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10 years today

July 24th | older posts


and i’m so glad you’re mine!  happy anniversary babe!!

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  1. karyn says:

    Congratulations my dear friends! Lisa, remember 10 years ago this summer when we first met at Leffingwell summer school and were talking about wedding plans…fun memories! Love you both!

  2. Susie Harris says:

    Oh happy day to you both!

  3. Sara@iSass says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Must say that shirt really makes your eyes stand out! What a sweet pic of you two.
    ENJOY your day!

  4. Kori says:

    How sweet! Congratulations to you 2!

  5. Joanie says:

    Happy Decade! Quite an accomplishment!

  6. Chrissie says:

    Happy 10th you two.

  7. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations you two!! Peter and I will celebrate 41 tomorrow. Tonight we went to the Madonna Inn with friends who’s 33rd is today – that’s 74 years of marriage—-PRAISE GOD from whom ALL blessings flow!!!

  8. Linda Z says:

    Happy Anniversary! You look like you were made for each other! :)

  9. Megan Boragine says:

    thankful for each of you individually, and for who you are together :) blessings.

  10. Mary Mohler says:


    and speaking of weddings: i’m in a wedding tomorrow and i’m planning on wearing the “lots of love” necklace. I will try to get a picture and send it to you :) love you!!!

  11. Kim says:

    Congratulations – we clearly need to see some wedding pictures! :)

  12. Melody says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  13. Teresa Carlile says:

    OMG! I’ve never seen Steve look so much like our dad! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Denissa says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Have a great day together :)

  15. Teresa says:

    Happy anniversary! Great photo. Save it for the 50th wedding anniversary slide show!

  16. Erin says:

    Ah, Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to both of you and here’s to many more wonderful years and memories! :)

  17. Lori says:

    Congratulations – what a beautiful photograph – here’s to many more years of marriage!

  18. Laura Root says:

    Congrats! Marriage is wonderful! We celebrated 10 yrs. last month!

  19. Heather Prins says:

    beautiful beautiful picture!

  20. Denise C. says:

    Congrats! I just celebrated 5 years with my husband June 15!

  21. Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary! I guess we got married 10 years ago, only a few days apart. We got married on July 24th. When is yours?

  22. lisa says:

    yep, we’re the 24th too. happy anniversary laura!

  23. angie says:


  24. Corinne says:

    Happy Anniversary! hope you enjoyed your day :)

  25. Emma says:

    Happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on July 24th!

  26. Tina says:

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

  27. julie says:

    Happy 10th! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary weekend!

  28. Lisa says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  29. Linda says:

    Happy, Happy Day to the two of you! I hope your day was very special and rememerable!

  30. Deni says:

    you too make a beautiful couple! happy anniversary :)

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