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January 8th | jewelry

yay for the weekend! we have loved the overwhelming response to this year’s word of the year necklace! have you picked a word for 2011 yet??

and this weekend we are giving away TWO word of the year necklaces. just leave a comment and tell us a word that’s inspiring you for the new year.

blog it tweet it and facebook it for extra entries. please make sure to leave a comment for each entry!


and if you want to shop this weekend, use code myword2011 for 15% off your order. expires sunday at midnight PST. happy weekending!


1,307 Responses

  1. LC says:

    My word for 2011 is simply “happiness” – something I lost sight of during 2010…..but here’s to new beginnings (always) and happiness.

  2. Valerie Page says:

    My word for this year is heart. I am going to make an effort to eat healthier and exercise so I have a healthier heart. My dad died of a heart attack at 45 years old ( I was 51/2 at the time, so I have always been scared of having a heart attack too) Heart also because I want to put all my heart into longer lasting friendships.

  3. Molly Byrd says:

    My word for this year is patience, which we all know, is a virtue : )
    Love your work and your blog! Thank you!

  4. Celeste says:

    My word this year: pause. – to remind me to stop & enjoy all of the little blessings that I receive each day.

  5. Sandi says:

    My word for this year is BELIEVE…….I want to believe that anything can happen this year for me…..
    Happy New Year…..

  6. Sonya says:

    My word for the year is “enjoy”! I just want to relax and enjoy life instead of being down about things that I could be down about.

  7. This is my first time doing One Little Word, though I’d heard of it before. I chose the word REAL–to be fully aware that every choice I make is because it’s my authentic choice. Not out of fear or obligation or a need to look good :) I’m creating my Real 2011 :) Thanks for the chance to win! I really do love this necklace!

  8. Rachel says:

    Cherish – a reminder to love each day, the good and the bad because there are so few we get to enjoy and spend with our families and friends.

  9. sary stroll says:

    “imperfect” is the best word for me this year. i struggle daily with trying to be more than is humanely possible for me. even though everything screams at me that i’m imperfect, i need to teach myself that it’s okay to be imperfect – that i am human – that God has more grace than i have sin.

  10. Word for 2011: connect
    to develop deeper connections with… God, myself, friends, family, community… and I’m sure others will make the list as the year goes by :)

  11. Sonya says:

    I also tweeted about the giveaway! (mrs_mcj)

  12. Rachel says:

    Tweeted the giveaway

  13. Garilyn says:

    My word for the year is consistency. I want to be consistent in all areas of my life…exercise, eating healthy, Bible reading, homeschooling, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    blessed.mama4 at

  14. Garilyn says:

    shared on fb- Garilyn S.
    blessed.mama4 at

  15. Meredith says:

    My word is for the year is intention. I plan to live my life with conscious intention in everything I do. My plan is to have thought behind absolutely everything, from a detail as small as putting my coffee cup in the kitchen when I’m finished with it to thinking through my words before responding to my teenage son.

  16. Jen says:

    my word this year is blessed – just a reminder of how blessed I am and to always look for the blessings and not the frustrations in any situation

  17. Garilyn says:

    blessed.mama4 at

  18. Laurie says:

    My 2011 word is Faith. I’m in nursing school and I must have Faith in order to get through this rigorous program. I know I can with the Lord and having Faith being a daily reminder will help me get through the good and bad times.

  19. wendy says:

    Last year I needed to learn to believe the truth about myself; this year I’m going to do something about it!!

  20. Alyson says:

    Love these! My word for 2011 is STRENGTH. 2010 was rough – got diagnosed with really rare disorder after becoming temporarily paralyzed and in the hospital for a month, away from hubs and 4 mo old daughter. I’m focused on becoming physically and mentally stronger each day. This would be an awesome daily remainder.

  21. Shannon says:

    Wish. This is our life! Wish is all over my house. My daughter is a make a wish kiddo. Wishes do come true!

  22. Meredith says:

    I tweeted and facebooked.

  23. Denise says:

    My word for 2011 is FAITH…having faith that this is going to be a good year…having faith that God will bless with with another grandchild…and of course my FAITH in our Lord and Savior…

  24. Denise says:

    I also Facebooked ….

  25. Alyson says:

    Just tweeted, too!!

  26. Kim M says:

    Simplify…less stuff, less distractions will make for a happier me.

  27. Well, I am still mulling my word over……I have several narrowed down and I am just listening hard and looking around to see if one outweighs the others……My word is likely to be GROW. I want to grow as a parent, as a woman, as a wife, friend, sister, artist, writer, photographer.

  28. My word for this year is MOVE.

  29. Rachel O. says:

    My word for 2011 is “balance.” (I can be reached at greatnarf [at] gmail [dot] com)

  30. I just retweeted. @lauraparingdown.

    :) Laura

  31. melissa says:

    my word for this year is three words actually, “let it be.”
    thank you for the chance to win!

  32. I facebooked this giveaway: Laura Dockery Lyon

  33. Laura says:

    My word for the year is balance. I pray that God can help me find balance in my many roles…so that I can do each one of them to serve Him.

  34. liz says:

    I SO want one of your beautiful necklaces. I’ve wanted to buy one for my word: LIGHT, but I just can’t spare the cash right now. Thank you for offering this giveaway! Your work is so inspiring.

  35. Judy says:

    Been thinking about this… I think my word of 2011 will be FOCUS. I get so easily distracted, forget about what is most important, and I need to remember that in 2011. Family, friends, life, home, religion, etc!

  36. Rebecca says:

    My word for this year is “Better”. I want to be a better wife, better friend, better sister, better daughter… I feel like everyone can be better, and this necklace has really inspired me to work on myself this year.

  37. My word for 2011 is Abide & Sacrifice.

  38. Katie says:

    “new leaf”

  39. Kelly says:

    My word for the year is Patience. I am the director of a Extended Care program for a Catholic school. My “kids ” range in age from kindergarten to 8th grade. When I read about this idea, I thought that it would be a perfect activity for them to do. We made a bulletin board that says “One Small Word.” Each of them wrote their word on a star. Their words are now up on the wall for everyone to see. They love looking up to find their word. Needless to say,they are very pleased with themselves. I’ve even had a few kids who don’t come to Extended Care ask if they can put their word up there. Of course , their words are up there also.When I asked them what they thought my word was, they guessed : “Courage because you have to have a lot of that to want to be around all us all afternoon”.

  40. Tweeted (by @Melissa_Rae)

  41. Melissa orsak says:

    I tweeted it.

  42. deezie says:

    I love this post, how fun to see what everyone says:)
    I was going to say (Believe) but I changed my mind. I will say my word is (Joy) I love them both though.

  43. Cindy says:

    breathe, just breathe

  44. Ashley says:

    My word? Momma. My son just learned how to say it & it’s the best word in the world!

  45. Andrea says:

    My 2011 word is: SIMPLIFY because I think I definetely need to do some of that this year!

  46. Ashley says:

    Retweeted! @Ashley_Gurski

  47. My word for 2011 is MOVE! Love your designs!

  48. Bethany Rogers says:

    My word for 2011 is awe. In the whirlwind of life, I so appreciate the awe inspired moments (from waking up to a wonderful husband and precious daughter to seeing a night time sky filled with stars). I want this year to be filled with those moments that lead to a constant awareness of God.

  49. Melissa orsak says:

    Posted it on facebook too

  50. Krista says:

    I tweeted! @krilper

  51. Southern GAl says:

    Grace. Love the necklaces, Lisa. As always.

  52. I just posted on my Facebook of your great site! Thank you!

  53. chris says:

    My word is “create” all though I love imperfect and grace too

  54. jenn says:

    my word is love because i think it is the most important thing i can give to anyone.

  55. Bethany Rogers says:

    Posted to Facebook 😉

  56. Karen Johnson says:

    My word this year is FOCUS. It has many meanings for me. First I need to foucs on what’s important and let the other stuff go (my word was almonst LET GO) there are more important things than how the dishwasher is loaded, as long as the dishes get clean!!Next I need to focus on the day to day and enjoy every minute of my 6 month old & 6 year old…they grow so fast. Last, I need to foucs, just focus – be in the moment and get stuff done – especially at work so our business will flourish this year. Thanks for the giveaway…your work is beautiful :)

  57. sue white says:

    My word for the year is JOY

  58. Prudence says:

    My word this year is grace. I was blown away the other day when I visited your shop and saw the One Word necklaces and the one featured was grace. These are beautiful.

  59. I love the one that says “grace”. God’s grace is simply amazing.

  60. Maryanne says:

    My word for this year is GROW. There are so many opportunities for growth in my life, I’m trying to take advantage of them!

    Thanks for the chance!

  61. kara f. says:

    my word: intentional.

  62. Paige says:

    My word for this year would be joy. What a joyful year this will be!

  63. Cori says:

    my word is GRACE. I need lots of it and need to give lots of it!

  64. Prudence says:

    Tweeted also (@prudychick)

  65. I am going to re-tweet your tweet about this great giveaway!

  66. How lovely! My word is DECISIVE.

  67. Cori says:

    I tweeted! @corifraser

  68. Cori says:

    and posted to facebook!

  69. Maryanne says:

    Tweeted the giveaway @bagelcreations

  70. Cathy says:

    implication is my word for 2011. Giving some of my time is important to me and I hope I can help in a few different places…

  71. Alina says:

    My word is GROW, grow in my faith, grow in being a better parent, grow in numbers as a family hopefully.

  72. Critty says:

    My word for 2011 is Freedom. It is something that God has been working on in my heart for a while…I cannot wait to see what amazing things He does :)

  73. katie says:

    My word for the year is Simplify.

  74. my words for 2011 is story. i want to live a good story and be intentional about my time, my money, and my relationships.

  75. Marilyn says:

    My word is BELIEVE

  76. Paige says:

    My one little word for 2011 is BALANCE.

  77. Michelle says:

    My word for the year is the same as usual; Strength.

    I also posted on Facebook.

  78. Critty says:

    I tweeted! (@crittyjoy)

  79. karen says:

    my word is : create.

  80. Critty says:

    I facebooked (Critty Joy Blog)

  81. Carrie says:

    DISCIPLE…Each day I need to me reminded of who I belong to and who has claimed me! As a DISCIPLE of Christ I am reminded of who I am and what my purpose is. Not always an easy task but a daily reminder!

  82. Angie says:

    My word will be “create”. Seems cliche, but for me it encompasses much more.

    Thank you

  83. Heather says:

    I need some hope right now as we’re getting ready to move and do not have another house lined up.

  84. Allison says:

    My word for 2011 is ‘breathe’.

  85. I want to make sure I am intentional about what I do … so my word this year is Why?
    Which means I will also often ask the opposite also … Why Not?

    Wouldn’t a necklace with Why? on one side and Why Not? on the other side be sooo cool!!

  86. Karen Johnson says:

    facebooked: Karen Bishop Riede

  87. Michele says:

    My word is diligence.

  88. Mrs. V says:

    I always try to remember the same word every day. “free” I am truly free in Jesus Christ and that defines everything.

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  90. Amy says:

    My word is PATIENCE! Something I need with 2 little boys!

  91. jodi says:

    My word this year is “simplify.” :)

  92. Abbey says:

    My word is savor. Love the necklace!

  93. Abbey says:

    I tweeter: @abbeyviolet

  94. NicoleB says:

    My word this year is courage, I really need it.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  95. Christina says:

    My word for 2011 is LISTEN. . .I want to take time to really listen to those around me and enjoy the sounds of nature as well.

  96. Lisa B says:

    The first word that came to my mind was…. Faith.

    I found mine this last year and it’s only going to keep getting better….

  97. Carri Leete says:

    peace. my word of the year is peace. I hope to have some peace this year. With a rebellious teenager getting ready to graduate, I’m looking for peace this year in our home. I know it could be lots worse, but I also know it could be a lot better too :)

  98. Kathy says:

    My word for 2011 is THANKFUL. I want remember every day how good God has been to me and my family. God is good…all the time!

  99. faith sheehan says:

    My word is : faith. My goal is to have more of it this year.
    Faith that God wil answer my prayers. Faith that things
    will work out with my husband’s job. Fatih that our family
    will be Ok through these tough economic times.
    This is my favorite necklace of all !

  100. ktek says:

    It’s neat to see all the different words people resonate with. My word: peace.

  101. Sarah says:

    My word for 2011 is: simplify.

  102. Laura Leighninger says:

    My word for the year is discipline. I need it in so many areas, but most especially being disciplined about being a disciple. Notice how those two words are intertwined? I must make time for my relationship with God to grow, just as human relationships take time and investment. My “secondary” word (I’m a terrible decision maker) is restore. I’m looking for God to restore my passion for Him, my joy in serving Him, and my contentment with where I find myself in life.

  103. curts_girl says:

    My words for 2011 are: PATIENCE and ALWAYS. They both are very important words in my life right now… we are caring for a terminal parent and everyone involved needs the Patience of Job and not everyone has it. The word Always is also an important word with different meanings to probably everyone, it has many to me… I will always love you (even when you are gone), Always persevere, There is always a new day tomorrow, my next group pf students could Always be worse… LOL … and the list goes on.

  104. Tricia says:

    My word for this year will be “breathe”, because I have been having real difficulty with that this year. My doctor says a lot of it is stress-induced, so I have to learn to live my life so that I can breathe. When you can’t breathe, it becomes oh so much more important to you!

  105. GretchenG says:

    “Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget that, until the day God deigns to reveal the future to man, the sum of all human wisdom will be contained in these two words: Wait and hope.”
    -The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas

    That’s pretty much my favorite quote, ever. And I think “hope” is my life word. But for this year: “wait”. I don’t usually have a hard time hoping, but I feel like God is ALWAYS asking me to wait. So this year, I will wait.

  106. Cait says:

    My word is definately patience for so many reasons, none of which I’m all that happy about.

