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thank you for sharing your stories. and for being transparent. i read through the comments from the ‘bloom’ post with tears in my eyes and and a full heart.

i am so glad this blog is a source of encouragement to many of you. your comments and emails are such an encouragement to me! it seems impossible to chose one winner. i wish i could have lunch with each of you and give you a big hug and hear more of your story. how did you feel when you first got the news? how do you take those first steps after your world crashes down around you? when did the first inkling of joy break through the sorrow? we each have our own story, and it so amazing to connect with other people who have walked through unimaginable hurt and still have a song in their heart. the pain is still there, it will always be there, but the joy makes it bearable.

to be cut down, ripped apart and to BLOOM…that is a beautiful thing.
Beth, from brighton, Colorado is our winner. Here is her beautiful comment…

Hi Lisa,
This is beautiful and I LOVE your work!
My second son was born with multiple midline defects, and had some significant health issues as a little guy. After having a trach for 18 months, many many surgeries and years of therapy, he is a fully functioning, typical 10 year old now. Even though there are things that we need to watch him closely for, people would never know that trials that we have been through with him. He changed our viewpoint totally. When we realized that he was emerging from the seroiusness of his health issues, we decided to look into adopting a special needs child. We later adpoted a little girl (through the county court system) who has special needs, and silimar to our son, looks typical on the outside, although has lasting effects of severe neglect and FAS. My husband and I both never would have guessed that we would have adopted a child, let alone a child with special needs, nor had we ever intended to have a third child. Only God knows the plan, and we have been blessed to have been chosen to be a unique story in his plan. We just hang on for the ride and be ready for the next curve ball!
Thanks for your blog, I love it!!
Beth in Colorado

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