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September 21st | david, finding beauty, jewelry



first of all, just a few pretty flowers

that have crossed my path lately.

or maybe i crossed their path.

but either way, we met, they were lovely,

and i snapped a picture.

don’t those leaves above look like little hearts?




the randomly chosen winners for the through my lens necklaces are

chevelle sopkins and  brandy b. congrats ladies!

i’m so glad you guys love the new necklace as much as i do!!

if you didn’t win, use code camera10 for 10% off your order (valid thru 9/30/10).

find the new through my lens necklace here.




this picture of david came home from school last week.

and both steve and i were cracking up.

i mean, HOW did they get him to sit on that pony

with a HAT and bandana?

and he looks just slightly annoyed.

but overall, it’s just so dang cute, i can’t stop looking at it.

* * *

we are off to meet with david’s heart surgeon at UCLA today.

we’ll talk about the procedure and recovery

and then set a date to take care of those two little holes in his heart.

praying i don’t turn into a pile of mush at the doctors office.

hope your tuesday is productive and happy!!

47 Responses

  1. Gussy says:

    we all love you and your family! **today is going to go just as God has planned**, remember that :]

  2. rhea says:

    i love the picture of david! so darn cute!!!! praying for your appointment to go smoothly and it’s totally ok to turn to mush in the doctor’s office – it just means that you absolutely love him to pieces. thanks for sharing your life lisa!

  3. Just saw this posted on facebook. AWESOME! I’m still proudly sporting my simple and sweet birdie necklace, but it might be time to add another necklace to the rotation 😀


  4. Sandi says:

    I love the picture of David…..To cute!
    Thinking of you today and praying that all goes well…..Sending you lots of strength!

  5. Dan says:

    That picture of David is hilarious. He looks like one tough hombre.

  6. paige says:

    what a fun photo of your little david man!!
    prayers are with you at your docs visit

  7. Samantha says:

    Hi Lisa ~

    First, I LOVE your site & blog! I am keeping your family & David in my thoughts and prayers!
    My daughter had her first major open heart surgery in January {She was just shy of being 7 months old.} They are hoping she won’t have to have another surgery until she is 9 or 10. It is such a scary & amazing thing how our bodies work.
    Sending strong thoughts and quick recovery vibes your way!


  8. Jessica says:

    Lisa! I am dying at the picture of David. Hilarious!
    Prayers with you and your fam today as you head down to UCLA. Miss you!! xoxo, Jess

  9. I LOVE this necklace. I guess now I will just have to buy one myself! Our prayers go out to your family and for sweet David. Hope all goes well today.

  10. tiffany day says:

    hi lisa

    praying today will ease your mind a bit – and that your heart will have some peace. trust and unwavering hope!!!

    you are a delight and i so hope to meet you in person some day!


  11. Malissa says:

    Not a bit commenter on your blog, but I do follow your family stories, marvel at your beautiful pictures and have great respect for your creative talents. Many people are thinking of your family as you make your trip to UCLA.

    I had to point this out from the picture….why are there random legs/tennis shoes dangling from the horses mid section? I keep staring and staring and can’t figure out if a person was photo-shopped out but they left his legs?! someone tell me i’m not going crazy….

  12. Hiya, Lisa, I’m another jewellery-making, flower-loving mum, but my patch is in England.

    Your work, and your blog and family – all so lovely! I’m with rhea, don’t worry if you cry, anything big concerning our kids seems to whizz past the outer emotional layers, right to the very core, doesn’t it? Doctors must be used to that, and there is no shame in it. Thinking of you, and praying all goes well and you find calm.

  13. Katy says:

    I’m in LOVE with that Star Wars shirt! My husband is a huge fan of Star Wars and I’m always looking for vintage looking stuff for my new son.

    My friend Marikje works for you. Her husband is one of my husband’s closest friends. I’ve always loved your stuff!

  14. Tetcy says:

    I love the feet behind the pony!!! Too cute! Even Mom’s not in a doctor’s office turn to mush at the drop of a hat. It’s what Mom’s do…it’s how God wired our hearts….. No big deal.

  15. Lindsay Lee says:

    Good Luck today Lisa. Your family is in my thoughts as always :) Hugs!

  16. now that’s a cute cowboy! praying for little david right now.

  17. Tasha says:

    Now that is a super cute picture! Good luck with the doctors today. Love your new necklace.

  18. Congratulations to the winners! Woo hoo for them. Boo hoo for the rest of us!

  19. Chrissie says:

    I didn’t know the public schools were doing cowboy training. David is a natural. That is too funny!

  20. melissa says:

    thinking of you today as you are talking with the doctors. i pray that all goes well!

