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a fun surprise…

September 11th | older posts

*edited*i added photos for those of you who asked!

while i was getting a pedicure today (it was wonderful!!) i was flipping through this issue of US magazine (i know, it’s kinda trashy) and stumbled upon one of my necklaces being advertised by a store that carries my wares. i’m a dork, so i had to tell everyone in the salon that my necklace was pictured. they were saying, “oh, you have that necklace?” and i’m saying, “no, i designed that necklace!!”. the ladies at the salon let me take the magazine home :) it was such a fun surprise!!i look a lot happier than kate & owen…
it’s the open circle design

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  1. Danielle says:

    Tell more!! What page? You should post it :)

  2. Christina says:

    That is awesome!!! I’m going to go look it up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw that too and they are marked up to $80 some dollars. Don’t raise your prices on us!

  4. Lisa Leonard says:

    it’s in the back under ‘shop-a-thon, shop these fab & fun styles’, page 110.

    mind you, it’s being advertised. it’s not like the magazine discovered me. but fun nonethless :)

  5. Joy says:

    lisa, that is so cool!congrats!

  6. Lisa Leonard says:

    i offer my jewelry at wholesale prices and let the retailer decide how they want to price each item. don’t worry, my prices are stable!

  7. Rachel Slagle says:

    How awesome!

  8. Karyn says:

    You are amazing!!! That is huge!

  9. Lara says:

    How exciting!! I would have had to tell everyone in the shop too!

  10. Anonymous says:



    Rita Correa

  11. Denise says:

    I agree post it!
    That is so cool! I’ll have to get to a beauty salon, or medical office, or worse grocery store check out, to find it if you don’t.

  12. Brianna Heldt says:

    hooray!! so exciting!

  13. Rojas' says:

    cool – I have to get that magazine now :} Shannon

  14. Becky says:

    You’re so famous! Congrats, very awesome!!!

  15. Brenda Williams says:

    Congrats! That is way cool and exciting!!!

    Just between you and me, Us mag is one of my indulgences when I want to just veg out an relax.

  16. Kristen Borland says:

    oh my goodness!!!! that’s so exciting! wow that must have been so totally surreal!!! :)

    proud to call you my friend, friend!!!

  17. Joy says:

    woooohoooo how cool is that.. I love the photos.

    dang… I really like that necklace… hmmm….

  18. DeLynn says:

    How fun! You would have been crazy not to tell everyone in the shop! :) Let us see the necklace, please–and also the one you have on–I am a sucker for ovals. :)

  19. Karen says:

    That is definitely cool!

  20. Ellen says:

    You are famous! I’m so excited for you. Don’t forget all the little guys when you become rich. Love you!

  21. BetteJo says:

    Wow! I marveled at the picture you posted when you had a stack of mailers to go out to the post office, but now this! I thought I had stumbled across a sweet little secret but apparently not!
    Congratulations! This is so exciting , good stuff does happen to nice people. YAY!

  22. Liz Moss says:

    That is WAY TOO COOL!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  23. beth says:

    that’s so cool!

  24. Sarah Markley says:

    No freakin’ way! (little tear running down my face..)! I am so happy for you!

  25. Stacy says:

    right on!

    BTW, I was stalking my long list of blogs tonight and noted your necklace was shown at “Celebrity Baby Blog” too!!

    …and sorry that I did not read the comments to see if you’ve already been told this 20 times. It’s late and I’m too tired!

  26. michele says:

    Lisa…you’re famous!! That is amazing!!!! I’m bummed I didn’t see that issue (remember how US Weekly is my guilty pleasure). Really fun!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    very cool, so glad I have so many of your creations. Congrats on the pedicure, you so deserve it.


  28. Susan Slagle says:

    How cool is that!!!!! Awesome for you!!!

  29. Teresa says:

    that is so totally cool! I’m so happy for you. Now I can brag even more about how talented you are. Congrats!

  30. Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    That is so fun!

  31. Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    That is so fun!

  32. crafty moi says:

    Yay, you! That is wonderful.

  33. Andrea says:

    something cazy I noticed your design in the previous weeks us weekly yes I subscribe to this mag.
    and I actually tore out the page so I could scan and email to you.
    congrats how great this must feel.

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