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December 20th | older posts

it’s time to slow down. sleep more. drink hot chocolate. watch elf. talk with my sisters and mom. eat lots of desserts. snuggle my boys longer. reflect on christ’s birth. celebrate. what’s on your slow-down to do list?

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  1. Amy says:

    I’m looking forward to watching classic Christmas movies by the light of the Christmas tree in my jammies with my honey and a hot mug of hot chocolate. Ahhh, perfection.

  2. Sarah Markley says:

    You two girls and “Elf”. I love it too, but not as much as you guys! =)

  3. Kristen Borland says:

    ditto on that. what a cute necklace idea!!!!

    let’s see… snuggling for sure with my three men… talking with family… warm blankies, warm socks, warm pjs… some good old fashion fires in the fireplace… definitely some Christmas-y hot chocoa from Starbucks (sorry, Kristen J! Do you guys have Christmas-y hot chocoa?)… singing Christmas songs… thinking about Baby Ju-Ju (as He is known to our two-year-old) and His tremendous love for us.

  4. Kristen says:

    I like the new look on your blog!

    I’m looking forward to snuggle time with my kids, having a few days with no plans, playing games, drinking hot chocolate, doing some baking, and reflecting on the gift God gave us.

  5. Dandelions & Daisies Photography says:

    I love the new look on the page! And oooooooooh yes, if nothing else, you must slow down a bit and watch Elf!! That way your kids will know if it’s not the real Santa “he smells like beef and cheese” :)

  6. Dandelions & Daisies Photography says:

    I love the new look on the page! And oooooooooh yes, if nothing else, you must slow down a bit and watch Elf!! That way your kids will know if it’s not the real Santa “he smells like beef and cheese” :)

  7. lindsey cheney says:

    have more meals with friends! so fun to see you and catch up this morning. loved it!

  8. Laura says:

    1) I enjoy having my two young sons tucking in our bed for the night occasionally over my break from teaching. 2) Read books quietly including boys sitting and reading their books next to me with a huge blanket over us. If I am alone, I would take a chance to hop in a hot tub!

  9. Kelly says:

    Movies, hot chocolate, sleep!

    Yep, that is pretty much my “wind down” list! LOL

    Merry Christmas to you!

  10. Anna Willett says:

    stop and be truly thankful for what i have right now because i don’t know when it will be gone.
    and to shake the little box under the tree that i am sure is a lisa leonard bracelet.

  11. katarinasmama says:

    Watch “A Christmas Story,” snuggle with under our Christmas quilts, make more Boy Scout popcorn (a seemingly never ending supply when you have a Scout in the house), drink hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer and enjoy my little threesome…as we hunker down inside and stay out of the 29-degree weather here…Love the necklace…love those little birdies…Merry Christmas!

  12. Miracles says:

    A slow down list has never occured to me. I’m way too busy chasing two and a half year old twins around. But, it’s a good idea maybe that will be my New Year’s resolution this coming year.

    Thanks Lisa once again for a great job. I got my latest purchase two weeks ago and it’s PERFECT!!!!

    Have a great Christmas and an wonderful New Year.

    Merry Christmas,

  13. odomfamilyfun says:

    Hi. I have been trying to email you but it won’t let me for some reason. I have an order to place but can’t seem to get to you. Will you email me at and i’ll try to reply?
    Thanks so much.
    Brittany Odom

  14. Tia says:

    Eating chocolate truffles, reading new books snuggled up under a quilt, watching my daughter’s first Christmas with us.

  15. Shannon says:

    Just got the necklace that I ordered for my sis. It is beautiful! I am so excited to share your talent with my wonderful and deserving sister. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I’m not ready yet so I will save my “time to slow down” plans for when I can actually imagine taking a minute to breath : )Thank you again for helping to make our Christmas special.

  16. Holladay Family says:

    I love ELF too! My other favorite is the one where Ben Affleck rents a family for Christmas. I love Christmas movies! My way to slow down is to give people their presents in advance so by Christmas things are already done! I also like to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is…Hope, Love, Faith, Charity…etc…things that actually matter for longer than an hour of present openings…

  17. Robin says:

    today was my last day of teaching. i just need to slow down (period). i’m going to tidy my house, prep for a low-key family dinner on christmas eve, and give myself a fun craft project to do. ahhhh… quiet. love it!

  18. trinawalker says:

    I agree with it ALL! Take this time to slow down and relax..Merry Christmas to everyone!

  19. ebba says:


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