a corner of my kitchen and am on to the window treatments in my living room. And I can’t WAIT to be inspired by the Lisa Leonard Designs piece that will be on my way soon!!

  327. Ashley says:

    The beautiful colors of the fall leaves in North Carolina!

  328. kate says:

    the turning leaves of red, yellow, and orange inspire me to get out an finish the season of gardening

  329. Christa says:

    As a graphic designer, I am always looking for inspiration! Right now, I am loving all the colorful clothing in the stores! Sometimes it’s the wonderful fall colors on the trees, or the magazines sitting on my desk, or browsing the internet! AND aqua is my favorite color!

  330. I am inspired by my dear friend, Nicole, who is also my co-worker here with me at work. She just lost her step-dad to a battle with cancer, yet, she is here at work with a smile on her face and an amazing outlook. So inspiring! And it definitely puts things in perspective.

  331. Deb says:

    wow what an amazing giveaway and i have to comment on those beautiful aqua items from your home – can you come style my house?!! gorgeous!

    i am being inspired by a friend who is studying to become a teacher. i watch her daughter before school 4 days and after school 1 day while she is doing her final teaching practical. As our youngest kids both start full time school in january she is one step ahead of me on the journey to balancing work and home (been home with kids 6 1/2 years) and it is inspiring to watch.

  332. Destiny D says:

    I am inspired by my friend Becky and told her so today.

    Becky’s husband has been out of work for several months, and while her family’s future is uncertain she keeps on encouraging those around her, praying for and believing in God’s will and exercising the faith of her childhood. That blesses, encourages and inspires me!

  333. Alissa says:

    well, i would have to say that one of my friends is definitely inspiring me right now. we are both in nursing school, and it’s been a tough semester for sure– but today (after a rough night full of paperwork), she was completely calm, ready to be a nurse, and she got through so strong and full of hope!!! she inspired me today to be a focused nurse tomorrow!!!

  334. Tonya says:

    I’ve just moved back home to the sweet little town in the rolling Flint Hills of NE Kansas that I grew up in and I’m so inspired by the beautiful fall colors and rolling hills that are surrounding me. The sunset each evening is breathtaking from my kitchen window.

  335. Emily says:

    The smell of pine needles everywhere you go in the Pacific Northwest inspires me. That and the delicious coffee everywhere you turn!

  336. Jen says:

    I am inspired by the color pink right now. I am working on a scrapbook for my friends’ wedding as my wedding gift to them and the colors were black, white and pink. Pink is also the color of the scrapbook and the main color of the paper I am using for it to tie it all together.

  337. Dayle says:

    Right now, I’m inspired by my wonderful husband… I hear him in the kitchen preparing dinner… and it’s smelling darn good.

  338. Nicole says:

    I love aqua too..and your post made me smile xo

  339. When I look at my 6 month old daughter I am inspired to be a better mother, friend, wife, daughter, and most importantly child of God.

  340. Lauren Sheehan says:

    I am inspired by my roommate from college. She lost both of her parents to cancer one year after we graduated from college. She has gone on to medical school, marry the love of her life and raise a child to love the Lord and her grandparents that she never got to meet. Her strength of character and wisdom as she raises a family amaze and inspire me!

  341. Angela says:

    I am inspired by my mother. She is working, going back to get her master’s and managing to take care of her aging mother. She is truly a rock star mom!

  342. Cee says:

    My daughter is most inspiring to me. After time spent as a stay-at-home mom, I’ve had to return to the workforce for financial reasons. I’ve been looking for a job for several months, have had several interviews, and have had even more rejection letters. My most promising prospect so far, which I hope will result in a second interview, also means a long commute, and many nights of arriving home just as my little one is going to bed. It is frustrating, but seeing my daughter at the end of each day and hearing how well she has adapted to daycare means so much. I must just remember that, in addition to giving us a much needed income, I’ll be able to tuck away a little savings for her education and her needs (and a few wants) as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity. ~Cee~

  343. Abby says:

    I am inspired by my little boy (2 1/2) he is just so full of life and joy that it is hard not to spend the day laughing and playing with him (and avoid housework and the to do list). Boy #2 is due Dec. 4th so I am trying to cherish this time with him before the baby comes.

  344. actually everything inspires me … It may sounds “cliché” but my husband inspires me a lot too …

  345. Tia says:

    I am inspired by a girls night out I get tonight! Yea for girls’ nights out!

  346. Nancy Hamilton says:

    I am inspired by living in the Outer Banks. Everyday living at the beach is awe inspiring. The scenery changes constantly, and God created it all!

  347. Lauren says:

    Today, we are inspired by each other. As part of a group of undergraduate researchers each fighting to research and write our own theses, every day feels like a struggle under piles of work and papers. It only takes one meeting of the group to realize that everyone is working hard, and discovering new, and incredible things! We are inspired by each other’s drive, intelligence, determination, and discovery.

  348. Lisa says:

    I am inspired by the feel of fall…… favorite season. Crisp mornings at the bus stop with the kids wearing hats and mittens, warm coffee, pumpkin-scented Yankee candles, a full moon behind bare trees at night. Oh, and the full stash of Halloween candy doesn’t hurt either!!

  349. Elizabeth says:

    I am inspired by the beauty of fall…………all around me. I just adore this season and the gorgeous colors that God paints the trees, leaves and flowers. My favorite season of all!

  350. Jenny V says:

    My kids inspire me. Whenever I feel stressed or down, they always do something to bring me up. Just a smile or a funny saying. Anything they do makes me remember what’s important in life. I love their sloppy kisses and their big hugs!

  351. today i’m inspired by the blogging/twitter community of believers that surround those facing trials and tragedies and life up complete strangers as if their own heartstrings are tugging for their loss. i broke down in tears today at the community of Christ showing it’s face via twitter for those in need.

  352. Stacey says:

    I’m often inspired by a list of to do’s… almost seems that I work best when I have a list of things to do (even though I don’t really like HAVING to get many things done in a little of time)! However, nothing feels better than crossing off an accomplished item!

  353. Brenlin says:

    I’m inspired by my daughter. At sixteen years of age, she has more grace than I have at…well, many more years.

  354. Linda says:

    Nature inspires me. Feelings of stress just seem to melt away when I go on a short walk around the block—-particularly in this beautiful fall season!

  355. amy miller says:

    Seriously- NOAH is my inspiration today. I have been playing “it’s not fair” with God for a couple of weeks now, but my Bible study has been on Noah and how obediently he waited on the Lord in the midst of some pretty big “it’s not fair” moments. Even though my situation has not changed, I am thanking God He has not asked me to build that boat, just deal with my little life problems. Somewhere I just saw the saying…”the trick is to not always get what you want, but to always want what you get.” Now I am practicing that bit of wisdom!

  356. Diane B says:

    The things that inspire me the most are when people make the extra effort to help others out…for no apparent reason other than for the sake of doing it. I become inspired by those that help others. I feel that if everyone took a few extra minutes out of their busy lives to help someone else, we would all feel better about ourselves…

  357. Jenny L says:

    So many things…including the New Orleans Saints being 7-0, the HUGE harvest moon that has been in the sky the last 2 evenings, and Thanksgiving right around the corner.

  358. Heidi says:

    My inspiration lately is my girls- my little 2 year old and the tiny one due in February!

