today we are kicking off a fundraiser.

my friend, alicia, lost her little boy to nueroblastoma

and you can see pictures of ethan and read about another fundraiser here.

and you can visit their caringbridge site here.




these pictures above are of alicia with her daughter ava. they also have a new baby, kale!


to celebrate eithan’s life and raise money for nueroblastoma research

we’ve created a varation of our captured heart necklace.

a sterling oval is layered with sterling hearts

and we’ll hand-stamped your names or a phrase around the edge.

you’ll find the our shining star necklace under our captured heart–just request stars!!

20% of the proceeds from the sale of ‘our shining star’ necklace

will be donated to nueroblastoma research!

{fundraiser ends april 22nd}

* * *


also, today is free earring friday!!

just leave a note in the notes section that reads, ‘free earring friday’.

we’re giving away aqua stone earrings today with every order placed!!

(but if you prefer pearl, just make a note of that, too!)


if you’ve been putting off ordering mom’s gift-today is a good day!

we are in full mother’s day mode around here,

so get your orders in!

* * *
click here to see ethan’s necklace.

click here to shop our hand-stamped jewelry.