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a bunch of sickies…

January 15th | older posts

so matthias and i both got david’s cold. steve’s still fine. we just laid low today–napped, read books, watched a lot of videos, ate soft foods, like, yogurt, pudding and mashed potatoes (we can’t be bothered to chew) and just mellowed out. here’s a couple pics of the boys tonight. steve and i got into a very competitive game of barrel of monkeys. matty wanted to play but he cheats–so we disqualified him (i know, it was his birthday gift, we should be more gracious!) and david scooted around with one sock off and a grubby sweatshirt. hope you are all well and more productive than we are!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Lisa! You’re so funny. I’m sorry you’re too sick to chew. My nose and throat are still bothering me. It’s tough to teach percents when your head is all clogged up. Sorry David had only one sock and a grubby sweatshirt. Maybe when Mommy is better he can wear clean clothes. Matty–don’t cheat!

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