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through my lens necklace [giveaway] CLOSED

September 7th | jewelry



we are so thrilled to share

the new ‘through my lens’ necklace with you!

we get so many requests for a camera themed necklace.

but i wanted something really fun, different and fresh!




i love the idea of capturing the every day

‘through your lens’.

i carry my camera with me everywhere.

you never know when you’ll need it!





1.  for the next two days only

you can add up to TWO initial charms at no extra charge!

that’s a savings of up to $18!!

click here to see the new ‘though my lens necklace’.


2. we are giving away TWO ‘through my lens’ necklaces.

just leave a comment telling us what you see through your lens.

tweet it, facebook it and blog it for extra entrys.

make sure to leave a comment for EACH ENTRY.

[in a few days, we’ll randomly choose two winners]

* * *

now tell us, what do you see through your lens?



853 Responses

  1. Hollie says:

    Like you I carry my camera everywhere, right now it is sitting here ready to take pictures of my tween on her first day of junior high. Yesterday it was pictures of creation as we took pictures of flowers and trees..everyone, everything can be caught in the lens and tells a story!

  2. Jaime-Ann says:

    Through my lens I see the beauty in things that some may not. I see beauty in the aging horse in the field by my home that others speed by on a daily basis. I see beauty in the run down farmers buildings standing abandoned in an overgrown garden. Beauty in the face of the woman working behind the counter of the department store I shop, knowing that she should be retired by now. And I always see the beauty in my daughters creativity – even if it involves a 30 minute clean up with a carpet cleaner!

  3. Anne says:

    I see my sweet little boys! Each one growing and changing everyday, it is so nice to catch these moments in time to look back on…

  4. april says:

    i see my future and all that I will accomplish.

  5. april says:

    I fb’d about this.

  6. april says:

    I blogged about this.

  7. Carolyn Mills says:

    When capturing my girls I see innocence…

  8. I see hope, God breathed Hope!

  9. wendi solari says:

    i see the beauty of nature, the souls i love, and all the blessings God has given me.

  10. Samantha says:

    I see my life… everyday. I try to capture my everyday life so that I can remember the little details that I love so much. :-) Thanks for the chance Lisa. I truly love this necklace and the thought behind it.

  11. Jen says:

    I see my 4 sweet kids as well as some amazing family connections!

  12. Rachelle S. says:

    Right now I am seeing my crazy, busy life & wishing it would slow down just a little bit! I am actually a photography & all around crafter & I absolutely LOVE this necklace! Thanks for the chance to win this Lisa!


  13. angelina says:

    thanks for the chance guys.,.i see very loving grandparents thru my lens. both here and afar. :)

  14. Rachelle S. says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway (@picturechel)


  15. Jessica B says:

    I see my sweet little Sophia through my lense…almost every day. I carry my point and shoot camera in my purse at all times. You just never know when you will want to capture a memory. Love the new necklace!

  16. jen says:

    I see the beauty of the Creator through my lens…the colors, the textures, the stunning things you miss if you don’t look closely!

  17. kim says:

    i see hope & grace.

  18. Brandy says:

    I think that is so pretty! Like you I take my camera everywhere and HAVE to have a camera phone lol. though sadly my camera is dead and my cellphone screen is busted. But at this moment what I see through my lens is a beautiful little boy that keeps amazing me everyday with how smart and well rounded he is and a wonderful husband that despite all our downfalls has found a way to keep me grounded and feeling like I can move mountains.


  19. Christine Dykstra says:

    Through my lens I see postcards from God as only He can send: a broken egg shell on newly mown grass, a cloud shaped like a dove gliding through the Idaho sky, twirly skirts on girls I love and twinkling blue eyes through wonderful little boy glasses. Thank you for creating this very special necklace.

  20. Brittany says:

    through my lens I see strength, beauty and accomplishment!

  21. Ally says:

    Moments. I love to capture them because life is fleeting and you never know when some moment is the “last” of its kind.

  22. Jaimie says:

    I see my two beautiful boys and my handsome husband!!

  23. Jennifer L. says:

    i see the best parts of my life, and slowed down so i can really take them in.

  24. darcy @ m3b says:

    Lisa – you’ve outdone yourself.

    I see memories of loved ones frozen in time. I see people looking at these photos in years to come and thinking, “Remember when…” I see childhood captured and grandparents remembered, babies cherished, and love captured.

    It’s all the reasons why I love what I do.

  25. traci says:

    I see my children…and am so grateful I can capture the small moments because they are growing and changing so quickly!

  26. the thing I love most through my lens is taking pictures of my kids as they grow. It goes by so fast!!

    Love the necklace Lisa!


  27. Just retweeted your tweet about the necklace :)


  28. traci says:

    I blogged about this!

  29. Just tweeted about the giveaway on my Tatertots FB page :)


  30. Becky says:

    my 2 beautiful sons and husband!

  31. traci says:

    I facebooked too!

  32. sy says:

    i see a happy and calm person
    songyueyu at gmail

  33. Nicky says:

    Through my lens, I see the textures of Life. Up close and personal, I can capture the details that will make my memories and experiences almost tangible again.

  34. Julie S. says:

    I see my little boy growing up so fast through my lens. He is becoming more independent by the day. I see the love my husband shares for our son, and capturing father and son is one of my favorite things. I also see nature in a way that some may not, and I love getting asked about my nature photos.

  35. A. says:

    I see the world as I want it to be: all wars are banned, every child has everything he needs.
    We all live in peace and justice.
    And I’ve come to think that we really can, with a little courage…

  36. Deb says:

    I see more intangibles as I age…most especially, I see love and pride in my daughter’s eyes when she laughs with her sons and I see adoration and absolute awe when I see my son gaze into the eyes of his newborn daughter.

  37. Bigwren says:

    I look for simple beauty,that’s all around usin the everyday!

  38. Leigh says:

    Through my lens right now I see Gods everyday gifts. While my husband is unemployed We get to spend more time as a family and grow. I’m loving it!

    This new necklace IS fabulous!!

  39. Leigh says:

    I tweeted @funkyfaithgirl

  40. Jess says:

    through my lenses I see my son playing … while away on business :-(
    I love the necklace and it has my initals on it already.

    Thanks a lot,
    jess (MAd About Pink)

  41. luna says:

    Through my lens i could see the happiness i’ve never felt before :)

  42. Kelly says:

    Through my lens I see the greatness in everyone and everything. So many times we are always stuck on what is wrong in the picture, not what is right or going well. There is always something great in every moment!

  43. Allison says:

    Through my lens, I see God’s love for humanity.

  44. Richele says:

    i see three of the most amazing smiles and laughs, and even tear-filled pairs of eyes through my lens – and i wouldn’t want it any other way.

  45. Bev says:

    I see my sweet granddaughter ! I will tweet of course.

  46. Jessica says:

    I see our emerging family farm and the contented hearts as a result.

  47. Jett says:

    I see the story of my life…

  48. Kristie says:

    Through my lens ordinary moments become EXTRAordinary.

  49. Jett says:

    tweeted it!

  50. Carrie says:

    I always see my girls, Abby and Lily. Sometimes wanting to pose and sometimes saying, “Moooommmmmmmmmyyyy.” Way too young to not want their picture taken. :)

  51. kristyn says:

    I see family moments that will never come again, beauty in small pieces of nature, the satisfaction of creating items by hand.

    Love your new creation, Lisa!

  52. Rebecca says:

    I see so much beauty through my lens. This summer I had the great fortune of visiting and photographing several nature preserves in New Hampshire which gave me much greater respect for undeveloped and protected land.

  53. Christine Aldinger says:

    I see nature out my windows, my cat always making a pose for a picture, last of my flower beds ……

  54. Mel says:

    Such a cute necklace! I always see my Haley… never knew how much love or joy a child could bring to ones life!

  55. Joelle says:

    I see kids going back to school and a fun hockey season to come.

  56. JennK says:

    Through my lens I see my daughters growing up…their innocence and the way the enjoy life without hesitation.

  57. beth says:

    i see my husband, dog, dear friends and a job that i love!

  58. Allison says:

    I see gratefulness. Today I am gratefull for a job, the love of my life, Tony, the love of OUR life, Dayton, for friends that love you no matter what and for a house to call a home.

    Have a great, short week everyone!!

  59. Alanah says:

    Through my lens I see the life I didn’t think I would have, the wonderful husband and the most gorgeous baby. I see a life blessed.

  60. Abbey says:

    usually my 6-year-old daughter =)

  61. lisa says:

    I see my son and husband. I also see my siblings. Life that makes us happy. Here comes the football games.

  62. Karne says:

    After some intentional time put aside for cleaning, I see a clean and organized family room in our basement, aaaaahhhhhh.

  63. Gina says:

    Through my lens I see my kiddoes, and the bloggy projects I like to work on (:

  64. denise says:

    I see happy faces…loving eyes…and random bits of happiness.

  65. trish says:

    i see my 5 year old starting school and sports-documenting our new busy schedule!

  66. rhea says:

    i see silly smiles from my sweet kids. love the necklace. love everything that you design.

  67. Theresa says:

    I love the Sky and Clouds. I see alot of those through my lens. And my children. I love the shake it ap on my iphone. Thanks for sharing that with us!!

  68. amy says:

    i love this necklace, great work on this one!

    through my lens i see…..children with bare feet, beautiful skies, homemade blueberry muffins, golden sunlight and my family.

  69. I see my son who will be 5 tomorrow, my soon to be 18 month daugther, my husband, family and friends. I like scenery but I really like to have pictures of us too!
    Great necklace

  70. Deb Martell says:

    Nature and my beautiful children hitting balls and pucks, running, skating ,jumping, gliding, smiling as they pass.

  71. Desiree says:

    that is so cute. I see my daughter growing up too fast through my lens.

  72. connie says:

    OH WOW! You’ve done it again, another fabulous design.
    When I look through my camara lense, it’s usually scenery pics. I love to take those types of pics.

    My daughter is also a fun one to capture on film, she loves to work with the camara.

  73. connie says:

    I tweeted, circle_studio

  74. Michelle says:

    I see the changing seasons!

  75. shana says:

    kids . . . lots of ’em, that’s what i see through my lens. our #6 is arriving next month and we’re so excited, plus, before then i’m going to get my first SLR camera and try to learn a little before the baby gets here so i can shoot away!

  76. Jane McGreevy says:

    I love to take pictures…I love taking pictures of my kids but anything that catches my eye I will photograph.

  77. Erika S. says:

    Through my lens I see my future with my wonderful husband in our new house!

    Love the necklace. I love photography so of course I love the little camera. Too cute.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  78. Southern Gal says:

    I see beauty in the faces of those around me.

    Thank you for the chance. You’re the best!

  79. MelissaF says:

    I see beauty through my lens. It’s amazing to me how people–myself included–can be so hard on themselves and how “photogenic” they think they are…or are not! When I look at them through my lens, all I see is beauty. I wish we could all see each other…and ourselves…the way I see through my lens.

  80. I see the least, the last, and the lost in need of Christ’s love more than ever!

  81. What do I see through my lens? I find God there, I see outside myself and see what He sees…

    This one is SO cute! If I don’t win, I may just up and buy one! [ love. it. ]

  82. And now I’ve face-booked it!

  83. Marla says:

    Oh I love it!! I see my kids growing up before my eyes and am thankful that my camera can capture all the little moments that I don’t want to forget.

  84. a husband who shows me love and grace. and 2 sweet little girls that call me Mommy

  85. Katlyn says:

    I see all of the memories my busy life won’t let my mind remember all on it’s own

  86. alison chino says:

    I see the sweet faces of my children!

  87. Karen L says:

    I see “right now” through my lens, it reminds me to stop. breathe. notice. capture & enjoy

    Holding thumbs.

  88. Kristen says:

    I see the silly antics of my sweet boys.

  89. bright, vivid, colorful, wonders…

  90. Christy says:

    Awh Lisa, this necklace is a dream come true!! I see thru my lens lots of caring warm families, sweet newborns, Excited seniors, beautiful weddings!!

  91. Katlyn says:

    I tweeted!

  92. Katlyn says:

    Facebooked it!

  93. I see memories that I don’t want my husband, who travels a lot, to miss. Time captured and feelings told, smiles and giggles and even frowns and tears. I want nothing to be missed.

  94. Sarah says:

    I see how fast my sweet boy is growing and changing . . . and how much is staying the same, too!

  95. Lisa Bolton says:

    I see diversity, hope…laughter.

  96. Brittany says:

    This whole weekend i saw my family and closest friends through my lens. We went up to Bear :Lake (a family tradition) and had a great time. On the other hand though, I watched my own heart break through my lens as I was rejected by a boy I gave my heart to. A necklace would really help the blow :)

  97. Beth says:

    love it, lisa!
    i see memories made and captured.

  98. Melissa says:

    Through my lens I see the little moments that create my beautifil life, the curiosity of my little man,the knowledge of my student, the strength of my family, and my ongoing love for life!

  99. SusanC says:

    I see life all around me and count all my blessings!

  100. Jenn says:

    love the new necklace design!!

    I mostly see my sweet girls growing up right before my eyes!

