Taking Pictures.
I use a Nikon D40. It was my mother’s day gift last year and I love it! I do most of my editing in iphoto (for Mac) and do a lot of playing on picnik.com (amazing and addictive site!). I always use a vintage tone for my photos and lighten them a bit. Cropping can take a ‘so-so’ photo and make it amazing.


Hair Products.
I use the cheap stuff! ‘Totally twisted’ mousse by Herbal Essence and ‘ice shine’ hairspray by Pantene. I’m not afraid to use a lot of product LOL! And I use a diffuser to dry my hair.

How I Met My Sweetie.
Steve and I were both finished with our undergraduate degrees and living in Southern California. Our roommates were dating and we met thru them. They were taking a swing dance class and asked each of us to join–just for fun, not to set us up. Steve likes to say that he danced his way into my heart. Initially, I wasn’t attracted to him, but as I got to know him my feelings completely changed. My adivce is, if he’s a good man, give him a chance. I am so, so blessed to be married to Steve.


Most of my clothing comes from Target and Old Navy. I mean, they have GREAT stuff and it’s so reasonably priced. I buy more expensive pieces once in a while. I love Anthropology (I shop their sales) and we have a boutique near us called Poppy that is darling. Oh, and H&M rocks!!

Favorite Movies.
I like lighthearted movies. All the Jane Austen’s–new and old. Legally Blonde. Keeping the Faith (I love Ben Stiller, Andrew Norton & Jenna Elfman). Reality Bites. Can’t wait to see Twilight.

Where we Live.
I grew up in Southern California. We moved to San Luis Obispo for Steve’s job. We love it here and have no plans to leave soon. That said, I don’t know where life will take us!

Sharing the Journey.
i love it when you share your stories with me. I get emails and notes on orders all the time. It makes creating your jewelry so much more personal and fun. I made three necklaces for a young mom who was dying and wanted to leave a gift to each of her girls. That was very, very emotional for me.

My Faith.
The easy answer is I am a Christian. To elaborate a bit, I believe that I am broken and in need of fixing. It’s not something i can do myself. I need God. I need Jesus. When David was born I was completely devasted. I remember thinking there was no way I could pull myself up by my boot straps or have it all together. I couldn’t pretend to trust God. I had nothing. In that time I experience God’s grace and peace in a way I can’t explain. I believe my life is not about me–it’s about something much bigger.

Our Family.
We would love to have more kids and we’re trying! We’ve been trying for a while and so far, no luck. We are still hopeful and we’ll wait to see if we are blessed with more little ones.