  359. Amy Gregg says:

    Hello – I am not asking to win today’s prize. I am asking for you to pray for my little girl, Madelyn. She is 3 years old and was diagnosed last week with leukemia. We are at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for at least a 3 week stay. She has already started chemo. They have told me her hair will begin falling out in another week or so. As sad as it will be, and as much as it will make it seem even more of a reality, I know that no one can take away her beautiful blue eyes and a smile that is just fantastic. Her eyes have always been “bahama water blue.” They are exactly what everyone notices about her first. So, I think your husband is a pastor and I know you reach hundreds through your blog. I am begging for prayers for my Madelyn and for all who are caring for her. We have an amazing God, and I rest affirmed in Him every night. I wear your tiny initials necklace with an M for Madelyn and an H for Hudson. (In fact, my mom and sister have them too!) It helps me feel closer as I watch them take her for procedures. Thank you for the beautiful pictures you post daily. One day, we will get out of this hospital and see that sun and all of those colors again. Your sister in Christ, Amy Gregg

  360. natalie says:

    i’m currently inspired by my sister nicole, who continues on with her difficult struggle with infertility. three failed IVF treatments, yet she and her darling alex continue to remain optimistic that God will bless them with a baby of their own. if i’m lucky enough to win this fab giveaway, i’m giving her half of my winnings – here’s hopin’, for both our sakes!

  361. Heather says:

    Lately I am inspired by mother’s amazing generosity.

  362. Elizabeth says:

    Right now, I am feeling very inspired by fall, in general. I feel the need to make baked goods with pumpkin in them. My roommates and I just made breakfast for dinner. Complete with eggs, sausage, and pumpkin pancakes. YUM! Also to make our apartment festive, we have funky gourds lining the windowsill and pumpkins on the end table by our chair. I just love fall!

  363. Alana says:

    Something that inspires me? The miracle that is our third baby….due in just days…trying desperately to wrap my head around what this baby will mean to our family….we have two girls now and wonder if we’ll be adding more tutus and tiaras or if we’ll be venturing into the land of superheroes and Star Wars… :)

  364. Stephanie says:

    I am a teacher and my 6th graders inspired me today with their wonderful flip books. I teach about Ecology and had to get them to understand succession. Their flipbooks were great and creative and so much fun! There were great forests of trees and tiny details of animals inhabitiing their new homes. So cool!

  365. Traci says:

    As a special education teacher, I am continually amazed – daily- at how much my kids inspire me! They are my inspiration and are the reason I am blessed to be doing what I was “called” to do. The rewards are endless, the challenges are daily, but the successes are the fruits that I get to see! So, my students are my inspiration…..
    desire to inspire before you expire……

  366. Marnie says:

    I get inspired by so many things; a word, a breath, the beauty in the world, a face, music, my husband , my children, seasons, sometimes a color, a new day, God’s word and from people like you.

  367. Jessica says:

    I love all of your things and reading your blog inspires me everyday! It is one of the first things I read after a long day at work. Today it was fun to read about the color aqua because it has been dreary here in Illinois and a little color brightens everything up!! Love your work Lisa and I look forward to all you have to offer…. :)

  368. Karri says:

    Today is my birthday and I am inspired by the freshness of another year of life to fill with special people, good times and memories.

  369. Jenn P. says:

    I am completely inspired by my 2.5 year old and can still imagine the day he was born. And today when I was getting a little frazzled he looked right at me and said “It’s OK Mommy, only 6 more weeks” now that gets me through, his caring and the fact that in 6 more weeks I’ll have another one to inspire me even more!

  370. Jenna Z says:

    Inspiring? Those leaves outside! Talk about inspiring, I want to make a quilt right NOW in those colors, orange, crimson, banana yellow, lime green!

  371. Christine says:

    My 8 year old autistic son has this sweet little coo thing he does “nnnngaaa”. It’s as close as he gets to talking, but he’s always happy when he does it. He gets a little smile on his face. He has soft chubby cheeks that I love to kiss (and he loves them being kissed:), and thick wavy hair. As frustrating as some days can be, there are more that are inspiring!

  372. Susan C says:

    This cold northeast Ohio weather is inspiring me to work on my Christmas gifts/crafts! Brrr, but it’s supposed to be 60 next week!

  373. Steph says:

    today i am inspired by my unborn son who will be here any day now

  374. Emma says:

    The beauty of fall!

  375. Megan says:

    I am inspired by my wedding photos – which have led me to make coordinating paintings and hang some love around our house!

  376. Jaime says:

    I am inspired by the cooler weather and gorgeous outdoor colors!

  377. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for re-focusing us all once again onto “the moment”…and not all the chaos that we surround ourselves with. Today I found inspiration in the sunlight streaming through the clouds when I was outside over my lunch break. It’s been a particularly cloudy and gray fall here in Michigan, so we learn to take full advantage of even short, sunny moments.

  378. Lyn says:

    Kind words are inspiring me at the moment. They can change an entire face, day, moment. Kind words…I am inspired speaking them, hearing them and seeing them in action!


  379. Anne says:

    I am inspired by all my hard working mom friends…they keep going and going and going! Love those girls :)


  380. renee says:

    The thought that my kids are not little forever, I’m feeling inspired to be a better mother. It’s hard but totallly worth it!

  381. Nicole says:

    I am inspired by the Health and Love of my FAMILY :)

  382. Tracy says:

    I am inspired by a very dear friend of mine. A young mother of a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old, she has recently been diagnosed with postpartum depression/anxiety. Her strength amazes me, as she manages the demands of her family life, as well as “trying” to take care of herself. My friend is beautiful and strong, and she INSPIRES me (smile).

  383. Angela says:

    I am inspired by nature and relationships right now. I just got back from a hike with my dad and my daughters. My dad loves nature and his grandchildren, sot it was really a perfect afternoon for me to have all of this together.

  384. Bev says:

    I am inspired by all the things that are vintage & soft color of pale gray. Now your beautiful
    giveaway !!!

  385. Jenni says:

    The cooler weather is inspiring me to try new recipes and re-create the ones we love.

  386. Sylvia says:

    i am inspired by my babes. they keep me grounded and excited!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  387. Jenny says:

    I’m inspired as a young wife to find thrifty yet fun ways to make my apartment homey.

    I’m inspired to add little extras to plain meals to make them exciting for both me and my husband.

    I’m inspired at how much creative joy can be found in home-making!

  388. Andrea says:

    I’m inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky this month. Portraits of so many inspiring individuals working to improve women’s lives.

  389. Christine D. says:

    I am always inspired by your photos and style of photography. Through your pictures I can sense your warm, fun, and gentle spirit! I am so excited that I am having my first photo shoot with a family next week! You are my inspiration! Blessings to you and your family!!

  390. Pam fr NY says:

    I find inspiration daily in my life with my family, especially…but my knitting causes me to be inspired to want to do more. Bigger and more complicated pieces make me aspire to do better. Love Aqua!!!! my favorite color (it matches my eyes)…thank you for the chance!

  391. christine says:

    aqua aqua I LOVE aqua! Jesus inspires me (in eveything!)!!
    I enjoy your blog and wilingness to share a little bit of your world. Thank you.

  392. sara says:

    the colors of fall…love them!

  393. sandy says:

    I have to repeat what so many have already stated. FALL is inspiring me. The cool air, the leaves, the pumpkins and on and on…

  394. Kerry Estes says:

    my 7 year old’s laugh…uninhibited!

  395. april says:

    I am inspired by the babies that are born with significant problems and barely a pound that live in the NICU(wear I work as a nurse) . Sometimes when i look at htem and think, I can barely see a baby in there with so many machines. I am so inspired by that.

  396. Michelle P says:

    My children inspire me – they look at life with such wonder and awe and excitement. I wish I could see myself the way they see me – so much love! By the way I love your site and your shop.

  397. Cassandra says:

    my growing belly. 9 weeks to go and the most amazing movements that I will always cherish :)

  398. Adriane says:

    Fall leaves!

  399. Lillie says:

    I am proud of m husband… he was told this morning that he will be the new commanding officer at his command here in San Diego. I am honored to be his wife and proud of the man he is…he is serving his country and takes care of his family. I am blessed.