  101. Monica says:

    I don’t carry my camera everywhere like you and often regret it. I take the camera to “special events” otherwise it stays at home. I am fairly good at taking pictures of our everyday life at home…like the crafts we do, my girls dressing up, their tent creations, cooking fun, playing outside, or just hanging out. It is usually those memories (pictures) I treasure most.

  102. Paige says:

    I see my two little guys FULL of energy and life and love. It is a beautiful thing.

  103. bex says:

    i see curiosity, joy, creativity and love. i take my “memory snapper” with me everywhere as well, so true you never know when inspiration will strike :).
    adore your sweet new necklace

  104. Danielle says:

    Through my lens I see love.

  105. liz r. says:

    What a sweet necklace. Today I saw my kids, getting on the school bus . . . they are growing so fast.

  106. Jenifer T. says:

    Life, God’s creation, my children who have my ♥.

  107. Paige says:

    Through my lens I see a lot of LOVE! Love in the form of three little boys, my nephews! I also see alot of FUN! Fun times with family and friends. Laughter. Joy. Happiness! Love your new creation!

  108. Ashley says:

    I see my beautiful daughter that while doctors had once told me she wouldn’t make it proved everyone wrong. She was perfect all along. I see her smile, her humour (because at 2 she gets what humour is), her bubbly personality that affects everyone in the room. I see my husband and my family as complete because we have her. I see that God has given this all to me.

  109. Courtney says:

    I see the clutter and chaos of everyday life … the joyful life I choose!

  110. tammy says:

    two beautiful kids!

  111. tammy says:

    i fb’d….

  112. tammy says:

    i tweeted…

  113. Jamie Lloyd says:

    I love taking pictures of my kids sleeping. It is the perfect image of peace.

  114. Mandi D says:

    aww, such a cute necklace! would love to win one!

  115. barbara says:

    I see my three girls, growing up way too fast. I LOVE this new necklace because I am constantly taking pictures…..the “odometer” on my camera just turned over to 20000 pics (ok, most are probably duds but I keep them anyway.)

  116. Through my lens, I see a family — my own — growing up and growing closer each and every day. I see what hard work and boundless love and forgiveness and patience can do to a person’s spirit. I also see what a loving God is capable of doing in my life.

  117. Jen Gough says:

    Today I see through my lens my baby taking his first steps into middle school looking so old and thinking how could we be to this point already. I also saw my 3 little people as they have grown and now our starting 4th grade. Enjoying this day through the lens!

  118. Patricia says:

    I see change ~ a change of seasons ~ a new life plan and renewed spirit ~ an empty nest ~ a new beginning for my hubby & I ~ a huge growth year for my children

  119. Mandi D says:

    I tweeted about this!

  120. Keshet says:

    My husband, and my own face–as I grow and change and try to deal with the challenges I’m facing right now:)
    I LOVE this necklace!

  121. Mandi D says:

    I fb’ed too! =)

  122. Laurie says:

    I see my angel girl….my daughter who begins grade eight and one day will conquer the world……I see a life full of promise and joy!
    Thank you for your beautiful designs!

  123. Teresa says:

    Through my lens, I see my legacy, in the faces of my 10 grandchildren.

  124. Christina says:

    I see the greatest joys of my life, the beautiful faces of my boys!

  125. Jen F says:

    Through my lens….I see my sweet little boy always full of wonder! Great necklace!

  126. Jan says:

    I see friends, family and loved ones — I see the face of a precious granddaughter who I drop off at school every day – -and I see the rain. It’s lovely!

  127. Heather M says:

    I LOOOOVEEE my camera….it is my way of “freezing” time and those “fleeting moments” of my childrens and family! 😉

  128. Jen F says:

    I FB’d it, too! Thanks!

  129. Jennifer says:

    I see beauty everywhere. Whether I am looking at my kids, my hubby, nature, ‘stuff’-my life is blessed. Love your new necklace!

  130. lauren says:

    i see my children growing up right before my eyes. it really is true that time flies when you’re having fun! <3

  131. I see my adorable nephews and niece! :)

  132. Laura says:

    I am always reminded
    that what I am seeing through the lens

    are snapshots of my time on the earth.

    …so teach us to number our days
    that we may apply our hearts unto
    wisdom. ~ Psalm 90.12 ~

    I like that you engraved a little love in the middle of the camera.
    May love be at the heart of every image.

    {{* *}}

  133. christy a says:

    Through my lens, I see my children growing up way too quickly. I cannot capture them enough! The oldest is in school. so through my lens means spending time with the younger one and capturing her day to day. Thanks for the chance!

  134. Sarah says:

    through my lens…i see the beautiful things in life that make me smile.

  135. Abby says:

    Through my lens, I see our brand-new puppy, the change of the seasons around us, and countless sights and memories from our travels that I never want to forget!

  136. Darcy says:

    Through my lens I see my family, my kids and all the great memories we make together.

  137. Kortnie says:

    I see my two beautiful children and my wonderful loving husband who is a great father!!!!:)

  138. Karen P. says:

    I see my two beautiful boys! My five-year-old’s smiling face and, usually, my two-year-old’s back of his head!! He’s a hard one to capture!!

  139. Chelsea says:

    It’s just life. I capture big things, little things, and it’s all evidence of God’s grace and faithfulness in our lives. It’s moments I don’t want to forget and memories I don’t want to limit to my mind alone.
    The necklace is beautiful, as always.

  140. Richelle says:

    I see the beauty of nature.

  141. Heather says:

    My 3 sweeties who began school today!
    Noah who is wise beyond his years and such a helper-Grant who is soaring through school with confidence despite all his medical challenges-and Megan whose smile brightens the room as she befriends everyone she meets.

  142. debbie says:

    I see my husband and beautiful baby girl!!

  143. Lynn says:

    I see my husband who is taking me on a mid-week getaway starting tomorrow. I love that man. More than words can say.

  144. Jacqueline Jones-Blacker says:

    Through my lens I see my wonderful life and my children growing up waaaayyyy too fast!

  145. Kristi F says:

    Most of the time I see my finger. I don’t know if I am just a putz or if I simply have really long fingers, but we have a lot of lovely photos that include my finger. Although according to my 19-year-old daughter, “Mom will make you headless or at least half-headed if she takes your picture.” But I am not giving up! Someday my pictures will look like some of the ones I see on your site.

    The new necklace is very fun.

  146. Abbie Ameri says:

    Through my lens, I see the beauty, wonder and joy in every moment I experience.

  147. Teresa says:

    Through my lens I see a busy family!

  148. Stephanie says:

    I see my 2 beautiful children! At 3 and 8 months my camera is in a fury of action!

  149. Sonya says:

    I see the future!

  150. Jesica says:

    I see a sweet little boy who is growing up way to fast and a handsome man who is weathering the storms of life with me. My two true loves.

  151. Marcy says:

    I see my two beautiful children through my lens. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with them! They are my heart!!

  152. Abbie Ameri says:

    Tweeted (twitter name msabbienormal)

  153. Angie says:

    Through my lens, I see my sweet children captured in flashes of loving moments. They are growing so big now, and don’t always snuggle on the couch with me anymore, but I remember the times they did, and hold those memories in my heart.

  154. LeannB says:

    I see my family through my lense…the first day of school, college and all the other mile stones they have reached. By seeing all this, it makes my love for scrapbooking very busy. After finishing my oldest daughters books for graduation it makes me love taking more and more pictures. Everyone loved looking through the memorie books and remember the moments, it really makes you realize how quickly life goes by.

  155. Sharrin says:

    I see all the beauty and wonder in the world, reflected in my little boys’ eyes!

    Beautiful necklace – lovely design, as always!

  156. Abbie Ameri says:

    Shared it on facebook

  157. jerusalem says:

    i see the way the light filters through and makes everything look so much happier.

  158. Margie Brown says:

    I see a big beautiful world just waited to be captured.

  159. kirstie says:

    through my lense, I see the life that the Lord has created for me – the talents He has given me, the love He has provided me through my family, and my faith & hope sustained through His word!

    beautiful work, Lisa!

  160. Chris L. says:

    I see the beautiful face of my 89 year old Mom who has weathered each storm and kept the faith.

  161. Marie says:

    I see the beautiful life and family God has given me. I am so humbled by it all and by the finished work on the cross that was done for you and for me to have eternal life with Him. It will be a glorious day!

  162. silence, simplicity, beauty.
    thanks lisa!

  163. Jess says:

    I see my sweet little boy…such a gift from God!

  164. Marsha Kern says:

    I see my husband’s loving face, I am so lucky to have him

  165. Lisa McGriff says:

    Saturday afternoon, the sun is just behind the trees, I’m laying flat down in the grass camera in hand, taking pictures of my two dachshunds playing in the tall green grass…………….

  166. Sarah Sharp says:

    Today we’re taking our kids to their first Chicago Cubs baseball game, and of course I’ll be taking my camera along. It’ll be baseballs, hotdogs, and two little Cubs fans on the other end of my lens today. :-)

  167. I see God’s beauty in the simple and plain; and I see God’s beauty in the faces of my children.

  168. Amy Harris says:

    I see things that bring me JOY!

  169. Siobhan says:

    At the moment I am seeing too much homework, work and boring stuff! I want to see more of my boys cheeky faces, sunshine & fun stuff!

  170. Amanda Thompson says:

    I see my beautiful children…what could be better?

  171. Amanda says:

    Through my lens, I see my daughter exploring the world around her, and the excitement on her face every day. I get to share those special moments of discovery with my family because of it!

  172. Dresden says:

    I see incredible things I have been blessed with: a warm home, a LOVING husband, a wonderful family and food in the kitchen. It’s the simple things really :)

  173. Alice C. says:

    Oh my gosh! I adore that!! So gorgeous! Through my lens I see the laughter and smiles of my friends and family. :)

  174. Holly M says:

    I am seeing suitcases that need unpacking, laundry that needs to be done, kids that need to go to school, and a car that needs the bugs washed off of it!!! Life is good!

  175. Shannon says:

    I see beauty and happiness and joy and fun and laughter and friendship and love. :)

  176. Shannon says:


  177. Shannon says:


  178. Stephanie says:

    I see God’s creation in a whole new way!

  179. Stephanie C. says:

    my sweet little boy, loving husband, and adorable puppy!

  180. Greta says:

    I see my boys growing up way too fast!

  181. Shana says:

    I see my little boys. Today was the first day of preschool….they get big so fast…too fast!

  182. Kristen Walker says:

    I am currently doing a 365 day photo blog of my 3 1/2 year old. I love it! She changes so much every day and has such a personality that I don’t want to miss a thing!

  183. amy says:

    Through my lens today I saw my sweet boy run to the school bus, all ready for his first day of second grade! Through my lens I see all the things I hold precious to me… and want to hold on to as long as I can…

  184. AmandaW. says:

    Through my lens I am amazed at the beauty of God’s creation. I see 3 precious children (3 and under) all growing, learning,and exploring. Never a dull moment through this lens, look forward to all the moments to capture ahead. Beautiful Necklace…thanks for the opprotunity.

  185. Sarah W says:

    Through my lens I see the beauty of fall as it is approaching and the beauty of my babies as they are learning and growing. Such a pretty necklace.

  186. cindy says:

    Through my lens I see my 3 beautiful boys and my husband!

  187. Lisa B says:

    I see my three little girls growing up right before my eyes…. I take pictures (almost) every single day, and I love going back a week, or a month, or even a year and seeing how much they have changed…..

  188. Whitney says:

    I see my two beautiful children, growing and changing right before my eyes. I’m glad I have MILLIONS of photographs to document their growth!

  189. Lourdes says:

    my children, the ones growing right before me, every day, sometimes too fast, and all the “moments” I want to capture and save forever.

  190. Lt says:

    The beauty of the world around me, especially in small everyday things like a sunset at the beach, holding my husbands hand, a kind act.

  191. I’m not a great photographer. But my cousin and my husband are superb. So I usually see what I want a picture of and then have them shoot it. I’m definitely going to send this link around. I know so many people that can capture magic with a camera.

  192. Ginny says:

    I love love love this necklace. I always have a camera in my hands, I see my kiddos through the lens the most!!

  193. Christy says:

    I’m trying to focus my lens on the beauty of every day. I want to appreciate and live in the moment!

  194. Inga Eisele says:

    I see so much of nature – different shades of green, spiders spinning their delicate webs, my dog rolling in the grass, my beautiful daughter, my husband.

  195. Sarah says:

    I always have my camera nearby ready to capture the adorable faces of my two girls…and sometimes the dog even makes it in too :)

  196. Euvah says:

    Blogged again about it :-)

  197. Kristi says:

    I see my beautiful kiddos- creative, fun, whimsical, broken arms and all!

  198. I see all the loves of my life! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful piece.

    Kisses from the WhipperChicks

  199. Barb says:

    I see the most beautiful face in the world to me – my husband’s – who was born 60 years ago today!

  200. Hillary says:

    I see my family and how it will grow in the future.

  201. teresa says:

    What a FABULOUS necklace!
    And such sweet~thought placed into creating it!
    Your HEART just BEAMS through your pieces!
    This is WHAT makes YOUR jewelry so SPECIAL!
    Through my lens I see this BEAUTIFUL world that God has placed me within.
    I see HIS creation.
    I see HIM.
    And I am grateful…beyond words.

