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brave love {giveaway}

October 14th | jewelry


feels like it’s time for a giveaway!!

we are giving away 5 brave love necklaces.

yes, five! yay!!

just leave a comment and answer this question…

**who is the bravest person you know?**

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happy thursday!

1,058 Responses

  1. Michele says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She’s been through a lot of health problems in the last 10 years and is always fighting on.

  2. Denise says:

    The bravest person I know? Right now it would be my children, so I guess 3 of them! My son because he is almost 12 and is struggling with adjusting to middle school; yet he tries hard to be brave and face the day, as much as I know he just isnt happy at school right now. Breaks my heart. My daughter because at 13 she works physically harder than I ever have in her passion, soccer! She trains daily, puts herself out there and really, puts me to shame! And third, my oldest daughter, who is taking 17 credits at U of O, working part-time, and living on her own in the dorms for the first time. I know it’s tough, and yet she braves the day and is adjusting well!

  3. Theresa says:

    The bravest person I know is my mother. She is a typical traditional Taiwanese woman, who lost her husband in her early 30s and raised the only kid all by herself. Her health condition is never good, so she suffers from all kinds of pain a lot; however, she is the most hardworking person I’ve known in this world. She never gives up hope, and she believes in life. She loves my father so much that she made a promise that she won’t marry anyone else. She is brave, because she overcomes the loss of my father, rejects to all the other enticement, fulfills her life goal, and continues to have a positive attitude toward everything. I love her so much and am so thankful that I have her to be my mother. She is always the one to give me faith and strength.

  4. leah says:

    my bestfriend!

  5. Nicole H. says:

    The bravest person I know would have to be my beautiful mother :) She is a breast cancer survivor…that pretty much says it all.

  6. Kelley says:

    If I win I will gift this person with this neckalce…she deserves it!

    The bravest person I know is an old college aquaintence who laid her firstborn to rest last week shortly after his 2 week birthday. Her son was born with a fatal heart condition and dr.’s did what they could. She and her husband had to be brave as they released him to docotors to operate on his little body. They had to be brave when they made the decision to let him go after he came down with serious infections. SHE is BRAVE. I would love to have this necklace sent to her with her sons name on it for her to cherish always!

  7. renee says:

    My mom is my hero. She has been a breast cancer survivor since 1990. She suffered through a grueling surgery and months of chemotherapy. She was so strong and fought the cancer like a champ. She is the 2nd of 7 children. Just this last May she lost her sister (my aunt) to breast cancer. During the final stage of my auntie’s life…my mom was the brave, kind, gentle soul that nurtured her every need. I am so proud of my mom. She is beautiful, brave and one of the compassionate people I know. : )

  8. beka says:

    my friend abby maile is the bravest person i know. her husband died suddenly one year ago this month and is raising 6 young girls all by herself. if interested, see

  9. Joy says:

    The bravest person I knew was my dad. He fought cancer until the end of his life in June of 2007. He loved the Lord and proclaimed it until the end when he went to meet Him.

  10. Becky says:

    as a nurse, i see bravery every day in many of our patients’ battles when a mortal body is challenged
    i’m unable to title anyone of them the “bravest”
    each of bears a cross,
    some are just more visible than others

  11. Jaclyn says:

    My Daddy is my hero in every way possible. On my wedding day, we danced in his backyard (my husband and I are simple people), but we hardly remembered to move our feet, we were crying too much. He is my best friend, and with the hardships of the past few years, I watched my Daddy hold steadfast as he lost his job, and fought-tooth-and-nail to support his family. My Daddy’s bravery is the kind legends are made of, the kind of men who lived ages ago, when a man’s worth was based on the contents of his heart and the strength in his hands, not his paycheck. His kind soul and loving heart have instilled within me the sense of self we all need in order to dance when the Heavens open up, and life seems to unbearable to handle. Bring on the rain.

  12. Jaclyn says:

    Bravery lives on in all of us.

  13. Sandra says:

    Definitely my Grandma! Unfortunately she died of cancer a few years ago. Still miss her a lot!! I spent most of my time with her when I was a kid…. Love ya, Grandma!

  14. Caitlin says:

    My Mother is the bravest person i know, she is an inspiration to me, how she holds to her faith and protects her family even when she is doing it oh so tough. This necklace reminds me of her!

  15. Cathy says:

    My dear friend, S, who has had a terrible year, but still mangages to smile through the tears, keep hew own and all of her friends spirits up, and who laughs even when she doesn’t want to.

  16. Kelly C. says:

    I think that is my son: some years of age, many brave experiences, a every day challenge with AHDH.
    But he knows that our LOVE is the answer for a difficulty

  17. anya says:

    the bravest person i know is my mom… she’s been struggling throughout my whole life without complaining, and only cries when her children are not around. my dad has never took responsibility as the head of the family, so my mom had to take care of ours, work day-and-night to support me and my brother and to give us the best education she could possibly afford. still, she never loses hope & faith. she’s my mom…

  18. Sarah W says:

    I love this one……my mom would have to be the bravest person that I know. Not because she’s gone thru any major struggles but because in my eyes she’s my hero, and hero’s are brave an protective. I’ve always felt her love and support……she’s my brave mom! :)

  19. My Mom is the bravest person I know. In the last couple of years my family has been through a lot. Through it all my Mom stands strong and then the rest of us can too. She is not afraid to do what needs to be done and she looks for the good in any situation. She is brave, and courageous and strong. Love her!

  20. My friend, C, is so brave! She’s desperately wanting a baby and going through infertility treatments. Our two families are living overseas now, away from our blood-families.

  21. Binh says:

    My parents. They escaped Vietnam by boat when I was just over a year old, and my sister was a few months old. Not only did they have to contend with over 10+ waves, but encountered pirates two times. Their bravery amazes me, but mist of all my mom—as I am now mom to two young girls and could not even begin to imagine what that would have been like. My parents did it all for us. Their unselfish bravery is astonishing in my eyes!

  22. bravest person i know…my father in law. he is no longer with us, as he lost his fight with cancer over a year and a half ago, but i watched his fight. he was incredibly brave.

  23. holly spears says:

    Right now I am so touched by my friend Leigh Ann. She is a mama to 4 adorable kids and pregnant with her 5th. She homeschools her kids, teaches the children’s sunday school class at church, and she’s one of the nicest people you will ever know. Her oldest boy just got diagnosed with lymphoma and I am so touched as I watch her handle this trial with strength and grace. She’s got a brave heart!

  24. Kaylene says:

    My Dad. I’m thousands of miles away and realize all the more how much of a hero he is in my eyes.

