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April 12th | blog friends, jewelry

my sweet friend, sarah markley, is running for team compassion in the rock and roll half marathon in san diego. she’s raising funds to benefit compassion international–which is an incredible organization! compassion is making a difference in childrens’ lives every day. we’re so excited to partner with her today and give back!!

we are donating 10% of the total profits from today’s sales to sarah and team compassion.

it’s a great day to shop for mother’s day {and change lives in the process!}

visit sarah’s blog here. learn more about team compassion here.


11 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this today, Lisa. You are a leader and an example in generosity and compassion.

    love you!

  2. Sarah says:

    how inspiring!

  3. I found Sarah through your blog a couple of weeks ago Lisa. What an amazing testimony she and her hubby have. The power of God is definitely at work in their lives! Hoping today is a very productive day…for you AND for this cause:)

  4. Tamara says:

    the timing on this couldn’t be more perfect! i’ve been meaning to order the heart wall hanging as a wedding gift for my cousin and her new husband…and i have read sarah’s blog recently and know that she is fundraising for this awesome organization! so i just ordered it…GO SARAH!! {and very cool to help in this way lisa.}

  5. kelly says:

    What a great cause! Lisa – I just read your last post too…you said all of that so beautifully. David is lucky to have you as his mommy. I guess God does know what he’s doing, huh?

  6. Brenda Williams says:

    SWEET! thanks for supporting a great organization!

  7. Kelly M says:

    What a great cause…I’ve been waiting for another newsletter from you with a coupon code to order, but how can’t see waiting for a coupon when instead that money can go to something so important. So glad I stopped by your blog today!

  8. Sarah-Anne says:

    awesome, lisa!! and great work to sara; that is such a great thing she’s doing.

  9. Heather G. says:

    I have the same old navy shirt in your first set, and the same target military-inspired sweatshirt in the second set. You make them both look WAY better than I could ever hope to!


  10. Nicole says:

    Stopping by from LMM! I love all of your stuff. Can’t wait to get some goodies:)

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