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interview with our winter model, ashley stock

December 1st | blog friends, jewelry

 you may have seen the gorgeous ashley stock {the famous little miss momma} popping up around our shop and blog. she and her husband, ben came up san luis obispo for a photo shoot to help us capture our winter line. isn’t she beautiful?! and better yet, she’s even more beautiful on the inside. ben and ashley, thank you for modeling for us. i am so glad to call you friends! we interviewed ashley so you can get to know her too.

If you could go anywhere this winter where would you go?

Oooo, so so many places I would love to visit in the Winter. But ever since my trip to Yosemite this Summer, I have been aching to stay at the famous Ahwahnee hotel for the holidays–wake up to snow capped mountains, sip hot chocolate by the fire and frolic in the snow all day.

What is your favorite holiday food or treat?

I live on homemade pumpkin cookies with frosting. Mmm, mmm, good.

What do you love most about the holiday season?

I love the smell of rain on the asphalt, the warmth of the fireplace and spirit of giving that fills the hearts of so many.

What gift(s) are you asking for this holiday season?

This might sound lame, but I am super excited to get a Vitamix blender to make my own smoothies and soup.

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

My husband’s family has a tradition of delivering homemade cinnamon rolls to all their friends on Christmas Eve. We are looking forward to making this tradition our own this year.

What do you do to get inspired creatively?

I’m a Pinterest addict. As in, I need a support group. Window shopping antique stores, trips to the craft store, and long walks with a cup of hot chocolate–these help inspire me too.

What is your favorite lisa leonard designs piece?

This is a hard one. Every week it seems I have a new favorite. This week it’s the illuminate necklace, but last week it was the Feed Your Soul necklace.

* * *

I love all your answers, Ashley! So fun. Make sure to check out Ashley’s blog here.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Tell us what’s your favorite family holiday tradition?

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  1. Melissa says:

    My fav is going to pick out our Christmas Tree! We go to a local tree farm, hike around till we find the perfect tree(which isn’t always perfect :) ). Then go home and we all decorate it together. And usually listen to Christmas Music or watch Christmas Vacation when decorating.
    Have a great holiday.
    Ashley you are beautiful!! Love your outfit in the shoot.

  2. The last thing we do before we go to bed Christmas Eve is read, “Tis the Night Before Christmas.” Makes me emotional every time!

  3. Rachael B says:

    Every year since I was a little girl I’ve gone with my family, (and now my boyfriend comes too ), to Thomas Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree. There’s a tractor ride, you cut down your own tree and you get free hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy by the fire afterwards. Then we go back to my parents place to eat more cookies and drink egg nog while decorating the tree. I look forward to it every year, and I hope to carry on the tradition with my own kids someday.

  4. Every year we pile a flat bed trailer with hay covered in blankets, decked out with lights and loud music and pile in. My dad drives his truck pulling the tailer all around town. There are at least 20 of us sitting on the hay carolling to all in neighborhoods and cars even while driving.

    What I love most about it….it is totally illegal but every police car we pass just smiles and waves. My dad is sure to drive slow and we hang on to small children tight!

  5. LOVD says:

    Ashley is so great – I love her blog, too!

    I’m speaking from the heart today and hoping to touch many hearts out there. Hope you can stop by…

  6. Kelli says:

    Getting out our sleeping bags and sleeping under the tree the night we put it up!

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  8. aubrey says:

    awesome photos!!
    love miss ashley.
    Thanks for a different perspective with the interview!
    My favorite thing about Christmas that ALWAYS fills me up inside is Christmas eve. The kids are all nestled and snug in their beds. It is always LATE. The hubs and I are then of course are on a mission to complete Santas work. Every year in those moments I feel so very lucky. I love my husband and feel loved. I feel blessed to be able to be completing “Santas mission”
    It truly is my favorite moments of the whole year.

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