  202. Laura says:

    Lisa, this necklace is absolutely precious! LOVE it : )

  203. Celeste says:

    I see people. I just love photographing people.

  204. Misty C says:

    love it – thru my lens I capture my kids and the love of my family!

  205. Lauren Davison says:

    AH! LOVE IT! I see beauty. My favorite thing to do “through my lens” is help women realize how beautiful they are…

  206. Amanda says:

    i just like to record the happy.

  207. Lisa, that necklace is adorable! I love it.
    Through my lens, I see my daughter. My sweet face, Zoie Sharae. She has been through so much at the age of 4, and she is still the sweetest child and I am so blessed to have her in my life. God gave me such a true blessing, and I am thankful every day for his gift.
    We have had a rough road, but I am so thankful that I have her by my side. She is such a sweet and compassionate child, and everyone who comes in contact with her leave with a smile. She is amazing.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would be honored to wear one of your necklaces!

  208. Marissa says:

    I love it. I think that you must stop making such fabulous pieces…because my wish list is quite long already and I may never be able to acquire them all at this rate. 😛 I try to capture the daily events that are truly the most special. The things that are constant…the smile, the dimples, the grin, the “can you believe this, mama?”face….and the changing….the frog legs that turned into propellers for the scooting to the straight but wobbly sea legs. I just want to capture or simple loving life.

  209. Jessica says:

    How cute is this!! Through my lens I see the fortune that I have…and that is my family. I absolutely love them to pieces and I’m so blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband and awesome kiddos.

  210. I added a link for the giveaway on my blog’s sidebar: justmeandz(dot)

  211. Jessica says:

    it’s on my facebook too!

  212. Jessi says:

    right now I see the changing of the seasons. I can see the leaves begin to change colors and the temperature start to drop

  213. Nicole H. says:

    Through my lens, I see people I love that are far away from me, and I can keep them close in my heart :)

  214. Jennifer says:

    …my beautiful baby boy…

  215. cheryl says:

    i see my world around me…my kids, what i do everyday, my friends, family, daily tasks…i LOVE capturing the beauty all around me!

  216. Sarah-Kate* says:

    I see my breakthrough.

  217. Sheila says:

    I see my Irishman who is always there to give me balance and hold my hand…i see my ever blossoming ladies as they navigate their new year…I see my home my center my comfort my place to hide and make memories

  218. Sugar Mama says:

    I see my sons working together on the soccer field.

  219. Stefanie says:

    I see my life, one husband, three children, 3 cats. Chaos, mess but all mine and I love it.

  220. jamie says:

    i see my kids on their first day of school through my lens!

  221. Anette says:

    I am finally learning to see God’s love for me in all He does for me…to not see them as things that I have “earned”, but as gifts to us…just because. Jesus was the ultimate gift, of course, it is just easy to forget that from day to day. I am learning how to see thru a lens of gratitude, instead of a lens of “well, I earned it”.

  222. Anette says:

    I retweeted!

  223. Laurie says:

    I see my two wonderful boys! I have been blessed with two great ones!
    I received my Lisa Leonard box in the mail last week. I received my aqua set!!! Yippee!!!! I love, love, love it!!!!!!! I have had many compliments!!!!

  224. Molly Byrd says:

    Through my lens I see blue skies, sunsets, puffy clouds, rainbows and storms. . .I love to take pictures of the sky. Thank you for the giveaway!

  225. Jessie says:

    I see my family and the beauty of the landscape.

  226. Anna W says:

    Through my lens I see loved ones, near and far away…I see children growing up faster than I ever imagined, becoming young men, filled with God’s love for the world around them…I see the next half century before me and the precious moments of the past 50 years in my minds eye…I see hope for a future.

  227. Michele says:

    through my lens I see life’s miracles.

  228. kate wille says:

    i see the magical light of my daughters’ eyes-
    i see the apricot-tinted cloud formations in the big sky of Wyoming-
    and more – i see so much more.

  229. Kristen says:

    Hoping to give this to my great photographer friend!

  230. Meagan D says:

    Through my lens I see life as a new mommy and how my perspectives on everything i once deemed valuable have faded away.

  231. tiffany day says:

    hi lisa

    what a sweet and creative design – love the meaning!

    through my lens i see; unconditional love; beautiful faces; mountains of hope; and lots of grace!

    thank you for being your sweet self!


  232. Daniela B. says:

    I see the beautiful mountains that sourrond my home, I see my boyfrined funny face and I see my everyday life, the most wonderful life in the world! :-)

  233. Nicole Ross says:

    Through my lens, I see the sweet smile of my beautiful preemie daughter, who was not given much of a chance for survival. She is 15 months and the joy of my life–and my favorite photo subject!

  234. Lauren says:

    I see God’s redemptive grace at work all around me — praise His name!

  235. jamie says:

    facebooked a little lisa leonard {love}

  236. Deborah says:

    I see my 3 beautiful sons that God brought into our life through adoption. They each have a handicap and are in a wheelchair…but I see their hearts! their personality! they make my heart sing! I am blessed. We have a photographer in our town that is giving away a FREE setting to any Family in our town who has a handicapped child and would like a Family setting. I would love to win this for her! and give it to her for all she does for Families with disabilities in our town!
    Thank you for this chance and May God Bless you and your business!!!

  237. Kendra says:

    I would have to agree with Lauren who commented above me…..sometimes I need to be reminded to see God’s grace all around me…Thanks! Through my lens I see… 4 precious children, my loving hubby, the beautiful woods and countryside that God made.

    I really want to get this necklace for a friend of mine. She takes beautiful pics and what she is seeing through her lens right now is amazing! She and her husband are currantly in China meeting their long awaited little girl! I can only imagine the emotion that they are experiencing right now. She is so small and sweet and cuddly….has taken a liking to her daddy from the start :) They left for China as a family of three and are returning as a family of four! God has been faithful to them!

  238. I see my family through the lens and also nature. Fall/Autumn is my favorite time of year.

  239. Alana says:

    I see hard work starting to payoff!! :)

  240. Peiching says:

    Through my lens, I see pain as well as beauty. Truly, my lens is an eye-opener for me :)

  241. Amy C. says:

    Through my lens, I see love, nourishment, family, friends and laughter!

  242. Erin says:

    LOVE this! I usually see my two sweet boys through my lens. Thanks for the chance!

  243. Kyla says:

    Through my lens I see the future in my children’s faces.

  244. Sandy says:

    I see my two little girls (ages 7 & 9) and also my little girl that is up in heaven.

  245. Through my lens I see soooo much! I am a professional photographer here in Asheville, NC. I absolutely love what I do. I believe I have been given a gift from a wonderful Creator. He has given me the gift to see through His lens and that causes me to see the world a bit differently. I see a couple starting a new life together on the happiest day of their lives. I see a new beautiful addition to a family, I see beauty in a girl who maybe doesn’t think she is beautiful. I see the beauty of people. Often times they don’t see it till I show it to them. Again, I have been given a gift and I love nothing more than to give it back.

  246. Suzie P. says:

    Through my lens I see the smiling faces of my kids as they grow and change each day.

  247. Megan says:

    I see my children, their smiles, the outdoors, light and dark, blurry and still, possibility and HOPE!

  248. Julia says:

    through my lens I see the whirlwind of colours that make up our world, the slowly fading spirit of summer and the unknown but beautiful future

    thank you so much for this giveaway…I am in love with this necklace :)

  249. Cait says:

    I love it! Right now I’m seeing lots of my new flat through my lens. I’ve just moved and I’m taking lots of pics so my family can see where I live :)

  250. Julia says:

    I FB’d about this!!!!!

  251. Mallory says:

    People I love because when I can’t be surrounded by them in person, I want to have them around me in pictures!

  252. sydney says:

    oh my goodness what an amazingly super fun and adorable giveaway. through my lens i see pieces of life i long to capture and hold in an instant. i see moments i want to hold onto forever. i see instances i wish i knew how to capture better with one simple click. and of course, sometimes through my lens i wish i could see more clearly….

  253. Lindsay Lee says:

    I see my baby girl! :) Thank you for this amazing giveaway Lisa! :)

  254. Jenny V says:

    I see cherished moments!! I love catching my kids doing things for the first time and seeing the smiles on their faces! I also love beautiful scenery!!

  255. FoxyMomma says:

    through my lens, i see God’s amazing & perfect creations.. i see beauty, i see hope, i see life, i see joy, i see love.

    thanks for the chance to win one of your precious creations. 😉

  256. Amber says:

    I also carry my camera everywhere. I love to see beauty, creativity, and my daughter’s face through my camera!!

  257. Kimberly says:

    Love it!! Oh my, do I live this. Great design Lisa.

    Through my lens I see two little boys that carry my heart with them as they start the school year this week.

  258. Beverly says:

    I see my family through the lens of my camera. Unless I’m on vacation and then it’s all about the sights. Been awhile since I’ve been on a vacation though. :)

    Great giveaway!

  259. Mallory says:

    I blogged about it!

  260. Beverly says:

    I facebooked about it too!

  261. Bree says:

    Through my lens I see my baby boy grow. He is 7 1/2 months now and I’ve watched him get bigger and stronger and discover his world. It’s amazing.

  262. amy says:

    blogged it, too! : )

  263. Megan says:

    My hubby just bought me a Canon XS as a gift! I have always loved to capture moments, but most specifically lately, I love to catch my kids in their day to day. I want to remember what my baby girl looked like as she discovered new things. I want to see the joy in my toddler son’s face as he plays outside. I could go on and on!

  264. Sheila says:

    Through my lens I see the leaves gently falling on the path as I walk, the goofy expression on my dog’s face, the concentration of my daughter as she rides her horse, and (with the self-timer!) my husband and I, smiling though the years.

  265. shannon torres says:

    I see my 2 precious boys, Sam 2 yrs. and Ben 1 month!!!! They are the miracles I’ve prayed for for 6 years. They are God’s amazing gifts to me. <

  266. Heather says:

    I see through my lens my adorable 3 granddaughters! (soon to be 4!!) I can’t wait! I love when they come to visit or when I get to go see them to take just random photos of them playing, they are at such perfect ages, the oldest is 3 1/2 and the twins are just 2! So much fun! I am a proud grandma 😉

  267. melinda says:

    Through my lens, I see my kids in my classroom getting along on the first day of school

  268. Brianne says:

    Through my lens I see my future – love, learning, teaching, kids, friendship, trust, excitement, beauty and family.
    Great necklace!!

  269. megan says:

    Through my lens I see my kids growing up way too fast.

  270. Amanda V says:

    Through my lens, I see the little details in life that bring a smile to my face and that I always want to remember, no matter how far those little gems in life may be from me someday.

  271. Deniz says:

    I see candid, not to be forgotten moments.

  272. Maudy says:

    I see my son’s beautiful and brave face.

  273. Anna G says:

    This necklace is lovely…lately through my lens I have seen lots of wonderful food I have been baking up.

  274. Kelly H-Y says:

    I see smiles, silliness, happiness, and beauty.

  275. Stacey says:

    I see my kids and all their activities….I LOVE taking pictures because I think it’s the best memory we have of all those days/years that fly by! Can you tell I can’t believe my kids are: 12 (Jr. High), 10 & almost 6 (kindergarten)?

  276. Gina says:

    I see my 2 sweet boys’ !!!

  277. Denise says:

    I just photographed bird’s feeding frenzy out in the ocean in Avila Beach this weekend! I too carry my camera everywhere I go!

  278. Danielle Hagedorn says:

    I see my little boy always laughing!

  279. bettyann says:

    my grandbaby Madelynn

  280. Jennifer says:

    I also carry my camera with me everywhere and I’m seeing everyday moments I don’t want to miss.

  281. Susan says:

    Love it! I see thiings that happen every day–this is my second year of taking a photo a day!

  282. Laurel says:

    Today I saw my three year old giddy with excitement for her first day of preschool. It was so precious and the feeling was contagious.

  283. ShannonK says:

    I see life. love. happiness. hardships. beauty.

  284. Katrina says:

    I see a moment in time that will never be again, a beautiful memory.

  285. Susan C. says:

    I’m documenting a year of my life, birthday to birthday, with my camera. Some days require more photos than others, but it’s an interesting journey through the lens!

  286. Annette says:

    Beautiful necklace, Lisa. Through my lens, I see children growing up too quickly and me wanting to slow everything down and take it all in.

  287. Sue says:

    I would love to win this necklace!!! I am always taken pictures!!!!!

  288. melissa says:

    I love the extra set of eyes a camera provides me. The ability to look at something ordinary in an entirely different way. I see how the colors looked in the sky after the rain.. or the way my nephew laughed when he was little.. how a trip somewhere special felt. I see the love my family shares.. and often.. I see me for better for worse and in between.

  289. heather p says:

    I see the innocence of my boys. No one really tells you how differently you see the world when you look at it through your kids eyes.

  290. Lori Taylor says:

    Love it, through my lens I see change.

  291. Sandra says:

    I see happiness, my cute godchildren, family, friends, a wonderful world and all the little things like this gorgeous necklace :-)!

