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September 13th | blog friends, jewelry

today i want to introduce you to nichole, one of our models for the fall line. isn’t she darling? nichole and her husband {along with andrew barefoot} own cana video–which produces some seriously amazing movies. you can check out cana video here.

we asked nichole a few questions so you could get to know her a bit…
if you could go anywhere this fall where would you go?
– paso robles. I know it doesn’t sound the most exciting but people come from all over the place just to spend some time wine tasting in paso. I happen to be so fortunate to be only a 20 mintute drive away. There are so many great wineries and restaurants there. So I’d like to spend more time exploring my backyard, paso.  Or I’d like to road trip to the grand canyon and new mexico.

what are some your favorite things to grow in your garden?
-beets! I love beets! In my salad, plain, with goat cheese, in soup. Beets are so delicious, and they make your urine pink!

what is your favorite fall food or treat?
I love corn on a the cob with the fixings, or homemade pumpkin muffins…

what is your favorite lisa leonard designs piece?
I really like the autumn’s song bracelet. It’s a lovely touch with any of my outfits.

what do you love most about the fall?
All the changes. It’s a new season, I get to pull out my scarves and boots, I get to feature different veggies in my cooking, the colors turn and the air feels fresher. It’s hard to pick one thing that I love.

what is one of the best budget dates you & ben go on together?
Some times I’ll cook up an easy to pack dinner, and ben and I will go on a hike till we find a sweet spot to plant, and we’ll picnic with a beautiful view of the city or the ocean. Sometimes instead of hike we will scooter or tandem bike ride to a good picnic spot.

what are you excited to get out of your closet that you haven’t worn all summer?
All of my favorite coats and beanies and boots and scarves. Mostly the coats!

what do you do to get inspired creatively?
I guess I don’t really try to get inspired, because most of the things around me are always inspiring me. Whether I’m on a hike, in a coffee shop, at a friends house, the thrift store, anywhere. When I have an idea of some thing I want to make or do, things from all around me in my daily experiences pop out to be part of my crafts or cooking, or whatever it is that I’m doing.

thank you nichole! we love having your beautiful face on the website. you can find nichole’s favorite piece from the fall line {the autumn’s song bracelet} here.

now it’s your turn! what is YOUR favorite budget date or family activity??

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  1. Sarah says:

    I like Nicole’s descriptions of her budget dates- those sound wonderful!
    My husband and I like to hike, too (when I’m not this pregnant), visit farmers markets, go grocery shopping, and try out cute little coffee shops together.
    I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s ideas!

  2. Jen says:

    Exploring along Lake Superior. We just moved to Duluth (beautiful!) and are enjoying finding fun new spots to spend some time together. Plus it is always free!

  3. LOVD says:

    First, I’ll have to say, interesting beet fact. Second, we love to go hiking and picnic. We have so many beautiful parks available to everyone – we’re very blessed.

    The other great thing we do is movie nights!!! It’s so critical for my nine year old who seriously wants to be a film director someday. Watching old classic movies is great training for him. If you’d be so kind and show a little boy some support, check out his blog where he reviews classic movies (also great story about meeting Robert Osborne – TCM host).

    Thanks for the love!

  4. Sarah-Anne says:

    love her outfit in the photos!

  5. Sue says:

    My husband just loves going to Dairy Queen. And I mean – Loves it. I treat him once a month. We usually go through the drive-thru and park under this tree in the shade. We’ve had some of the best times talking, laughing and making plans in the Dairy Queen parking lot – how goofy is that.

  6. Sarah-Kate* says:

    Yea for Paso Robles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIVE there and I LOVE hanging out here!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. for me… out biking!!

    sweet post!

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