  107. Katherine Uhler says:

    I will have to say my word for 2011 is “Words”, actually
    it is going to be the focus for our family, I have the passage from Ephesians 4:29 written on our blackboard in our dining space. That our words will be like little silver boxes with a bow. Words that edifiy , and impart grace. Maybe the word should be “Edify”

  108. Carolyn Zimmerman says:


  109. Heidi says:

    My word for this year is joy. I need more of it!

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  111. Rachael says:

    This is my first year hearing about & using a Word of the Year & I love this!

    My word for 2011 is *ALLOW*

    I *allow* myself to move forward, make mistakes, be slow about it sometimes, be successful, surpass my fears, acknowledge my feelings & needs, know I am worthy, achieve my dreams…

    I’d be so grateful to have one of your necklaces to remind & support me.

    I’m also taking Ali Edwards “One Little Word” class!

  112. Kathy says:

    Just posted about this on Facebook.

  113. Jessie says:

    My word for 2011 is patience. Patience with my kids, husband, at work, and everywhere I go.

  114. Maryanne says:

    Just posted on facebook!

  115. Sheryl Saovie says:

    Productive, because last year I wasn’t.

  116. Jennifer Fast says:


  117. Kelly H-Y says:

    Patience is mine … but I also love Grace (which has patience wrapped right into it!).

  118. Tara says:

    Grace……because by grace through faith I am saved!

  119. Linda says:

    I love your necklaces and my word is grace this year!!! I’d be nowhere without it and think this sums up my life perfectly!! Going to facebook now!

  120. My word for 2011 is EVOLUTION…as in the gradual development of something…like peace, contentment and clarity.

    Happy New Year Lisa!

  121. Jessica says:

    My word for the year is becoming. After 4 years of trying to become pregnant, my husband and I finally are! So this year is about me becoming a mom, my husband and I becoming a family of three, our lives becoming something different and wonderful! So many changes, so this year is all about becoming…and I can’t wait:)

  122. Christine says:

    Grace or peace

    My mom passed away in July and finding grace and peace in my daily life is something I have really been working towards!

  123. erika says:

    my word is less.

  124. Anna G says:

    My word for this year is embrace. I want to embrace where I am, the people who are in my life, and the circumstances the Lord has prepared for me (even if they are difficult).

  125. erika says:

    i just posted on facebook!

  126. Nancy Lefko says:

    COURAGE is my word for the year; to approach all the new circumstances in my life with bravery and courage….love your new pendant; just a beauty!!

  127. @fromthecompound
    Tweeted too!

  128. MichelleF says:

    trying to decide ….. discern, cherish, joy, current …. I need to be more aware. I want to cherish every moment & every member of our family. I have been looking for (and finding!!) joy in any & every way I can. I want to be current in the moment with my husband, my children, family – not taking anything for granted & not thinking about everything else when they need me to focus on them! There’s another one – focus….

    loving your designs!!

  129. Kathy R. says:

    My word for this year is BLESSED … as I reminder of how blessed I am in so many areas of my life since it’s so easy to focus on insignificant things that sometimes cloud my view. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful necklace.

  130. Nancy Lefko says:

    I tweeted :)


  131. Abbey says:

    My word is gratitude. A reminder for how grateful for my family, our health and well-being. The reminder that “the more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful”.

  132. Jan says:

    My word for the year would be “grateful”. I know it’s kind of a common choice – but I am SO blessed and to be reminded to be grateful every day is something I need.

  133. Donna says:

    WISDOM – I need it! Wiser choices with time, finances, etc.,

  134. Jan says:

    THRIVE – the last 3 years of “2 under 2″ I’ve just been surviving… it’s time to thrive!

  135. Rachelle McGlinchey says:

    My word this year is ‘patience’. I look forward to reading your blog every day… so inspiring :)

  136. Kathy says:

    Just Tweeted about the weekend giveaway!

  137. Ingrid says:

    My word this year is hope and all ready I’m in awe of the hope I’ve found – what a blessing!

  138. cathy says:

    ENJOY now and with what you have. Thats my word for the year.

  139. Nicole H. says:

    My word for this year is SIMPLIFY. I want to remember to think about and do things in an uncomplicated way!

  140. April O. says:

    I LOVE your new word of the year necklace.

    My word(s) fall in the same category. Trust and Obey; it is just like the old hymn says. Trust + Obey= Grace.

  141. Rhonda says:

    I am loving this necklace! Last week I signed up for Ali’s class! My word for the year is create. I want to create more meaningful time with my family AND then take the time to document/scrap those moments. I also want to create a more warm and inviting space in our home. Definitely going to order this necklace as a daily reminder of what I truly hope to focus on this year. Thank you for the inspiration Lisa!

  142. Sandy says:

    I can’t decide between ‘Hope” and “thankful.” Beautiful necklace. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  143. Mandy Kirk says:

    My word for the year is CALM, I tend to get stressed easily with my three boys, one of which has special needs. And I just need to learn to calm down and take deep breaths and work through the problem at hand.

  144. laura says:

    my word of the year is intention. i want to be more intentional in my relationships, how i spend my time, and my school work. it is hard to do, but so worth it!

  145. christine says:

    hmmm that is tough to sum it up to 1 word… I think I need 3 words: “It is well”

    Blessings to you!

  146. Mary says:

    My word for the year would be LAUGH. I don’t think we laugh often enough and it is supposed to be the best medicine!

  147. Karen Johnson says:

    Tweeted: @kariede

  148. April says:

    My word for this year is dream. We’re planning on starting our family this year, as long as the Lord will allow. :)

  149. my word for the year is EMBRACE. embracing all that is possible, all that i have, and all that is my past. :)

  150. Laura {{* *}} says:

    Without a doubt:


    {{* *}}

  151. Kelly says:

    My word is choice. I am so excited to see what this brings this year. I would absolutely LOVE one of your beautiful necklaces! I must say Lisa, you are one of my most favorite blogs. I love your photographs, your design style, your calm nature, and your ability to show your authentic self. As a mother of a special needs child myself, I appreciate your transparency. Life is hard sometimes, but we can CHOOSE to make it better! (hence my word of 2011, choice!) Blessings to you!

  152. Sophia says:

    Assurance. At the start of the new year, my church picks stars from a basket with a word on it. The mission or goal is to try and use or be that word for the year. My word was assurance. When I looked up its meaning, I couldn’t have picked a better word.

  153. Meredith says:

    My word this year is blessed. Money is tight right now, and it’s easy to feel “needy.” But I am so overwhelmingly blessed: we have what we need, I have a wonderful husband and son and another son due next month. We have good health. God has been so gracious to us. We are truly blessed.

  154. Danielle says:

    I am struggling to commit to one word….but I think I like JOY: which would represent so much….Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, Self 3rd along with the Joy of being present in my relationships (rather than multitasking) and the JOY of doing/going. I am by nature a happy person but I want to bring more joy to others and myself! I LOVE your little word necklace thanks for the chance to win one!!

  155. Charity says:

    My word for 2011 is “Bliss” because after many unhappy years I am finally living my Bliss!

  156. April says:

    tweeted it :)

  157. Tricia says:

    I also tweeted your give-away at!/Konosmom

    Your jewelry is so unique. Thanks for hosting a give-away.


  158. Janet says:

    My word for 2011 is believe. Love the necklace!

  159. sydney says:

    I have adored this necklace since I saw it posted last week, and I have definitely heard of and been a fan of ONE WORD. Yet, I wish gowiththeflow could be rolled into one word. Actually seeing it typed like that, I kind of like it, and it has some rhythm and meaning behind if you think about. Who knows, maybe it will stick, but I suppose if I truly have to pick just one, I am leaning towards TRUST – that everything turns out as it should even if we don’t know why.

  160. Suzi says:

    My word for the year is serenity. Life happens but I’m choosing serenity this year or I know I’ll miss out!

  161. Mindy says:


    I think we all need a little more empathy.


  162. Teri says:

    “Genuine” I hope to be genuine in all things I do this year.

  163. Melanie Claire says:

    Beauty. I want to see all of the beauty that is in my life and remember that imperfection and mistakes and can be beautiful opportunities to learn and grow!

  164. Suzi says:

    I tweeted @gutsygrace

  165. kaley smith says:

    work on relationships and restore ones that need restoring

  166. Jen H. says:

    My word for 2011 is Contentment. I’ve just had my second child (after a long battle of infertility) and am so happy and blessed that I finally have my family of four. Life is wonderful! Thank you!

  167. Julie says:

    I’m working on being “intentional” at spending time with my kids and loving my husband.

  168. Suzi says:

    I posted on facebook

  169. Megan H. says:

    The word that I would choose would be ‘Faith’.

  170. Margaret T. says:

    My word for the year is GRATEFUL. I recently read somewhere that gratitude on a daily basis mean we express appreciation for what we have NOW without qualification for what we had in the past or desire for the future. That is what I would like to strive for this year.

  171. Melinda A. says:

    A word that I plan to live by this year would be: Hope.

  172. Hollie Ann Flansberg says:

    Although I am usually adverse to change, I am looking forward to it this year because it is so needed. In the last 13 months, I have lost my father and my job has changed drastacally. I am embracing any change that gets me out of the fog that I have been living in.

  173. Sheri says:

    I am focusing on the word “ignite” for 2011 . . . I want to “ignite” my relationship with God and continue to “ignite” my love with my family.

  174. Sheri says:

    Retweeted your tweet! (nwgeorgiagirl) Thanks!

  175. Allie says:

    I love your jewelry. There are so many words I’d like to pick, but the “Trust and Obey” comment (love that hymn) reminded me of a hymn my sister and I always sing together. At our church’s annual Homecoming service, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” is always sung, and we make sure we are standing next to one another so we can sing it together. So my word would be “Wonderful Grace”. I so blessed to have an abundance of it in my life!

  176. Megan says:

    The word that would be special on a necklace to remind myself of a special thought everytime I wore it would be- Grace

  177. Sheri says:

    I also posted about the giveaway on FB!

  178. Sonja says:

    Forgive…so I remember to love unconditionally and forgive those who have hurt me and pray I will be forgiven for past wrongs too! Love your work! xoxo

  179. rhea says:

    my word is imagine!!!! can’t wait for a cure for my anna!!!! i can so imagine her running and talking!!!!

  180. kristen self says:

    my word for the year is faith… to better my relationship with the Lord.

  181. Beth says:

    Praise…My word is Praise. To Praise my Father well, with an attitude of gratitude no matter what. I ordered your open circle braclet back in nov. & had that verse put on it. I have worn it everyday. Love it!

  182. Ashley says:


  183. Julie says:

    My word is…moment. As I have watched 2010 fly by and my kids grow up before my eyes it makes me realize what a single moment can mean. So this year I want to make sure to savor the moment, whether it be perfect or imperfect. Also trying not to sweat the small stuff, giving me more time to enjoy everyday moments.

  184. Amy says:

    I would choose “blessed”. My life is so full and God is so good. I lost sight of that a little in 2010. This year I need to be better about not taking things for granted.

  185. the veg meg says:

    i think my word for the year is going to be Energy. energy to live my life the way i should be instead of the way i feel i “have” to because of being tired and bogged down by things that don’t matter.

  186. Alice C. says:

    My word this year is confidence :)

  187. Cheryl Bach says:

    It’s hard to pick just one! But I would say that “innovate” is the one I would pick.

    Love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Karena says:

    Oh this is too wonderful!!

    Lisa I will say for 2011 it is JOY!

    I want to bring someof it into everone’s life I encounter.

    Art by Karena

  189. Therese says:

    My focus of this year is my “faith”. I’m working harder than ever to build a real relationship with God and have faith that His plan for my life far exceeds my own.

  190. Lin says:

    My word for 2011 is persistence.

  191. Kathryn says:

    My word for this year is grow. I want to grow in several areas of my life and work. Already ordered my “grow” necklace but would love another. Love this necklace!!

  192. Jaimie says:

    My word of the year is CONTENTMENT. I struggle with contentment in every aspect of life. So, this year, that is what I’m working on:)

  193. Lola P. says:

    My word for this year is PACIENCIA which means PATIENCE!! Very nice necklace :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  194. Kortnie says:

    My word for the year is definitely patience!

  195. Jennifer says:

    My word is blessed because I need to focus on the good in my life and not be bogged down by what I don’t have.

  196. erica says:

    my word of 2011 is Faith. something i am working so hard on having.

  197. keri says:


  198. Bevie says:

    My word for this new year is “listen” I’ve been learning to Listen to God and practice what He tells me.
    Will Blog it, then post it to facebook
    and twitter

  199. Lola P. says:

    I Facebooked it :-) Thanks

  200. kate says:

    BALANCE. keeping it all in perspective.

  201. Sylvia says:

    This new necklace is beautiful! My word of the year is “bliss” – it’s wonderful once you are feeling blissful in your life!

  202. Jacqueline Jones-Blacker says:

    My word is most defanately “intention”, it is my intent, to live my life with intention.

  203. i would choose “blessed”.

    thanks for the chance to win!

  204. Kelli says:

    My word is “try.” Too often I’m scared to do something because I don’t know the outcome. So this year, I’m going to try to do what I know I should do, try new things, and try to not feel guilty if I don’t reach my goals.

  205. Alison says:

    Live the word and the necklace!

  206. Judith says:

    We are embarking on domestic adoption after heartbreaking losses of our babies.
    My word is Hope. My husband’s word is Joy.

    After I read you posting about word for 2011, I put it on my blog. It’s empowering.

  207. Erin says:

    My word is blessed ….truly stopping to realize the blessings in my life instead of worrying about the little things that don’t matter :)

  208. Joy is my word. Beautiful necklace!

  209. Danielle says:

    It took me a second to think of a word. I had a bunch floating around my mind, and suddenly one jumped out at me with completely clarity: Rejoice.

    2010 was the hardest year of my life. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and another condition, and felt like my life was put on hold.

    Habakkuk 3:17-18- “Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.”

    No matter what situations or circumstances I face, I know that God is God and God is good. My life may be a “mess,” YET I will REJOICE in God my Savior!

  210. Chris H says:

    My word this year is Discover.