  292. wanda says:

    Through my lens….I see young adult children who were just toddling around in my life.
    My oldest is in college and the other two in high school.
    I’m capturing every moment…..cause they end so soon! 😉

  293. Mish says:

    Through my lens I see my 3 growing before my eyes. For just one split second I can capture them in their silly, goofy, loving, happy, growing moments to treasure forever and share with them and theirs when they are grown and I’m old. I see the beauty we take for granted. For one moment I take the time to enjoy and cherish what God has blessed me with.

  294. Melyssa says:

    I see my beautiful family & awesome friends!

  295. Marnie says:

    Your pictures are always so amazing!!!
    Through the lens you see so much…. new beauty in everything.

  296. Meagan says:

    I LOOOOVE the new necklace! Through my lens I am watching my baby boy grow everyday.

  297. Sherry says:

    I see small details. A missing tooth. A bee on a flower. A heart shaped leaf. A whisker on a cat. Anyone can see the big things. You have to slow down to see the little things.

  298. LauraC says:

    Through my lens…I see incredible but simple blessings and reminders to be grateful. My heart smiles just thinking about it. I LOVE your new necklace. LOVE it. :)

  299. my lens changes as the days pass. I see things differently each day because of my child and the children i spend the day with a school. they always have a way to remind you that you just might need to stop and refocus that lens.

  300. taranicole says:

    I see the love of my husband and family, and all the blessing God has given us — documented for future generations to see how GOOD God is!

  301. Rachel says:

    I see my babies growing up and doing all the fun things of childhood. I try to capture the moments for them….. and for me!
    I see the beautiful world that God created.
    I see friends and family and the people I love.
    I see so much through my camera lens and I want to capture it all…..
    Love the necklace!

  302. Anneke B says:

    I see my 3 children being so sweet to each other. I love the moments when they hug each other or cuddle on the couch. I’ve been able to capture some of these moments on my camera!

  303. taranicole says:

    I tweeted it! @taranicole

  304. vicki says:

    Through my lens I see a freckled nose, heavy sunflowers, polka dot garden boots and pumpkins the nicest shade of orange….that’s what I see today.

  305. Andrea says:

    What a perfect necklace for me. I have a blog that features 365 days of life behind the lens so this necklace couldn’t be more fitting. Through my lens I see happiness, laughter, joy, beauty, and memories being made.

  306. Stephanie Erickson says:

    I look through my lens with wonder and see poetry.

  307. Kathy says:

    I see a whole lot of grace through my lens(es)!!

  308. Suzanne says:

    I see my childrena and their smiling faces!!! They define pure joy in the little things. Thanks for the chance to win

  309. Heather M. says:

    I see the everyday things that make up my life. :) This necklace is beautiful! I love it.

  310. I was able to see a Bald Eagle through my lens this weekend?! Can you believe it? Up at the Mogillion Rim east of Payson, AZ.

  311. Posted on my blog in the ‘Giveaways I love’ Section!

  312. Susan S. says:

    I seem to be photographing a lot of sunsets lately. They’ve been spectacular!

  313. melissa says:

    i see scars that feel more like badges of courage, and a family that is strengthened through our challenges.

  314. shannon stinson says:

    through my lens i try to capture and hold on to every moment of my children. they are growing way too fast and through my lens…i can capture it all and never forget!

  315. wendy says:

    Through my lens, I see the beauty of tiny details. I love the macro setting on my p&s!!!

  316. Christina says:

    I see my four beautiful children and all that they can offer this world

  317. Mary says:

    Through my lens I see love growing.

  318. Laurie says:

    Love the necklace – would love to win it for my daughter who is the true photographer in our family! However, through my lens I do see more and more the simple things and the reality that I need to enjoy them more often.

  319. Kristin says:

    Oh my I love this necklace. Through my lens I see my children (all 4 of them), my husband, my cats, the world around me in our quiet yard.

  320. Kristin says:

    I tweeted the giveaway too!

  321. megelin says:

    i see hope, lots and lots of nourishing food, love, and growth and learning.

    this necklace is so so cute!

  322. Rebecca says:

    I see my sweet 3 month old baby girl- who is changing daily!

  323. Laura says:

    For now…my cats, flowers and my ever growing belly. Any day now…my baby girl, Stella.

  324. since i’m the one who is typically in charge of the camera, my sweet kiddos are what show up through the lens. and almost always it includes them having fun with their most wonderful daddy.

  325. Katie says:

    I love to photograph faces…I see the best faces in the world: my children, my husband and parents.

  326. Rachel Spin says:

    I see beauty through my lens, mostly God’s creations, people and nature.

  327. I see the beauty of nature…I love capturing a flower right as it in bloom! I also love capturing the smiling faces of my family and friends.

  328. I see my wonderful husband who is so faithful to love me. I see my dogs, the loves of my life. I see God’s grace in all the blessings he’s given me.

  329. Kristi Blank says:

    I see my wonderful family, lovely husband, and beautiful children. I see people who care.

  330. Cari says:

    I see my ever-entertaining kids!

  331. Lisa~ says:

    Gee, I don’t have a deep. poetic comment like these wonderful ladies before me. I see something that thrills me so I grab my camera. I love the new necklace. Lisa~

  332. Through my lens I see my family on a daily basis. The little things that make up our days, the special moments, family traditions. I’m never without my camera.

  333. domestic diva says:

    I love, joy, and peace. Life is good!

  334. kari says:

    I see a smiling toddler. :-)

  335. T Cobb says:

    Today? Through my lens today, I see the most amazing clouds, raindrops on the flowers in my yard, and a fluffy white dog curled up next to a sick little boy.

  336. kaley smith says:

    i will be honest. right now, through my lens, i see 2 daughters that are exhausting me emotionally! i remind my self every day, prov. 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.. THATS what im seeing thru my lense. that is my SAVING GRACE lately! great necklace

  337. Lea says:

    I’m still a trainee in photography, but I just love it! And through my lens I see the beauty of this planet in person and nature.

  338. Megan says:

    Through my lens I see my beautiful boy, who changes every day! I also see my growing belly, that LITERALLY changes every day! :) {another boy due next month!}

    LOVE this necklace!!!

  339. bobbie says:

    I usually see family members running and hiding from my lense.

  340. Kodi says:

    Through my lens I see the blessings God’s given me- my son, my husband, my growing belly, my world.

  341. Denise Fick says:

    This necklace represents me so well! I carry my camera everywhere, the joke is that my kids don’t know what mommy looks like because she is always behind the camera. I take pictures of just about everything and though I’m not the best, practice makes perfect!

  342. Denise Fick says:

    I tweeted!

  343. Tracey says:

    I see a precious family, one I longed for and love deeply.

  344. Amber says:

    I see my handsome husband, God’s beautiful creation, the city I love that we call home, friends, family, college students that we minister to, and lots of photos of our home and delicious food for my blog.

  345. Amber says:

    Tweeted @amberlo13

  346. Angela P says:

    I see summer fun winding it’s way into fall

  347. Lindsay Renner says:

    I see my beautiful daughters growing up before my eyes through my lens.

  348. Dena says:

    I LOVE this! Photography is such a passion of mine. I love pictures and I love my camera. Typically, I take pictures of my kids, everyday and photo shoot style. Right now, I’m gearing up for a week long cruise, just me and my hubby. With my tripod in tow hopefully we will capture a wonderful vacation.

  349. I see God’s beauty through my lens….wether is be a sunset, birds on a wire or the toothless grin of my 6yr old!

    I LOVE this new necklace!!!

  350. Dawn says:

    Through my lens I see a house that needs cleaning, laundry to be washed, errands to be run, bills that need paying, dinner that must be planned, grandchildren to be hugged, a husband to be kissed, children to laugh with, people that need my help, flowers blooming, the brilliant sun, the ripples of water in my pool, and birds eating seed in my backyard. Life is just the way I pictured it!

  351. Laura Turner says:

    I see my husband’s love for me through my lens… He loves me in every way and everyday. I am truly blessed.

  352. erinV says:

    i see life in all its forms the good the bad the fun the not so fun

  353. denise says:


    it is ironic that my husband is the professional photographer, BUT i am the one who ALWAYS has a camera. through my lens i see…my abundant life! my camera causes me to be intentional about capturing the “little things.” all those little things are my life in abundance i may have missed had i not looked through my lens.

  354. denise says:

    facebooked it too!

  355. Cat G. says:

    The beauty of the world around us! Also, the faces of those I love!

  356. becca says:

    i love to see the world!!!!!! any where and every where.

  357. susan says:

    My lens is a bit hazy these days. My allergies and Fall in Kansas do not seem to get along right now. Even though what I’m seeing is a bit cloudy, I love what I see… my new middle schooler off to school with her “Vote for me” student council poster complete with twinkly lights and sequins….my sweet soccer-loving 8-year old walking around the house with his light saber…and of course, the dear man who loves me for who I am–even if I am a woman with a runny nose and swollen eyes!

  358. Amy says:

    always my beautiful babies

  359. Jan says:

    I see our 5 healthy grandchldren and feel so very blessed to be a part of their lives.

  360. karen says:

    I see color, shape, form, designs in nature and patterns everywhere. I see in pictures so my camera just helps me show other people the way my eye works.

  361. Ann says:

    i see how very blessed i am to be surrounded by God’s love through family, friends, and His creation…

  362. teresab says:

    I have tears of excitement for this piece!! It’s everything I’ve been looking for!!

    I see smiles that warm my heart and reminding me of everything good in the world!!

  363. Sara B. says:

    I see two little boys through my lens. Usually from the back. Both of them have some level of ADD, so aside from being two active little boys, they are usually waaaayyyyyy ahead of me and not looking back. There’s a story about Moses, though; when he asked to see God’s face, God showed him his back. Why? So Moses could look over his shoulder and see the world like God saw it. So I like to think that when I’m chasing my little guys I’m seeing their little views of the big world.

  364. Allie says:

    I see the people, places, and things that I love!

  365. JD says:

    I see God’s love.

  366. Shelley says:

    I see the beauty of nature, the innocence and hope in my kids’ eyes, love and laughter, family and friends. I love capturing life with my camera. The necklace is amazing, thanks for the chance to win!

  367. Ann says:

    I see my son through my lens. God has made him very special and unique.

  368. Celeste says:

    God’s handy-work!

  369. Wendy Orme says:

    I see the sweet, innocent faces of my five darling grandchildren. I LOVE this necklace!

  370. Una Engtrø says:

    I see my loves. My family. My nature. My insects. My wiews. I love my camera :)

  371. Brittney says:

    I see love through my lens. I see the world :)

  372. Heather N says:

    Through my lens I see a perfect memory captured forever.

  373. […] to gush for a minute – Lisa Leonard finally designed a camera-themed necklace – and she’s giving two away at her blog today! You’ve got to see! It’s so […]

  374. Thuy Le says:

    I see a warm house that I created with my husband for our three children and I hope to see more love, laughter, peace and calmness.

  375. Alisha says:

    Through my lens I see my two precious Miniature Schnauzers cuddling with my husband! That, and a beautiful world. :)

  376. LaurieS says:

    I see God – it’s my way of focusing in on him. God is in the details.

  377. Looking through my lens I see my three beautiful children that seem to be growing up way too fast. I see a blustery fall day with leaves rapidly falling, soon to leave the trees barren.

  378. zalaine says:

    I try to find the emotion of the Moment. Not necessarily a face but , the Look!

  379. I see that no matter what God works all things out beautifully!

  380. Jami says:

    I love this! Through my lens I see my children. I can block out the noise and the homework and the endless practices and just.see.them.

  381. My kiddos…especially my little boys….even when I’m trying to take photos of other things…they just love the lens! LOL!

  382. Jenny says:

    I want to win this so very much!!! Through my lens I see the people that I love.

  383. Michalina Peterson says:

    I always see my three sweet, sassy, feisty little girls through my lens. I can’t pull my camera out without one of them jumping in front of it. I love capturing their spirits!

  384. anne says:

    I see possibility.

  385. melissa says:

    I camera goes everywhere with me. I love to take pictures….typically it is of my girls! But, I take a picture a day, so I try and find something that pops out that day at me to take it of. It could be the littlest thing, but I love taking a picture a day and looking back on our life!

    And I love this new goodie in your shop!

  386. LaurieS says:

    tweeted at @laurieskillern

  387. Lisa says:

    Through my lens I see my three sweet kiddos. I love capturing moments in our lives through photography. It helps me to really soak it all in!

  388. LaurieS says:

    posted on facebook! (laurieskillern)

  389. Linda says:

    Through my lens I see wonderful, fun, heart-warming, and awesome moments frozen in time.

  390. Dana says:

    I see the loves of my life….my three sons and my husband! I see the signs of fall coming. I see my beautiful Lisa Leonard necklaces that I absolutley adore!!! xoxoxo

  391. Katy says:

    I see my sweet husband Scott and my new son Miles. They are my joy.

  392. BethG. says:

    Through my lense I see the smiling faces of my children (most of the time). They wouldn’t let me take pictures of them on their first day of school though! I guess they’re getting too “old”.

    Thanksf or the giveaway!