  25. Monika says:

    Well, I have to be another one whose answer is “my mom”.
    My mom has brought us (me and my 3 brothers) up loving the Lord and trusting Him in the midst of extreme physical and psychological abuse from my father. After 35 years of intense suffering and only 2-3 hours sleep/night, she managed to leave Him, just like the people of Israel left Egypt. A true and long prayed-for miracle.
    We thought everything would be fantastic now that we were free – we’d been dreaming about it our whole lives – but there are many issues we still have to wrestle with and will wrestle with until our last breaths. My mom has amazing “go” and just beams with energy and love. I look at her broken body and can hardly believe it belongs to her. But it does, together with her smiles. She’s just amazing and my hero.

  26. valerie says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom! she’s been through so so much and still gives endlessly and selflessly to our whole family….. She’s taught me how to be brave and I only hope I can be as brave as she has been in her life!

  27. valerie says:

    I facebooked this!

  28. liz elayne says:

    the bravest person i know is my four-month old daughter ellie jane who had open-heart surgery less than one week ago and is already home due to her superpower of healing. when i would still be in bed distracted by all the pain and fear, she is already back to giggling when she hears macy gray sing “beauty in the world.” her bravery pushes me to own the bravery i have inside me.

  29. petitange says:

    Dear Lisa,
    I am so happy to find your blog. I love your photos and notes very much!
    The bravest person I know … my children. I have a little daughter (2,5 years old) and a son (7,5 years old). They are like angels and so brave in all situation.
    Hugs from Hungary!

  30. deezie says:

    wow, love the necklace, I love all your jewelry!
    The bravest person I know would be my Mom. She was the bravest, strongest person I knew, and when I would say my prayers, I stopped one day and thought, if something ever happened to my Mom, the one person I thought nothing would ever happen to, then I would know that death is real. I always knew it was real but really real. A week later my Precious Mom died, that was 3 years ago. She is still and always will be the bravest, strongest person.

  31. my MUM. Always there, for good and bad, through everything life has had for her, which has not always been the very best… But she is strong and brave and always putting a fight!

  32. Jacinta says:

    My mum. We lost her last month at only 65, after only a month of battling complications due to her 22 year old kidney transplant. She was brave, strong and fought hard. She didn’t want to go, but her body had had enough. Inspiring & loving.

  33. Michele in GA says:

    My friend D, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer on top of already having another serious disease. Despite all she remains hopeful and continues to generously give to others in need.

  34. Joan Brown says:

    My mom.

  35. jo sowerby says:

    the bravest person i know is probably me at tis instant and i know that sounds self congratulatory. it isnt meant to be. i have bipolar disorder and am feeling terribly depressed at the moment, add to that that i am about to have a hysterectomy and will now never have the family i always wanted i am feeling pretty brave, but sad.
    Jo xxx

  36. Lisa Bolton says:

    Cancer fighter extraordinaire, note writer, encourager, gift giver, love of nature….my Mom.

  37. Rebecca says:

    My mom…she has been through two different cancers, a divorce (after 27 years), a son deployed once, and a son-in-law deployed twice! Love her!

  38. Tricia says:

    The bravest person I know is my brother. He will be 40 in 2 weeks and he is mentally handicapped. In the last year he had to leave my moms home and into a group home because she was no longer able to care for him. Imagine taking a 4 yr. old away from his mommy to live in a home with strangers and you can imagine how very hard this has been for him. He’s definitely braver than I!!!

  39. Marilyn says:

    The bravest “People” I know (not personally) are the miners from Chile. An amazing story of courage and bravery. What a lesson for us all!

  40. Jessica says:

    My husband. He moved us from the city to the country in a leap-of-faith and, though there have been challenges along the way, our family is very blessed!

  41. Louise Perkins says:

    My brother in law Todd.

  42. Katie R. says:

    Bravest person I know? My sister(s).

  43. dia says:

    my husband-leaving for basic training in just a few days!

  44. Stephanie says:

    The bravest people I know are close friends who have struggled with infertility for years and have faced set back after set back but continue to seek God’s will and live in hope that they will be able to start their family soon. I am in awe of them.

  45. Southern Gal says:

    I’d have to pick two.
    My grandmother who lived through such tragedies yet was the sweetest lady I knew.
    Joy, who gave her whole life to the Lord to serve Him wherever He led. She gave her all and has seen Jesus face to face now.

  46. susan bourgeois says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest son, Sean. He lives with Down Syndrome and greets each day with excitement and an “I can do anything” attitude. Many things are difficult for him, but he continues to have his wonderful upbeat outlook! So, he is my example of brave!

  47. abi says:

    my mom – she is amazing!

  48. Marian Smith says:

    My daughter Jessica, she was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 7 and went through 2 years of treatment like a brave warrior. Praise our LORD, she is a healthy 24 years old and beautiful inside and out.

  49. Karen Klein says:

    In seconding another’s response, it would be my three children. Oldest, Brett, having just graduated from Boston College, is facing an uncertain and impossible future searching for scarce jobs in today’s economy. Middle child, Mia, a junior in college, is flat out fearless and can take on just about anything. Youngest, Jolie, a high school sophomore, who faces each day like the amazing gift that it is! Love them.

  50. shana says:

    Although that’s a tough one, I think I would have to say my grandma. She has not had an easy life in any way, but has stayed faithful to and dependent on the Lord and is so full of joy despite all the tragedy and hardship she has had to endure. She is a blessing to me (and to my family, it’s amazing to me that my kids know their great grandma so well — she even teaches them piano — I am so thankful they can know her too) and I love her.
    Thanks for the chance to think about, and be thankful for, my grandma today.

  51. Richele says:

    This would be an awesome gift for the birth mothers of our children – hands down, the bravest women I will ever know.

  52. Tricia says:

    my mom is the bravest person i know! she amazes me everyday with her strenght. she has been dealing with health issues of her own and taking care of my dad who has been sick too. she still manages (with my help) to take care of all the house-hold chores, cooks every-night and take care of herself and my dad. At the moment, my 90 year old nana is visiting too. She faces everyday with a positive outlook and moves on. She is positive and so brave!!

  53. Jill says:

    My Mom! Such a strong one, she is! Love her and all that she has done for us.

  54. lesley says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She like many others has been through her share of trails and tribulations, but has remained steadfast in her faith and love for the Lord which I think shows bravery and her commitment to raising me and my two sister to share that same love of Christ. She is my best friend and my rock. And now that I became a mother just two weeks ago, I have a whole new appreciation and love for her. She is truly amazing!

