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more spring break and two lucky winners!

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chrissie and i met up in carpinteria with the kiddos yesterday.  they had fun running around, wading in the ocean, looking for trains. climbing trees and eating pizza for lunch.  we tried to cram in as much sister time as we could between each 10 second interruption. but it was wonderful.  so, so wonderful.

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and finally, winners for the mama necklace… email me your addresses, ladies, and we’ll get these out to you!!  congrats!

sarabeth from ‘the dramatic;  rambling monologues’ and

ashley at ‘the path less traveled’.


and if you didn’t win, but you still want one-use code ‘mama09′ for 15% off your purchase. code is good this week only!

happy wednesday!!

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  1. sylvia says:

    congratulations to the winners!-i’m so jealous! isn’t it the most beautiful necklace you’ve ever seen?! i’m going to start dropping hints with my husband and see if i’m fortunate enough to open one up on mothers day!

  2. Roban says:


    Your necklaces are so beautiful. I’m determined to have one of my own, although I have to wait a while before I can order one. Maybe if I e-mail the link to my husband…. Mother’s Day IS approaching.

    Great that you had some sister time. Aren’s sisters such a treasure!


  3. Ashley says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never won anything!!! Then last week I won a workout DVD I had been really wanting and now this awesome necklaceI fell in love with!!!!!!! That is so awesome….God even thinks of us in little things…we don’t always win, but we know he is always doing things for us. Thank you Lisa!

  4. Kimberli says:

    Congrats to the winners!!! Enjoy your beautiful necklaces!!

  5. Congrats Ladies! What a fab prize!

  6. angie says:

    Matty and that cape! HAHAHA! SO cute!

  7. Chrissie says:

    It was such a great day, and the pics are A+mazing!

  8. Sarabeth says:

    Wow – thank you SO MUCH! My sweet friend called me before I even had a chance to see this and we both screamed at each other for about 15 minutes, we were so excited. I love words, love love love them – and of course I love jewelry. Thank you for being so very generous…

  9. […] was talking about this.  Which I won! Because of some wonderful, generous artists. A beautiful kindness as unexpected as the miserable […]

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