last week david’s teacher mentioned that some of the ‘typical’ kindergarten kids were making fun of his small hand. now, rationally, i know that even kids with 10 fingers get made fun of, but inside my heart was breaking. why do kids have to be mean? it all makes me want to hole up in the house and never leave. we could order pizza and shop online, right?! but i’m trying to be brave. i know that it’s good for david to be at school with his peers. and i know that his peers will learn and grow from him.

today as we were walking to the car, three little girls from his kindergarten class ran over to give him hugs and say good-bye. it made my heart happy and gave me a little more courage for tomorrow. this little boy has brought so much joy into our lives and little by little, they’ll begin to see him, too. see past his small hand and see inside his heart.