  400. Cindy says:

    I am inspired by my daughters. Tenacious, scrappy independent beautiful young women that I am amazed and so grateful that God gave to ME to raise them for His glory. I see their baby faces in their fresh young women’s faces and can still smell the sweet scent of their hair when I took them out of the crib. They inspire me as they look forward into this world with so many choices and so much to offer to this world in their creativity, their enthusiasm, and their compassion. Blessed am I.

  401. nicole b. says:

    I’m definitely inspired by your lovely aqua photos…..and right now, I’m inspired by my sisters and mother. We spent the afternoon cleaning out my mom’s attic. Long-forgotten memories associated with trinkets, photos and heirlooms came rushing back as we sorted and organized. And each took home a box full of goodies. A perfectly inspiring day!

  402. Your blog always inspires me. Such beautiful pictures makes me want to get out my camera and take pictures. Love the acqua theme. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  403. Amber says:

    The weather, change of seasons…. I feel like I am inspired when this time of year rolls around. I want to be crafty and creative!

  404. Sarah V. says:

    I am inspired by the faith of Sydney Ives and her family. I wept this afternoon as I watched videos of her mom singing to her. Their faith in the Lord during this unthinkable time is extremely inspiring to me. (

  405. Kristy Villalobos says:

    The New Orleans Saints are inspiring me right now. I grew up watching them every year and this year is one of the first times they are undefeated. Watching the energy and excitement after every win on the players faces are very inspiring!

  406. My sweet baby is inspiring me to continue my education. It’s such a struggle right now, but it’s the right thing to do.

  407. Lisa in TX says:

    This is hard to comment on right now, but I would have to say at this moment in time, the hospice workers are inspiring. My dad will be on hospice as of tomorrow – such tough decisions to make and they will help make them easier for our family.

  408. Jan H. says:

    Fall has inspired me to clean out stuff all around the house. I have been inspired to have a cleaner and more simple approach to life. Maybe I can start enjoying the things that matter most to me this way!

  409. missy says:

    my two month old… to see the world through the eyes and to have the company of a babe… lovelier than any fall day in the mid atlantic…

  410. melissa says:

    lately i’ve been inspired by the long shadows and warm colors of the late afternoon sun. we have been blessed with an exceptionally beautiful fall this year.

  411. Jenn says:

    What’s inspiring me? I am planning my first journaling retreat! I am passionate about journaling both as a hobby and as a therapeutic tool, and I am getting ready to lead my very first retreat. In the midst of a dirty house, little girl with the flu, puke laundry, sleep deprivation, dark circles beneath my eyes, and 20 extra pounds, I could use something to look forward to!

    Btw, LOVE aqua and teal!!

  412. Sonja says:

    At this moment I am inspired by my husband & his attitude about the disease he fights everyday. As I type this, he is in the hospital, but still trying to make everyone around him laugh. I can always count on that from him!!!

  413. Cathy says:

    My baby girl inspires me. She was one of those little NICU babes which funnily enough April posted about before me.
    My Bless-ed Baby has taught me so much about myself and my life. Her pure innocence inspires me.

  414. Adrienne says:

    A little girl in my class who has been in 7 foster homes since July and won’t allow anyone to be kind to her

  415. I am inspired by the photography class (Karen Russell) that I am currently taking. She is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

  416. Kim says:

    I could use a bit of inspiration. For the past few years, I’ve been wrestling with a thought in my mind; to go to seminary to become a pastor or youth minister. I keep telling myself I have too much baggage and not enough time. I just found out that one of my friends from bell choir is doing a 6 year seminary program that combines online and campus studies. I’m just curious if that is my sign?

  417. sheila says:


  418. Theresa says:

    Books are Inspiring me lately. I can’t seem to get enough of them.

    Beautiful Giveaway Items!! The winner will be blessed!

  419. Elizabeth says:

    My knitting project … a beautiful blue sweater for my babe.

  420. Angie Ulseth says:

    The cool weather is definitely inspiring me. I always feel a burst of energy at this time of year!

  421. April says:

    I find inspiration in the fact the sun will rise tomorrow. I get inspiration to keep going from doing good deeds for others lately. Seeing and knowing I helped someone have a better day is an amazing feeling.

  422. Laura {{* *}} says:

    I am always inspired to new heights in whatever I am doing or thinking when my son
    Alexander plays his cello
    He is 13.
    I am 50.
    I encourage. He inspires.
    We both love aqua!

    Thanks Lisa, for the possibility to be on the receiving end of such a wealth of aqua.
    {{* *}}

  423. Siobhan says:

    I am inspired to work hard to finish making my stock for a ‘card party’ i am having next weekend! I am inspired to work so hard, because Santa need a little extra help this year, to make my boys’ Christmas a happy one!

  424. Molly says:

    I’m inspired by my first grade students every day. They see only the good in one another and (most of them :-)) are still blissfully unaware of so much. They sing at the top of their lungs, dance their funny little dances and spend their free choice time creating beautiful little projects for their friends and for me. They get me out of bed every morning!

  425. Sheila says:

    I am being inspired by my circle of friends right now. They even inspired my blog post today about bliss. I am blessed to have such incredible strong women in my life.

  426. jeri says:

    so many things bring me inspiration… but for right now i am inspired by you!
    thank you for your generous heart!

  427. linda says:

    I am inspired by my daughter. She is beautiful inside and out, courageous and sweet. She just graduated from college and moved 3,000 miles away. I miss her so much. I’m going to see her in 11 days (not like I’m counting or anything).

  428. Jen says:

    I am inspired by the beautiful colors of the trees changing colors-red, orange, yellow-wow do they pop!

  429. Susan Bowen says:

    I’m inspired by my 2nd graders! What a responsibility, given to me by their parents, and by God, to take them on a journey of laughter, exploring, inspiration – and perspiration (!) – this year. I LOVE my job. Even though it’s exhausting, truthfully I smile every morning when I unlock my classroom door. Can’t wait to see where the journey takes us tomorrow!

  430. Daniele says:

    lately i’ve been inspired by learning…it is a lifelong journey!

  431. Cindy says:

    Right now I am inspired by your generosity! It’s been almost a month since my last giveaway… maybe I will follow in your footsteps and host another one soon. :)

  432. Katrina says:

    It’s funny you should mention aqua. I found a tiny broken eggshell in that perfect aqua-ish eggshell blue recently. It has the tiniest most exquisite little brown feather attached to it. I’ve just been cradling it for days, working out what it is I want to do with it, what I want it for. I thought I would photograph it but haven’t worked out quite how I would do it. What it has done is inspired me to look and appreciate broken things – these are the things I’ve been collecting and photographing.

    What an exquisite collection of items you’ve put together for this give away!

  433. Shelya says:

    I’m inspired by everone’s fall pictures… living in Florida I don’t get to experience the colors of seasons changing and I soooo want to take a trip! Maybe next year – in the meantime I’ll enjoy taking pictures in the warm sun 😉

  434. erinV says:

    I have a friend who just ran a marathon I am inspired to pound the pavement again!

  435. krista says:

    your pictures are amazing…they inspire me to pull out my camera more often. to capture the moments in “everyday life”.


  436. Candy Foster says:

    I am inspired to be a better mom—especially when my son wakes me up by singing Twinkle, Twinkle or my daughter is nice to a playmate who is not.


  437. Michele P. says:

    the sound of the leaves crunching underfoot, the crisp morning air, the smell of freshly baked apple pies and gingerbread cookies, a cozy candle burning into the night filling the house with a spicy pumpkin scent… all inspiring and reminding me that the holidays will soon be here!

  438. lisa says:

    Lisa, YOU inspire me! I love your photography and your beautiful jewelry design…so creative and wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Lisa

  439. Sarah R says:

    Listening to my husband and brother-in-law playing with my 2 boys. Lots of laughs and being silly. Love it!