  211. Christine Aldinger says:

    think my word would be Proud…….my hub is a very hard worker and a wonderful provider…my oldest son is with a girl who has a family so he has taken in a extended family…and my youngest is getting married this yr so yep Proud would be my word

  212. amy says:

    i have been waiting for MY WORD to fall out of the sky right into my lap…and it hasn’t yet ; ) i am almost positive my word is “conquer”….just waiting on verification from something…or someone…anyone…

  213. Suzanne says:

    My word for the year is either joy or delight. It’s easy to get caught up in the to-do’s and the day to day grind. God desires that I delight in Him and that I would have Joy because of Him… I need to be reminded of this daily. A necklace would surely help in this way.

  214. Tina says:

    My word is EMBRACE. I chose it because there are so many facets of my life that I need to embrace rather than push away. Your new necklace is so lovely.

  215. Michelle says:

    My word for this year is “Peace ” We have been trying to get pregnant for 2 and a half years and it has been a struggle emotionally. We are going to a dr. and hopefully figuring stuff out but I have decided that whatever the outcome I will have peace about it.

  216. ellee says:

    i’m thinking about “mercy”.

  217. Rebekah says:

    I’m thinking “MINDFUL” and “PRESENT” for 2011. I’m also trying to be these things!

  218. Kerri says:

    My word is PERCEPTION.

    If you see the bad in it – it’s bad. if you, see the good, it’s good. And regardless, He sees everything,
    He is the God who sees me, even in my darkest moments.

  219. Andrea-Elena says:

    My word for 2011 is “potential,” whether noun or adjective. It goes along with my life word: “illuminate” (and I have your chandelier necklace with “illuminate” on it, Lisa). I see my life being about illuminating the potential of others and of myself. “Potential” also points to Luke 1:37: “Nothing is impossible with God.” ‘Cause it’s He who brings what is potential of our potential to reality. And the word has roots in the Latin term that means “power.” So… it’s a word jam-packed with significance! =) The design of the necklace complements the word — simplicity that belies something more profound but at the same time highlights it.

  220. Allie says:

    my word is “delight” for oh so many reasons. Thank you for doing this giveaway!!

  221. anita roth says:

    I love love the new necklace!!!!!!!! The word I would pick for my
    self would be grace-god gives me unmeritted favor each day which
    I soo don’t deserve!!!


  222. Denise B says:

    my word is patience.

  223. denise says:


    can’t choose…i suppose i want to dwell in Victory.

    like this design.

  224. Kerri says:

    I Tweeted! kerrimann17 Kerri Mann
    Word of the Year Necklace GIVEAWAY @lisaleonard Designs!

  225. Sabrina says:

    Thankful. I want to be thankful of my life, my boyfriend, my job, my health… I want always be thankful.

  226. Denise B says:

    tweeted. xo

  227. Lisa says:

    My word is JOY!

  228. traci says:

    Lisa- My word is: believe or blessed…love them both!

  229. Joy says:

    I haven’t really thought much about a word, but if I had to choose right now, I think it would be “believe”.

  230. Judy says:

    My word for this year is simplify. applies in so many ways.

  231. Jo says:

    What a brilliant giveaway!! :-)

    So ,any inspiring words out there… I picked ‘nurture’ for this year…well, ok then – it kind of picked me! Nurture my son, nurture my relationship with my husband, burture my creativity, nurture my spriritual self… ah, the possibilities!!

    I love your blog by the way…. especially What I Wore Wednesdays – tons of inspiration! Thank you!
    – Jo (UK)

  232. brooke says:

    my word this year is journey. for so many reasons! love your work!

  233. Michelle says:

    “Serenity”. Lord knows I need it.

  234. My word is Strength. Our daughter is going blind, and we have started a foundation for a cure. So we need extra strength this year.

  235. Julie says:

    My word for the year is BALANCE. This is what I need to work on every minute of every day.

  236. Kerri says:

    I Facebooked it!
    Kerri Mann
    My word is PERCEPTION 😉

    weekend giveaway {and sale!} – Lisa Leonard Designs Blog

    26 seconds ago · · Like · Comment · Share

  237. Tami Kaufman says:

    My word is “VICTORIOUS”

    I will be victorious with God’s help through 2011. Halfway through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

  238. Paige says:

    My word would be simplify! I tweeted @PaigePerez.

  239. Julie says:

    My word for 2011 is: CREATE

    I find myself in an unexpected, incredibly painful place in my life right now. I chose CREATE to remind myself that I need to create something new and wonderful for myself and my children, and that 2011 can be whatever I make of it.


  240. Christie says:

    My word would be Trust for the year to remind me to trust God in everything as our family just moved across the country and only had 15 days to pack and prepare. I would also give the necklace to my sister as her husband was just told he might have cancer and all she can do is trust God in all of it.

  241. Katie Snow says:

    My word for this year is “patience.” Struggle with that at times with three little ones!

  242. Christie says:

    i facebooked it!

  243. malissa says:


  244. Leanne says:

    my word for 2011 is love…good luck everyone…and thank you lisa for the wonderful giveaway! xo

  245. Jenny says:

    Mine is “grace” to remind myself that God loves me always even when I don’t deserve it and also for me to love and forgive others even when they may not deserve it.

  246. Mistykinz says:

    My word is “Resolve”

  247. My word of the year is cherish!
    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  248. PURPOSE… That is my chosen one little word for 2011. It will require personal reflection, focus and simplifying. It will be about analyzing my life and determining how the pieces fit together. It will be making sure that this year’s journey will have purpose.

  249. I just tweeted it! I am @soccermel

  250. Lourdes says:

    I’d choose gratitude, or grateful.
    The necklace would make a beautiful reminder
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. renee says:

    My word is “cherish” for me to remember to enjoy every minute I have with my loved ones.

  252. Sarah says:

    My word is less. Less stuff, less worry, less food, all of which will make room for more of the good stuff.

  253. Susie says:

    “Hope” -after the loss of our son in 2008 & sickness in 2009 I am ready to move forward. I am asking God for HOPE.

  254. kathy says:

    ONWARD, that is my word. But the word I love is GRACE

  255. Kelly says:

    My word for the year is persistence. I am in the worst shape of my life (severely overweight) and I am trying to make changes to my life (eating and exercise) that will improve life for me and my family. That is going to take a lot of persistence in overcoming pain, tiredness, laziness, etc when it would be so much easier to fall back into old habits. I want to persist and become the woman God has made me to be!

  256. Sandy A says:

    My very favorite is GRACE and my second is BLESSED…they both say everything to me…

  257. Gina says:

    Love- that would be what I would choose !
    Thank you Lisa , for the chance !!!

  258. Brianne says:

    my word for 2011 is fly.
    I have spent the last five years learning who I am and growing my wings
    in june 2011 I will graduate with my elementary education teaching degree and spread my wings and fly.
    can’t wait for the changes and excitement this year will bring! it is my year!

  259. wendy6 says:

    LOVE is my word for 2011… I have many changes coming up this year, and I need everyone involved to know how much I LOVE them!

  260. Lana says:

    My word is ‘choose’. I choose joy… I choose kindness…. I choose to be thankful….I choose….

  261. Kelly says:

    Oh I would love a word of the year necklace…
    my word is
    balance. I hope to balance being a mom, teacher, runner and wife.


  262. Kelly says:

    I blogged about my word…it is a pretty funny story about how I cam to it!


  263. Kelly says:

    I Facebooked about my word word of the year.


  264. Michelle says:

    Brave….I knew back in September…

  265. Amy K. says:

    mine is… “be.” I need to and want to learn more and more to “just be.” Thanks for being so generous… with your business, your life, your encouraging words. I appreciate it!

  266. Denise C. says:

    I never win anything, I have 2 words for 2011:
    -let go

    Yes, I know that is technically 3 words, but, let go goes together.

  267. Joan Brown says:

    My word would be HOPE.

  268. Mrs B says:

    My word is …. ‘faith’

    Not a word related to religion but more the fact I have faith that everything will be alright in my life and faith that my family are safe and happy.

    Thankyou so much Lisa for the chance to win such a generous giveaway.

    Mrs B

  269. My word this year is Heal.

  270. kelly says:

    Mine is “be still” I would love to win this for a friend of mine though.
    One friend’s is: “relentless pursuit”
    and the other friend’s is: not sure of an exact word, but the idea is to “seek the will of the Lord.”

  271. YBeltran says:

    My word is “care”…care for self, family, health, others. I also had my students pick a word for 2011 and the beauty they revealed is indescribable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  272. JD says:

    My word is “Outrun” — I’m going to continue to outrun all that is distracting me from my focus on God.

    My best friend’s word is “Victory” — this will be the year for victories for her, and she and I, will run across that finish line together, stronger for the marathon of life.

  273. nancy says:

    So many good “words” that all these ladies have chosen- I enjoyed reading throught the comments. My word that I chose for this year is the word “SHINE” for many reasons. I love the necklace.

  274. maggie b. says:

    Not sure if my word should be Lucky … or Thankful

  275. nancy says:

    I put it on my wall on facebook

  276. Megan LaBelle says:

    My year for the word is Grow – I want to grow in my career, as a person, and we’re hoping to grow our family this year. :)

  277. Jess says:

    My word is…be. I want to be intentional with each day that the Lord gives me.

  278. Morgan says:

    I would choose Grace. Not only because love what it means and I hope to have a year of grace, but it’s also my daughter’s middle name.

  279. Amy Coose says:

    My word for this year is ‘focus’. I want to focus on doing more and being better. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love your jewelry!

  280. danielle says:

    my word of the year is blissful…for my baby girl, my husband, my family, and my God. (it’s also the name of my blog, how fitting :)

  281. rachel says:

    my word is joy. i want to find it in everything i do and show it to all around me!

  282. Lissy V. says:

    I also retweeted :) @helloLissy

  283. cate says:

    I think my word of the year is better. it’s so hard to choose!

  284. AmyR says:

    I haven’t given much thought to this until this week but the word ‘peace’ keeps coming up in my mind. I just discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading it!

  285. Sarah says:

    my word of the year is thankful. to be thankful in spite of struggles/trials that will come. thanks for the giveaway! i’d love this!

  286. amelia says:

    My word is-Speak. Speak up. Speak out. Speak when i want to be silent. Speak to strangers. Speak to friends.
    i already feel it changing my life!

  287. Amelia says:

    mine is “patience” – I seem to be lacking it lately, especially towards the ones I love!

  288. Naomi says:

    “clarity” to see my future & stay focused, but also to illuminate the joy & blessings of day-to-day life…naomi :)

  289. Fearless. I have spent too much of my life afraid. What will they think of me? What if I’m not good enough? What if I fail? this year I will take risks, I will love recklessly, I will soak up every sweet and glorious moment of this too short life!

  290. tara says:

    I’ve chosen the word simplify. Simplify my life so I can be more present with my three daughters and husband!

  291. Tiffany says:

    My word of the year is “redeemed”… this is a year of newness and changes and I need to remember that I’m a new creation and the past is behind me, the future before me always.

  292. Ashley says:

    My word for 2011 would have to be “always”. Always am I loved by my Saviour, Always will my Lord be there for me, Always will He help me, Always will he comfort me, Always will I be His… and so much more. Just remembering those things makes me realize that no matter what the situation He always knows what is best.

  293. Dena says:


    Believe in myself. My abilities. My talent.

  294. Susanne N. says:

    i’m really struggling with what i want my word to be this year.
    in the past my words have been “involved” (be involved in each experience fully) and “act” (don’t just think of things but act on them).
    some of the ones i am choosing between are:
    i guess if i win i will need to decide!!

  295. Krista says:

    My word for 2011 is “accomplish”. I want to get things done, mentally, physically and spiritually. Amen!

  296. Adrianne P says:


    Our family has been through alot recently
    and we are refocusing on each other. I absolutely love these necklaces!

  297. Linda says:

    Because last year was hard for my son who has Cystic Fibrosis, my word for the year is Breathe. And my saying to go with it is, “Life is not measured by the Numbers of Breaths we take, But by the moments that Take Our Breath Away”

  298. Janae says:


  299. Sonja says:

    That has been my word for many years. It is for my husband who would give anything to just be able to breathe normally. I also need to sometimes remember to just slow down, calm down and breathe.

  300. Julie says:

    “onward” is my guide for 2011.

  301. FoxyMomma says:

    My word for the year is “discipline”… Want to be disciplined in reading God’s Word & prayer time. Disciplined in our finances & spending. Disciplined in exercise & eating healthier & portion control.

  302. Erin Jensen says:

    Funny enough, we have the same word. I chose grace in December for my word this year. My daughter was born last year with a rare brain malformation and I want to be reminded that I need to be graceful and have God’s grace upon me more than ever! Thanks for the giveaway.

  303. jenn says:

    my word for the year is really two: focus forward. want to be more present, less distracted, and i want to go toward the future and stop dwelling in the past. isaiah 43:18-19 The Message

    i facebooked this: jennifer nahrstadt

  304. Nicole says:

    Hi Lisa,
    My word for this year is, “Hope.” The hope that is found in Jer. 29:11. Hoping in the plans God has for me. Hoping in the future He has for me. Hope in the wait.


  305. Mindy says:

    My word for this year is JOY. I need to get back to finding the simple joy in the every day things. I want to stop going through life with a heavy heart and have a happy, JOYful heart instead!

  306. Lori says:

    My word is “blessed” because I am truly blessed by God in every aspect of my life. :)

  307. KaraM says:

    Dream: to remind me to dream big and take chances to accomplish those dreams!

  308. PamJ says:

    My word for this year is ‘new’ as in new baby! new start, new and fresh take on old things…
    my post about it:

  309. Ali Hedrick says:

    Smile! It’s so true that smiling is contagious :)

  310. Kristin M says:

    Peace – to have peace, to relay peace, to rest in His peace

  311. Nicole says:

    I tweeted:
    Have u shared your word w/ @lisaleonard ? I have! Enter her fabulous giveaway here

    Thank you Lisa.

