so david woke up with a major boogie nose this morning. my heart sunk, not because i was worried about him, but because i am so selfish! a sick kiddo means my schedule is out the window (i am a TOTAL planner, so this is difficult for me). it means lots of breathing treatments and decongestant. time spent snuggling when i might rather be more productive (i know, it’s time well spent, but sometimes it doesn’t feel productive…). this morning he had some medicine and breathing treatments (and a bath to get him all nice and clean) and he perked up and wanted to play. but we still need to take it easy and let him get lots of rest. these colds are much harder for him to kick than for most kids. so i need to get into slow-down-and-stay-home mode. i’ll put on my big, comfy sweatshirt and get ready to take it easy. i’ll make lots of his favorite vanilla pudding and push him less for the next few days. okay, let’s snuggle!