matthias lost his first tooth yesterday.

further proof that he is growing up (despite our instructions that he stay small forever).

he was so, so excited.

and the tooth fairy brought him 1 dollar bill, 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 2 nickels and a penny.

so he feels totally rich and proceeded to inform every stranger that he had

‘money his pocket’.

that $1.91 is definitely burning a hole.  how soon can we get to a target??




i took the picture on the left through my rainy windshield with my heart filter.

and the books on the right were thrift store find.  love the titles and the darling illustrations.




until wednesday at midnight our forever heart is on sale.

for one day only, instead of $75, it’s only $59!!

and this piece was pictured in in-style magazine this month. so exciting!

you’ll find the forever heart here.

* * *

have a great day!  i’m on my way to blissdom.

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