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heaps of love necklace

February 9th | inspiration, jewelry

Sometimes I’ll be working on a piece–and it’s not coming out the way I planned. And then slowly, something else begins to emerge. And the piece seems to be almost making itself. When it’s finished, it’s completely different than the idea I began with. That’s what happened with this necklace–and I couldn’t be more excited about the results.

Heart upon heart stacked up to make the sweetest statement–i love you heaps and heaps. It’s regularly only $42 and today you can get and additional 15% off with code heaps15. Feel free to use the coupon for anything in our shop.

My husband heaps love on me by helping with the boys, holding my hand when we’re walking downtown, and working so hard for our family. My boys shower me with cuddles and kisses. And I have a few heart friends who sit with me and share with me and love me well. Has anyone given you a good helping of love lately?

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  1. Keri says:

    I love it! My husband heaps love on me by constantly telling me I’m beautiful, taking care of every-day menial tasks without me ever having had to ask, working so hard every single day for us, and by laughing with me. I’m realizing when my kids are whiny while I’m trying to get some work done, they’re heaping love on me by expressing their desire to have my attention!

  2. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa honey, lovely piece of jewellery! You really made me think and I can honest say ”no, not lately!” which makes me feel a bit sad. My hubby makes me feel as though I never do anything right. It’s time I changed that and let his silly comments wash over me!

    So I guess I could say I’m about to heap love on myself! Giggle…

  3. Sarah-Anne says:

    Ahhh new favorite piece of yours! Great work friend :)

  4. LOVD says:

    Is it because of Valentine’s Day? I don’t know but I feel truly loved lately and blessed because of it.

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