  55. meredith says:

    The bravest person I have ever known was my mom. She died from breast cancer after battling it for 10 years. It always amazed me that even in her darkest moments her love for the Lord shined through. She always told people that God gave her cancer to make her serve Him more. She did that everyday until she went home. Watching her live through that with such grace and peace was a defining moment for me. I have tried to live as she did since… being brave and loving God no matter what is going on in my life.

  56. Monica Gibbel says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband. He is willing to step out and take risk in all areas of life, not to mention he works as a roofer which I wouldn’t be able to handle :)

  57. Mallory says:

    I agree with so many others….My Mom! She left home (Saudi Arabia) to go to boarding school in the states, not knowing anyone, across the world from family, and leaving life in the desert for the snow! There are so many other reasons why she is brave and I love her for all of them!

  58. Denise C. says:

    Hands down, my daughter. I had a horrific pregnancy with her, & was told 6.5 months along she would most likely not make it full term. She did! She is 2.5 & is a bright ray of sunshine!

  59. Rebecca says:

    Lisa, I have been following your blog for a while and have purchased several necklaces from you. I would love to give this necklace to my neice who is a Kindergarten teacher and works hard to be a good mom and wife. It would be so perfect for her.

    David and all of you are in my prayers daily. XOXO

  60. Jenn P. says:

    Wow, tearing up reading everyone’s responses.

    The bravest person I know is my husband. Three years ago he admitted that he is an alcoholic and has committed to a life without alcohol. He has really worked to become a better person and is constantly working to be the best dad and husband he can be. He is faced with others that abuse alcohol from family to friends but each time they fall he is there to pick them up without recrimination. For every second of every day that he doesn’t drink he is brave in my eyes.

  61. Right now the bravest person I know is my 18 year old son. He just joined the Marines and is fresh out of boot camp. He is a smart person who doesnt like change and the Marines is a BIG change for him. He signed on for infantry more specifically a Machine Gunner. He (and we) know without doubt he WILL be sent to Afghanastan or Iraq in the middle of it all. He is brave to face change and to serve our country through the US Marine Corps.

  62. Ginger says:

    My grandpa Jim was the bravest person I knew. He went through cemo and fought tooth and nail to see us open presents on last christmas it’s hard to believe he’s been gone for 15 years or so. I still miss him like it was yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and wish he was still with me. He was a wonderful, loving, patient and brave.

  63. Heather says:

    My Son! At age 9 he has gone through more medically than most adults and handles it with such strength and bravery . . . he has this “lets just get it done” attitude that makes me so proud!

  64. Sarah says:

    My grandfather is the bravest person I know. He fought in WWII and continued to serve bravely after being shot down twice… now that’s conviction!

  65. Sallie says:

    14 year old Stephen is the bravest person I know. He is fighting back from a brain injury and returned to school this week. Weeks in the hospital didn’t keep him down. His faith has been his strength.

  66. Summer says:

    My best friend. She left a failing marriage with two kids and has handled it all gracefully!

  67. shannon says:

    The bravest person I know right now is my grandma! She is such a fighter! In her lifetime she has faced breast cancer, cervical cancer, 2 heartattacks, mini strokes on a daily basis and just this year she lost 5 pints of blood, had 2 stints put in her heart to open up 2 90% blockages and then was dehydrated from that hospital stay…near death and came back to us! The last two were just within the last week! She keeps on tickin and keeps on fightin! I don’t know if I would have the strength and courage she has if I were her!

  68. Katie says:

    My mother in law is the bravest person I know. She’s been through so much over the past few years, but never loses faith…or her positive attitude!

  69. Stefany says:

    I have two and I can’t choose. One of my dear from Annie who passed away this summer after fighting a valiant war against a rare cancer. She continues to inspire us each day to live out loud, just as she did every day.

    The second is my brother-in-law. He continues to serve our country through the national guard. Just recently he volunteered to go over to the middle east for an additional year (he already spent 18 months in Iraq) in a leadership role because he wants to give back to the new soldiers as his mentors did to him.

  70. cindy says:

    The bravest person I know is my son. He recently went blind from a crazy disease that he has and he is a trooper. He has Mitochondrial disease. He is faced with a lot of issues a 10 year old boy should not have to face and he handles it so well. He is amazing.

  71. erin says:

    My husband for serving his country everyday so others don’t have to.

  72. ilona says:

    my parents!

  73. Amber says:

    My MIL who raised 3 kids all by her self! I am not sure how I would be able to do this!

  74. MichelleF says:

    my grandmother! sweet dear one! love her!

  75. Helen says:

    My sister.

  76. Katherine says:

    My sister, for many reasons.

  77. Mary says:

    My mother is the bravest person I know. She walks right into my house when I need her to help with the kids…vomiting virus, surgery, tantrum-invasion, you name it, she’s walked right into it.

  78. Jamy says:

    My friend Jen. What makes her brave is her honesty and openness. She lost her 8 month old daughter in April, and she has continued to blog about her struggles as she adjusts to life without her precious baby girl, Lydia. She is courageously open and forthright about how she is feeling, her relationship and struggles with God, and her need for prayers. Courage isn’t showing no fear – it’s not allowing fear or worry to get a foothold in your life. She is truly amazing, strong, beautiful and courageous.

  79. CherylAnne says:

    My daughter … . she inspires me everyday. She never runs or hides from challenges. She always makes the best of every situation and is happy and loving to everyone around her. Such a beautiful example to me.

  80. Lindsey Jo says:

    one of the bravest people i know is my best friend rachel, who is currently serving in the mission field in south asia. she’s amazing.

  81. Cait says:

    My Gram. She’s lived through so much and always comes through with a smile and a kind word. Even the people she has every reason to hate, fear or run away from are treated with respect by my Gram. I hope to be more like her every day.

  82. Melody says:

    My dad. Today is his 60th birthday! I think his life hasn’t really turned out the way he expected, but he never stops trying. Always working hard, always thankful.

  83. Canela says:

    My friend Cissy who last month saw her young and vibrant sister pass away, and 5 days later saw her brother-in-law pass as well. That’s not all, Cissy’s oldest sister is also terminally ill with cancer, her mother just finished up chemo for her cancer, and her father has dementia. This is enough to make anyone toss in the towel, but not my friend and her family. All of strong faith, as their hearts break they continue on with the grace and peace God sends them; and example for all of us her are facing challenges.

  84. Renae Reis says:

    I think the most brave person I knew was my friend Jen. She had breast cancer while she was pregnant and delayed treatment to carry her son to term. She fought her battle long and hard after he was born when it spread to her bones and her brain. She was a lovely woman with an angel’s voice and her son (and her other children) are her beautiful legacy.