  393. oh Lisa, this is so sweet! what a beautiful creation! What do I see thru my lens??? hmmm, i see my children in ways that go unnoticed without the artistic angle of my lens. i see the world and all Gods many creations with a higher appreciation than ever before – trying like mad to capture it all!

  394. michelle says:

    I see my kids playing and enjoying life through my lenes…..Can’t get any better than that!!! LOVE YOUR STUFF…… :)

  395. Carita says:

    Through my lens, I see all the beauty that God has created in the many faces I see every day. In addition, I see the beauty that the hands of His creation have created all over the world. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the gift of having lens to capture all this beauty!

  396. What I see thru my lens is sunshine. I am a portrait photographer and am truly blessed by the wonderful children I get to capture.

  397. blogged. Yay! thanks for making such amazing jewelry Lisa!

  398. emma morem says:

    i see life, love, and art through my lens. i see families bond, kids grow, nature come to life, and art created through my lens :)

  399. Lisa M. says:

    Children! I teach preschool and I love taking pictures of the kids in my class and seeing how they grow through out the year.

  400. Jelee says:

    When I look through my lens, I see pride. I live on a military base, and everywhere I look, I see men and women who work and live for the pride and loyalty of our country. We are the home of the free because of the brave, and when I look through my lens, I feel that bravery and pride all around me.

  401. katie newton says:

    I see my precious kiddos that I thank the Lord for EVERY DAY! :) And PLENTY of pictures are taken of them for sure! :)

  402. Shaiya B. says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace!!! So excited about it!

    Through my lens I see a time to cherish. Every season is life is a time to cherish whether that be a newborns first smile, a couples new love, generations of a family legacy, a new graduate getting ready to make their place in this world!

  403. SJ says:

    Through my lens I see the world in a special way. That special way in which time freezes long enough for me to soak it all in and enjoy it. Through my lens I can be creative and express myself in a way that’s different, taking in all the little things, big or small.

  404. I love this necklace! Through my lens I see groceries – gas – electricity (I take photos for work). But then I see so much more when I look through my lens for fun – I see my life :) lv ya Lisa!

  405. Kitty Germer says:

    Through my lens, I see His grace.
    2Cor 12:9-10

  406. jasmine says:

    Oooh Lisa, you know I love this one! I’m constantly working to see my own family through my lens. It’s hard for me to embrace my camera outside of sessions for other people’s families.

  407. Susanne N. says:

    i see my daughter growing into a pre-teen, i see my home as it changes through the year, i see my husband and i as we celebrate another year of being together, i see my precious miracle-baby niece, i see a bond between my mom & sister & i…i see my everyday life–ordinary and extraordinary.

  408. linda says:

    I see my two gorgeous children who are growing up way too fast! x

  409. I see my four day old son all fresh and tiny through my sleep deprived lens.

  410. Through my lens I see the love I have for my babies and family.

  411. Sarah says:

    I see the little things… my daughter’s whispy hair, my son’s fingernails full of sand, my husband’s blue eyes.

  412. Kim says:

    I see my 11 month old walking up a storm and her 2 year old sister getting too smart for her own good!

  413. SueB says:

    Most recently? I see the changing colors in the maple trees in my back yard! My sister’s fav season is fast approaching! Thanx for the inspiration and t’riffic blog candy opp! And that $20 you owe me? Forget about it! LOL!

  414. Rebecca says:

    I take a camera everywhere with me too.
    Through the lens…I see beauty…capturing warmth, love and loss.

  415. I see my incredible family and wonderful husband!

  416. Kristin says:

    I see everyday moments through my lens.

  417. i see the sweet faces of my children, that i will miss one day when they are grown. no matter how naughty they are or how tough life can be with toddlers, i look through the photos i take of them, and know that all of the rough days of parenthood will be long forgotten one day and i will just feel very blessed that i captured their true innocence.

  418. I also blogged about it

  419. angie says:

    I see the opportunities to capture memories through my lenses! Mainly these days, it’s of my boyfriend and my dog! : )

  420. My 2 little boys who are getting bigger everyday! I love this necklace…fingers crossed!!

  421. I see my beautiful children who all grow so fast. I do my best to capture the moments now that I will someday cherish in the future!

  422. angie says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  423. leanne says:

    i see the wonder of God all around me, and the beauty of nature as the seasons change.

  424. angie says:

    I tumblr’ed this giveaway!

  425. Amanda Land says:

    I see my 4 children!

  426. Megan Rogers says:

    growth, happiness, and chubby little baby butts – my heart sings when I have my camera in hand watching life pass by the lens :)

  427. Lisa says:

    I see everything! I take pictures every day!!

  428. Lori-Anne says:

    Through my lens I see the handsomest boy’s prettiest baby girl’s faces. I am in love!

  429. Lori-Anne says:

    I just tweeted it, too, under the @MrsPearTree moniker!

  430. Judi says:

    Lately I have had the opportunity of seeing the faces of some beautiful seniors who are allowing me to capture some memories for them. It has been awesome!

  431. I’m seeing the weather become a little more bearable, therefore spending a little more time seeing outdoors istead of in. :)

  432. Lori-Anne says:

    I also facebooked it (Lori-Anne Charlton Poirier). Thanks for this fun contest :)

  433. Tanya says:

    I see my mother soaking up every ounce of her time with my kids….love capturing these moments as a keepsake/reminder for my kids.

  434. i see God’s amazingness through my lens. i see my precious little boy, flowers, birds… everything He has created :)

  435. chanda hakanson says:

    I had my little girl on May 15th at 26 weeks (3 months early) right now as i sit in her NICU room looking through my lens I see “life” , “joy”, “healing”, “love”, “sweetness” I see ……”a miracle”

  436. Heidi @ ggip says:

    Wow Lisa! This is a really cute idea for a necklace! I can imagine it will make a great gift for a lot of photographers!

    I see through my lens how every child is special :)

  437. Cheryl says:

    I see by brother who just passed through my lens- in the trees, the sky within the clouds…I see his beauty everywhere…I have to see that to hold on to him.

  438. Misti says:

    I see life passing too quickly.

  439. Lanee says:

    I see my gorgeous cousins (my best subjects!!) and the love that different people share. I capture the great faces after seeing the marvelous pictures that we have taken together. I see the times shared together, hard or easy. Amazing memories every day. :)

  440. Nicole says:

    What do I see through my lens? Moments in life that are a walk of faith, moments totally in God’s hands.


  441. Kristi D says:

    I see my children through my lens :) And, sometimes my husband!

  442. Nicole says:

    I tweeted. :) Under @CreatedbyCole

    Thank you Lisa!

  443. Sonja says:

    I see inspiration, beauty & adventure. The most precious thing I see is my doggy, Toby. He truly is the child we will never have.

  444. Wendi Rogan says:

    Through my lens I see faith, hope in the examples of my parents. I see Joy and adventure in my children as they grow into amazing young adults. I see the unconditional love in my husband’s eyes…..Through my lens I also see the future of someday sitting at the feet of our Father in heaven rejoicing in the paradise he’s prepared for all of us!

  445. […] What do you see through your lens? Win a necklace This entry was written by Mrs. Fun, posted on September 7, 2010 at 7:26 pm, filed under Family stuff, Mrs. Fun. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Life is good…. […]

  446. Misti says:

    I blogged about it :)

  447. Suzan says:

    I see the wind rippling through colourful trees on this grey autumn day.

  448. Deborah says:

    I see how everything has beauty.

  449. Suzan says:

    and I facebooked it!

  450. Linda says:

    Through my lens I see small details, all too often unnoticed otherwise. My very favorite things to see are the members of my family, however.

  451. Liz Cogswell says:

    LOVE this necklace!! Through my lens, I see everyday moments with family and friends and things I hope to never forget.

  452. sydney says:

    and my blog is on FB too :) the necklace is beautiful, and i love ALL of your pieces.

  453. Melissa says:

    I see my two beautiful children growing up even faster than I ever could have imagined! I wish “my” lens had a “slow down!” function :)

  454. Shawn says:

    Through the lens, I see my future and what I have done to make it the best that it can be.

  455. Linda says:

    Through my lens I see my adult children working hard at building happy families, doing their best, loving strongly, using their God-given talents, giving back to their communities, and, helping their Mom even when she doesn’t ask or expect it.

  456. Jennifer says:

    I love to find beauty wherever I go, and it truly is everywhere.

  457. Ang says:

    The four blessings God blessed me with and all His beauty that surrounds me.

  458. linda Miller says:

    I see my beautiful, healthy and precious grand children and know how BLESSED I am.

  459. Andrea says:

    Through my lens I see moments i never want to forget and always want to treasure! My boys (7 & 9) are growing SOOO fast. I am forever sticking the camera right in their faces up close. I love their perfect skin, fresh eyes and wispy hair! I love the things that the camera captures that the naked eye looks right past!

  460. Allyson says:

    The first frost. Brrrr

  461. Laurel says:

    I see my beautiful children, my supportive husband and the BEST clients ever that give me the opportunity to look through my lens!

  462. I’m not much of a photographer…wish I were! But I do have a sweet friend who aspires to being a photographer, and I know she’d love this necklace. It’s precious!

  463. Emma says:

    I see my little baby boy growing so much each day.


  464. traci says:

    Lisa- I see the beauty all around me…in the face of my husband… and in the faces of my students each and every day!

  465. I see a miniature slice of the good life, full of my children laughing and gorgeous vibrant colors.

  466. Liz Cogswell says:

    tweeted – @LizCogswell

  467. sarah r. says:

    through my lens, i see the peace. the lens reminds me to stop & breathe, because in a picture, everything can look SO together, and peaceful, despite feeling completely hurried at the time. it slows me down. it makes me think.

  468. b says:

    I see kids smiles,
    I see a clean Earth,
    I see people hugging,
    I see the sundown,
    I see flowers growing,
    I see happy life,
    I see beautiful friends,
    I see your blog!

  469. Teresa says:

    Through my lense I see four little boys growing. And through their eyes I see so many simple joys of child hood that we forget about as adults. I am reminded to slow down some times and colour with a new box of crayons or get down on the floor and play.

  470. Hillary says:

    Through my lens- I see moments frozen in time, beautiful colors as we transition into fall, my 2 pups playing tug-a-war, stacks of photography books for school, and the love on my boyfriends face as we relax on the patio each night… 😀 Love the new necklace!!

  471. i see a quiet and laid back 5 year old and a very divalicious 2 year old!

  472. Mary says:

    I see growth and joy

  473. Kirsten R says:

    When I look through the lens i see that i have come along way and there is much more to come. I have accomplished a lot that I wasnt sure I was able. I have a great job that I love, awesome boyfriend and 2 wonderful doggies.

  474. Karlee Bremner says:

    i see raindrops, bright eyes, windblown hair, an orchard full of ripe apples, and weathered hands. my mom working in the backyard.

  475. Michal says:

    I see my two adorable children! Very cute new necklace!

  476. Linda Mills says:

    I see autumn colors in the northern Utah mountains…the aspens are dressed in glorious golds and the maples don red dresses!

  477. I see souls dancing with each other while sharing love and commitment. I see a glimpse of Heaven through the eyes of children. I see how truly alike we all are, and how important relationships are to us. I see faith that can move mountains!

  478. Polly Walters says:

    What do I see? I see my beautiful children and my wonderful husband. I take my camera everywhere and I have started to see some improvements in my photography.

  479. Anna says:

    Through my lens I see my triplets growing up so fast. They are 6 1/2 and started school all day today. I cried as all 3 climbed on to the bus together. I know today starts a new chapter for us, and I know that through my lens I’ll be seeing new joys unfold each day that they grow and change.

  480. I focus on the small details in my life. To capture simplicity and beauty in the everyday. That is what nurtures my creativity and enable me to feel happiness in the every day.

  481. Colette says:

    I see my beautiful little girl growing up through my lens…

    your new necklace is so pretty ~ thanks for this chance!

  482. Colette says:

    shared on facebook!

  483. AzAndee says:

    Through my lens I see quilts, lots and lots of quilts!

  484. tobi d says:

    i see love and life!

  485. Deborah K says:

    I see my beautiful daughter and amazing son. I see the beauty in the wind and the rustling of the leaves. I see JOY!

  486. Jennifer says:

    My boys jumping in puddles! So worth the mud and mess to see their smiles, especially after spending the afternoon doing fourth grade homework! :)

  487. Christy Long says:

    I see my nephews’ and nieces’ beautiful faces!

  488. Angelica says:

    I see my beautiful 4 month old Sophia who smiles like there’s no tomorrow and my three year old, Olivia who loves her sister non stop.

  489. AbbyS says:

    I see more red-velvet cupcakes…yumms

  490. Chevelle Sopkin says:

    I basically eat, breathe & sleep with my camera. Through my lens, I see the beauty in every day things that many have either forgotten, overlooked, or never truly saw at all. The stories to be told from the simplest line of a building or splat of liquid. On Labor Day, my husband & I took our 15 month old son to an Island Farm to pick fresh peaches from the orchards. It was the best & he absolutely outdid himself with giggles & squeals. More than anything, through my lens, I see the innocence we all used to have & it reminds me to allow him to keep it as long as he can! ♥

  491. Chevelle Sopkin says:

    I shared this on FB. These are so beautiful. I know many photographer friends who will LOVE this, just as I do. I feel like it was meant for me! :)

  492. Marla says:

    Funny…I was thinking that what I see is “my heart” – meaning of course my kids, who ARE my heart. And then when I went back and looked at the charm again I realized that what is in the lens is a heart…wonder if my subconscious saw that and came up with the answer. :-)

  493. Chevelle Sopkin says:

    I tweeted about this on Twitter @Chevso. Thanks again!