  312. FoxyMomma says:


  313. Jenny says:

    blessed….that sumsit all up. Nothing else matters!

  314. Jeannine says:

    My word is TRUTH – hoping the truth really does set you free!

  315. Katie:) says:

    I’m a senior in high school and will be going out into the world all on my own this coming fall. I think this word sums up this year pretty well.

  316. Shelby says:

    My word is Delight!!

  317. Heather says:

    LoVe your blog!!

    My word for 2011 is *believe*! This last year has been filled with my divorce and the death of my mom. I have to BeLiEvE this year will be better for my sweet lil’ men & I! Good things come to good people!

    Thanks for the fun contest!!

  318. DebbieW says:

    My word for the year is patience, with a little one running around the house I could use as much as I can get!

  319. Sherri says:

    I’ve been really trying to pick a word. I love the word journey…so even if I don’t win…at least I have a word now!

  320. Shelli says:


  321. my word is “create”

    but it comes with a condition: BUT BE PATIENT!

    Thank you for offering this, Lisa.

  322. Amber r says:

    My two words are family and joy. Family since I have a new baby girl and joy since I need to stop and appreciate all the little joys in life.

  323. @bbgoad says:

    my word of the year is “give”

  324. Mary M says:

    My word for the year is still. Watermark sings a song called “Still” and the words have given me so much inspiration to “be ok with the quiet in my heart.” I want to slow down this year and seek God and allow myself to hear His voice.

  325. kori says:

    My One Little Word chose me- EMBRACE. 2011 is going to be a big year for me and my husband- we’re expecting our first child in April. A lot of change and unknown ahead- I too often get caught up in “what’s next” and what I need to do that I miss out on being in the moments (moments I will never have back) I want to EMBRACE each day and seek out the beauty and everyday blessings they hold. I also want to EMBRACE the things that will matter in the end and stop driving myself crazy with things that don’t. To live with purpose and intent and being present in the moment!

  326. My word is “trust”. Trust in the Lord with all thy heart (proverbs) It’s such a struggle to have teenage boys but I’m learning to trust that the Lord will take care of them. This is need to be reminded of everyday.

  327. K Hutchinson says:

    Oh my heavens I would be over the moon if I won! My word for the year is TEEM :)

  328. William says:

    My word’s for the new year are: FOCUS and HARMONY

  329. sheri says:

    “trust” is my word!

  330. Diane H says:

    my word is Inspire!

  331. teresa b says:

    I keep thinking of my word and the one that keeps speaking to me is – be still or trust.

  332. Anna D. says:

    My word is Determination.

  333. Chelsea says:

    Last year was evidenced by being undisciplined in life and paying the consequences.
    This year I want to be more disciplined with a schedule, school, parenting, etc!

  334. Kelly says:

    Hi Lisa!

    My word of the year is “imagine”. Imagine all of the possibilities to come in 2011!!

    Stop by my new photo blog if ya get the chance! :)

  335. Kelly says:

    My world is always

  336. Lynn says:

    Beautiful necklaces! Just a reminder you are missing some much-needed hyphens….Word-of-the-Year necklaces. :-) so it doesn’t read Word of the Year-Necklaces, which it could without them. Love your blog.

  337. Linda says:

    My word is “lucky” because that is what I am. Thanks Lisa.

  338. My word for 2011 is “blessed”!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  339. corinne says:

    My word will be one of these – still deciding: focus, clarity, or root(ed). Thanks for the chance to win! xo

  340. How exciting! I would LOVE to have some of your jewelry, it’s all so beautiful! My word for this year is ‘Serenity’! HUGS! ♥

  341. Jen says:

    My word for 2011 is focus – focus on now, on God, on going forward and not looking back.

  342. kristy arden says:

    My word for 2011 is “peace” Praying that the Lord would give me a Peace that surpasses all understanding, in all things and that the Lord Lord would just bring Peace to our nation. We need Peace!

  343. kristy arden says:

    I am a Fan on FB!

  344. shared on facebook (Cindy Brooks)!!/SomeLuckyDog/posts/117130711693455
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  345. connie says:

    I would use the word {dream}….
    Love everything you do!

  346. Kathy C. says:

    Reach is my word! Gonna challenge myself to reach my goals this year for my business! Yay!

  347. Kathy C. says:

    Tweeted! Thanks, Lisa!

  348. Charmaine says:

    So many words
    BUt in the end it had to be “breath” . Life gets overwhelming doesn’t it. I need to remind myself He doesn’t sent me stuff I can’t handle so just breath and appreciate all the blessings even the ones that don’t feel like it at the time.
    Loving your blog Lisa. Thanks for the photos, thoughts and inspiration.

  349. Stacey Aplanalp says:

    My word is LOVE:)

  350. Andrea T. :) says:

    My word or at least my focus for 2011 is “intentional” … trying to be intentional in all I do. To stop and think before I just jump and do.

    Happy Weekend!!

  351. {grace}
    i need to give more of it to others and save some for myself….

  352. Sandy Andres says:

    Grace – I like that word – it encompasses all….

  353. Sharon says:

    My word is Grateful…..and I truly am

  354. Dianne says:

    My word is refresh. I’m refreshing my body, refreshing my home, and refreshing my relationship with my family.

  355. Sarah Sharp says:

    I wasn’t going to pick a word for they year, but as my husband and I were discussing some goals and challenges in our lives, the word JOY kept floating to the surface. So we enrolled together in the Ali Edwards workshop at Big Picture Classes, and opening up to all the ways JOY can infuse our family in the new year. Thanks for creating these lovely necklaces, Lisa!

  356. Pammy T says:

    my word for this year would be “gratitude”. i want to always be grateful for my many blessings even in the face of hardship and trial. i want to keep my focus on what i have instead of the what-ifs that tend to make me crazy. and lastly and most importantly- because i feel like i have been given a second chance in 2011. 2010 i got some scary news about my health and to make a long story short thought i would be having brain surgery. but in december was told that “no surgery for now- will just wait and watch. what incredible news! i have much to be grateful for and i want to focus on that daily in 2011 and always. after last year i realize more than every that every day is a gift along with the precious people in it and to be grateful for each and every one!

  357. Ari says:

    My word for the year is “listen.” I want to listen to what is going on around me, instead of rushing through life. I need to listen to God more and reflect and act upon that.

  358. Sherry says:

    My word for 2011 is focus. I lost my focus last year and seemed to be going through the motions…not this year!

  359. Kori says:

    I havne’t commited to one word yet. I’m thinking about calm or balance.

  360. Jennifer says:

    My word for this year is ‘yes.’ Simply saying ‘yes’ to all the things I know are beneficial for me, but I’ve been scared to do for a long time.

  361. Sherry says:

    I facebooked the contest and linked back here to your blog! :)

  362. Amy B says:

    My word for the new year is “balance”. It seems that I always struggle with that and then lose my “focus”, which could easily be my secondary word! Thanks for the fun contest!

  363. Carrie says:

    My word is relish – I want to relish in the beauty of my 2 girls, the love of my husband and the chance at a new career of photography that I have ventured into.

  364. Michelle says:

    My word of the year is “joy”. I love your beautiful jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win a piece.

  365. LeeAnne says:

    My word for the year is “beauty.”

  366. kimberley says:

    word of 2011: fascinate

    i want to LOVE everything i see, do and touch. smell, read, listen to. bake, cook and glaze.

    2011 is going to be an amzing year, fascinating to all!

    kim xo

  367. Kristi Anderson says:

    My word for 2011 is patience. Already this year God has tested me. My dad just survived a triple bypass yesterday and we are headed into unknow realms of recovery and future, but thankfully with the man we love and adore. My young girls are growing fast and we all know parenting in this day and age is difficult even with the best kids in the world. I definately need patience daily!
    I need patience this year! Patience to let God help me in all things and see the beauty in life.
    Have a fabulous weekend friends!

  368. Sherry says:

    Woot! Tweeted about it too! :) (@libraryfanatic)

  369. My word for 2011 is grateful. At night I remind myself to write down two things I was grateful for. Each day I look at the entries that I have written and it makes me happy. When the day becomes stressful, I remind myself of all the good people, things and events that are in my life!

  370. Nancy Hamilton says:

    My word for 2011 is FAITH!

  371. Joy says:

    There are two words that come to mind.
    the first is JOURNEY just because my life as I knew it stopped in July 08 when we experienced the death of our firstborn grandbaby Jay… since then I have walked a journey that I could only walk because God was with me!
    The other word is BELOVED because it was during this time God loved on me in new ways, and made me realize that I was his beloved! And – He is mine.

  372. Lindsay says:

    I sinply cannot decide between “InTheMoment”, “ItIsWell”, and “Chosen”…

  373. Shauna Lobre says:

    WOW!! I think I ma number 264!!!!!

    My word is GRATITUDE of course after my blog and my wish for life
    I want to express MORE of it, BATHE in it SPREAD it!!!

  374. Shauna Lobre says:

    Just tweeted as nocnurse12!!!!!

  375. Emily says:

    The word for this year is adventure. My husband and I are likely going on an 11 month missions trip to 11 different countries… quitting our jobs and putting ourselves out there to help people and have our own adventure. I am scared.. but hopeful. Maybe my word should be hopeful? Or “blessing” or “journey” or faith-walk! :)

  376. diane says:

    “Forgiveness” I am overwhelmed by the Lord’s forgiveness of my sins and pray I can begin to live by the example of forgiving those who have sinned against me.

  377. Naomi says:

    mine would ‘be.’ something I have forgotten …. to learn to just be! be yourself, be in the moment, be happy :)

  378. I have two. Grace and Joy. Grace – that I may know God’s grace in my life this year in a new way. and Joy – after losing my brother, want to fully be able to experience the joy of the Lord and my kids.

  379. sarita says:

    my word for this year is Sarita. After the death of my husband a year and a half ago i am learning who Sarita is again. I also love the word Grace..God’s love for us is so full of Grace.
    thank you for a chance to win a piece of your lovely jewelry.

  380. My. Word. Is. Possibilities.
    I want to remember that anything is possible for the Lord.Also, as a newlywed, there are so many new things happening in my life and I know this year will be a year of many possibilities!

  381. Genevieve says:

    My one word is “embrace”. I’m embracing the present moment and the imperfect me,

  382. Ben says:


    You should have seen my wife the day she gave birth to our little (well big! 9lbs 6oz!) daughter. She is a warrior!

  383. Erica says:

    My one word is BALANCE. I have such a hard time trying to balance all my roles- wife, mother, veterinarian, friend, etc

  384. Robin says:

    My husband and I made a decision that from now on, we are a”no drama” family. Don’t get me wrong, there is always drama in everyday life, but we don’t have to be involved with people/things that will drag unnecessary drama into our lives. So, if I had to narrow it down to just one word, it would be “CALM”.

  385. Beth Brown says:

    My word for the year is faithful because I know God is faithful no matter how I feel or my circumstances and I want to be more faithful and trust in His promises!

  386. Jaime says:

    My word would be “purposeful”. I want this to be apart of my life with my husband, children, and work as a homemaker, and also my walk with the Lord.

  387. Caiti says:

    My word for the year is “cultivate.” It is a very intentional word, rooted in care and thoughtfulness while still being focused on growth– just the kind of thing I need this year. :)

  388. Tiffany says:

    Love the necklaces! My word would have to be JOY!

  389. Kristen says:

    My word of the year is “canvas” – to allow the Lord to write and paint the story of this year & my life.

  390. Jaime says:

    Also facebooked this:
    “If I was to buy the newest style of Lisa Leonard necklaces, the word I would choose for it would be “purposeful.” I want all areas of my life to be purposeful!”

  391. Keshet says:

    My word is believe. I would LOVE to win this!

  392. Jessica Y says:

    My word is becoming. I should always be growing, even if ever so slightly. I should always be changing and becoming more like Christ.

  393. kindness, I need to show it more, and seek it out:) I think we could all use more kindness. love you Lisa

  394. Victoria says:

    My word is Journey. It has so much meaning for us right now. My husband is starting a new business venture; we are hoping to adopt and I always need reminding both that enjoying the journey with my husband and kids is the most beautiful part and that God knows what path he has planned for me.

  395. Jenna B. says:

    My word for the year is “ADVENTURE”. I don’t want to be dull and boring this year. I am a new Mom and I want to go out and explore with my Daughter and Husband. I normally just enjoy my work and church activities; not this year though, I am going to do things I’ve only hoped of doing!

  396. jodi says:

    The word that I would chose to inspire me for the next year would be love. It is what holds a family together, gives people hope and makes the world go around. Where there is love true love there is peace.

  397. golonghorns says:

    I would choose the words CELEBRATE and JOY!!!

  398. Crystal says:

    I love the idea of having a word of the year, and know what mine should be: PEACE. I know that sounds a bit corny & cliche, but I’m expecting my second child in March, hoping for a successful VBAC, and “Peace” is one of my cue words for hypnobabies. Plus, I need to learn to find peace within myself.

  399. jodi says:

    Just did a post on facebook about the giveaway.

  400. Lisa says:

    My word for 2011 is Heal. I’d love to wear it around my neck for the next year.

  401. Lydia says:

    HOPE. In Christ…not my circumstances. Praise God for the gospel and the hope of being in Christ!

  402. Shelly says:

    My word for 2011 is Blessed. I have 4 healthy kids, I get to stay at home, my husband is employed. Just so many blessings I’m thankful for.

  403. Jennifer says:

    I was thinking of going with “simplify” but now I’m thinking “content”. We’ve relocated three times three years (we’re back where we started) and I’m just not settled at all being back in Australia (I’m from the US). We didn’t want to leave Texas as quickly as we had to, and I begged my husband to find another job so we could stay; he didn’t. So I’m on a mission to find that contentment, and my purpose, back in Australia.

  404. Christine says:

    ‘listen’. want to listen more to the holy spirit to what God is speaking to me about, to my children and husband. stopping and listening changes perspective on many things.