  85. Nicole Ross says:

    My sweet baby girl. She came into the world 14 weeks early and fought her way up from 2 pounds. She is giggly, beautiful and chatty…and of course, fearless. :)

  86. Marie says:

    The bravest person I know is my aunt, M, who just died in July. She had breast cancer, twice, 20 years apart, and and dealt with both instances with grace and courage. She dropped out of high school at 16 when her father died so she could help her mother raise her 5 younger sisters. Last spring, after having heart surgery, she fell, hit her head and ended up in the hospital. She succumbed to her head injury a month later, and died. But not before fighting for her life. I miss her and consider her the bravest person I know!

  87. Christine Aldinger says:

    My sister-in-law has battled cancer for over 10 years and not once complains about anything, is always there for family no matter her pain or how exhusted she is from treatments, always has a smile, even when getting a phone call 1 night saying her hubsand of 30 yrs fell over from a heart attack this woman just seems to get stronger was the only time i heard her say ” we always thought it would be me” i can only hope that i can be 1/2 as strong as her

  88. Stephanie says:

    The bravest person I know right now is my son, Jack. He has autism and is 5. He is learning how to handle this world that we live in and it is a real challenge for him. But he is learning new things every day and is also teaching me how to be brave. :)

  89. lhodge says:

    My friend who has MS. She now can only sit in a chair and rely on others to do for her, No movement except for her head. Her husband committed suicide two years ago. I have never heard her complain in all the years that she has be diagnosed with this disease. Now when I go to visit all she wants to know iswhat is going on in my life and in our small town. Never, never uttering a complaint about herself.

  90. faith says:

    At this moment, I would have to say that it is me. I am a breast cancer survivior; my son has been diabetic for 17 years and is going off to college in June; and I just lost my Mom to lung cancer and I was by her side with my siblings. Sounds like a pity party but I surprise myself in crisis situations.
    Moms draw from the strength within.

  91. Emily says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She raised me as a single parent since I was 4 years old (when my parents got divorced). She worked hard at her career as a social worker to support the two of us.
    Currently she is facing some health issues (tumor in her neck) while taking care of my 90 year old grandmother and 90 year old aunt! She is an amazing, loving, BRAVE, talented, couragous, and marvelous person in my book.

  92. Emily says:

    blogged it!

  93. Debbie says:

    The bravest person was my dad – even when he had terminal cancer and was ready to give in to it, he underwent chemo and fought anyway because his 3 daughters wanted him to – wanted to believe there was hope. While helping to care for my father during his last months, I realized what he had done for us and how hard it was for him to do it.

  94. melissa says:

    the bravest person i know is my best friend claire. it would take pages and pages to list all the ways she amazes me every day. suffice it to say that i love her and constantly count myself blessed to have her in my life.

  95. Jennifer A says:

    My sweet son Jackson is the bravest person I know. He has been fighting type 1 diabetes since he was 27 months old (now almost 8). He has to endure finger pokes, shots, and countless other trials and he does so with the grace and patience of someone much beyond his years.

  96. therese t. says:

    my girls! they are oh so brave, i’m so proud of them!

  97. christy a says:

    My daughter. At 6 years old, she greets every single life change, adventure, etc with grace, happiness and bravery! She is fearful, but presses on right through it. She is amazing to me and way braver than I! :)

  98. Sandra says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom (seems like a popular answer!). She was a pioneer in our small town, raising my special needs sister. She knew the doctors were wrong when they said my sister would never walk or feed herself. She fought for my sister’s acceptance and rights in the school system and even at church. She is by far the bravest woman I know!

  99. AbbyS says:

    my little 5-year-old boy, Joey. He is the bravest little person I know. He has endured so much already in the span of five years. He inspires me everyday to be the best person I can.

  100. Paige says:

    My Mom. She is a widow. She is a super Mom. She is a hard worker. She is compassionate. She is dedicated. She is brave. And, today is her Birthday too! Happy Birthday to my brave Mom, Colleen!

  101. Jenny says:

    The bravest person I know… that’s a tough one. I think I have to say my dad, who battled cancer 10 years ago… and won! Through it all he was steady and courageous. I am so thankful for the blessing of his life!

  102. The bravest person I know would have been my friend Jordan… he battled cancer for two years before finally going home to be with Jesus. Through it all he was a testimony of God’s love and sovereignty- such a blessing to others despite his pain.

  103. Susan says:

    My mother. She buried my father almost two years ago after being married to him for 57 1/2 years, and then lost my brother quite unexpectedly six months ago. My brother lived with her, and she was the one who found him when he passed. She has worked hard to move on although struggling with grief. Her bithday is this weekend (and so is my late brother’s). Happy birthday, Mom. :)

  104. I absolutely LOVE your jewelry! I think my daughter is probably the bravest person I know. She always forces herself to do new things and try so many things no matter how scared or nervous she is. I always wish I had been that brave as a child! I’m so proud of her!

  105. Michelle S says:

    My Dad. He’s always had heart problems and never lost faith or his witty personality. He’s traveled 11 hours to stay with us while we wait for my son to arrive and I can’t wait to name him after my Dad.

  106. Liza P says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know. She took care of her brothers and sisters after her mom died when she was 10, and loves kids so much she had 5 of her own, and still loves kids so much that she takes care if my two babies while I’m at work. She was just diagnosed with diabetes after the last two pregnancies were complicated with gestational diabetes. She does it all, without complaint or expectation of a reward, and I wish that I could be half the mother she is. She’s my hero.

  107. Linda says:

    The bravest person I know is a friend struggling with very difficult cancer treatment with grace, generosity and amazing strength.

  108. Debbie says:

    The neelley family is the bravest. Yesterday, their 10 year old son just under went a 6 hour surgery to remove bone, replace bone, bone graphs, etc in his leg as a result of his the cancer (ewing sarcoma) that he is battling. The surgery was successful, but the family still faces months of healing and chemotherapy. As much as I want one of the necklaces for myself, I would present it to his mom. She truly is braving the toughest love since May.

  109. Jen says:

    My cousin who 11 years ago lost her husband, who 5 years ago battled and beat breast cancer and is raising two wonderful children alone. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  110. Michelle says:

    My daughter’s birthmom, hands down.

  111. Robin says:

    My best friend. She has gone through a horrible two years of her life but still smiles bravely and trudges on each day. She is an amazing woman of strength and courage.

