David is home ‘sick’ today (he has been fine except for the awful, 20 minute fits he’s having a couple times day with abdominal cramping. Apparently it’s a bug that’s going around) So, I took the boys to Morro Bay and we walked the path at the Cloisters to the ocean. It was sunny but chilly. We needed to get out and play a bit.

We got some good hand-holding and
back-pack snuggling time in. Put that tongue back in your mouth, young man!
Matty could have run and dug in the sand for another hour at least!

It was a beautiful walk!And we saw a snake! I’m sure it was harmless, but I didn’t stick aournd to find out.

The winner for the Family Tree Giveaway is Lindsey. Her blog is called Merry Christmas from the Thomspons. I was just reading thru some recent posts and felt so at home with her. She is beautiful and honest and I am so glad she won! Happy Monday!