  405. Hannah says:

    My word for 2011 is humble.

    I long to love humbly, ask humbly, and live humbly. My savior humbled himself and carried a cross, and I want my life to reflect his humble charater. It’s real and loving.


  406. Kelsey Tritabaugh says:

    My word for 2011 is Breathe and I would love to have it on this necklace! Love the connection between two of my favorite creative women in the blogging world!

  407. okay, i never really think my chances are good for your giveaways because you get an insane amount of entries (which also makes me so happy to see!), but i really want this one! i’ve been thinking about my word for the past couple of months and was having such a hard time picking one. then a friend told me her word this year is “believe”, and while i hate not being original and coming up with my own word, i’m kinda thinking i’m going to copy her. i really, really like it, and it seems to fit my life right now.

  408. so I think my word for this year is simplicity. Beautiful stuff (btw)

  409. Elizabeth says:

    determination … because I am determined to lose weight and be healthy this year.

  410. Lauren says:

    journey is definitely hitting home for me! We are leaving this week to meet our son in Ethiopia for the first time. We’ll bring him home next month and then comes the journey of parenthood… we can’t wait!!!

  411. Amanda says:

    My word would be “joy.” I’ve really been making an effort to find joy every day, especially in the little things.

  412. Tania says:

    Word for 2011 is Strength, only through Him may I be strength

  413. Tanya says:

    Would LOVE to win a LL giveaway! Right now my word is [Trust]. Need to stop thinking I need to have it all together and TRUST that He already has it all planned out for me!

  414. maggie says:

    trusting…..I am a year and a half away from graduating from dental school and being a real dentist….I am TRUSTING that God will provide me with my requirements, TRUSTING that God gives my hands the skills to treat my patients with the best care, TRUSTING that God knows what’s best for me when it comes to what dental specialty I should go into, TRUSTING he knows what’s best for relationships, and TRUSTING that He has a perfect plan that He is constantly revealing to me. Yes, I would definitley go with trusting. :)

  415. Tiffany says:

    My word is either “Endure” or “Live”. In the summer of 2009 my husband was training for a triathalon. While cycling, he was rear-ended by a truck traveling approximately 60 MPH, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. The past year and a half has been a continual process of learning and adjusting. My hope and prayer for 2011 is that this will be a year of life and restoration.

  416. Marian Smith says:

    My word is TRUTH, to remind me to live in the truth and light of my savior…

  417. karlee shirelle says:

    my word of the year is BREATHE.

  418. Robbin says:

    Heaven…. “Look to Heaven in 2011″ is the motto I came up with for this year. Heaven where I will no longer have the health problems I have. Heaven where I will have the PERFECT body. Heaven where I will see the family I’ve been missing. Heaven where there will be no more pain, heartache or evil. Heaven where we will live eternally with the Lord. Heaven where He is waiting to show me my new home and have the “bestest” party ever!

  419. amy says:


    I am attempting to run my very first half marathon in april. It is my word.

  420. Jen says:

    My word for this year is faith. My husband is preparing for a 13 month deployment overseas, and I am going to rely on my faith to help us get through our time apart. Faith that he will be safe. Faith that our relationship will remain strong. Faith that I will be able to handle raising our two little boys while he is away. Faith that those same two little boys will understand and accept his absence. Faith will get us through – day by day.

  421. Lisa says:

    My word is “happiness”. I hope this year is filled with happiness for everyone!

  422. Anneke B. says:

    my word is love. to remind me to love my family unconditionally, no matter what.

  423. Judi says:

    My word of the year is grateful. We have so much and should always remember to be grateful for it.. Life truly is a gift.

  424. Brittany says:

    My word for the year is “survivor” I’ve been through a lot, but I need to remind myself its in the past, I’m stronger now and I made it through.

  425. Kelly says:

    My word would be “surrender”, I need to learn to surrender every moment to the Lord.

  426. My word for this year is HEALTH – really recommitting to taking much better care of my body and my husband’s as well!

  427. jackie robinette says:

    My word is faith. My mom is undergoing chemotherapy right now and our faith gets us through knowing God is in control so we don’t have to be.

  428. melissa says:

    Compassion. Not just for people I like, but also for those I don’t. ** Thanks for the fun chance!

  429. Susan B says:

    My word is – tranquilo – my son said it to me one day & I thought he was right, I should “chill”. I love the word, how it sounds & what it means to me. I try to remember it all the time.

  430. Mama2Four says:

    My word is Grace. I need to give myself more Grace!

  431. Katie d says:


  432. Holly says:

    Journey, definitely. Though the commenter above who said “heaven” makes think about that one, too. I love that sentiment, look to heaven in 2011.

  433. Crystal says:


  434. Sarah C. says:

    My word: Believe. We’re facing a stressful situation in our lives right now; I need to believe the promises that God has given me!

  435. Kelly B. says:


  436. Kris Arizmendi says:

    My word is “grateful.” Every morning, my 2yr old girl comes into our bed and says,”snuggle with me,mommy.” I get to put my arms around her every morning and smile to my husband at the same time thinking in my head that I’m completely “grateful” for each day.

  437. MichelleF says:

    I’ve decided my word should be “laugh”….to remind myself to laugh at myself & with my children!!


  438. Becky says:

    My word for 2011 is ‘truth’ to remind me to turn to God’s truth when satan is shooting his darts of doubt my way. My mom’s word for 2011 is ‘listen’. My dad is on a heart transplant list and my mom has been totally selfless for 14 months as she has cared for his every need. She said that this year she wants to make sure she doesn’t miss any opportunity that the Lord gives her so she wants to ‘listen’. We call her Sweet Mary and you would too!

  439. Linda says:

    I can’t narrow it down to one – faith, acceptance, love

  440. Jayne says:

    My word would be greatful or thankful. I just retired from a job I have loved for 36 years and co-workers that were extraordinary. I am greatful now that I will be able to spend more time with my beautiful children and grandchildren, do some of the things I have always wanted to do and I will have time to give back to my community.

  441. Carmen says:

    I have chosen two words of the year for 2011. They are hope and believe. I have a a lot of hope and belief that things in several areas of my life will change this new year. I dropped a hint to hubby since Tuesday will be our 25th (silver!) anniversary!

  442. Kendall says:

    My word for 2011 is nurture. My husband and I are having our first baby in June, and I am focusing on nurturing myself and resting up during my pregnancy. And, of course, once the baby is here I’ll be focusing on nurturing my little Nugget!

  443. carrie says:


    After losing my Mom and Mother-in-Law last year I am looking forward to a year of peace.

  444. Taylor says:

    My word would be thankful. As I reflect on my life, my freshman year of college, my family, and the Lord’s forgiveness, the only word I can baffle is thankful.

  445. carrie says:

    Can’t tweet but just emailed your website to all my friends. Beautiful jewelry.

  446. April Hunt says:

    Wow..I’m still not exactly sure, but the closest word that feels right is Abide.

  447. Shannon says:


    To remind myself that while I’m a geek at work, I’m also an artist in my own time. :)

  448. April Hunt says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  449. Erika says:

    Smile . . . sometimes I need to stop being so serious and just smile!

  450. April Hunt says:

    I shared it on facebook!!!

  451. Shannon says:


  452. Shannon says:

    Posted it on Twitter. :)

  453. Jayme Hudgins says:


    I tend to be better at forgiving others than forgiving myself. Sometimes I just need a reminder to be more gentle with myself.

  454. Heidi says:


  455. lizibeth says:

    both “joy” and “content” – things that God has been teaching me recently. I’ve been learning that my joy comes from Him only, not my things or surroundings. They are words that are only going to be more important in the coming year!

  456. Melissa says:

    My Word is {Better } I want to be a ‘Better Me’ in my work, my play, my marriage, my parenting, my running, my eating, my health, my friendships, my faith, my patience, and the list goes on………

  457. My word is grace: reminding me that God gives me grace and I need to have a little grace on myself once in awhile too.

  458. lizibeth says:

    I tweeted (@pltmarket)

  459. WOA! I wait until morning and there are over 400 entries between my first and this one, lol!!! Tweeted your giveaway here: :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  460. Chelsea P says:

    My word is patience. As a new Mom I am trying to be patient with myself as I adjust to all of the changes it has brought to my life. Having my daughter was the best thing that I have ever experienced but I am not always kind to myself when I forget things or don’t accomplish all that I want to in a day… it is an amazing journey. Your blog and jewelry are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!

  461. Lauriel says:

    My word of the year is ENJOY. So that I remember to ENJOY each of every moment of my life and not be always wanting the next moment to hurry and get here.

  462. Leigh Bowen says:

    My word for 2011 is actually “Grace.” I want to show more grace to my sweet husband.

  463. Jodi says:

    Love. I have more than one word in my head, but I think love trumps them all.

  464. Katie says:

    My word for 2011 is explore because I have so many changes coming in my life this year I’ll need to explore all of the options open to me.

  465. christy a says:

    My word this year is joy. I am trying to find it in all things throughout the day – choosing to have joy, even though circumstances might be less than joyful. Trying to be a good example for my sweet girls on how to choose their attitude, regardless of their circumstances! Love your jewelry! To win would be a dream! :)

  466. Sallie says:

    facebooked it. Thanks!

  467. Last one: I posted about it on my Facebook wall: Thank you again for the chance to win!

  468. Laura says:

    My word is blessed…had a baby in 2010 that we thought was not possible! She is our little blessing this year and so many years to come!!

  469. Carolyn says:

    Peace – so needed! What a beautiful necklace!

  470. My word is Satisfied. As in, being satisfied in Christ alone. it is already challenging me! What a beautiful reminder it would be to have it engraved on a necklace.

  471. Emma says:

    My word of the year is joy! Thanks!

  472. Alli says:

    ORGANIC would be my word. As a family we’re trying to live more naturally and eat organically when we can. YUM!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  473. Nicole says:

    my word of the year is adventure! and i’m starting the year off right, by going on a month-long sailing expedition! = ] this is a wonderful necklace.

  474. Angelica says:

    Embrace – My son was diagnosed with Autism almost 9 months ago. It has been a journey full of love, tears, frustration, hope, prayer…you name it. Embrace is my word…because the world of Autism is so unique and dynamic…learning from him as he walks this road…embracing all that we encounter with God being with us. :-)

  475. My words for the new year is Adventure…..physical, mental and spiritual…..

    Thank you so much.

  476. stephanie says:

    Change for the better, Is my slogan for the year. But I love your word, Grace.

  477. Michelle Gola says:

    Faith is my word… for many reasons…..

  478. Lisa says:

    I am still debating my word… I really, really want one of those necklaces… possibilities are “run” because I started running last Sept, today ran my 2nd 5k and am planning a 1/2 marathon a year from now… “let go” because I had to let go of so much in 2010 that is simply beyond my control and I have a feeling there will be more of the same in 2011… “strength” because I am strong always, in life, to run…

  479. Jen L. says:

    My word is either REST or GRACE.

  480. Michele says:

    I am inspired to join a bible study this year. I can’t wait.


  481. Michelle B says:

    my word is Capture. Because my goal this year is to take more everyday pictures of my family. AND Learn more about my camera and photography.

  482. Jen L. says:

    I facebooked it!

  483. Holly M says:

    My word is “commitment.” I am trying to stay commited to some life changes that need to be made! Wish me luck!

  484. Lisa S says:

    My words for 2011 is “GRACE”….”Patience”..”Humility” Thanks Lisa

  485. Sandra says:

    Grace… humbling grace!

  486. Sandra says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway!

  487. jenni says:

    love your necklaces – i can picture my word “write” on one of them. your work is inspired. =)

  488. Tiffany says:

    The word that is inspiring me this year is Eucharisteo…Thanksgiving. Definitely my focus for the year of 2011. Great giveaway!

  489. Jen says:

    My word for this year is peace. It’s been a gift & and a struggle already only 8 days into the year.

  490. Jen says:

    Tweeted for an extra entry. Thanks!

  491. Lesa says:

    Grace… to have a graceful heart and manner and peace. I am so hoping for a year of less stress and more focus on happiness. :)

  492. Jessica says:

    My word is “balance”… it’s going to be quite the challenge which makes it all the more perfect!

  493. Dawn says:

    My word is Believe. I want to believe in all aspects of my life…believe in my faith, myself, work, and creativity.

  494. peachgirl says:

    My word will be shine. It reminds me to have faith in myself and do what I can to help others shine.

  495. Jenifer T. says:

    A dear friend of mine just lost another baby, this time at 17wks. I would choose either deliver or carry for her as she says those 2 words mean a lot to her right now.

  496. Janice says:

    Love them.

  497. Elizabeth says:

    My word for this year is Loyal. I want God to look at me as his loyal servant. I want friends to look at me and see a loyal friend.

  498. Jenny F says:

    My word this year is JOY. We are expecting a little girl this May. My son is beyond excited, too. My heart is definitely filled with joy – so very blessed!

  499. Jenny F says:

    FB’d it! Thanks!

  500. Jessica says:

    I am still trying to decide on my word for the year. I think I have narrowed it down to listen, purpose, or grace.
    All of these words remind me to listen for God’s guidance because he has a purpose for me and continues to over me grace. Thanks a lot!

  501. heather says:

    my word for the year light-hearted!

  502. Melissa says:

    I am.

  503. Tonya says:

    My word for this year is “overcome”.

  504. Love your blog! :) My word for the year comes from what God can give you, strong, calm BALANCE.

  505. dawn says:


  506. Julie says:

    My word for the year is Grace- remembering how much I have been given and reminding me to extend it to others,

  507. Janice says:

    I tweeted this at FreeMari
    Check out Lisa’s blog for free giveway. Inspiring word jewelry

  508. Melinda says:

    My words of the year are “simplify” (my life) and (to lead by example and prove we can)”coexist.”

  509. Melissa says:

    My word would be Unconditional. Beautiful Blog Lisa

  510. Mandy says:

    My word for the year is prepare.

  511. Krystal says:


    Thank you for the giveaway:) crossing my fingers!!