  112. nic tatum says:

    My love, He was married and had a beautiful baby boy. He left his hiome town thousands of miles to set up a life where she wanted, but he cheated , left him and took the kids far away. Time past we met and now he moved where I live. Its hard to pick up your life and move somehwhere brand new( even though i live in his home town). But the bravery it takes to continue to trust and love is amazing and inspiring i love him!

  113. Angie says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband. Love him.

  114. Lari says:

    My grandmother….she turned 103 this August, she’s survived the great depression, the loss of a sibling in WWII…and several others recently….the loss of her husband and 2 of her children….all while maintaining her grace and poise. She was a hardworking farmer’s wife, cooked the best chicken and dumplings ever and loves her family. When she chose to move into a nursing home she would visit “those poor sick people” in her scooter. Her motto has always been…God’s given me another day….what am I going to do with it. She’s an amazing woman!

  115. Ashley C says:

    Hands down, the bravest person I know is my mom. She endured heart wrenching abuse and betrayal and as a result became a single mom with 3 little girls. It is a testament to her bravery, dedication, hard work and total dependence on Jesus that we are thriving young adults today. I thank God every day that she persevered to give us a good life regardless of the bad things that happened to her. I am getting married in less than 2 months and my mom is walking me down the aisle!! I’m so thankful for her and all that she has given to me.

  116. Amy says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She raised me by myself, but never once did I know how difficult it was. She made it look so effortless. Now that I’m an adult, I can appreciate all she did for me (and still does!) She’s also an amazing nurse. Everywhere I go I hear stories about how she helped her patients through their most trying times. Someone even named their baby after her. I’m very proud of her!

    My mom is truly my best friend. I’d love to have this necklace to give to her on my wedding day. I have necklaces from your shop to give to my bridesmaids, and I’d love to give this one to my mom as well to show her how much she means to me.

  117. Melissa says:

    My sister – For two years, her husband has had uncontrollable seizures and now the only option is a lobectomy to remove the part of his brain that is atrophying, and no one can tell them what the future will bring. He is the sole breadwinner and they have four children – one with Autism and one with severe adhd and one that isn’t out of diapers yet. I just can’t imagine the type of stress that she is enduring in every way – every time I talk to her I am reminded how blessed I am. She is my little sister, and yet, she teaches me lessons on grace and strength daily. If I win this necklace, it will be given to her. She deserves a little of the beauty in her life that she passes on to others every day.

  118. Erin Behney says:

    I would have to say my Dad is the bravest person i know – Why – because he is always positive and supportive throughout everything. While my sister and i were growing up he took night classes to get his college degree to better himself and support his family. He also was in the Air Force for 33 years and went over seas to Baghdad to support our country. He had bombs going off around him constantly-one so close he could have been killed but by the Grace of God it didn’t detonate. He is the bravest, most respectful person I have ever known! He has always been there for us no matter what he is doing or how busy he is because now he is going back to school for his Masters degree! He has sailed up the Atlantic from Florida to Maryland one summer in two weeks – but still has time to do some repairs at my house….bravest guy i know!

  119. amykate says:

    My momma showed me bravery and grace as she was diagnosed with lung cancer in April of ’09, fought through some treatment, and lost the fight in August of ’09. Her love for Christ had taught her to love others well. After she found she was sick, she never lost faith in God’s plan for her life. Although she felt all the emotion, she didn’t get stuck there…no complaining. She knew she had been given a gift of time looking through the “cancer lens.” He allowed her to be loved on for four months {which was long overdue} and pass peacefully into His arms.

  120. Mindy May says:

    My Mom … hands down!

  121. Stefanie says:

    All the Moms who have decided to leave their full time jobs to stay at home with their kids! At this time in my life I’m contemplating this very thing…and it’s hard and scary…I’ve been praying so hard about this. To take such a huge leap of faith when things aren’t crystal clear is so inspiring to me.

  122. Claudine says:

    My great-grandmother whom we called Buba (Slovak for Grandmother). She used to mow her grass with a hand push mower when she was in her 90s! Amazing!

  123. Alicia says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest son, Nicolas. He was abandoned at birth at an orphanage in Russia and we brought him hom to his family at 10 months. He was diagnosed with Autism at 4 years old and has bravely faced all of the biomedical treatments and therapies and does so with a twinkle in his eye and great determination. He has endured more in his life than most people ever will and he is my hero. I love my sweet 11 year old!

  124. Ashley says:

    my birth mom…she gave me up for adoption because she knew I would have a better life. She is now a huge part of my life after missing out of 20 years.

    my parents are also two of the bravest people I know because they helped me search for my birth families and welcomed in strangers who are so much a part of my history and our families future.

  125. amykate says:

    Just blogged about ya!

  126. ~Heather says:

    Just like so many others have mentioned, my mother is going through cancer treatment (surgery on October 27 – ugh!) and she has been amazing throughout. Vulnerable, brave, thoughtful.

  127. barbara says:

    The bravest person I know is my coworker ‘S’. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and at early age and has been undergoing various treatments, clinical trials, etc., for 10+ years now. Neverless, her outlook is unfailingly positive, she find time to volunteer in a local youth group, and is just generally an inspirational person in her own quiet way.

  128. Rachel Spin says:

    Bravest one? Hmmmm. It’s impossible to choose one. I would have to say all those facing danger for the benefit of others, our soldiers and first responders. And then I have to add their spouses who watch them go and wait for them to return home safely.

  129. Jessica Parrish says:

    The bravest person I know is my Husband. He is truly my hero! He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease seven years ago. It started out as a nuisance, but has grown into a severe health problem. But, he doesn’t let that stop him from cycling the Seattle to Portland ride (204) miles EVERY summer (6 years in a row), or training for his newest endeavor, “The Death RIde” in Northern California. He works full time to support his family, so that I can stay home and raise our two children, he takes care of his aging parents and still has time to be a handyman around our home. He does all of this with love, humor and respect. He LIVES his life. I am so proud and lucky to have him as my Husband.

  130. Kristen G says:

    My grandma! She survived the Japanese internment camps in world war II, the death of her husband at a young age, and her youngest child dying unexpectedly of a heart attack. She has nerves of steal but still a tender heart!

  131. Heidi says:

    The bravest person I knew was my best friend, Lisa who passed in May 2008. She was a brittle diabetic from age 9 on and suffered from multiple auto-immune disorders b/c of it. She lived in constant pain and kept right on fighting until her body won the battle. I miss her so.

  132. My wonderful son. He works undercover for a government agency……that’s about all I can say. His life is in danger everyday. At the same time we are all safer because of him and others that serve our country. He also served two tours of duty in the Middle East . He is my hero.

