We had a fun, though short time at the hoedown. Matty had a a blast throwing his cowboy hat like a frisbee and yelling ‘YeeHAW!!’. David got some great snuggles and cruised around to visit and make friends. We had amazing hambugers and lots of cookies.

Once we got home and the boys were in bed I had a mini-breakdown that included tears and strong feelings of ‘I cannot change ONE MORE diaper or wipe ONE MORE boogie nose! I cannot pick up ONE MORE toy or do ONE MORE dish!’ Steve let me sleep in this morning and woke me up to chocolate chip pancakes and coffee And he did the dishes. I am feeling a little more like myself this morning–and grateful for an understanding husband! On today’s adgenda–let the house be messy, Target therapy, date night tonight. Maybe a load of laundry, if I can squeeze it in.