  512. Gabi says:

    My word for this year is FOCUS. I want to focus on important things in my life and finish one thing after another instead of doing ten things at once. Thank you for the chance, Lisa.

  513. Abby says:

    My 2011 word is “liberty,” both for myself (from anything that holds me back as in Hebrews 12:1-2) and for others (who are trapped or imprisoned a la Isaiah 61:1).

  514. Pammy T says:

    i facebooked it!

  515. Stephanie says:

    My word for 2011 is “cherish”-I want to be more mindful of cherishing the chaos that comes with have two healthy, energetic, loving, little boys (the messes that tell of hours of playing as well as the quiet moments of cuddling).

  516. Shannon says:

    My word for this year is “patience”… a reminder around my neck would be a good thing. :)

    My sweet husband got me your family tree necklace for Christmas and I LOVE it!

  517. Heidi says:

    My word of the year is “unbroken” – spent the last 10+ years in a state of brokenness and while I mended in 2010, I will LIVE unbroken in 2011…

  518. Charity says:

    One word- this is a tough one. There is so many good words to choose from. I think I would go with BE… Sometimes I just need to be who I am, sometimes I just need to live in the moment,

  519. Tamara Cosby says:


  520. Mandy says:

    Tweeted it!

  521. Tamara Cosby says:

    Tweeted it! I love your blog and my necklace!!! :)

  522. Ashley Clark says:

    Blessed… that’s my word for the year. My husband returned from Afghanistan at the end of 2010 and my little family is finally reunited! I am continually reminded of how blessed I am!

  523. Sara says:

    My word is ‘determined’. I am determined to help the children I work with better themselves, through speech therapy, reading tutoring, and even cognitive therapy for my older folks. I am a speech therapist, and these people inspire me every day, and I am determined to return the favor.

  524. gina says:

    Creativity or Perseverance

  525. MiCHELLE A. says:


  526. Charity says:

    Shared my word and your site on facebook!

  527. Beth G. says:

    I’m still working on my word for the year. I’m going through change again this year. My oldest child will be graduating from high school and heading off to college. GROW may be a good one. PATIENCE is also something that I need to work on.

    Thanks for the giveaway! You’re awesome Lisa!

  528. Lisa says:

    I have a few…


  529. Christy says:

    My word would be triumph, made it through a difficult year with God’s grace, and strength. Here’s hoping 2011 will be much better.

  530. Victoria says:

    my word for 2011 is “choose”.

  531. Deb says:

    I don’t usually do the one word thing (but do set goals) but if i had to sum up my plans for this year it would be “committed” – too often i have no self decipline, no follow through. it is too easy to put it off for tomorrow or just get sidetracked or take the easy way. so far i am doing great and feel so much more connected to everythign i AM doing.

  532. My word is “believe”. I know that if I believe in myself and all that I am capable of doing, I will accomplish everything I’d like to in my life this year.

  533. tammy says:

    i love IMPERFECT, but my word for this year must be FAITH…thanks for the give away…

  534. April says:

    I think my word this year should be hope.

  535. tammy says:

    i posted on fb…

  536. KC says:

    My word this year is: Possibilities
    It usually is for every year, but I’d forgotten it for a while. This year it is intentionally my word, lest I forget again.

    I am a Possibilitarian!

  537. lisa says:

    My word for the new year is”simple”.Just keep it simple in what ever I do and enjoy without all the fuse.

  538. Julie says:

    My word is HOPE. Our family has struggled the last couple of years. We still realized how blessed we are, but have hope that things will turn around this year.

  539. Holly B says:

    My word is Peace. I have lived apart from my husband for 18 months as I attend grad school – he has been unable to find a job where I am. I’ve spent most of those months wishing for him to be here and being anxiety ridden because of it. I have not chosen to be thankful for all that we have despite the distance. God put Isaiah 26:3 on my heart in Dec and I cannot stop thinking about it – “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” I came across the “word of year” concept here first with the necklace, then had dinner with a lovely couple over Christmas and the wife mentioned it, then my best friend sent me a link to another blog about it and so…. I got the hint. Thanks Lord – Peace it is!

  540. Lisa S. says:

    “Open”. I want to be open to whatever comes my way in 2011. I am optimistic and hopeful that good things are in store! Love all your beautiful creations Lisa! 😉

  541. Michele says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the verse below. I had it written on a notecard on my desk before Christmas, and when I returned to work after the holiday I saw it sitting there waiting for me. LIGHT will be my word for 2011.
    1 John 1:7
    But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

  542. Lisa McGriff says:

    My word for 2011 is going to be “FAITH”!

  543. Jennifer B. says:

    My word for 2011 is “Joy!” I hope to find joy in the Lord that surpasses circumstances, that joy that only comes through Christ and a relationship with Him! This joy does not rely on favorable condtions — it transcends all circumstances, good or bad.

  544. deb says:

    I’m going with Grace this year.
    I thought of embrace and courage and faith,
    last year was trust.
    But really,
    Grace is ideal.

    thank you for the chance Lisa.

  545. Robin Carlin says:

    My word is PATIENCE. I gave four of your necklaces for Christmas presents and everyone loved them! Thank you!

  546. Sharon says:

    My word for 2011 is “believe”. All things are possible if you believe.
    Thank you!

  547. vicki says:

    BALANCE. Really, truly I need to find it and then be HAPPY with it. Let the other stuff go that I don’t need, that brings me down and be happy with what I am able to accomplish, participate in, and say no to the rest. This next year will bring kiddo number three into our lives. I so don’t do well with not accomplishing all that I want to, so now that I have even more wonderful responsibility, I must do even better at balancing all that is on my plate as it affects the whole family. Thanks for this lovely treat, this great way to start the new year out right.

  548. amy jo says:

    Love your stuff – so talented and wonderful :)
    My word for the year: Peace

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Amy Jo

  549. Julie says:

    I think that imperfect needs to be my word for the year.

  550. Michalina Peterson says:

    My word this year is blessed! It’s impossible for me to not see how blessed I am every day, even when the going gets tough. God is good!

  551. I keep going back and forth…still waiting. I do love that necklace, imperfect…that is perfect for me. A reminder that I am not in control and I will never be perfect in ANY area of my life.

  552. 52scrap says:

    My word for the year is “Blessed”. It’s always a good idea to take a step back and really just how blessed I really am. Thanks!

  553. Amanda Thompson says:

    My word would have to be “patience”. What a great piece of jewelry.

  554. Linda G. says:

    Hi Lisa!
    My word is “balance.” I am trying to balance my family life, home life, work life (teaching 4th grade), and my hobby of scrapbooking. Each thing is important to me, so I am trying to balance them out. :)

  555. Tai says:

    My word is :praise -thanks to the great giveaway!

  556. amy jane says:

    My word is family… beautiful necklace!

  557. amy jane says:


  558. kim says:

    word of the year = content

  559. Jennifer says:

    My word is “thankful.” A thankful heart towards the Lord for his continual provision and abundant blessings throughout the many changes that 2011 holds for me and my family.

  560. Erin Kaylor says:

    My word for the year is patience…or greatful..hard to decide… greatful for the 2 little healthy boys we have and good jobs in this tough world today and a wonderful family! But I need to remind myself of the patience I need with all of that…2 little crazy wild amazing boys:) I am a hair stylist and sometimes I need patience with that too! LOve the necklace and your stuff!

  561. Brigitte says:

    Strength. I’m going to need a lot of this in 2011 [along with hope].
    Beautiful jewelry!

  562. Erin Kaylor says:


  563. kat-in-texas says:

    I’m new to your blog and I LOVE it!!! My word this year is PRAYER….something I need to do more of all day everyday!!! :) Thanks, Lisa!!!

  564. MGF says:

    My word is “PAUSE”
    or “?”
    I really have no clue just yet

  565. Your blog is linked to my blogroll!

  566. Jamie says:

    GLORY – for having made it through the last year.

  567. Mary says:

    My word for 2011 is Family mainly because of my little family of 2 boys (30 and 27) are now making their family one baby born in July 2010 and the other due in March 2011. When I read your blog and see what joy your children bring to you and look back to my boys. I can only what my boys to have the pleasure of a family. Thanks for the joy your talent brings me in your jewelry and reading your blog Happy New Year.

  568. Rae says:

    My theme for this year is “Year of Open Hands.” I need to release control of those things that are not mine to micro-manage. I guess if that was to be put into one word it would be “release” or “relinquish.”

  569. Rae says:

    tweeted! @raedaze

  570. Heidi Thompson says:

    My word is enjoy. :)

  571. KellyM says:

    Oh boy, I’m feeling like this year’s word would be GRACE… Grace under pressure is something that I strive for and this would be a lovely reminder! Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful works of art! Happy New Year!

  572. ann says:

    my word for 2011 is LIVE. loud. for Him.

  573. nicole s says:

    my word for 2011 is pray. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  574. Eva says:

    My word for 2011 is Beginnings.
    My husband was laid off last year, and at the end of the year, he got the most amazing dream job. It’s changed my whole family’s life in so many ways, and I’m excited to see all the new beginnings for 2011.

  575. Tonya S. says:

    My word for 2011 is live. My word chose me this year.

  576. Lindsay says:

    my word for the year is balance. balance in healthy lifestyle/work/hobbies/family/friends.

  577. Mary says:

    My word for 2011 is brave. I’ve learned that a huge stumbling block of mine lately is fear. As a mom it’s easy to fear so much for my kids but I need to remember that God is in control and loves them more than I do-so like that beautiful Nichole Nordeman song says, (my kids) make me want to be brave!

  578. shannon stinson says:

    i would have to say “free.” i am 34 years of age and i have lived under so much “fear, anxiety, depression, weight issues and health issues”….and this is the year. the year to be “free.” of it all! i have to do it, not just for me, but for my husband and my children. they deserve that of me. God meant for me to be “free.” and i am choosing to listen to Him. through much prayer and strength that only He can provide….i will be “free.”

  579. Tracy DeBellis says:

    my word is “mindful” — that’s my aspiration for the new year…to live mindfully.

  580. Lorri says:

    “remember.” remember to hug. Remember to laugh. Remember to slow down. Remember to create. Remember to sing. Remember to dance. I could go on and on. Things get so busy. We all just need to “remember.”

  581. Mary says:

    Tweeted about your great giveaway!

  582. erin c. says:

    my word for the new year is hope. hope in what the Lord plans for my family this year. i don’t know why, but i feel like it’s a big year for us; big decisions. we’re hoping to adopt and we’re just trying to work out the kinks.

  583. Mommy Bee says:

    My two young daughters and I will face yet another deployment this year as my husband continues his service in the US Navy. He was deployed last year, too. We are not all that excited for these months of separation to come, but we’re determined to perervere through it all.

  584. Meredith Barr says:


  585. Becky K. says:

    Pursue. This is the year to pursue knowing God, pursue my dream of writing, pursue my husband, pursue authentic friendships…all in deeper, more meaningful and lasting ways than any year before.

  586. Teresa says:


  587. Melissa says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to narrow this down to “just one word”. I think my word will be “Hope.” I hope i will do better each day. I hope that I will see my sweet baby girl and my mom again someday. I hope….

  588. Caroline says:

    I’m loving the focus the one-word theme is giving me. My word for the year is “serve.” And, actually, I’m really focusing on two words: “humbly serve.” Serving with humility adds so much.

    Thank you for this offer!

  589. Bobbi Janay says:

    Imperfect is my theme of the year.

  590. Amy says:

    My word for 2011 is “better”. As in 2011 will be better than a very difficult 2010. As in I will try to be a better Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

  591. Lisa says:

    Journey is really working for me. It’s been a rough year and a great year at the same time. Ready for the rest of the journey! Thanks for this!

  592. emily says:

    present. xo

  593. amy says:

    Faith. My baby’s name and what I need more of!

  594. Stacy says:

    Love. Definitely love. I mostly want to commit myself to giving more of it. But on top of that, we have our first baby coming in April and all I can feel is love right now :) Can’t wait to meet him. And love him of course!!

  595. Karen says:

    My word for the year is STILL…. as in be still and know I am God. I need to stop and be still and listen. Stop running nonstop checking of items on a list. For 2011 I will be still and listen to God, enjoy time with my daughter, and apprecaite my husband.

  596. Jo Z says:

    My word is wellness. That means looking for medical professionals I feel comfortable with, eating well, participating in activities I like, and surrounding myself with positive influences.

  597. Gay Ratheal says:

    My word for the year is family. For I am blessed with a wonderful family and I want to make this year very special for my loved ones.

  598. Jenny Maddox says:


    I want to constantly remember how BLeSSeD and forget about the things that irritate or inconvenience me. God has give me so much it’s CRaZY!!!!

    God Bless you & yours!

  599. Roxy says:

    {kind} is my word for the year . . .

  600. Steph Hunn says:

    This year I am chosing LIVE as my word.
    LIVE every monent
    LIVE healthfully
    LIVE for those that I love
    LIVE and experience every day no more coasting through

    Thanks, Lisa!

  601. Happy. I am SO very happy right now. It’s been an amazing day… I’ll be sure to share my news soon!

  602. Kelly says:

    And I posted on Facebook… no reason not to share this deal with all my best buddies, eh? :) Happy weekend to you and yours!!!

  603. Melissa says:

    “wabi sabi” – Japanese – basically means “finding beauty in imperfection.” I love the concept so much that actually have the two Japanese characters for it tattooed on my upper back. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  604. Michelle in N. Cal says:

    Happy 2011! My word for the year is: balance. One year I will get there … (beautiful new design by the way! Love the “imperfect” 😉

  605. Anette says:

    ONE word? Wow, that is tough. So many words could be applied to this last year, especially the three on the amazing necklaces above. I would have to say though that as I look back on one of the most difficult years of my life thus far, the word that resonates withe me is: carry (or) carried. As I look back to feeling so incredibly alone and in such unfathomable pain, there is NO.WAY I could have done it on my own. He had to have carried me through all of it for me to come out alive. For real. Praise God, praise God…He Carried Me.