  133. YvonneC says:

    The bravest person I know is my friend Julie. She lost her fiance in a terrible accident. She was so brave throughout the entire thing. She also decided to make changes and moved halfway across the country to start over. She has shown all of us what true courage is. If I win, I am going to give the necklace to her!

  134. Melissa G says:

    Right now I can easily say my husband. He just left for Afghanistan and is proud to say he is fighting for his country. He is missing out on the birth of our second daughter who is due anyday (due date Oct. 17th). As much as he wants to be here he feels like fighting for our country will give our daughters a better life in America. I love him with all my heart and worry about him daily, but am so proud to say I am married to a hero :)

  135. Nicole says:

    The bravest person I know is this woman who I used to babysit for. Her name is Sarah. She has two daughters, one with very demanding special needs. Her husband is in the army and has been deployed several times. She works at a university and is also a full-time mom and army wife. She is one of the most amazing people I know, and I’m proud to say I could help her by babysitting for her kids.

  136. Sarah says:

    my mom!

  137. Kelsie says:

    My BFF “L”, she isn’t sick or anything like that, but this woman has set out to get her Master’s degree and knows that if she fully trusts in the Lord that He will take care of her and see her thru this journey. This journey has been a long time waiting and a long road ahead of her, but I know she will succeed and she is so brave for doing so!!

  138. Jen F says:

    My aunt….she passed 14 years ago after a long battle with cancer. She always said that the cancer did not win because she was going out on her own terms. Take that cancer! She is such an inspiration to our entire family. I’m currently pregnant, too – and my little girl will have my aunt’s name. I would wear this necklace with pride and be sure to pass it on to my daughter so she can always know what brave love truly is. Thanks!

  139. Suzanne says:

    My 6-year old daughter. She is an absolutely beautiful typical child, but sadly so uncomfortable in her own skin. And we don’t know why. Because there isn’t a reason. So she creates crazy little challenges for herself at every turn, frustrating the heck out of everyone, including herself. And despite it, she bravely plods on.

  140. Beverly says:

    The bravest person I know is my son — the first in our family to go off to college and I think that’s pretty brave.

  141. Jen F says:

    I FB’d it….thanks!!!

  142. Anna G says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister. She has been through all kinds of adversity in her life and yet she continues to face life head on. She trusts in her gracious heavenly Father and walks forward in faith. She is a wife, mother of three, and an award winning teacher in spite of it all. She also shares her life with countless women who are expereincing similiar struggles. I think it is a very brave thing to open your self up to others and share your struggles, but she does it everyday. She is a very brave woman and I am so thankful for her.

  143. K Hutchinson says:

    The bravest person I know is in heaven. Cathy was a friend of mine that died almost 4 years ago of ovarian cancer. She was never afraid to speak her mind, be who she was, or care whatothers thought! Cathy never came to visit me with out a hand for of her home grown flowers in her hand for me! Gosh, I miss her!

  144. Nicolle says:

    My 6 month old twins are the bravest people I know. They were born 10 weeks early & the first few months of their lives were a struggle. But here we are 6 months later, and they are doing great with very little sign of developmental delay. I think they were brave & pulled through b/c they knew how not brave their mommy was. My mother is also very brave. She raised my brother & I, mostly alone, on very little money. So, if I won this, I would have my twins’ names on it & give it to my mom. They are her first grandchildren.

  145. Nicolle says:

    I also wrote about this on FB.

  146. Beth says:

    My daddy is the bravest person I know! He’s been on several mission trips, including two to Africa, and has never once acted as though he feared for his own safety. He is always putting others before himself, and has always worked hard to provide for his family. I love him with all my heart.

  147. Lindsay Lee says:

    My aunt is the bravest person I know! She just got diagnosed with liver and colon cancer and I think this would be the sweetest gift to give her. A little reminder for each day! Thanks Lisa! HUGS!

  148. Stephanie says:

    my son! most things are not easy for him and yet he tackles them head on – I’d say brave and determined go hand in hand!

  149. Sandi says:

    The bravest person I know is my Mother…without a doubt, she is the most amazing person I know….I owe everything to her…….My Mother adopted me when I was 8 weeks old! Without her, I would never have had this amazing life! I thank God everyday for bringing us together….

  150. Christy says:

    I adore this necklace. The bravest person I know is a co-worker Barb who says what she thinks and is always there for friends and family no matter what. She’s had a lot going on this year in her life., a couple deaths in her family and a father battling cancer, a teenage son whom is failing at college, etc..etc.. But no matter what she has going on she is always helping others weather it’s by listening or doing she is trully the bravest person I know. We need more of her type in the world today.

  151. molly acord says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know.

  152. Mina says:

    My grandma. I miss her. <3

  153. Paige Anderson says:

    My Mama. She fought breast cancer for 12 years. It finally overcame her, but she put up one heck of a fight.

  154. Lori says:

    My Mom, is SO brave, supporting a family as an LPN & having just learned she’s in remission from thyroid cancer yay!

  155. My sister-in-law. Just got the call 30 minutes ago. They’re in the hospital; she’s in labor with our first niece/nephew!

  156. Kimberly says:

    I would say my two sons, they go forward each day without fear and determination to do their best…

  157. Melinda says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband. He is diabetic and at one point had to not only poke his finger many times a day to check his blood sugar but also take seven shots a day. Now he uses an insulin pump and blood sugar sensor that he has to install himself. When I saw the needle that is used to insert the pump tubing into his body I just about passed out. He bravely reinserts a new infusion set every other day. I don’t know how he has the strength to deal with the needles let alone the diet.

  158. erinV says:

    My granmma is probably the bravest woman ever!

  159. Kirsten Michelle, of Team Ewan. She has loved unreservedly in the face of loss, and she lost anyway. I don’t think I could love like that, but I want to try. Awh man… Pray for her, will you?

  160. Lisa Silver says:

    I’m lucky enough to have many brave people in my life… the latest proof of this was my little man, Jack, who is 9 years old. He was attacked by a dog this week… and he bravely fought it off, ran home and helped me clean the wounds. He’s such a sweet little man…

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  161. ramona says:

    My sister Dana, who suffered a massive stroke when she gave birth to their son Sam. She never gives up. I would love to say she has managed a full recovery but, she still struggles with mobility and vision loss. She can never go back to nursing. But, she has a full family life. She is a shining example of when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  162. Chris L. says:

    My golfing friend Frankie. Her adult daughter struggles majorly with bi-polar disease. She is in a care facility receiving treatment but still the outlook for her to live independantly is bleak. In spite of this (and a golf game that has “gone south”) Frankie smiles and carries on.

