Last weekend I was in South Carolina with the ladies of {in}courage. If you haven’t heard, {in}courage is a great blog for daily encouragement. There are some pretty amazing ladies who are part of it. Somehow, I managed to get into the group, which is really fun and really humbling.

{In}courage is part of Dayspring–and dayspring planned a weekend for us by the beach. It’s a time to connect, be together, dream and plan. And it was really good.

The south/east is different than the west. It’s fun to experience a different world. I love the tall, skinny trees. I love the beaches. I love the collared greens and banana pudding. I don’t love the humidity. I’m a weakling.

We did some filming.

There were laptops.

There was time on the beach. And heart conversations.

There was jewelry. These ladies are so encouraging and supportive. I’m so thankful.

Beauty is found in the small moments.

There were sunsets that took my breath away.

We worked with Habitat for Humanity to landscape a yard. What an amazing experience.

Time with the girls is such a treat. But the time away from my boys is so hard! I’m so glad to be home and getting back into our routine. It’s taken a week or so to get back into the swing of things. Thank you, Dayspring for a wonderful weekend.

Today I’m doing a lot of planning with our team. Which is great!! So many fun things are coming up–things I can’t wait to share with you. It’s time for list making and calendar marking and blog scheduling. Good, good stuff!

Share with us one item on you’re to-do list today.