  494. Laura says:

    I love seeing my life day by day! My camera is always handy, and it’s great to see the little things that I used to take for granted, or miss all together. I love the necklace!! What a great way to express my love for photography!!

  495. Kristin says:

    I seee through my lens my two beautiful daughters, the future, the present and the past. Beautiful necklace.

  496. ilona says:

    i see my kids, some yummy treats and a blessed life :)

  497. Lisa says:

    Through my lens I see my 4 year old daughter getting ready to venture out for her first day of preschool on Thursday. She told me she is nervous (how does she know what ‘nervous’ even means?) but the next minute she is pretending to go to school saying “bye mommy”…I then picture her heading off to college or moving out starting her life on her own. Is there a way to slow down time when we need it to? 😉
    p.s. LOVE the necklace! Keep creating ’cause I love everything!

  498. Twila says:

    I see a boy on the brink of turning 13, I see my dog getting older and more frail, I see my sweet husband, I see the tiniest details and the widest views, I see my life. And it is all good. And that necklace is terrific! Great work.

  499. Kim Clark says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 and more <3!!!!

  500. Kim Clark says:

    I shared this with my favorite, talented photographer friends! Beautiful necklace!

  501. Tara says:

    I see my adorable, sweet baby boy that just turned 1 last week. I see his firsts, his every accomplishment and milestone. I see his beautiful smile that makes my heart melt every time.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  502. Brooke says:

    Right now I’m seeing myself through my lens, something which rarely happens. I’m participating in a course and loving the chance to capture a little of myself for my family to look back on.

  503. Jenn P. says:

    this weekend I was so very lucky to see my 9 month old daughter laughing at her first time in the ocean. her four little teeth are so cute in her huge face splitting grin as she peddles her legs and splashes all around just loving it!!!

  504. Kelsey says:

    Through my lens this weekend I captured my 2 year old son lovingly rocking and touching his new 2 week old cousin. So sweet!

  505. abi says:

    I see fun memories with family and friends & beautiful colors and light…

  506. abi says:

    I tweeted! @abigaillauren

  507. nikki wilson says:

    Through my lens I see God in the face of each of my children. Through their smiles, eyes and angelic faces, I see innosence and all things good. I see the wonders of the world through my lens and I know that I am only a small part of it.

  508. LibraryGirl62 says:

    Through my lens I see the future! My kids are (almost) 18 and 17 and I see them growing and learning and loving and laughing and in 10 years-maybe 12-bringing me grand-babies! I can hardly wait! But I will because in my lens I still see my babies…and I always will :)

  509. ~michelle~ says:

    That necklace is just so adorable! I just got back from a fall afternoon walk, and I didn’t really walk- I spent the whole time stopped with my Nikon, taking pictures of leaves, apple trees, and spiders, LOL! I am so aware of the season through my lens. I will do a blog post sharing my pictures in a few days! i would love to be entered in this contest, thanks Lisa!!

  510. Julie says:

    Through my lens…I see little moments captured, making big memories.
    Amazing design. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  511. Valerie C. says:

    Through my lens I see stories. Long ones, short ones, some that took centuries to unfold, some that are still untold. The stories call to me through my lens.

    So happy to have found your wonderful work, Lisa!

  512. Jo-Ann says:

    I see hope. I see love. I see His goodness.

  513. Valerie C. says:

    Through my lens is see stories. Long ones, short ones, surprising ones, sweet ones; stories that were centuries in the making, and stories still untold. They call to me through my lens.

    So glad to have found your wonderful work, Lisa!

  514. April O. says:

    Since I am a photographer, I quite literally see the world. :) Nothing seems to escape me, even if I don’t have a camera nearby. I am constantly compelled to point out every interesting or beautiful thing. Mostly though, I see my sweet daughter. :)

    Thank you for the opportunity to throw my hat in to win such an amazing necklace!

  515. jennifer says:

    I see my daughter’s lovely brown eyes. She was born in rural southwest China and has brought joy and fulfillment to our midwest family.

  516. Christy Holder says:

    I see 25 sweet 6 year old faces filled with excitement and innocence. Teaching 1st grade keeps you young and optimistic :)


  517. Amanda says:

    I see the bright smiling faces of my family, and many beautiful places around the world.

  518. Megan says:

    I see so much, through my lens… but mostly my 2 crazy boys!

  519. Since my best clients are my babies…I see their lives held still for those couple of seconds that will last my lifetime and theirs. Like my wise husband told me, even if you don’t gain financially through this talent you’ve been blessed with by your Creator, at least our children will be able to look back at the great memories you’ve held still, while looking through your lens.

  520. Sonya says:

    I see lots of cute kitty cat faces through my lenses.

  521. Keri D says:

    I see everyday life and moments to share with my family that’s not close by…

  522. kim says:

    I see special moments that will bring a lifetime of great memories.

  523. Through my lens I see the start of a new school year with a great group of kids. I take a picture of everyone on the first day of school…and it goes into a DVD I make for everyone as a year-end gift. The parents who had me for younger grades were hoping I would do it again…and I am. :) Today was the first day of school in my area.

  524. Megan says:

    I see the little things, as my boys are growing way too quickly for my liking!

  525. Jean M says:

    I see my family and wonderful life through my lense. We are fortunate to live on 9.5 acres out in the country, and it is so peaceful out here. We love our country setting.

  526. Melissa says:

    Through my lens I see my precious nephew and niece. Such sweetness!

  527. Jana Carson says:

    I see everyday moments that I never want to forget.

  528. Heather says:

    I see a future of family and of love!

  529. Jennifer says:

    More and more, I see that love surrounds me and the beauty of the world is infinite.

  530. Amanda says:

    Through my lens, I see the miracle of life.

  531. Gabriella Hill says:

    Through my lens I usually see things I am not expecting when I take the picture, or I see little fingerprints that got on my lens somehow…hmmmmm!!!

  532. Alicia says:

    I see my sweet baby girls growing up before my eyes! Love this necklace!

  533. Gabriella Hill says:

    I also posted this on FB!

  534. Julie S says:

    Through my lens I love to see simplicity, the beauty in those things that most people pass by.

  535. Erin Young says:

    Every picture I take is of my beautiful blue-eyed baby boy content and full of smiles and my complete opposite, precarious, brown-eyed four year old contanstly dancing.

  536. Megan says:

    I see sunlight for the first time in a long time… and that I probably am due for a new lens!

  537. Kendall says:

    Through my lens I see my wonderful husband and our future family, which (I hope) happens soon!

  538. I see the two sweetest faces smiling back – precious!

  539. Angie says:

    I see my beautiful family…gifts from God. Thanks for the chance to win.

  540. Krista O' says:

    I see that its time for a fresh perspective.

  541. HeatherB says:

    I see my blessed life

  542. Alicia says:

    I blogged about this!

  543. Claudine says:

    though my lens I see the simple joy of discovery!

  544. chris says:

    There is hope for each “new” and bright day for my son.

  545. andree says:

    light, as it changes and moves around…

  546. I see a handsome husband, 5 beautiful children, and God’s amazing creation. :)

  547. Jen says:

    I see children playing, learning, creating- I see joy!

  548. Lisa says:

    My kids–my newly-four-year-old daughter as she continues growing up and away, but always coming back to check in with Momma and my 10 month old son just, just starting to learn about independence and separateness. Beautiful smiles, beautiful blue eyes, beautiful lives.

  549. Darcie says:

    Through my lens I see a life that is only beginning filled with things I can’t even begin to imagine :)

  550. Stephie says:

    I see my sweet daughter.

  551. Amanda says:

    I see friendship and possibilities. I’m a Residence Coordinator for one of the residences at my university and this past weekend was first-year move in days. SO many new people and so many photos taken. With these new people come new friendships and new possibilities.

  552. Mary Jo says:

    I see my sweet little boy growing up right in front of my eye…

  553. Nicole says:

    through my lens i see beautiful friends, i see new faces at college, i see old faces. i see and marvel at God’s creation. i see my family, my niece, adventures, animals, the beautiful world we live in.

  554. Through my lens, I see the everyday moments that make up the patchwork quilt of my life – my son that doesn’t smile for the camera, but lets out a huge shout of joy at a water ballon fight; my son whose beauty shines from the inside out and who’s belly laugh can’t help but make you smile; the quiet, peacefulness of the early morning while out on my run, the beauty of my husband’s smile when he finally relaxes.
    Thanks for the chance… :)

  555. Nicole says:

    i facebooked about it too!

  556. Claire Hill says:

    Through my lens, I see time passing in front of me. Time going too fast. A snapshot here and there will slow it down.

  557. Becky says:

    I see …
    our lovely eleven year old daughter.
    our six rescued dogs.
    all of God’s wonderful woods around our home.
    nature as no other God could create.
    the wrinkles on my face and my husband’s face after 20 years of marriage.

  558. Tori says:

    i see hope. and when i don’t, those that love me let me borrow their lens.

  559. kara f. says:

    thru my lens….i see life around me every single! day….life lived….joy-filled days…ho-hum ones…and really, really rough days too. grateful i am for my unique lens view.

  560. Jodi Johnson says:

    Today when I look through my lens I see my wonderful hubby who I married 14 years ago TODAY. I like to compair the picture to our wedding picture and wonder where the time has gone. Today I also see my oldest standing proud to start first grade today. I love my lens – it shows how far we’ve come!

  561. Renae Dudley says:

    through my ‘lens’ i see beauty everywhere… in every person, in everything, big and small. i see the sunshine… i see my sunshine, my sweet baby boy. i see love!

  562. Leah says:

    I see moments I really want to remember. I love how one old photo can bring back so many memories. Love your new neckace!

  563. Kelly M. says:

    I see a fleeting moment, captured forever! :)

  564. Myra says:

    I see life unfolding in my boys running across the soccer field, in my garden, and smiling with their faces pressed against each other ‘again’! I capture the beauty God gave us on this Good Green Earth, in the mountains and at the Beach. I feel the warmth of a memory and the smile it brings to my face, and the laugh out loud when no one is around to here it . . . this is the joy my camera allows me to see!

  565. Mrs.McFadden says:

    I see God’s beautiful creations through my lens. :)

  566. Louise Perkins says:

    I see my two wonderful children enjoying life.

  567. Jayme Christensen says:

    Through my lens…he smiles, and my heart melts.

  568. Jayme Christensen says:

    I blogged about it!

  569. Jayme Christensen says:

    I also put it on my facebook!

  570. Cathy says:

    Through my lens, I see God’s creation that we take for granted sometimes. Happiness preserved.

  571. Eilidh says:

    through my lens….i see moments held still for me to ponder over, now and forever.

  572. Emily says:

    Through my lens, I see a 2-year-old little boy who looks just like his daddy and wants to be just like him. Wants to mow the lawn, climb ladders, fix his truck, ride motorcycles, drive a truck, the whole shebang. I would not trade the joys of what I see for anything in the world.

  573. Anita says:

    I love seeing beach sunsets thru my lens

  574. Daniela says:

    my sweet little girl who’s growing up way too fast!

  575. Cherie B says:

    I see two boys who have grown up before my eyes far too quickly!

  576. Nicolle says:

    I see my 2 beautiful twins, my loving husband & my precious dog.

  577. Nicolle says:

    I facebooked about this.

  578. Joan Brown says:

    I see my three beautiful children and my husband.

  579. Jennifer says:

    Because of my lens, I see the world in a different way. I see the beauty in small things even when everything around it is in chaos. I see a good-looking husband, two rambunctious boys, and a cocker spaniel with deep brown eyes. I see clouds of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and grey. I see blooms and fruit and smiles.

    I would love a necklace to document the importance of photography in my life–I love the heart!

  580. faith says:

    I am taking pix of differernt college campuses as we visit each of them. My son is a senior in high school. Where did the time go ??? Enjoy your boys while they are little.

  581. Nicole says:

    I see my five-month old little man growing up so fast; I see my travels with my newly expanded family; I see life!

  582. My children growing up!

  583. Mary says:

    Photography has slowed me down to see the beauty of and in God’s creation. Too see the detail as well as the overall grandness. And writing of grandness…as of June I have been photographing my first grandchild.

  584. Mary Billmaier says:

    Through my lens, I see the change from Summer to Fall in a new way. I retired from 32 years of teaching and finally have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the long, subtle change of the days as the leaves turn from vibrant green to a more faded and tattered shade. Our beautiful Rocky Mountains here in Denver are also welcoming cooler days and chilly evenings! It’s good to walk at a slower pace through these wonderful, rich days!

  585. digiSara says:

    I found you through Cathy Zielske’s blog where she mentioned this new necklace today! It is such a cute necklace!!! I see the world around me through the lens, particularly the way light interacts and changes throughout the day.

  586. Karen says:

    …I see my heart(daughter) and soul(husband)- and love capturing the moments shared with them.