  606. Paula says:

    Hi there,
    My word is SPARKLE. I’m so excited to be finding my inner sparkle again and sharing it online. I shared Lisa’s one little word jewelry with my circle as well. I love it! Thx, Paula

  607. Jennifer says:

    grateful-I want to be grateful everyday for the things God has given me. I don’t want to compare myself to what others have.

  608. Katie says:

    Smile! Sounds cheesy…but I want my family to see me smile. I don’t want them to think of me as tired, sad, angry (insert emotion here). I want my family to see a smile on my face.

  609. Karen Stout says:

    My word for this year is FLY…for the unlimited possibilities that this year holds. When I abandon my fears and spread my wings, I can soar.

    Just found you. Love your blog and your jewelry.

    Happy 2011!

  610. Anette says:

    I re-tweeted your tweet about the giveaway! I have no idea how to post the link for it, but you can find me @justanette.

  611. christie says:

    My word is change. Something i need to work on !

  612. Lydia says:

    DISSIDENT. This word reflects my own faith tradition’s history as well as how I am beginning to understand myself in the context of my calling. I am Baptist. And I am a woman. AND, I believe that God has called me to ordained ministry. My church has affirmed me, and I will be licensed in February for ministry. Ordination council is just around the corner. 2011 is going to be huge for me and for my family. I am embracing my faith tradition’s dissident roots.

  613. Leslie says:

    My word for this year may be persistence. Since July, I have been on a weight loss journey, and I am about half way to my goal. I want this year to be about sticking to my plan and reaching my weight loss goal. I have tried to lose weight many times, but have never gotten this far. I feel great about my progress but know that I will need to be persistent to make my dreams reality.

  614. kathy says:

    My word for 2011 is — connect—too many people have fallen through the cracks on my friendship train….I want to reconnect with those that are important to me..

  615. Annmarie says:

    My word is “LEAP” because I’ve been holding myself back far too long from taking chances — getting back into the workforce, serving as a positive role model for my son, and ending a toxic marriage. I will still look before I leap, but I’ll actually do some leaping, too! :)

  616. Heather says:

    I have been thinking of either “perspective” or “eternal” to remind me to keep looking at things that happen and my life with eternal perspective. Love the necklace. thanks for a wonderful give-away!

  617. Jennifer from WI says:

    My word would be “today”. Le’s not worry about e past, nor fret about the future, but live intentionally “today”.

  618. Jen B says:

    My word for 2011 is “play”. A daily reminder to see more of the world from my children’s perspective, to hear things from their point of view, to take myself less seriously and have some FUN!

  619. Ang says:

    One word I’ve been thinking about for 2011 is “Forward” … as in: perspective, motivation — not dwelling on the past.

  620. Ang says:

    @ang4prez also tweeted! :)

  621. Sara.arrigoni says:

    My word of the year is “purpose” but your “Grace” necklace is very tempting since that’s my daughter’s name :)

  622. Josefina says:

    My word is “forgive.” I need a reminder somewhere.

  623. jennifer says:

    My word for this year is “disciple”. I know our Father is drawing me closer and asking me for my whole heart this year.

  624. Amanda says:

    My word for 2011 is mindful. I’m really focusing on being mindful of my words (to self and others), my actions, my intentions, and my nourishment.

  625. karen says:

    My word for this year is Behold, as I want to behold and enjoy all the blessing God bestows day by day. :)

    Thanks and sure do enjoy your wonderful pictures and blog. :)

  626. Christy says:

    My word this year is “real” — I’m trying to learn more about who I am and what I have to offer the world this year. :)

    Great job with the site! I got my Sister in Law one of your necklaces this year for Christmas, and she absolutely adored it. You are so talented! :)

  627. robin says:

    Thank you for the very generous giveaway! I have one of your necklaces and love it so… word, I believe is LOVE. Increasing in the love of Christ and extending it to others more. Blessings<3~Robin

  628. Aimee Madern says:

    my word last year was simplify, I am not done using it so I will use it again this year… 2011 is the year ti simplify again

  629. Jaime says:

    I am entering on behalf of a Babyloss Mom friend of mine. She has helped support me since the loss of my daughter as she understands all to well what the journey is like… unfortunate for us both yet comforting to have found one another. Her New Year blog entry said, “I am choosing to have hope for 2011.” I would love to help give her a little extra hope by winning this necklace for her. <3

  630. Leah says:

    my word for this year would be: believe. Because I need to believe that this is the year…

  631. Gillian says:

    My word for 2011 is “Believe.” My daughter is fighting her way back from viral encephalitis, and continues to amaze. I say this word to myself several times each day – it’s great to have a mantra even if it’s only one simple word.

  632. Aimee Madern says:

    I facedbooked it and tweeted it @ spkgirls, thahks for all the chances

  633. Carrie G. says:

    My word for the year is “forgiven”

  634. Erin says:

    Redeemed!! Thankful to serve a risen savior who redeemed me:)

  635. Laura says:


  636. Ann says:

    faith…i need to have more faith in Him alone for all things.

  637. Pat says:

    trust is my word for the year. learning to trust Him for all the many challenges and joys in the year ahead of us.

  638. Jacinta says:

    My word for 2011, is ‘Cherish’ – everything/anything! Life’s simple pleasures, loved ones, freedom, …….. Great blog, I love to ‘pop in and visit’.
    Thank you.

  639. BettyC says:

    Steadfast is my word.

  640. Alison says:

    My word for the year is “intentional”.

  641. Kelly says:

    I have a few words for 2011, but I’ll go with PERSEVERANCE. If that is too long, I’ll choose CONTENT

  642. Jess Mead says:

    My word is Relax…cause I need to do more of it in 2o11!

  643. emily says:


  644. Chanda says:

    sAvOr! I have 6 kids ages from 17 down to 7 months I want to SaVoR every moment with them. “savor” I just LOVE to say that word!!!

  645. Carin says:

    My words are “perfectly imperfect.” I am learning to live a “perfectly imperfect” life… thanks for giving us all the chance to win one of your amazing necklaces!!

  646. Jodi says:

    I Facebooked the giveaway!

  647. Kristen says:

    Perseverance. It’s not a pretty one, but it has so much meaning. I’m now trying to narrow down the verse of the year too.

  648. Carrie says:

    Love your giveaways…one day I will win :)! My word is “strength’!

  649. Sandy Johnson says:

    I have struggled trying to pick a word. But I think that my word is LOVE

  650. christa says:

    My word would probably have to be ‘love.’ Not original, but it would remind me to think of those I love, and to make sure that I love what I am doing every day. :)

  651. patricia says:

    My word is calm…practicing this will hopefully keep the peace and help to maintain a happy heart!

  652. christa says:

    Tweeted it: @christa_jane

  653. christa says:

    And I facebook-ed it!

  654. Patty says:

    GRATITUDE. I have so much to be grateful for in my life.

  655. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    my word for the year is perseverance…one more year of school left!
    -Kelly Elizabeth

  656. Lisa Anderson says:

    My word is Grace I am blessed with two beautiful children and I pray to raise them with grace

  657. My word for the year is trust…so much going on here! We are moving somewhere, Lord knows where, in June.

  658. Emily says:

    I would love to win this giveaway. A daily reminder would be perfect. My resoultion for this year is to learn to listen to the silence. I want to hear God’s voice in the silence, I need to hear God’s voice this year! : ) So my would would be SILENCE to help me to remember to listen, or I would choose LISTEN. I want to be still and know… : )

  659. shelly says:

    my word for the new year is “patience” three kids later this is what i’m still learning.
    Thanks ~

  660. Marina D-K says:

    Intention is my word for 2011. Thinking about each of my actions and the effect they have on me and others around me. It’s easy to think about putting this into practice on an almost minute by minute basis.

  661. Charmayne Bowling says:

    My word for the year is focus

  662. Allison Phillips says:

    I LOVE this idea! Your jewelry is beautiful! My word for the year is going to to be “bloom.” In 2010 we moved from Alabama to Colorado and I recently learned that we will move (in June) to Florida. I’ve decided to “bloom” where we’re planted and see what God has in store!
    i’ll share this on facebook, as well!!

  663. Sara says:

    My word is BELIEVE. It doesn’t matter what anyone says my daughter will or won’t do or can or can’t do or does or doesn’t understand ….I believe that she WILL do everything she was meant to do!

  664. Jen A says:

    My word for 2011 is ENERGY. May the energy of the universe flow through me and create beautiful things this year. Thank you Lisa!

  665. Paula Hubert says:

    What a wonderful idea to have a word of the year. I would have to choose patience as sometimes I’m so quick to run out and quite frankly, I don’t like who I become once my patience runs out.

  666. Colleen says:

    I chose the word esteem for the year. I am focusing on giving everything and everyone the esteem they deserve, starting with myself.

  667. Amber Kemp says:

    For me, the word I would choose is Grace. Through all of life’s ups and downs….the Lord is so good, and His grace is a gift that I cannot repay, but am so thankful for.

  668. aubrei says:

    My word is Strength, this year I’m focusing on finding my inner strength for myself, my husband and my kids.

  669. Denise says:

    My word of 2011 is breathe. I will breathe harder as I start a much needed exercise program. I will breathe deeply to enjoy the small moments in life and take the time to realize what I have. I will breathe before becoming angry and frustrated with my 12, 13 and 19 year olds. Breathe….

  670. Christine Dykstra says:

    My word is excel, from I Thes.4:1 which encourages “. . .excel still more.”

  671. Sue says:

    My word is TODAY, as I want to make the most of each day: relish it, appreciate it, thrive in it. I want to focus on accomplishments each day and fun each day.Like today – it was a fabulous day, spent at the Seahawks game. Hubby and I could not have had a better TODAY.

  672. Abby says:

    This ‘word of the year’ is a new and wonderful concept for me.!
    My word is TRUST.
    I need to simply remember to TRUST that God indeed has control of things. I need to TRUST him as my husband and I continue on in our journey of infertility. I need to TRUST that his timing and his way is best.

  673. lisa says:

    my word is better.

    is there ever a time when better doesn’t mean something good?

  674. Cate says:

    This year my word is going to be “focus”. I tend to stop thinking about my word by the time summer rolls around, so it’s pretty appropriate this year (I hope! I don’t even remember what last years word was :) ).

  675. Katie S. says:

    My word for the year is less. Less weight, less clutter, less mess, less stuff, etc.

  676. Brenna says:

    my word: pursuit.. to go after my secret dreams..and to pursue my God!

  677. Susie r says:

    My word is POSITIVE. Positive thoughts, Positive actions, Positive attitude. My word chose me several months ago and has provided some surprises.

  678. Whitney says:

    “SWEETNESS”– for enjoying the little things and my husbands nickname for me

  679. Aimee says:

    I have two words for the new year hope and change!!!!

  680. Betty says:

    My word this year will be “Enjoy” becuase if I truly enjoy everything in my life I will be thanful, complete, grateful, happy, will have a balance and the list will go on…

  681. Suzanne Pennington says:

    I love your word of the year tag and in thinking about my word for 2011, I think “breathe” is most appropriate for me and my family. 2010 was filled with great loss for us as we lost our daugher, Phoebe. At her funeral, a dad who had also lost a child whispered in my ear, just breathe. That has become a kind of motto for me and my husband and a reminder of breath as being a gift from God. When we were able to think of something as simple as breath as being a gift, it made life seem beautiful again. I look forward to 2011 and being able to enjoy the simple pleasures that fill my life every day.

  682. Jen says:

    My word is “YES”

    Yes to picnincs, just one more movie, board games… cups of tea, midnight swims and movies on the couch without the computer… to going deeper… being more deliberate… more present.

  683. Grenda says:

    My word has to be patience.

  684. MARY PAT says:

    blessings. because everyday I’d like to remember to be thankful for the grand blessings and the little ones I sometimes am in too much of a hurry to notice…like my dog sleeping next to my cat, a gardenia blooming after all this rain, a drawing I discover that my 5 yr old son did and now he’s 20!

  685. Jen says:

    And I facebooked as well :) Thanks you for doing these, Lisa :)!/mat2820b/posts/181792271841518

  686. My word is “Engage”. very cool necklaces! I’d def love to get one with my word on it!

  687. aimymichelle says:



  688. Melissa says:

    Beautiful necklaces, Lisa!

    My word for this year: FAITHFUL

    Crossing fingers now!

  689. My word of 2011 is Perspective. Something I often lose.

    I also posted a link on my facebook :)

  690. Jenn says:

    My word is strength. I need all I can get in the year 2011 so many changes to come and some that I would rather not happen but they will.

  691. MJ says:

    blogged this give-a-way!!!

  692. Jeanie says:

    Hi Lisa!!
    LOVE your blog and designs!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

    My word for 2011 would be ‘thankful’. I want to be thankful always for my family, God’s grace and love and friends. Just trying to be more ‘thankful’ this year for everything.

  693. MJ says:

    … and posted this site on facebook!!!

  694. Shaina says:

    My OneWord2011 is Discipline. My life has been lacking this for way to long in a number of areas. This year I am committing to changing that.

  695. Joyce says:

    My word for the year is BALANCE. so many different areas of my life need to be balanced……my body, my mind, my time…..

    A necklace is a great reminder and yours are beautiful!

  696. cheri p. says:

    My word is simplify. Last year we had some hard times and we are making changes in 2011 to simplify.

  697. Clare says:

    I have two words for the year, one is organised and the other is serenity, I hope to embody both of these

  698. Sarah W says:

    My word for 2011 is Success because this year I will have that in everything I put my hand to! :)

  699. Karen P says:

    My word of the year is Pause. If life had a pause button, I would use it now. My children are at a wonderful age and I don’t want to miss a single second of this time worrying about the future and what it may hold. I need to pause more and enjoy the present!

  700. Sarah W says:

    I facebooked this too!

  701. Pipsqueak says:

    PRESENT – for so many reasons. I need to focus on work at work and home stuff at home. I also need to rememebr to be grateful for what I have…
    Love these necklaces and have enjoyed reading other people’s word choices.

