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winners! {yippee!}

January 10th | jewelry

our two lucky winners for the word of the year necklaces are

nicole {simply created by cole}

and deni troxclair who has an insane story of loss and healing on her blog.

ladies, email me your word and shipping address to

{{congrats ladies!!}}

11 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Congrats to both winners!!!!

  2. Congrats ladies!! I’m so happy for you Deni, you so deserve this!! xx

    I’m so bummed. I tried to download the comment page about five times for the giveaway and my computer just wasn’t able to load it!? It does now though! lol

    I would have picked the word “journey.” It’s been quite the journey the last few years of my life, but God gently leads the way, always.

    Lisa, it is so wonderful of you to do so many giveaways. You have a very BIG loving heart. :)

  3. Nicole says:

    Thank you Lisa!! I’m sending you my information. Thank you also for the kind and sweet words.


  4. Jenny says:

    Congratulations to the winners!!

  5. Thank you thank you!! I’m so excited!!!

  6. Marcia says:

    Congratulations to the winners. I just received my items today. They’re beautiful!!!

  7. Southern GAl says:

    yay for the winners!

  8. Jen says:

    Congratulations, winners!

  9. Jen C says:

    I think it is such a kind gesture that you give these away. Very generous on your behalf. Congrats to the winners….

  10. Anne says:

    The winners will love their prizes. Thanks for the fun; it’s always interesting to read the responses.

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