  587. Jeannine says:

    I see my puppy dog!

  588. Shannon M. says:

    I see my son growing up!

  589. Danielle says:

    Through my lens I see change, hope, possibility, remorse, pain, new beginnings, promises, acceptance, happiness, love.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  590. Whitney Bray says:

    Through my lens I see the sweet face of my daughter and the face of my son who is growing into a man before my eyes and I am thankful.

  591. Lois Schmucker says:

    I see my grandchildren through my lens here in Northwest Ohio . But I would really like to win this for my daughter, who is a photographer in Delaware. Your pics are amazing and so is your jewelry:)

  592. sherri says:

    i see LOTS and lots of soccer!!!


  593. I see big sparkling eyes of my super cute son who is 3 today! Sniff!

  594. Hannah says:

    I try an capture as much of life as I can, the day-to-day as well as the “big” moments. Mine, but most often my children.

  595. Jessica says:

    I see my beautiful children and a good life.

  596. RJ Hopper says:

    Wow…….though my lens i see the past for what it was and the future for what it will be. I see my son growing into a man before my very eyes. I see him as he was at 2 years old – learning; exploring; all boy and sweetness too. I see him now, at 16, walking side by side with his daddy – learning; exploring; all boy and still some sweetness too. I see that as hard as I try to hang on to the past, I simply cannot and i must accept the changes and grow into the future. I see that one day he will leave this home of ours and make a home of his own in the world – and I will be proud of him then just as I am now.

    Love your pictures and your jewelry is amazing.

  597. shelly cabada says:

    What a beautiful necklace. I see my children and stages of life. I don’t want to miss a second!

  598. hilary says:

    I see life as it happens. The details and moments we’re too likely to forget. I see joy and hope and sadness, too. I see new life fresh from God, lives nearing their end and everything in between. And, most often, I see the two precious children that make everyday sweeter.

  599. Alissa Sharp says:

    Through my lens I see three beautiful daughters that love the Lord. Thanks for all of your inspiring jewlery!

  600. Vicki Starting says:

    I see five precious little faces. and one handsome man!

  601. ahdra says:

    I see everything through my lens! I just got a nikon d90 two weeks ago (had a d50 for 5 years!) and my husband likes to joke that I got it surgically attached to my face at the store. Tee hee.

    Oh, my, that…and discovering Picnik after your recent post on photography…I have to work hard to put the camera down and be with my little family of four…not just photograph them. 😉

    Such a sweet little necklace! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. You are a great blessing!

  602. Anna says:

    The giveaway is on the sidebar of my blog 😉

  603. Sherrie Murphy says:

    A beautiful world.

  604. Tina says:

    Through my lens I see my new life with my husband. I also see the laugh and happiness. We just got married couple months ago :) I would like to win this, It would be wonderful.

  605. Lynn Jones says:

    I see God’s beauty.
    Thanks for the great giveaways.

  606. suzanne says:

    well, i must love this necklace because i just ordered one for my best friend’s 40th birthday – adorable for us scrappers! because that’s what i am, i see everything through my viewfinder (the good, the bad, the funny, the sad, the beautiful and the ugly – it’s all picture worthy for generations to come!)!

  607. Sherrie Murphy says:

    I love the necklace

  608. Vonda says:

    I see memories…

    This necklace is so beautiful! Love it…

  609. A moment in time that stands still forever….

  610. Jennay says:

    My BEAUTIFUL nieces and nephews!! =)

  611. Kristyn says:

    I see my two little boys, beautiful and perfect…so full of life, possiblities, wonder, and innocence. Teaching me everyday about the beauty that can be found in the simplicity of everyday life.

  612. Sally K says:

    I see all my darling new Kindergarten students coming today. I will be taking their picture and watching them grow through the year. What a blessing to be able to love going to work each and every day!

  613. kim says:

    tweet tweet tweeted!

  614. Lisa says:

    I am overwhelmed by noise… and so through my lens I see what was actually there minus the noise. Too bad when I download the pictures to my camera I must face a “new noise”, while trying to figure out how to categorize all those pictures. I would love any tips some of you seasoned photographers have for that. Another fabulous charm, thanks Lisa!

  615. Gianina says:

    I see the most inoccent and pure love throught the smile of my boy.

  616. DebZorn says:

    Through my lens, I see my three daughters, who have grown into beautiful, confident, successful young women. I also see their beautiful children. My daughters and my seven grandchildren are the most special people I’ve ever captured with my camera. I am truly blessed.

  617. Barbara says:

    Through my camera I see details I’d never slow down or look close enough to notice – beauty where I never expected it. I capture instants in time that will be gone forever.

  618. Marcie says:

    I see the simple things that matter most in life… my husband, my three kids…

  619. Beth Logan says:

    about 99% of the time what i’m seeing through my lens is my two sweet & sassy little boys! thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

    ps: keep sharing your cute outfits-i am amazed at what you pull together from pieces from target! you’re giving me lots of fun/affordable inspiration!!

  620. What a beautiful piece of jewelry! My children are 19 and 18 so the lens doesn’t capture them as often but when it does…I see beautiful young adults with expressions of anticipation for what God has in store for them!

  621. 52scarp says:

    I see three adorable children (well I think they’re cute!) and a wonderful husband!

  622. Stacey says:

    What I see is how precious life is and how I need to slow down and enjoy it more often. Carrying my camera has helped me slow down and absorb everything around me even when life gets hectic. I stops me for looking back and saying ” I wish I would of captured that moment”


  623. Elizabeth says:

    My baby’s little! toes

  624. Jill Thomas says:

    I see my (almost one yr old) twin boys. They are IVF babies that we got to watch develop from what scientists call blastocysts, 5day old embryos/babies, through all of their stages of development inutero via ultrasound. They are now curious little fellows learning and exploring in the world around them. Precious Precious gifts!

  625. Helen says:

    I see JOY!

  626. Diana says:

    Through my lens I see God working…

  627. dawn says:

    i see life as i try to capture the moments that make it up each day.

  628. Rachel Smith says:

    I see my beautiful family …

  629. Stephanie says:

    my son’s joyful smile – with his two front teeth missing!

  630. Pam M says:

    Through my lens I see the loyal heart of my son, the softness of my daughter’s heart and my husband’s heart overflowing with unconditional love.

  631. patty says:

    i see light… warm beautiful golden light, that shines on everyday normal things and makes them magical.

    love your new piece of art!

  632. Brittany says:

    I see love. The love of my wonderful husband… the love of my gracious, God given family… Then love for them all in return.

    I also see hope… for whatever the Lord has in the future!

    Adore this necklace, by the way! You are so creative!

  633. Brittany says:


  634. Katie says:

    My sweet, playful puppy who always keeps a smile on my face!

    Love, love this necklace!

  635. Kimberly says:

    Through my lens I see that possibilities abound and that freedom from strife and striving can be just a breath away. Something about looking at life through the lens of a camera causes me to pause and to remember that everything can change in the click of a shutter and it’s worth my time to make each moment something I’m proud of.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  636. Kimberly says:

    I shared this giveaway on my FB page.

  637. Kim says:

    Through my lens I see the world in a different light. In a fresh new way, as a visitor on vacation! Seeing joy in my everyday.

  638. mehwish says:

    through my lense i see my baby growing up each day :)

  639. Julianna says:

    Through my lens, I see God changing lives every day.

  640. Tiffane says:

    I see a scrapbook page or layout, cute kid shots, a great scene or just the perfect moment captured through my lens! Great necklace! Posted on facebook!

  641. Sallie says:

    The sparkling eyes of my sexy hubby. 😉

  642. Through my lens I see life in a way that I can only see it & try to capture it and share with the world. I see beauty in the mundane and life in the dust. I see happiness in my family’s eyes and love shine out from their heart.

  643. Caroline says:

    The little, beautiful moments that we too often miss because we’re too busy moving from place to place. Light, and sunshine, and smiles on the corners of people’s eyes. Imperfections coming together to make one beautiful, breathtaking scene. THAT is what I see.

    ps. reblogged this!

  644. […] I really suggest you check this out, it’s an awesome giveaway from a great person! Click here to view the specific blog post here to learn about the rules and read more. […]

  645. Amber says:

    Thgouth my lens I see my beautiful best friend who is a photographer and one of the hardest workers I know! She’s beautiful, talented and can light up a room with her smile! She and her mom started their own shop in the in the Northern CA area I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to give this gift to!!

  646. Michelle S. says:

    I see kiteboarders in Okinawa, Kyoto, the top of Mt. Fuji, and baby clothes… All the things that have kept me busy this last month.

  647. Michelle S. says:

    I tweeted this lovely new necklace giveaway!

  648. Michelle S. says:

    And I also blogged you at:

    LOVE this new necklace!

  649. Emily says:

    Through my lens I see my family. my babies. Capturing moments and freezing them in time. Finding that my children’s childhood is so quick that I want to grab moments and hold on to them. Capture them into precious memories. I love when a photo can so perfectly capture a moment, a laugh, a stage.

  650. Cheryl says:

    one entry in the lovely giveaway!

  651. Steph says:

    happiness, joy, endless possibilities and infinite love from my baby boy!

  652. Nikole says:

    Through my lens I see the uniqueness of my five beautiful children ages 1,4,6,10 and 19 as well as love from my husband and family. I also see great friendship and the power of happiness. Next, but not least, I see a new grandbaby in the near future which brings about a lovely turn in my life.

    Lisa, you ideas are truly amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  653. bashtree says:

    Through my lens, I see constant reminders to be content. Thank you for sharing a charming new piece with us.

  654. I see a great extraordinary life. Filled with children, family, great friends, awesome home(s) and my art and craft that I share with my followers. Blessed by God of course.

  655. I grabbed your button for my blog!

  656. Brooke Johnson says:

    I see tiny things, everything from the smallest flower, to my little guy (who isn’t so little anymore), no matter what though if I’m taking the picture you can bet that a macro lens is involved. :)

  657. Marina D-K says:

    Through my lens I see a fresh perspective on everyday things. Awesome new design!

  658. Kim Gardner says:

    I am always taking pictures with my phone. I see memories in the making thru my lens. Walks of every life along my path. I love all aspects… (:

  659. Kathleen M says:

    I see my loving family (it’s who I am usually photographing).

  660. Laura B. says:

    Through my lens I see our perfectly imperfect life, and memories just waiting to be captured……and enjoyed again & again.

  661. Alli says:

    Through my lens, I see my 11 year old starting a new chapter of his life called middle school – new friends, new teachers, new experiences! Best part is seeing him so happy and eager for it all!!

  662. JoAnn says:

    Lisa – through my “lens” I see my dad fighting a battle with bladder cancer… love your new creation…. enjoy your blog too!

  663. Erin Zatelli says:

    through my lens I see a sweet, wonderful, gorgeous little boy :)

  664. chris says:

    I see (saw) myself missing too much because I was glued behind the lens. I see that I have to come out from behind the lens to actually experience more. I don’t want to always look at things from a “past” perspective, but more from the “here and now”!

  665. Angie says:

    I see my life captured- fun, sad, happy, silly, messy, loud, quiet, and true!

  666. Jennita says:

    I do love what I see through the lens, my two kids! And of course my husband and friends, but I think at least 75% of my picture are of my kids.

  667. Tris says:

    I try to see the good in everyone and everything. It is there if you look.

  668. Vicki says:

    Through my lens I see the small moment.

  669. Laura F. says:

    Through my lens, I see the small, beautiful details in the world that I too often overlook.

  670. stephanie says:

    for some reason everything looks so different through my lens; i see time stand still, i see the way sun light shines through the tree, or they way my little girls look at me, the way his eyes see through me. looking through my lens I feel invisible.

  671. Sarah says:

    Through my lens~ I see life as it is happening & am thankful for it! I see my 4 year old using his hands when he tells me a story – and I see myself in him. In the next moment, I see him using his imagination to whip-up an amazing meal – and I see my husband in him. :) I love my little man!!

  672. Wendy F says:

    Through my lens I see life. My children’s everyday lives, the life outdoors in the flowers, trees, birds and butterflies. I see sunrises and sunsets. And I see architecture…old buildings, farmhouses and barns. I love your new necklace!

  673. Rachel says:

    I see peace through my lens.

  674. Blaize says:

    I see hope through my lens! :)

  675. Dana says:

    amazing! as is all of your stuff! So fits the family!

  676. Allyson says:

    Things coming into focus.

  677. Aby says:

    Through my lens I see two kids who are growing up way to fast, an amazing husband…and lots of food. :) I have a thing for taking photos of food. :)

    What a lovely necklace Lisa! Thanks for the chance to have one of these lovlies to call our own. :)


  678. Aby says:

    I just tweeted. @abygarvey

  679. amy says:

    i see memories being made…
    thank you for the chance to win!

  680. Aby says:

    And I facebooked. (Can you tell I’m motivated?) 😉

    Thanks again!


  681. Kyla says:

    I see some of God’s greatest gifts . . .

    Thanks for the chance to win once of these beautiful necklaces!

  682. Tina says:

    I take my camera everywhere…you never know when you want to capture a moment to remember forever. I have A LOT of memories! and A LOT of photos of son playing sports!