  440. megan says:

    My new puppys “spunkiness”….so full of life and excited about anything and everything :)

  441. jodi says:

    I’m inspired by the season – the crispness of fall and the chill in the air that reminds me that winter (and the holidays!) are right around the corner. :)

  442. Mandy Kirk says:

    The beautiful trees losing their leaves out my front window

  443. Lori says:

    Aqua is so fresh and have a such a wonderful ‘vintage’ feeling!

  444. Nancy says:

    Wow- so many inspiring comments- took me forever to read them all. I am inspired by the changing seasons here in Michigan- the leaves were especially beautiful this year and there was an over abundance of giant apples. I have been making beautiful jewelry with lots of fall stones and pearls. For some reason, I have been into pearls lately and they come in such wonderful colors. Thank you for your generous give away. Nancy

  445. beca says:

    i am inspired right now by pumpkin…the smell, the color, spices added to it. etc….LOVING it!!

  446. Lindsey C says:

    I am inspired by the toothless, charming, innocent and illuminating smile of my fourth month old…I never imagined my heart could be so inspired to be more than I was the day before. THANK YOU GOD for this blessing!

  447. Marilyn says:

    I’m always inspired when I read the thoughts of those in blogland. God made us all so different – each with specific gifts and talents – no one the same. You people motivate me to be the woman God created me to be. And, you always inspire me to “keep it real.”

  448. Staci says:

    My son Vinny inspires me every day!!!! I know you can relate to that with David!

  449. Melissa says:

    My daughter inspires me every day. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but she just has a really big heart and is so self-motivated. I wish I was more like her.

  450. Deb says:

    My girls inspire me. Long story…we adopted them from foster care. They had a pretty tough start in life but they have accomplished so much in the 1 1/2 years they have been with us. They take delight in the simple things and see the beauty in things that most kids would overlook. I can’t wait to see what they become when they are adults.

  451. Claire says:

    Your blog and Chatting At The Sky inspire me to take more pictures.

  452. DAWNYELLE says:

    I have been inspired tonight by Franklin Graham and all he and many volunteers do each November with Operation Christmas Child. Wow what a way to spread the love of Jesus to so many children who need to hear of His love around the world. I encourage you to take the time and send a box this year.

  453. Laura says:

    I am inspired by my students. They may drive me absolutely insane some moments, but I love them!

  454. Lindsay says:

    I am inspired today by the students I teach (Grade 1). They are so eager and spunky that I’m inspired to be a better teacher, and person, because of them.

  455. Cathy Spock says:

    I am inspired by a cycle instructor at my gym! She is always motivating us and challenging us to better ourselves and to make good choices for our health. She also encourages us to be grateful, even for the woes in our lives. I just love her!

  456. Shelly Parker says:

    I’m inspired by all the fall colors that are around right now. They make me want to bake and cook!

    I love it!

  457. Lauren says:

    I am inspired everyday by the love and admiration I feel for my 4 mth old son, it is amazing to feel so connected to someone and share a bond like no other, but in particular today i am inspired by the way he trys to give kisses (open mouthed and slobbery! too cute).

  458. jenn says:

    my kids….they always bounce back no matter what they face

  459. Charlotte says:

    I’m inspired by Beauty will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman.

  460. shelia says:

    My baby…my 18 year old daughter went off to college this past fall. And some how…under my very own surpised eyes..she has become an extremely wise, Godly woman who is continuing to amaze and inspire me right now! (how’d that happen so fast to my baby :)

  461. Susan says:

    I am a visual person and get inspiration from the world around me. Nature, magazines, and your blog!!! I love the organic nature of it. Thanks for asking.

  462. cheryl says:

    my children inspire me every day and they NEVER cease to amaze me. for them i want to be a better person and the best mom i can.

  463. Stephanie says:

    I am inspired by my little girl dancing on my bed in her pajammas as I read your blog. She helps to remind my that ‘it’s the little things’ that really matter. Love, love, love your blog and your designs. Thank you for being so generous.

  464. Kim says:

    Today I was inspire by watching six of my sweet students run races at field day. They all have some sort of disability (most have autism). One has a trach and a g-tube. But they ran their little hearts out against their typical peers, and even though they mostly finished last, they all went home with first place ribbons. I was so inspired by their effort and enthusiasm. It’s what keeps me going when the workload of grad school and teaching gets tough!

  465. cheryl says:

    My husband, he has CF(Cystic Fibrosis) and has such dedication to keeping healthy, working, being a great father and always making me feel special and loved…
    His love for life and his inner peace is amazing!
    Whenever you get upset over little things, living with someone with a fatal disease brings things back to reality…enjoy today!

  466. Lisa Silver says:

    I love all your aqua inspiration!

    What’s inspiring me lately is all the vintage papers, colors and images. The renewed love of all things old has brought me a great deal of happiness… the gift of memories!


  467. Laurie says:

    I am inspired by my friend who deals with MS every day as she chases after her two year old and has a smile for everyone she meets. I’m also inspired by my best friend from college who is working hard in her own home business to raise the funds needed to adopt the little girl God has put on her heart to bring home from Ethiopia.

  468. Shelly Primm says:

    I am inspired by all of my kindergartners this year! I love all 20 of them and feel so blessed to be their teacher!

  469. Mrs. H says:

    Finding inspiration today in the coming birth of our son – inspiration to get the nursery completed :)

  470. Jessa says:

    Inspired to veg out by my two little boys snoozing away in their beds…finally.

  471. janelle eller says:

    Always my family!

  472. Jenny says:

    Right now the combo of moss green/magenta is really inspiring to me. The texture of wool felt and yarn, cotton fabric that’s been washed and frayed around the edges. Lots of craft projects going on right now!

  473. jennifer says:

    My inspiration today came from taking all the clutter out of my office and kitchen. I now have open space to create and design

  474. Jessica says:

    I had a meeting yesterday with someone who inspired me to start a new venture. Something that will let my creative juices flow a bit more (let’s face it, they’ve dried up after having 2 kiddos). I’m excited to start this, and reading all the blogs (including yours) on my google reader continues to inspire me in my new ‘project!”

  475. Roxy says:

    Actually, I’m inspired by your website! I’m taking a photography class and your ‘feature’ pictures of colors are very intriguingto me . . . I want to try something similar on my own blog. Someday. When I get some sleep. When I get some time to myself. That will be someday, right? (Two wee ones at home – love every minute but sometimes yearn for time. to. myself.)

    Anyway, you inspire me, Lisa!

  476. Mary Beth says:

    Ooh. Lovely giveaway. I’m inspired by the month of November, thankfulness, and my boys raw enthusiasm for life.

  477. Dawn says:

    Lately I have been inspired by my six-year old nephew and his wonderful perspective on things. At a recent charity event we released heart shaped balloons in memory of Chloe and at the end of the night when there were fireworks my nephew whispered to me, “Auntie Dawn, I think the angels made the fireworks because we sent them all of our balloons.”

    And last week when there were major thunderstorms in Texas my niece and nephew were scared and crying with all of the thunder and lightening. So my sister told them that God and the angels were bowling (our great-grandma told us this when we were young and scared of thunder). My nephew told my sister that God and the angels must be having a big bowling party and that they must be bowling strikes because of all the lightening.

  478. Heather Munoz says:

    My kids!

  479. Robbin says:

    Wow, Lisa!!!! Lots of peopled inspired by your give-away, apparently. Just recenly I’ve been inspired by the way our church here in Redondo is so involved in the community, especially helping the homeless (Skid Row Ministry, Crenshaw Ministry–Bible Study for people living in nearby hotel), and a food closet where they house food and hand it out every week. It’s inspired me to really try and find where the Lord wants me to serve. All these ministries, and others, sound so interesting and I really want to commit to something dealing with helping people somehow.