  702. Jaymie says:

    My word is JOY. The JOY of the Lord is my strength! It will remind me to take joy in the little everyday things with my one year old daughter, as these days are passing so quickly already! Also, in May, we will be welcoming a son and he will bring us so much Joy! Love all of your creations, Lisa!

  703. Monica Huete says:

    A word for 2011 – HOPE
    Maybe it is quite used, quite desired … but we all need to have hope. Hope things will get better, will work … hope we all will be happier …

    Happy New Year Lisa … ^____^

  704. Jessica says:

    My word: “Journey”. We are embarking on an exciting journey this year as a family.

  705. Jen says:

    My word for the year is {change}. There has been and continues to be alot of change in so many areas of our life and I’m embracing it and going with the flow this year:)

  706. Els says:

    My word is ’embrace’.
    Love your blog, love your style!

  707. Corby says:

    Hope…. Just the strongest sense that this new year will be better. After facing some uncertainty it seems things are going to turn around. Happiness is here.

  708. Corby says:

    Love your designs. Simple charms warm the heart…

    Do you know Pearls for girls? Swedish pieces also very sweet.

  709. Sandra says:

    My word for 2011 is “conquer”! Have to work on that! :) It’s a year where I just want to get going and do things I’m afraid of and so on..

  710. Sandra says:

    And of course, also twittered it! :) (nachtschwinge)

  711. Caroline says:

    My prayer for 2011 is more Love … to abide more fully in the Love and Grace of God … to know Love, to give Love freely in word and in deed, with joy and thankfulness. x

  712. Peggy K says:

    My word is SIMPLIFY. Sorely needing some of that in my life. It’ll help me further embrace my 2010 word, serenity.
    Thanks for the chance to win, Lisa!

  713. Peggy K says:

    Facebooked your link!!

  714. Bonnie says:

    M word for 2011 would be release. I am holding onto alot of “stuff” that isn’t serving me and i would like to be free of it as well as my fears. TALL ORDER but i am going to try
    thnks for the chance :)

  715. Stacey says:

    my word this year is family. this year is a whole new beginning for my family. being together, happy, safe, healthy. in the years past, we have struggled too much, it seems like this year is going to be different. so here is to family, and happiness!!

    thank you.

  716. Brenda says:

    Unfolding would seem to fit for this new year. wonderful give away

  717. My word for the year is GRATEFUL. Would love to have one of you necklaces with that word on it.

  718. Kristen G says:

    My word for this year is perseverance. Just because things are difficult it doesn’t mean they are not worth doing.

  719. cindy says:

    my word for 2011 is nourish. all your jewelry. thank you for the chance to win!

  720. birgitte says:

    my word is grace. My life would be nothing without grace.

  721. Kristin says:

    My word for the year is FAITH….b/c I really need to start having faith that things will be alright!!!!

  722. Dia says:

    moments- a reminder to enjoy the little moments that make every day special, but that so easily get lost in the piles of laundry!

  723. Meghan Hall says:

    my word is joy, finding joy in life regardless of circumstances

  724. Karen H says:


    To remind me how everyday is a gift and thank God for every breath I get to still have with my husband since this double lung transplant 6 years ago!

  725. Jane says:

    My word for 2011 is ‘believe.’ I chose this word because I will be attempting to accomplish a very intimidating and scary goal this year and I will need to have a lot of belief in myself if I am going to get there.

  726. Adrianne says:

    Thankful- for everything I have

  727. Mina says:

    my word is constant–I have had great success in working toward my goals in 2010, and I am going to be constantly moving ahead this year. Also, a good friend once called me constant–a constant with my friends, a constant with my children, and a constant with my family. So, that’s my word. Constant.

  728. Pamela says:

    I came to your blog through my sil and I loved reading through some of the words others have chosen. It was very inspiring to see the words others have chosen. My word would be moment because I want to live more in the moment and not dwell on what could have been if I had changed something in the past or what might be in the future. I also want to savour each moment.

  729. Danielle says:

    My word for the year is CONNECT. To connect with myself, my family, my world.

  730. Erin says:

    Celebrate!!! It reminds me to celebrate my many blessings–large and small every day!!!!!!

    Beautiful work!!

  731. Erin says:

    Shared on FaceBook, too!!

  732. Shannon says:

    I really like the journey one. We moved three times last year and we are going to move again in a couple of weeks. I also love the grace one because thats my daughters name! thanks so much!

  733. Heather Prins says:

    wow awesome giveaway! My word is Awake

  734. Rebecca says:

    CLARITY ` Which is much prettier than focus.

  735. Theah says:

    I feel like time is just passing me by and I’m not just breathing into the moment.

  736. Rebecca says:

    Posted on Facebook, too.

  737. alison chino says:

    my word is JOY.

    We are trying to write God’s word on our hearts this year and we are starting with Philippians because it is all about joy!

    I love the new necklace! It is really lovely!

  738. Rika Toll says:

    Hard to pick one word. I think mine would be simple. Trying to just be in the moment, spend less, enjoy the time, purge the house, be outside.


  739. maryellen says:

    My word is Time.

    Make time to enjoy the blessings in my life, find the time to take care of myself, spend time with those I love, and last but not least…..stop wasting time

  740. Sarah r says:

    My OLW is balance. 9 days in & I’m doing pretty good so far! :) Would live a necklace reminder like my “breathe” necklace from you last year- thanks for being so awesome & generous with your giveaways!

  741. Jennifer says:

    My word for this year is Believe! I want to believe that anything is possible this year!

  742. Deb says:

    My work for 2011 is AWAKE. No more drifting through life. I have begun to see what the world has to offer and I am grateful.

  743. mary says:

    this one is kinda tough for me. i have a list of words that mean different things to me. if i was describing myself or my life it would be blessed, for i truly am. but my word for the year? my goal? my focus? i want to inspire, i want to encourage, i want to delight, i want to create, i want to grow, i want to take time to breathe, i want to cherish my family. there are so many different things. i guess what i need to do is simply……focus. my focus may be different on different days, but whatever i’m doing i need to focus on IT. (i also love photography and i think this word pertains to it as well.) so…..after much thought, i choose…..FOCUS. : )

  744. Christina says:

    Oh Lisa I love this necklace and would wear it with pride. I think my word this year would be Hope. I am hopeful that life is going to get better, I am hopeful that we are moving into a better place in our lives.

  745. Deb says:

    I’ve chosen AWAKE for my word in 2011. I will trust myself and the world around me. Lisa, thank you for offering this giveaway. Your necklaces are just beautiful.

  746. Alli says:

    My word for 2011 is PEACE. I really need that in my life! Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece of your amazing jewelry….enjoy your weekend!!

  747. Karen says:

    Mine is love. I thought of you yesterday as I was getting out of my car in a snowy parking lot and previous cars had left tracks that magically formed a heart in the fresh snow. Oh I wish I would have had my camera! Thank you for teaching me to see the value in such sweet surprises!

  748. Diane says:

    Mine is relationships – taking the time to develop those that are important to me and cutting the ties on those that have a negative impact on my life.

  749. cj says:

    my word is Believe, I believe all things are possible if you trust and believe in Him.

  750. Sarah Mac says:

    My word for this year is invest. Invest in others and myself.

  751. CeeCee says:

    Calm…that’s my word…stop the incessant obsessing, the inner dialogue, the worrying…and just be calm…aaaaah!

  752. Amie says:

    Joy is my word for the year. I want to find joy in every minute of everyday. No complaints or i wish’s or should have would haves. Just ordinary, beautiful JOY! I have a couple of your pieces and love wearing them! Thank you !!

  753. Dawn says:

    Travel…ahhh this sounds like I could be getting closer to the word that describes what I would like to do in 2011. Now this is not the traditional travel, like getting on a jet plane and circling the globe, oh no…this is the travel down memory lane, roaming through boxes of old photos, taking a trek through a “vintage” stack of photos with negatives, taking a journey back in time when my 18 year old William and 16 year old Jackson were just tiny little things with feet that smelled good! I think that is my word for 2011, TRAVEL! Now I still will have to sort, organize, filter, clean, purge, and basically get my act together around here, but doesn’t the word travel make it sound like it will be much more fun?

  754. Amanda W. says:

    Thanks for the opprotunity I love your blog and your jewlery….my word for 2011 is GIVE.
    I am so blessed and have much to be thankful for, I have started a little journal recording all the little reasons to GIVE thanks to God, things that would normal go un noticed, little things… I am on number 53. I also long to grow in giving to other.

  755. Tia says:

    My word is play. I have a four year old girl and I really want to focus on playing with her while she still wants me to!

  756. Diana says:

    2011 has given me the word, Release. In a world where we have so much, I have lots of “Things” and “Isssues” to let go.

    Love your jewelry and your intentions!

  757. Marcie Mann says:

    My word for 2011 is Hope. Hope for the dream I have been wishing for. Hoping this is the year.

  758. Amanda says:

    My word is Hope

    My husband and I are holding on to hope that 2011 will be the year we finally become parents. After over 10 years of trying weboth feel that 2011 is our time. We are holding onto Hope!

  759. Mrs. A says:

    My word for this year is ONWARD. We have been hoping to have a baby for three years, and every year hinges on “maybe this will be the year”. But we have found that it’s hard to really move on with this kind of attitude. So this year, we are making an effort to really move onward…whether or not that includes a baby in our family by the end of 2011.

  760. Kristy says:

    My one little word for the year is ACTION. I am a dreamer who never puts feet to her dreams, this year I vow to be different.

  761. Theresa says:

    My word is Perseverance. It probably wouldn’t fit. LOL So I would go with PEACE as always.

  762. Oly says:

    My word for the year is obey, it’s not a very romantic word, but there it is! Love your blog!

  763. Roxanna says:

    I am famous with friends & family for two words “faith & hope” & will continue these words into 2011. This year I need to “BELIEVE”more in those words. I am on a weight loss journey & a self-image change & I believe I can do this, yes I can. Thank you not only for the giveaway but reminding me that words are powerful.

  764. Susan Blow says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Lisa! My word for this year is “here.” I am focusing this year on rejoicing in, and living fully in each moment. As a homeschooling mom of a dozen children, it is easy for me to multi-task and be constantly thinking of the next thing on my list. In the process I miss so much of the beauty of “now.”

  765. Allyson says:

    Breathe … as a reminder to stay in the moment

  766. Suzanne says:

    Moment…as in relax and enjoy, see , be in, stop and notice! Life gets so busy and hectic and often I am looking ahead instead of just being

  767. Anna says:

    Love your jewelry!
    My word is “Thankful” because I have to constantly remind myself and my children to be thankful even for things we may not be happy about, because it could always be worse. I am a single mother and God only knows the struggles we have had, but with God’s grace we are always pulled to safety, and for that I am truly THANKFUL! God Bless and Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful piece of your jewelry. :)

  768. Jami says:

    My word of the year is ENCOURAGE! I want to encourage myself, my children, my husband and even perfect strangers. I have one of these necklaces on my “wish list”. BEAUTIFUL!

  769. Erin Joseph says:

    My word is remember. To help me always remember my Savior and the blessings I have because of Him.

  770. Mama Fisch says:

    My word for the year is content. I am hoping this year I will find the ability to be content in what I have. Not wanting more or wishing things were different but to be content and enjoy every minute of it.

  771. Cassie says:

    My word for 2011 is belief. I need to have belief in myself, belief in my weight loss goals, belief in the selling of my house, the belief that my marriage will grow, and the belief in a friend who is recovering from addiction. This is my first time during a word of the year for me. I am very excited about it and the opportunity to reflect on it throughout the year.


  772. Christine says:

    My word is “courage.” I am finding that I really am a chicken sometimes, and I need to stand up for myself. I would love to have it around my neck! Thank you!


  773. kerryb says:

    to believe God and embrace Him and His Truth.
    to embrace my little ones more whenever i can.
    to embrace and move into loving my husband even more.
    to embrace whatever God has for me…whatever it may look like.

    and ps. i LOVE this new design. LOVE.

  774. Lori-Anne says:

    I thought about choosing the word “Peace” for this year but with one toddler and a super-active pre-schooler, I feel a bit like the people in the Bible who called “Peace! Peace! And there was no peace.” So I think this year’s word will be “Strength.” Because I’m going to need lots of it!

  775. Lizz says:

    My word for 2011 is Patience. With a little one on the way, I know I’m going to need it!

  776. Angie Ulseth says:

    My word is adapt. There are a lot of changes going on in my life right now – I had planned to choose the word change, but adapt seemed like a more positive, proactive word. :)

  777. Hil says:


    I need to chill about smsll things and want my home to be calm and fun!

  778. Summer says:

    Fearless would have to be my word this year. For too long I have let fear hold me back. Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of being hurt, fear of not being enough. No more fear this year. I will do things that I have been wanting to do but have been holding back from due to being afraid. What better way to face fear than just take a breath and jump in to what you were afraid of?

  779. Kristen Walker says:

    My word for 2011 is grace!

  780. Gillian King says:

    My word for the year is a word I have always loved….grace. I need to remember it more.

  781. sandy says:

    ~my beautiful word for 2011 is “Grace”~ What a beautiful word. I really enjoy your site. What a beautiful family. You are truly blessed.

  782. kristy.lynn says:

    my word for 2011 is moxie.

    last year it was persevere. this year, instead of getting through it, i want to seek it out & conquer it!

  783. Ashley says:

    my word for 2011 is COURAGE. I have big plans for this year and will need the COURAGE to try it all. I am so excited to have big goals and plans!!

  784. Lauren says:

    FRESH….My word for this year is fresh…2010 was a pretty good year for us,,,it brought lots of blessing and so much to be thankful for. It also brought challenges which made us stronger. While winter is not my favorite time of year, I do love starting the new year….Everything is FRESH and new, you can start over,make changes and it just seems like everyone is recharged and refreshed this time of year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope 2011 is your best year yet!