  683. Kim says:

    I see beautiful moments with my family and many wonderful things in nature. Thanks for the chance to win this necklace!

  684. Lori Danelle says:

    My two girls getting big WAY too fast!!! Don’t they know they have plenty of time to be big later????

  685. Kim says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! @kkbyrns

  686. Katie says:

    I see my three sweet boys, especially my little 4 month old!

  687. Becky K says:

    I see two little boys becoming more of who God created them to be everyday. Amazing!

  688. Becky K says:

    Facedbooked ya! Thanks!

  689. Marian Pennino says:

    I see the wonder of children. I teach and love taking pictures in their process of learning and wonderment.

  690. Maria says:

    I see my wonderful husband

  691. Oh heavens! I love this necklace!
    I see past, present and future through my lens. I can see where I have come from, where I am, and I like to imagine where I will be. What I can see through my lens gives me hope, and joy. :-)

  692. I facebook’d about the giveaway!

  693. Elaine S. says:

    YIkes! I see three little girls that are growing like weeds!

  694. Michele T says:

    This week, I see my family at the beach through my lens. The best!!!

  695. Tricia says:

    I see my family and God’s glorious creation.

  696. Megan J says:

    A see a story of the days events come together to share with others…

  697. sara says:

    I mostly see my son, but occasionally find flowers and critters! Thanks for the chance to win–love the necklace!

  698. ChristineK says:

    I see today, right now. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the everyday moments.

  699. Jenny says:

    Through my lens, I see a captured moment of life that I can now hold onto forever. The world does not always look the same through the lens as it does through my eye but I never want to forget! Which is the greatest reason to always be checking out what it looks like through the lens.

  700. Tara says:

    I also carry my camera everywhere. Through my lens my favorite thing to see is my two little angels. Today through my lens I am capturing my daughter’s third birthday!

  701. Ora says:

    ..the tiny moments that make life worth living. Whether it’s a babies first smile, or the delicate whisp of a dandelion puff up close – all of the tiny moments bring the greatest joy to my life. Capturing those moments makes the joy last an eternity.

  702. Lizz says:

    I see my future. That every place I visit, photograph and experience, takes me one step closer to happiness.

  703. Shauna Lobre says:

    Through my lens, I see myself wearing be still one of my MANY favorite necklaces from Lisa. Be Still reminds me to stop and take in what is going on around me and be still. It works every time. Thank you Lisa for bringing your gifts into my daily life. I am in awe of your talent. Best Shauna

  704. Pamela says:

    Through my lens I see love.

  705. Christine says:

    Love your stuff and can’t wait for every blog to come out!

  706. Kathryn says:

    I see true beauty through my lens. In people and the world around me.

  707. Heather says:

    We have a wonderful family that we have been blessed with and we love to take pictures every time we are together!

  708. Rachel says:

    Through my lens I see my daughter & her wonder & the way that God shows me that I am his child. I see big meaning in tiny moments & big big love.

  709. Momma M says:

    the everyday play of my 2 precious kids!

  710. […] I wanted to share that Lisa Leonard is doing another great giveaway… visit her blog to check out the details. […]

  711. Mommy Bee says:

    Through my lens I see my to beautiful, little girls. God has blessed me, for sure.

  712. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    I see memories and great friends!

  713. Christine Bechler says:

    With love and boundless curiousity, and extreme thankfulness – live a life worth photographing!

  714. Christine Bechler says:

    Placed message on facebook too.

  715. Denise says:

    Through my lens I see a messy house, undergoing construction for water damage yet still weeks later…yet I also see a growing up way too fast, awkward 13 year old girl….a nervous, shy 11 year old boy concerned about how he will do in middle school this year….and a confident, ready to go, sad to see her leave 19 year old getting her room packed for college in a week…..I see a very full, busy life through my lens!!!!

  716. Lisa says:

    Blogged it, thanks

  717. Melody says:

    I see an adorable two year old girl who is going to make a great big sister to her little brother when he arrives in 3 months.

    Great necklace!

  718. Jody says:

    I see three children always wanting to make silly faces rather than smile!

  719. YBeltran says:

    I see so much love. :)

  720. Heather says:

    I see happy kids, grand-kids, and very happy grandparents/parents!!
    By the way I just got the necklace I ordered for my daughter’s birthday…I LOVE IT!!! You do beautiful work!

  721. Linda G. says:

    through my lens I see my “baby” boy leaving for college!

  722. Misty Matz says:

    I see so many beautiful people that the rest of the world does not see.

  723. amy jane says:

    I see joy, happiness, pride, sillyness, wonder, discovery and unconditional love all in the big blue eyes of my precious, beloved almost three year old daughter.

  724. jerikay says:

    i see the moments of my life that make me smile.
    another beautiful design Lisa… love it!

  725. Kristi V. says:

    I see my children and a bright and hopeful future for them.

  726. Judy says:

    through the lens of my flip video camera I saw my three year old acting silly and jumping on the bed . . . I also saw the unfortunate fall from the bed to the floor. All is thankfully well now.

  727. Katherine says:

    Through my lens, I see my new home city with discoveries around every corner. My favorite way to explore a new place is on foot with my camera in hand.

  728. Jen N. says:

    I see the potential of all the goodness here at this new-to-us 1928 old bungalow house. Oh, the many projects but oh, the sweat equity and enjoyment we can have in the end.

  729. Mary B. says:

    I am so blessed to see my newborn son (two weeks old) and his wonderful, loving big brother. They just warm my heart so much!

  730. Grace says:

    I see my gorgeous baby girl through my lens, growing to be full of joy, hope, love and faith.

  731. Alina says:

    I love how thru the lens you can pick up something you didn’t see at first…

  732. robin says:

    I see beauty..and since photography is my passion…when I look thru the lens I feel such a peace and yet such a high so to speak …I know it’s where I was meant to be..behind that lens

  733. Trina Walker says:

    I see all the people, places and things that we take for granted everyday. What a perspective!!

  734. Dana says:

    I have been interested in photography since at least high school. Throughout my adult life, my friends and family know that where I go, my camera goes too! I am so glad to have all of the images over the years and the memories they bring back for me. Right now, I am trying to capture as much of my boys’ lives as possible. Time always seems to be slipping away, photography helps me capture a piece of it!

  735. Ann says:

    I love this! So fun!

  736. angelina says:

    i love this giveaway… camera is a bit fuzzy so i need a new one! :)

  737. angelina says:

    i facebook’d…actually..i am making a quilt and the lady said in the directions i am using to take a photo of the colors in place and or look thru the lense to see if it looks right ! so it must provide ‘focus’..

  738. julie says:

    Through my len I see a beautiful family that my husband and I have created :)

  739. Robbin says:

    I see my girls through my lens. When they were born, when they went through their “firsts”, when they started school, in sports, graduating from high school, getting out on their own, graduating from college, married and now getting married and ALL the other things in-between. I love how a camera can catch the lives of our children, even though we don’t need it to remember all the ups, downs, and cherished times. Time flies when you’re taking picture.

  740. Devanie says:

    I see my monkey child.

  741. Jessica says:

    I see new life! My 2 best friends are both having little girls! :-)

  742. Kami says:

    I see opportunities to love and encourage those who I cross paths with.

  743. Jennifer says:

    I see God’s magnificent creation and His many blessings for my life!!

  744. patti says:

    Through my lens a see a community coming together to help my friends family who lost everything in the flood. Never doubt the kindness of strangers:)

  745. Jendi says:

    I usually have my video camera and through it’s lens I see opportunities and the rapid passing of time. My children change so fast and even though I don’t feel much different than last year; the lens shows that I have changed – hopefully for the better.

  746. sandi m says:

    I see all that is important to me and all that is important enough to capture and share – all thru my lens. Great piece – I love it. Thanks for the giveaways!

  747. Heidi says:

    I see God working in BIG ways. I see clients that believe in me and my goal to one day have my dream job.

  748. kristi says:

    I see moments I want to live forever but capturing it forever will have to do…

  749. Anjanette says:

    I see God in the little details.

  750. Amy says:

    I see how fast my kids are growing…but happy that i am capturing all these small moments! Thanks, Lisa!
    Amy in CA

  751. Krista says:

    I see my future scrapbooks keeping me company in my retirement!

  752. IndiviJewels says:

    I love the way you think outside of the box as we say here in the UK, I love the way you brought two of your passions together to create a unique piece.

    I guess I would see through my lens a life waiting to be lived.

  753. Pam says:

    Wow…how fun. Our oldest daughter calls her blog “through my lens”. She has been doing a little portrait photography in the last couple of years. I think my favorite photo op waiting to happen is our new dog….Molly. Our kids are grown and gone and she is our little one for now…..she is so darn cute and does the funniest things that I’m constantly snapping pics of her.

  754. Adrienne S says:

    I see my kids growing up to be little adults!

  755. Jessica Ross says:

    Through my lense I usually see my two happy beautiful kiddos. I love photography, and I’m going to have to put one of these neckalaces on my Christmas list if I don’t win one!

  756. Elizabeth says:

    Through my lens, I see my sister-in-law…who is an incredible professional photographer..who has worked for the same newspaper for the last 35 years! She is so inspirational..I would love to give her this wonderful necklace!!!

  757. MommyCat says:

    Through my lens, I see life through my eyes, I see beauty, I see my children grow.

  758. megan c. says:

    i see my clients and their beautiful babies. i see magnificent every day moments. i see high school seniors who are trying to find the balance between being a kid still, but wanting to grow up. i see lovely prego bellies and a mother’s love for her unborn child. i see families loving each other like crazy.
    i see the goodness of life. thanks!

  759. Elizabeth says:

    Through my lens I see a little boy that turned two for real, and then also in his attitude! I see a little boy who…
    …insists that his toys eat breakfast with us, including their own cereal.
    …insists on decorating the back yard/his fort with a bottle of sprinkles and then getting them everywhere
    ….insists that he must have robot cake for breakfast, the day after his birthday
    …..knows what he wants. Clearly knows.
    …..knows how to give puppy kisses with gusto….

  760. Steph Allen says:

    Through my lens I see the emotions of life…..

  761. Valerie Page says:

    Through my lens, I see a wonderful husband who is not only trying to save his own business through these hard economic times, but also waitering on the side and going to real estate school just so I can stay at home with my 3 girls, 11, 8 and 19 months old. I have always wanted to get a necklace from your company but have not dared ask him for the money to get one.
    He would love that there’s a camera on the charm because I am always taking photos.:)

  762. jen smith says:

    i see my life.

  763. My husband John had wanted the Canon EOS 1 forever and a day. So April of 2008 I told him to get it if he wanted. So he did he carried that camera every where he went. Then on Nov 1, 2008 he passed away. So now everytime i look at it or use it I see John. He was my husband, lover, best friend and soul mate. And I miss him dearly . Lynda

  764. maegan says:

    The seasons changing….. so beautiful

  765. Bethany says:

    I see silly boys, pudgy toes, funny smiles… love and lots of laughter

  766. Margaret T. says:

    This weekend I photographed my dear friends funeral. So through my lens I saw a life cut too short, but lived to the fullest. I saw four beautiful children left behind, and her soul mate struggling to find his place in life without her at his side. but I also saw hope, that she will not be forgotten and that her legacy will live on.

  767. Mindy Harris says:

    I see my babies, Wilder and Story, and all the yummy desserts I make.

  768. Samone says:

    My lil girl drawing, my bub desperately trying to crawl and the love of my life making me a cup of tea x. Oh and my iPhone displaying your luvly blog

  769. SaraSusyBob says:

    So in love with the view from my own camera (my camera too for that matter)…kids, cooking, playtime, crafts, nature, games, and LOVE.

  770. eryn says:

    I see love through my lens. I am a 90% stay at home mom and 10% professional photographer. I have my camera on my kitchen counter most days, and love to capture the moments of our day as they happen. My camera gives me the freedom to create, to capture and to celebrate love and beauty all around me. :)

  771. Nina says:

    I see my son and puppy growing up together, the best of friends.

  772. Linnea says:

    I see new things every day that keep me happy: brothers playing legos; courage; friendship.

  773. michaela says:

    I see my little dude, Cash, through my lens and I’d love to see that necklace around my neck…

  774. I have been taking pictures since I was a little girl but it has always just been a hobby until recently. I have always been to afraid to fail until i realized it’s ok….to be me. it’s ok to not be the greatest, and it’s ok to fail sometimes. So I have started my own photography business. So through my lens I see love, love for myself…I see 2 boys with great big eyes that love me no matter what, I see life….a life that is fun to be living. I would love this necklace to remind myself of just what is really most important. xo

  775. Molly says:

    I see love and sweetness in the faces of my two kiddos. (And often crazy faces since they refuse to cooperate!)

  776. Amy S. says:

    I see 3 precious little people growing sooo fast.

  777. Pei Jhu Khoo says:

    I believe I can see the colours arising and uncoil the stories behind them from the obscurity of my lenses. Life is so beautiful, but what could it be if we do not stop and stare? :)

  778. I absolutely. love. that. necklace. =)

  779. Michelle C says:

    Through my lens, I see my three precious kids! I’m such a lucky mom. Thanks for the chance to win.
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

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