    I LOVE AQUA! I think it’s a good color on me. please, please, please!

  480. Julie Kanzelmeyer says:

    I am inspired by the people of Haiti, the homeland of our adopted daughter. I see how they survive with so little and I have to shut my mouth and cry out for mercy – for their situation, and for my own heart to be changed .

  481. Heather says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! I’ve been inspired by Dear Lizzy’s blog, and this post in particular: I’m in the process of doing a monogram wall myself.

  482. Erin W says:

    golden leaves
    smiles from strangers
    my son wanting to hold my hand
    his “old school basketball shoes” (red high-top chucks)
    warm spicy carrot muffins
    getting cozy on the couch with an inspiring book, big mug of peppermint tea and “quiet time”
    the local yarn store
    the joy and gratitude I feel being able to make something by hand
    friends who share
    thank you

  483. Julie says:

    My inspiration comes from my two AMAZING children.. wink!
    My little girl twirling around in her tu tu and my little boy struggling with every step to push his walker down the side walk.
    I am inspired by smiles from strangers….
    from all of the beautiful autum colors…
    and you!

  484. Melissa says:

    I am inspired by the tiny sliver of a soap bar in my shower to make a batch of handmade soap. It’s something I tried at the beginning of the year, something I had been wanting to do for months, and found to be as simple as making a batch of cookies. I’ve been wanting to try more batches ever since, but haven’t set aside the time! Now I have no soap, so I guess I’ll make some time!

  485. Heidi @ ggip says:

    Both my boys, but especially Blue today who is getting lots of new little skills. He started playing with his feet more and even clapped them together today and laughed and laughed. I was so happy for him :)

  486. Erin Kaylor says:

    My two little boys are inspiring to me…..their zest for life and to make anything into a sword!
    how much they have taught me and continue to teach me….and the beautiful colors of fall..

  487. I’m inspired by my creator who enables me daily to smile and love my life after losing a child to cancer. He’s the only one who could do that!

  488. Beth says:

    I too, am inspired by my children. They do everything, completely. (Well, except for cleaning their rooms.) They play, sing, dance and bicker with all that they have. Really…it’s a good lesson.

  489. Amy Hill says:

    I am inspired by the progressively chilling weather to light candles, snuggle with my children, and bundle up and enjoy the last few moments of fall!

  490. Summer says:

    Inspiration in my life are coming in many shapes and forms, from the creativity and passion of the people I work with, to seeing how hard my husband is studying to take a leap at his dreams, to the flat tire we got on the way back to the Bay Area from a visit to San Luis Obispo this Sunday (at 9 pm). We didn’t freak out, or cry, or yell, just calmly handled the problem, headed back to SLO on a spare, and enjoyed a surprise 3 day weekend with each other. It makes me know that we will face the coming challenges in our lives and be stronger for it. Thank you for your wonderful Blog.

  491. jamie says:

    every single blog i vist inspires me. each and every time.

  492. heather says:

    I feel inspired by my two little boys. The are so curious and love to explore and learn new things. They really help me see the world with fresh eyes!

  493. Laura Root says:

    Your blog inspires me!!! :) Right now I’m feeling inspired by the cool air flowing through my sliding glass door. Living in So. Cal makes me appreciate this so much!

  494. Kindra says:

    The way my daughter looks at something new for the first time inspires me and makes my heart ache with joy and pride.

  495. Trina Chang says:

    I am inspired by the cooler weather. It seems that when the weather changes I get a new burst of energy.

  496. Cassi, San Diego says:

    I’m checking on all my favorite blogs and getting inspired to start on some craft projects – a baby quilt, long overdue vacation scrapbook, cards to be sent, the list is endless…

  497. Jenn Spohn says:

    I’m not a fan of it getting darker earlier in the evening, but I’ve been recognizing the beauty of the sunset that I get to see on my drive home from work. Inspires me to remember the beauty in the things surrounding me daily.

  498. Lori says:

    I would love to win this! Oh I love it all.

    I am inspired by my baby boy sleeping so peacefully. I just got back from sneaking a peak of him all sprawled out and looking so adorable. He makes me want to be a better mother and a better person everyday!

  499. Mimi says:

    My husband inspires me…to be the best domestic engineer that I can be. He’s a such a hard worker that it’s hard not to be inspired to work hard myself.

  500. Natalie says:

    I am inspired by my two special needs children.They may have lost the ability to walk, and there hands may be weakening and simple, every day tasks are becoming more difficult to do…but they have never lost the ability to smile, to laugh and to my shining stars!
    Because of them I appreciate Every Single Day, just so much more….

  501. Kelly says:

    I am inspired by my children’s love of loud singing, paper, scissors, and crayons, AND their excitement over the new Toys R Us toy catalog!

  502. Jennifer Heinze says:

    I have to say that your blog is inspiring me! I love to come and read what you have to say or look at the cool pictures that you take.

  503. Eliana says:

    I am inspired by the mischievious little smile my 22 month old son gives me when he is about to take his diaper off and run around the house naked!! I love being a mommy…

  504. Merideth says:

    I am reading Julia Child’s autobiography and am loving at how at 36 she married her soulmate, moved to France and found her passion for cooking. Her joie de vivre was evident in everything that she did. She inspires me to believe in the possiblity of new and exciting passions in my life.

  505. Heather says:

    I am totally inspired by vintage designs..actually the 50’s..but right now i’m kinda in a retro phase.. I get inspired by colors and family.. I just think of what it is i am trying to find..limiting myself only with one detail..then i run with it.. until i find the “perfect” design! :)

  506. Julie says:

    I am inspired by the gifts of random acts of generous kindness :)

  507. the change of season (as always) is inspiring me right now!

  508. kara says:

    * I am very much inspired by my 4 kiddos- they keep doing their thing- day by day. . .w. daddy deployed to Iraq. (: makes me grin. and most of all- i am inspired by my soldier…sacrificing a lot to serve us all.

  509. Greta says:

    I love the color too!!!!! Maybe my Favorite!

  510. Kim says:

    I am totally inspired by my husband when he comes home from work and humbly shares how God gave him the boldness and the courage to speak TRUTH – and people listen!!! They want more!!! I am even more inspired by him when he comes home from a long drive and shares with me all the things God spoke to him when he took the time to reflect on his life. Seems silly, but when he shares about the little ways that he wants to be a better Christ follower, husband and daddy – it sure encourages me to want to do the same. I am beyond blessed!!!

  511. Michelle Laulu says:

    I am SOOOOO inspired by second hand stores. My latest thing has been buying frames and custom painting them and creating signs for family members. I am also inspired by your jewelry! I love it!

  512. Right now I’m inspired by the strength my 9 year old son Myles, who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The courage he exhibits daily by being aware of his health, administering his shots, and counting his food carbohydrates amazes me. He is my hero!


  513. Beautiful colour…my house is adorned with it too.Inspiration comes from the world around me, my daughter, my past..things I remember.

  514. Elaina says:

    I am inspired by artists in many forms who are doing what God has given them a passion to do. Because of them, I find myself with more confidence to create what is on my heart.

  515. Kyrissa says:

    I am inspired by Stellan.

  516. Jessica says:

    I am definitely being inspired by your gorgeous aqua purse…I love it! Where did you get it?? I love aqua.

  517. esther says:

    i am inspired by my sweet husband (who is in the navy studying arabic). we just moved again and he just began his language classes, then got the flu and still has a lingering cough. however, he manages to give us all (we have four littles under 6) love and affection. and amidst all of this he is helping me put our home in order (ie. putting together furniture etc!) i love him so much. thank you hon!

  518. Krissy Lynn says:

    I’m inspired by my children — by their energy (oh, how a mama could always have more of that) and by their sweet love.