  21. Jennifer Fast says:

    That is the best picture….that made my day! He looks annoyed, but he looks proud sitting up there!

    If you are a ball of mush at the doctor’s appointment, you have every right to be! It’s a scary thing, and you do what you have to do…..sending hugs your way!

  22. Virginia says:

    David actually looks slightly annoyed that the bad guys he was chasing on his horse had messed up a perfectly good day of horseback riding in the trees.

  23. Monica Flaska says:

    I love the picture. I think it is funny you can see a person’s shoes underneath the horse…the person holding him I am sure. Prays for you and David.

  24. Monica Flaska says:


  25. Southern Gal says:

    His expression is priceless. Praying.

  26. FoxyMomma says:

    i will be praying for David & your family.

  27. Mallory says:

    David is lucky to have you and Steve as parents! Will be praying for you all today!

  28. Kristin says:

    Love the picture :) Super Cute!!!!

  29. Brooke says:

    Your son is precious. I will be praying for you as you prepare/plan/wait for the operation. Our son was just circumcised today (he’s 4!) and just being in the hospital isn’t any fun. I know the Lord wil be watching over David through this whole process (and his mommy and daddy!!).

  30. Kelly H-Y says:

    Gorgeous flowers … and, that picture … absolutely precious. You will all be in my prayers today!

  31. Kathy says:

    Good Luck today! Your little man looks adorable on the horse!!

  32. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, thinking of you all and David looks so gorgeous on that horse, even it it was under duress… Honey if you turn into a pile of mush in the doctor’s office that’s okay, you’re very much allowed to! Big hugs

  33. Kelli says:

    Wishing you grace and strength. Thank you for all the beauty you bring to our days!

  34. Morgan says:

    That is the most adorable picture EVER!

    Praying for your family!

  35. Valerie C. says:

    Great photos – any mom that sees hearts in the leaves can and should express her heart for her son. And if that means some tears, any doctor worth working on your son will understand them and be working hard to be rewarded with David’s smile when he’s finished this surgery too. Praying for your family as you plan for surgery and knowing the mixed emotions that come with it. David looks like a real trooper!

  36. OH MY WORD.

    i’m laughing out loud about the pic of david. Because we were talking about it and i laughed without having even seen it and well, there it is.


    I love it. i love him. and I love you.

  37. Robbin says:

    I love the Star Wars shirt, too. Will definitely be praying for you as you deal with David’s heart and as the time comes up for the surgery. If there was any way, I wish I could come see you and Steve, even if it’s just to say hi and give you hugs. Miss you guys. And thanks for your necklaces. Now that I have a job, I have to figure out a way to get a couple more. :) love and hugs to you all

  38. Doreenkay says:

    I ordered my camera necklace as soon as I saw it on the website. I just received it in the mail and I LOVE IT! My friends call me “keeper of memories” because I always have my camera. My prayers are with you for David’s surgery and the pic of him on the pony….Priceless!

  39. angie says:

    Hope the doctor visit went ok today!

  40. Michele says:

    The flower photos are beautiful. I can tell that the photos are of coleus and maybe purple coneflower, but the first I can’t figure out. I love the photo of David on the horse. It’s too funny and cute! I hope everything went as well as you hoped for meeting with David’s heart surgeon. It’s okay to turn into a pile of mush, I would! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  41. Emma says:

    Lisa, I just love that you stop long enough to *see* the flowers, enjoy them, and photograph them. You’ve definitely got your priorities straight!!
    You are in my prayers!

  42. Jean M says:

    Will be praying for David’s appointment and you. I didn’t know he had holes in his heart. My sweet little baby niece Paislyn born 4 weeks ago was born with 3 holes in her heart. They plan to do heart surgery on her in Ann Arbor, Michigan and hope that she can get to 2 months old before doing that. She is currently in the hospital in Toledo due to some complications. God is just bringing “heart” babies into my life to pray for!

  43. I LOVE David’s picture! So precious! Praying for you.

  44. ~michelle~ says:

    I love that picture of David on the pony! It reminds me of old fashioned pictures of children on ponies, all decked out in western gear, from the 1950’s!
    Praying that your doctor’s appointment for David goes well!!

  45. Michele says:

    Will be praying that all goes well at Davids appointment.
    LOVE that picture! It does look very 1950’s…and his little face is priceless….it’s like he is thinking…fine take your picture but make it snappy I want to ride the wind!

  46. Jennifer says:

    love my through the lens necklace!! I got it last week and I couldn’t be happier with it!

    Thanks!! :)
    Super cute photo of your son!!

  47. hi,
    i love your blog.
    there must be a huge industry for taking pictures of kids sitting on a pony with a red bandana, because I think everyone I know has one of these.

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