  163. Autumn says:

    My Mom. She has plugged through her difficulties with humor and grace and shown me that it is ok to cry, but also to laugh and love big.

  164. Elicia says:

    I have a friend who lost her baby girl at 36 weeks. To me, losing a child would be the worst that could happen, as I’m sure it was for her also. But she leaned on her faith in God, family, and friends, and was able to get through it. I look at her as inspiration…if she can get through that, then I can get through all the little day to day things. She went on to have another beautiful baby girl. Not only was she brave enough to get through the loss of one daughter, but she was BRAVE enough to try again.

  165. Emily says:

    My stepfather, when an accident took from him the use of much of his athletic body, he developed different coping mechanisms and became a much softer man. I would love to wear this necklace in his honor.

  166. Ang says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister-in-love, who was happily engaged to my brother before his accidental death in 2009. She is a godly young woman with an extraordinary heart who always puts others first. She is a pediatric nurse and never ceases to amaze me. I love her to pieces and am proud to call her “Family.”

  167. Maryrose says:

    The bravest person I know is definitely my mom…we’ve been through so much and she always seems to come out on top. Definitely an inspiration!

  168. Crystal Edwards says:

    The bravest person I know at this moment is my best friend Jennifer. Jennifer is a mother of one precious little boy, and expecting a new bundle of joy on Dec 5th. Shortly after finding out that her and her husband were able to conceive (they’ve been trying for awhile) Jenn’s mom was admitted to the hospital for pains in her side, and has yet to be released from the hospital (3 months later). Her mom has been diagnosed with a tumor on her spinal cord, and Dr’s are not able to operate because of the risk. Jenn has been by her mothers side day and night, while trying to give her 3 year old the loving and care he needs, and trying to take care of her health to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It is amazing the bond between Jenn and her mom, and since Jenn is an only child, she feels it is her role to give her mom the attention and love she needs during her last days/months in her presence. I feel Jenn is so incredibly brave, and I would love to surprise her with a beautiful necklace that she can wear everyday to remind her of the strength and support she has been soo willing to give.

  169. anne says:

    I was the victim of a violent crime and shooting several years ago and have worked so hard to put my life back together and gain back the confidence to enter the world every day when I would rather hide under the covers. The offender is due to be released from prison, and I am stuggling to maintain my “brave.”

  170. Sara.arrigoni says:

    the bravest person I know is my brother. He has already been through two open heart surgeries and was so brave through that, and even more so has been brave in redefining his dreams and never letting his physical problems stop him

  171. Heather M says:

    The bravest person I know right now is a good friend that has been battling breast cancer for the past year! She is a glass full type of person and has battle this horrible disease with such grace! I would LOVE to win this necklace for her!

  172. AmandaK says:

    There are so many! I guess closest to me would be my mom – my parents divorced when I was ten (34 now) – and being a mother and wife now – I can look back and see how difficult it was to leave, and make a new life for yourself that was different than what you had planned. She took such wonderful care of us – we never lacked for what we needed – however hard she had to work to make that happen. I appreciate her more all the time.

  173. shannon says:

    I posted a blog about the bravest person I know at

  174. Kelsey says:

    my mother. hands down. I have seen her fight through her worst nightmare. It took my five years to look back since that day and see how brave she was. It took me growing up to realize that she wasn’t someone just any ordinary mother, but someone that I hope to end up just like one day.

  175. I think my bestie, Tracie, is just about the bravest person I know. She deals with a chronic illness (MS) — and yet always has a smile on her face. She’s positive and filled with God’s grace and you’ll never hear her complain about anything that life has thrown her way, despite the fact there have been some doozies! She’s an inspiration to me!

  176. Jill says:

    I would have to say my mom. She has been through a lot in her life and she is such a hard worker. She has really drawn back into the Lord and it is so great to see how He is working in her life and how she is allowing Him to reign.

  177. Marnie says:

    My husband…he is my hero, my knight in shining armor.

  178. Amy says:

    My husband.

  179. Joy says:

    At this point, it would be my friend Kristin, who just beat breast cancer this last year. Or my friend Suzanne who has endured (and continues to endure) life-threatening situations with two of her children and adopted a third. I know many others for various reasons but you actually only asked for one. God has surrounded me with incredible, brave women (you included!)

  180. Tia says:

    My cousin Paige. She has faced a lot in her life and carries on gracefully.

  181. Kelly says:

    Bravest? My dear sweet friend Becca who’s loving on the most adorable children and hoping to get to adopt them soon. Praying SO hard that it happens for her. :) LOVE this necklace. It’s just beautiful! :)

  182. Michelle says:

    Definitely my friend’s 4yo son who is living with a rare form of spinal cancer. My girls and I see him 1-2x a week and he faces the world with such determination. He is definitely an inspiration to us all!

  183. Sonya says:

    The bravest person I know, is my best Girlfriend, we will call her “A”. She is in the middle of chemo for breast cancer and we have laughed (buying cool wigs) and cried over the past 4 months as she endured a double mastectomy and now 6 rounds of chemotherapy. She has not once questioned why she has this horrible cancer inside, but is grateful that her kids and husband are healthy. When I hear the word BRAVE right now, I cannot help but think of her. She is an amazing, inspiring and gracious woman. This necklace would be a gift to her.
    God Bless!

  184. Kay says:

    After reading all of the comments I would say all of them are and many, many more that do good for our country or are fighting a life threatening disease! Love the necklace!

  185. Bonnie says:

    there are many brave people in know… i think that anyone who thinks outside of the box, jumping into the unknown with gusto is BRAVE!

  186. Amory Snelson says:

    Lisa I love your designs! So adorable. Illuminate and Who Do You Love are my favs.
    and my cousin Meagan is the bravest person I know. She is so brave and willing to live and do anything for her family, even if it costs for her.

  187. Ashley C. says:

    My Mom is the bravest person I know. Our entire lives she has always done what was best for my sister and me. She was a single Mom most of the time and at times worked two jobs where she only got 3-4 hours of sleep at night. All so my sister and I could have a nice roof over our heads and the clothes we wanted. When her own Mother passed away she made sure my sister and I were handling it okay before she started her own greiving process. My Mom is starting her life over this year after being married to my step-dad for 17 years. She left her comfort zone and is doing all the things she wanted to do before, but didn’t think she was allowed and I think that makes her incredibly brave. Especially since she is doing it on her own.