  519. Kerry says:

    Absolutely LOVE your jewelry and your blog…discovered both on Betz White’s blog. This past week I was inspired greatly by the generosity of my 6 year old daughter…she is a beautiful, funny, creative loving and so strong. She draws everyday and is designing fancy dresses right now. I LOVE that!!! But, most importantly this week she donated her entire bag of Halloween candy to a local nursing home – every single last piece…by her own choice. She is amazing!!!!

  520. Caitlin says:

    Lately I’ve been surrounded by a few very Godly people. They have inspired me to dig further into the Bible and reach a new level of dedication to my God.

  521. Adele says:

    Having a day off tomorrow is inspiring me to no end! I plan to get so much done after a lovely breakfast and a leisurely walk.

  522. Marina says:

    Right now, I’m actually inspired by academia. It’s time to send off applications for grad school and reading the course content for the courses to which I’m applying is really inspiring me to do better and try harder (which is very good because the thought of being a single parent, working full-time AND studying part-time is really demotivating!).

  523. Susan Ure says:

    My son plays with Lego for hours, studiously creating space ships, buildings and boats. If only he could build our dream farmhouse out of his colorful blocks…..

  524. Daniela says:

    I am still inspired by the good and warm talk I had this week with my deep friend Silke. We talked about past, future und the time we have now by beeing mums, wifes, daughters, sisters, aunts, … and best friends (since school days). Live can be so different. With a good friend by your side, its always a little bit easier.

  525. Annette says:

    I’m inspired by the crisp fall air and the beautiful color of the leaves!

  526. Anjanette says:

    Watching my son work through keeping his emotions under control. It’s not easy to be on the autism spectrum and he’s such a warrior.

  527. Barbara Paine says:

    I am inspired at this moment by my sweet puppy Daisy who is lying on her back, stretching and wiggling and just enjoying the way it feels to move any old way she pleases and not giving a hoot that she looks so silly. How I wish I could do that (like a zillion times a day) while I’m at work!

  528. Jennifer says:

    This post just inspired me! I found you through Darby’s site…you have beautiful jewelry and a beautiful blog. I’m ready to get creative today…thanks!!

  529. Patricia Ellis says:

    Lately I’ve been inspired by people. People who craft, who homeschool, who work full time and care for a family at home, people living with pain and still manage to keep positive. Just about everything inspires me. They all inspire me to remember it’s not about me, but about HIM. To look outward instead of inward.

  530. Diana says:

    I am inspired by my kids. My daughter is in 1st grade and I just keep being amazed at her when we sit down to do her homework. It is very breathtaking to think that a little over a year ago she couldn’t read and she couldn’t do math. My son is 3 and he inspired me every day by the words that come out of his mouth!

  531. Tracy says:

    Right now there the trees are just about finished with their riot of color for the year. But there are still a few that just can’t stop showing off! In particular, there are two maple trees in the little historic town of Upperville that compete…one is red that has faded to an almost pinky color and the other is a lucious peachy orange. Awesome.

  532. bonnie says:

    i am continually inspired by my daughter’s power of being in “the now”. lately many things are swirling around me and it never ceases to amaze me that this little girl can reel me back in and remind me how precious each day is……

  533. Abbie Toy says:

    I am inspired by my son’s bright smile:)

  534. Janice says:

    Salty air, ocean, beaches, changing colors of the seasons are part of the many things that inspire me. I’m fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Cape Cod Bay, and I must say that watching storm-created waves crash on the breakwaters and beach bring a sense of awe, respect and inspiration in a way that I can’t help but know that I’m just a small part of this amazing universe created by God, who also inspires me.

  535. YBeltran says:

    i’m inspired by my daughter’s smile…it gets me out of bed when i am oh so tired.

  536. Laura says:

    My two sweet little boys are inspiring me. The discovery & joy on their faces makes me take a step back from rushing around my daily life to enjoy the little things & find happiness & love everywhere.

  537. Kim R. says:

    My 7 year old’s zest’s for life. My 12 year old’s smile. My 15 year old’s joy at getting the 2nd highest grade on a college level test. Small victories.

  538. Erin Acosta says:

    I live in VA and the fall is totally inspiring me. The leaves are to die for and absolutly majestic! Just makes me happy to be alive!

  539. Linda says:

    I’m inspired by the blogs that I read daily – which of course, includes yours. I’m amazed at the fact that people find (or rather MAKE) the time to create such beautiful works of art. It speaks to something in me. I always feel that after working all day, I just don’t have the time to do anything creative. Yet those whose blogs I read have full lives, too. So lately I’m inspired to just dip my toe in the water and TRY – not expecting perfection, but the satisfaction of creating something with my own two hands. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome package of goodies!

  540. Becky says:

    Love your blog! Always find inspiration. My friend Christy is an inspiration to me! She is moving away and is handling it with such grace. A true friend and inspiration:)

  541. Melissa says:

    My one year old inspires me to be a better mom, Christian, friend and mom-preneur. He’s the reason I do it all.

  542. Laura B. says:

    My daughter’s confidence is an inspiration. She just turned four.

  543. kelsey says:

    wow! what a wonderful giveaway!

    honestly, i am inspired by YOU! ever since i found your blog (and your jewelry!), i’ve been in awe of you and your family and how you find joy in simple things. you are a lucky girl!

  544. Chelsey says:

    My husband and I moved to Arkansas about 2 months ago. Nature has seemed to remain intact here, and life is so simple and selfless in the people. My inspiration has been God’s creation, His nature and His people. The inner beauty of those I have come to know that put on a hard outer shell inspire me to create what I feel is within them.

    P.S. This whole blogging thing is quite new to me. But, I am finding so many talented people through blogging, I love it.

  545. Ashley says:

    I am inspired by other women’s faith. So much that I am going to begin on my own path to learning more about strength in faith. I am inspired by the beauty that comes with giving someone else control. I am also inspired by my daughter and how she is not afraid to do anything (She is 18 months old and has not yet learned to be shy or embarassed by anything!)

  546. kelly dawn says:

    I have just discovered your artwork and am falling completely in LOVE!! You are one talented lady.
    Right now I am inspired by my surroundings. The falling leaves, bare tree limbs, etc. Taking from the outdoors and creating simple joys!

  547. Jeannine says:

    I just started taking a metal working jewelry class and last night I came up with my first design. It felt amazing.

  548. Stephanie Matlack says:

    Wow what a cool giveaway. I live in Ohio and right now our trees are so full of colors: yellows, oranges, and reds. It’s a very beautiful time in our region. And of course my favorite colors.

  549. Allyson Theriault says:

    I am inspired by the honesty of your Nov 5th blog post. I am inspired to look at my day with fresh eyes and to hold my kids a little closer. Thank you for sending me a reminder to open my heart to the joy in my life.

  550. liz says:

    you are so, so generous.

    I found the most darling 1940’s vintage baby stroller yesterday at a local flea and brought it home for my little one. She is squealing with delight as she pushes her dolly in it. That’s inspiration for me.

  551. Whitney says:

    What a fab giveaway Lisa! I am feeling totally inspired by the sunset. I live in Arizona and just think the sunsets are beautiful! The colors are so pretty….oranges, pinks, yellow….I love it! I really wish we had the fall here, but for now the sunset really is good! :)

  552. Alicia says:

    I’m always inspired by God’s creation. The way the trees look as if they have been gently touched by the hand of a master painter. I’m also inspired by my 3 boys and the joy with which they live life.

  553. Heather says:

    I’ve been feeling inspired by different coarse textures lately, like that of stone and old barnwood!

  554. Mollie says:

    love your necklaces! so beautiful. and right now, i’m inspired by those who are going for their dreams no matter what it takes.

  555. Britiney says:

    We’re getting ready for a kitchen remodel, so I’ve been inspired by House Beautiful Magazine and lots of online blogs and websites with amazing and beautiful homes.

  556. {wow!!} what cute things!! oh how i would love to win!

    right now, at this moment, i am inspired by a few different things:

    i am reading “the last lecture” by randy pausch {he died a few years ago from pancreatic cancer} but his book is extremely upbeat and positive. i am amazed by his courage and positive outlook on life.

    also, my husband is an inspiration to me. he works so hard for our family, and still finds time to spend with me and our son. he is amazing.

    i am so blessed!

  557. Julie says:

    I have that same exact bag from Urban Outfitters! I love it so much that’s it’s wearing out. The material is absolutely amazing…so smooth!

  558. Rachel says:

    I am inspired my creative God who knows how to turn ashes into something beautiful

  559. Shannon says:

    God’s love and perfect plan.

  560. Lins says:

    I love Aqua! And it’s funny that your post is about it because I just finished painting my new sewing room… yes…. Aqua! (Well Glidden tells me it’s “Nearly Aqua” :) But I’m convinced)

    It reminds me of the sky on a super sunny day which makes me smile :)

  561. Christy says:

    I’m inspired by life. Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years go by so quickly. I’m inspired to live each day to the fullest and not let the silly little things discourage me. To turn every negative into a positive. Hug my kiddos and hubby as much as I possible can. Time Flys when you’re having fun :)

  562. Michelle P. says:

    well I was inspired by your last post about your son. I was moved by your post. But I am also inspired by my newborn daughter and the color pink; I have three boys so everything is girly lately and I am loving it! Love this giveaway. I normally don’t beg but what an amazing prizes. Pick me!

  563. Tina says:

    I am inspired by God’s creations and my family

  564. Ali says:

    My husband got me the Mamma necklace w/the adjustable chain for our anniversary last month & I have gotten so many compliments on it. I knit & my inspiration comes from lots of different directions, especially if I’m making a gift for someone.

  565. Elise says:

    I’m inspired by my children – they face many medical challenges and keep on going. I’m inspired by my knitting – finally! I’m inspired by the blogs I read, though I’ll probably never do one. I’m inspired by my Mom and sister. I’m inspired by my husband – we recently moved so he could have a new congregation and he’s great at creating something from nothing – sort of like stone soup.

  566. Aisha says:

    In the morning when I wake up with the sun, God inspires me to make the most of each breath. My family also inspires me to be better than the day before.
    Great giveaway….thanks. Fingers crossed.
    Happy Fall

  567. Cristy says:

    i am currently pregnant with baby girl #3. i had a dr appt this morning, and during the u/s, she looked straight at us, waved, and then held up her index finger (the u/s tech managed to grab that picture) to say “i’m #1″… i can tell this little one already has quite the personality! that is truly inspiring!

  568. kaley smith says:

    the chapman family inspires me- marybeth is so open and honest about her struggles in dealing with their daughters death in her blog, and they time and again commit to holding on to Christ through everything. thats faith and that is inspiring.

    new life worship is currently on my top itunes songs and continue to inspire me daily.

  569. SarahBfromMN says:

    I’m inspired by work to do and strength to do it.
    Ephesians 5:20 – In All Things Be Thankful.

  570. Kayla Haines says:

    Fall Leaves

  571. Heather says:

    I’m inspired every day by the children that I work with and their families. I’m an OT for children from birth to teens with all kinds of special abilities and challenges. It’s such an honor to be a part of their lives and to be a small part of their family.

  572. Angela says:

    I am inspired by my sweet two month old baby girl. We are enjoying the beautiful fall weather this week!
    Lovely post – I now want to go find something pretty and aqua colored. :)

  573. Karen Glass says:

    I am inspired by my beautiful roommate who is struggling with her dad’s emergency heart surgery as well as a scheduled heart surgery for herself over Thanksgiving break. She is amazing at finding joy in difficult times and praising the Lord regardless of circumstance.
    Phil 4:11-13

  574. leigh says:

    inspired by & loving crisp cool air, brilliant fall leaves, shorter days, cozy nights.

    my hubby got me the baby initials w/ pearl necklace w/ initials of our three kids….i looove it, wear it always, & get lots of complements-thanks for your beautiful art!

  575. Lori says:

    I am inspired by my children.

  576. Maria B says:

    I have to say that I am truly inspired by your blog! Love this aqua theme. Lately I have been inspired by fabric. I am in the process of redecorating my daughters room and its all based off of some fabric I found. :)

  577. Heather says:

    Snow is inspiring me right now. I’m trying to get my Advent calendar made, and its really helping motivate the process. :)


  578. Alicia Marcell says:

    I am inspired by my son. He’s clever and energetic and believes he can do absolutely anything. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have forgotten that over time. He is also the cutest little thing you’ll ever meet.

  579. jami says:

    My children for sure. Seeing things through their eyes is inspiration in its truest form!

  580. meredyth says:

    i’m inspired by my 3 year old son who is very ill with double ear infections, yet still tells me when asked “i feel good mommy.” what do i have to complain about?

  581. jill watkins says:

    I am inspired by my children- the faith in God they have is so strong- with no questions asked!

  582. Cindi says:

    You. Your words and pictures!

  583. deezie says:

    Oh my there are so many things that inspire me. My girls, my husband, everything that God has made on this earth that I get to enjoy:) I can go on and on.
    I am inspired lately by old silver spoons though. I am playing around with them to make jewelry. Fun right
    Love your blog and I would love to be entered in your giveaway
    by the way. Your blog inspires me every day Lisa

  584. My children. They are my constant inspiration. Always and forever!!

  585. karen lamb says:

    I am inspired by my gorgeous beautiful brand-new Nephew that was born 5 days ago, his name is Gabriel Vincent and I cant wait to decide on which neclace I am going to choose from your range to surprise his beautiful mother. Lisa Leonard, you are my constant inspiration (each and every day I come back here)

    Holding thumbs
    Karen Lamb
    South Africa

  586. Brooke S says:

    I am find inspiration by watching my children create. Wether it’s just play-doh creations or learning what talents they have like how to cook, sew, or preforming well in sports because of hard work. I am also inspired by my kids and that they are really getting the importance of daily scripture study and prayer and never complaining that they are up before the sun to make sure it happens..

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.. You have a lovely family..

  587. Jessica says:

    I have been researching Christmas craft projects and am getting inspired to make some homemade gifts this year.

  588. robin stedem says:

    you was an excelllent answer..since it’s already been said I’m also inspired by the beautiful autumn sunsets..those golden rays thru the glorious rich yellow /orange leaves..also the enormous full moon rising after that sun has set..doesn’t seem real to me..just breathtaking

  589. Kate says:

    I’m inspired by families pulling together in difficults times, and by rainy days and crisp cold nights. I’m inspired by the fresh smell of home made bread and apple sauce.
    I’m inspired by the story of a father who carried the body of his own child to the morgue after an unsuccessful resusciation. As a pediatractric trauma nurse I find inspriation, and courage in the faces of the children we treat, and the families that nurse them to health.
    But most of all I find inspiration in the smiles of my own children and consider it such a privlege to share with them my knowlege and life experiences.
    But most days I swear it’s my children who teach me.

  590. Lori Tacchino says:

    I am inspired by the awe and sense of wonder my innocent children have. I am inspired that Jesus chooses to create things like gorgeous sunsets just because he loves us.

  591. Tracey I. says:

    I am inspired by the children’s books “Fancy Nancy”. She loves to make ordinary things fancy and special. She has inspired me to put “frilly toothpicks” in my little girls sandwiches and sprinkles on her cereal. Brightens up the day!

  592. Tonya Falkenbury says:

    I’m inspired by the man I love whom I met 23 years ago when I was only 14 and he was only a young man of 17. The love that sustains us and we give freely to our two sons is a reason to smile each day and realize just how lucky I am.

  593. Stevi says:

    I’m inspired by the joy of my grand daughter who turns 3 tomorrow–wow, what a joy!

  594. Cindy says:

    My kids! Plain and simple! They inspire me every day to be a better person, a better Mom, a better wife, and a better friend. Amazing how someone so young, someone so innocent can bring such inspiration. Truly a blessing from God.

  595. right now i am really inspired by Jesus. i know that may sound cliche but it’s where i am right now :)

  596. Elizabeth says:

    my son inspires me. He has DS and he’s finally beginning to talk – just this week he said “mommy” for the first time. he is so amazing…

  597. Laura says:

    I am in awe of my sweet sister in law, who is battling breast cancer at age 36. She is battling against a horrible disease, while remaining a strong, confident, loving wife and mother to four. When I think that my days are tough I think of her and what she is going through. She truly is an inspiration. I would love to give her the giveaway to brighten her day. Her name is Kelley and she is a hero to me.

  598. Judi says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Right now I am insipired and resting in God’s faithfulness. I struggle with becoming overwhelmed with the sadness and frustrations in this life, but today I’ve been trying to focus and meditate on His word. He is so good and so faithful.

  599. kristen says:

    I’m inspired by the slightly cooler weather…the new furry friend in our backyard and all the fun my boys are having with him…and life with all my guys!

  600. ren says:

    right now, i am sorry to say, i am inspired by fear. fear that everything that needs to get done…won’t get done. but i am also inspired by the idea that it WILL get done, because it has to. it’s that simple. fear is inspiring me, but it’s not driving me. let’s call it a “healthy fear.”

  601. Stephanie says:

    I am inspired by your latest blog post. You are so open and honest about your life and your son. You are a loving, caring mother of two adorable boys. I strive to be a loving caring mom to my son everyday through the stresses of life. He is the most important person in my life.

  602. Sonya says:

    I am inspired today by my daughter, Alyssa (lu on my blog) who was born with severe hearing loss. She has done amazing things the past 12 years and I would love to surprise her with a necklace that has her initial “A” on it!

  603. Amanda says:

    Ah, it’s cliche, but my children. Two living on Earth, one living in Heaven…the youngest sweet one’s baptism this weekend has inspired all kinds of things…shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. Red heels for Sunday b/c what new mom (even if it is for the 3rd time?!) doesn’t feel fabulous in red heels? :) Thanks, Lisa for your generosity!

  604. cathy says:

    I am inspired by a clean house. I was so busy during the summer and early fall…I am finally getting my house back in order and it feels freeing and wonderful.

  605. Jackie says:

    I am inspired by my 3rd grade students! Today there were so many teachable moments that kept me fired up! Tomorrow we’re making soup- they are stoked!
    I’m inspired that they’re inspired! Does that make any sense?

  606. Nicole says:

    oo! aqua is probably my all-time favorite color! I’m being inspired lately by fall leaves, reading, and sweet hot drinks…mmm!

  607. Stephanie Henkle says:

    I’m currently completing my teacher internship and am inspired everday by my students. I am working in an inclusion classroom and am amazed by the things these students can accomplish despite the obstacles they have to overcome just to do the things we take for granted.

  608. I am inspired by the zest my children {Walker 3 & Cameo 9mos} have for life…I’m reminded that I need to get down in the floor & cuddle with them more often and soak up life’s little joys.

  609. Andrea says:

    I am inspired by my husband. He provides for us day in and day out and NEVER complains. It is a rarity to find someone who gives selflessly with the desire not to be recognized but to be a blessing to others.

  610. Beth says:

    The fall colors inspire me. I hope I never tire of looking at them.

  611. Lisa says:

    Today I am inspired by the men in my family. My son, who is flourishing in Kindergarten. What started off as a rough transition has slowly morphed into a fun-filled journey. And, I am inspired by my husband. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t appreciate the gifts that he has given me, two wonderful children and the opportunity to stay home and raise them.

  612. Stacey Vickers says:

    I live surrounded by walnut trees, in the middle of an orchard…..seeing the sunrise sneek past the trees every morning inspires me to be the woman God has made me to be…a better wife, mom, sister, daughter.

  613. LeannB says:

    I am inspired by Mckmama after reading her blog today. She is an amazing woman with great strength and faith. I will say a prayer for her and baby stellen.

  614. Leigh says:

    I am inspired by my teenage children who are working hard at school, sports, and jobs and continue to be great kids at home helping out and spending time with their parents.

  615. Sarah says:

    Down blankets on cool fall nights!

  616. Carolyn says:

    I’m inspired by my mother’s strength. She has battled MS for nearly 30 years with dignity and grace and I have never ONCE in my life heard her utter a word of complaint. She is my hero. :)

  617. Suzanne says:

    Lately, my cousin-in-law’s sister has been inspiring me. She has a premature newborn daughter in NICU and though the baby is fighting the truest of fights, she has the most amazing outlook on faith and life, in general. Reading her blog, talking to her sister and cheering on their family reminds me of my own blessings, which are great.

  618. Kristen G says:

    I am inspired by walking around campus and seeing the beautiful fall colors. I love to see my fellow classmates dressed in scarves, boots, and other winter/fall attire. It makes me long for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays!

  619. Chris P says:

    I am inspired by my daughter-she is only 19 but already a junior in college and will be studying in Italy starting in January.

  620. andie says:

    moms of disabled children inspire me daily to keep going, that i can make it, like they have, through these trying times in life. i love that there are those women (and men too, but mainly moms come to mind) who upon first meeting (whether in person or via their blogs) dedicate their lives to serving these precious children, who are not quote “normal” (whatever normal really is), but because of these disabilities in all their forms, have radically altered the way these women react to life in such a positive light. i like that i am like you in this way…’s not what i ordered or had in mind, but i’m so much the better for it and i’m much more aware and have empathy for others because i’m a mom to someone who is oober special :) hugs to you and your david.

  621. Sandra says:

    I might be a bit too late to participate in this giveaway contest…But I just wanted to share with you what inspired me today.

    I was looking back at the pictures of the children of Cambodia(where I went for a community service trip) and looking at their smiling faces and bright eyes. It just filled me with such joy, such hope that in the midst of all the chaotic rat race that we may be finding ourselves in, there are actually little things around in our lives that we tend to overlook. For these kids, it’s the privilege of being able to go to school, of having food to eat, of having books, pencils and a God whom they believe, trust and love so dearly. They do not have the money, neither do they have fancy clothes. But they are just so contented with what they have. This childlike innocence and faith that they have inspired me so, so much and I just wanted to share with everyone that when the going gets tough, take a step back and breathe…Often, you find yourself realizing that it isn’t that hard anymore.

    Just thought of sharing that (: Sorry if its awfully long!

  622. Martha says:

    I am inspired right now by how much yellow there is around my house. The leaves are the best shade of yellow this year. I like how God mixes it up year so that it is not the same year after year.

  623. I am inspired by people who share ideas and have such love and joy in their lives!

  624. Cara says:

    Well, I’m much too late for your giveaway, but I was so INSPIRED by your cute neck warmer that I had to run and get one today. Would you quit it with your great taste and fabulous Target finds?! 😉 First the cute yellow purse and now this? There are already far too many Target entries on the Visa bill, thank you very much :)

    As for aqua, I’m toying with moving a big old armoire that used to house our TV in to my kitchen and painting it aqua. Your photos may have sealed the deal.

  625. Virginia Hunting says:

    I am ispired by all things old ,used, loved, outside,etc. I have a brook on my property and eveyday I go down to see what has washed into my yard. Its like getting gifts. I love it. I find broken glass with smooth edges, round rocks. Its my special place and sometimes I make things out of what I find.Right now I have been working on a garden chandleier I am creating from an old bike tire rim and broken glass.

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