  188. sylvia says:

    My Mom is the bravest woman I know. She’s lost two children in the last five years and somehow STILL manages to face the everday. I’m not sure I would be that brave!

  189. Gina says:

    The bravest lady yet is my sister in law, Sharon. She has nursed her only daughter back to health after she suffered a stroke at the ripe old age of 30. It was a tragedy of epic proportion for their family and she never gave in to despair or pity. She also battled breast cancer around the same time and had to deal with with her hubby’s mid-life crisis. She kept her head up and persevered with a lot more fortitude than anyone thought she had. She is one brave and strong lady!

  190. Jaimie says:

    the bravest person i know would have to be my Dad. He has 4 daughters, and a wife who suffers with Bipolar disorder. He is brave everyday becasue you never know when something will turn for the worse. He has and always will be the peace keeper of my family, I love my dad, and he is the bravest person i know.

  191. Jaime says:

    I’d have to go with my friend Tom who has beat cancer (twice!) and never lost his sense of humor and great attitude. He puts up a good front.

  192. Jackie says:

    My Dear Husband – RICK!
    Love the necklace to bits.

  193. Kenna says:

    I would give it to my daughter. She is 10 and heading into that icky, judgmental, clicky time in her life. It would be a great reminder to be brave, continue to be herself, and stay that happy confident girl she is now.

  194. Jenifer T. says:

    If I won I would pass this necklace on to the momma I had thought of when you first posted this necklace. My friend whose little boy just had his 3rd open heart surgery, but who is now, Praise the Lord! home and recovering well. :)

  195. Megan G says:

    Right now I would have to say it is either my cousin’s wife Anne who is 30 and was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. She has been going through radiation for the past 4 weeks every afternoon AFTER she leaves her job full time teaching job. I’m amazed at the bravery she’s shown through this. Or it could be my grandmother. She’s an awesome woman with tons of spunk – she’s 87 and still going strong and I love her for it.

  196. kim says:

    the bravest person i know is my husband. he is fearless & an incredible leader. so thankful :)

  197. Whitney Bray says:

    Not looking to focus on self here but the bravest person(s) I know right now are my 2 children and myself…our little family. Recently, we have gone through the loss of a husband/Father through infidelity/divorce, loss of our beautiful home, loss of income, loss of car, loss of Real estate job that was much loved, loss of former friends, loss of savings, loss of credit, loss of security and a lost sense of who we are. This is what divorce does. No wonder God “hates divorce”. What we didn’t lose was our Faith in a God that is bigger than our problems. Through HIM we overcome our fear of the future.

  198. Mandi says:

    The bravest person I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is my dear friend “Jane” (I won’t share her real name to protect her privacy). Her family has had so much adversity: coping with her husband’s recovery from addiction to prescription meds after an accident, losing their house in the housing bubble-burst, etc. … All the while she does it with strength and grace and you’d never know the troubles she was juggling. Even on her most difficult days she offered to drop everything she was doing to comfort me as I was going through my divorce. On top of being an amazing wife, a dear friend, and devoted mother to her two kids, she’s also a dedicated teacher who works with a classroom of 30+ English as a second language students. Every day she teaches a classroom full of elementary school children who speak all different languages (last I knew she had 3-4 different languages all in the same class). And she does ALL of this despite suffering from severe dyslexia herself. This woman AMAZES me and has inspired me to be more selfless in my own life.

  199. Kendall says:

    Right now, my little brother. He is in second grade and he is really struggling with bullies and fitting in. But, he gets up everyday and goes to school and tries to make the best of it. He even calls my husband and I to give us updates on who he played with. What a great kid.

  200. sarah says:

    the bravest person i know is my friend christy. her husband, the love of her life, just died unexpectedly 2 months ago after complications from a heart surgery. he was an amazing man! christy is pregnant with their first child and due in the next two weeks!!! not only is she a young widow, but she is also a single mom! talk about brave love…..whoa!

  201. Megan says:

    My husband. He has been through so much in his life, and you would never know it just upon meeting him. He is one of the most positive people I know… even after having a terrible day he comes home with a smile on his face. He’s brave and can overcome anything.

    LOVE this necklace!!!!

  202. Lisa says:

    my mother in law is the bravest woman i know. i know most of my friends don’t like their mother in law, but mine rocks. she is the best homemaker and she takes care of all those around her. she was blessed with 4 children, one being my husband and he is the only one that hasn’t had an illness or a handicap. her oldest was born with downs syndrome, the next one developed hodgkins lymphoma and is now in remission, and her youngest was born with epilepsy and has a mental impairment. how this woman was able to cope is beyond my comprehension. she is my hero!!

  203. Jen Gough says:

    My Mom is the bravest person I know! She has lost her husband and raised 3 kids. She then lost her father and mother and had ti deal with a brother who was less than wonderful. She gives constantly to her kids and never ask for anything in return. She has taught me how to be a brave mother.


  204. Mama 2 Four says:

    My Sister is the bravest person I know! Brave is really an understatement!

  205. Dawn says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know. He quit a well paying, stable job during this economic downturn, to take a new, less stable job, and moved our family across the state. The reason….to give our daughter the best possible opportunity to pursue her dreams in ballet. He’s amazing.

  206. Marina says:

    My mom was the bravest person ever! I lost her 2 years ago from cancer, but not once did she ever seem upset about or complain about her health or anything. She saw the good and beauty in everyone and everything no matter what the currcumstances. She sacraficed a lot when we my siblings were really young ( I wasn’t born yet) in order to give the family a better life. Any person who had the privilage to know her would agree. Thanks.

  207. Laura says:

    My mom – she raised me by herself, doing whatever she needed to provide a good life for us. She gave me a wonderful childhood, filled with special memories that she created out of love, not money. She made everything special. She went through breast cancer several years ago and last year she was diagnosed with dementia. It’s so hard to see my mom slip away, but the times when she’s ok, she’s her old spunky self!

  208. Katy says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know. He’s incredible at leading us through this life adventure.

  209. Oh wow, Right now that’s a tough question, my mom who’s one of the bravest people I know is going through some crazy serious medical issues, in the past couple weeks she’s been hospitalized twice, the first time, they told her she should call any family to come. Completely shook the whole family to it’s core, amazingly she survived that round, and is now being monitored. Once she’s healthy enough they’ll do open heart surgery.
    Along with her, I’d have to say my son is also showing his bravery. He is 11 years old and has been in speech therapy since he was 3. It’s an ongoing process. But this year he started middle school and had the chance to choose his electives…he chose Choir…while he loves art and would have done well, he chose to follow his heart and sing. Trust me when I say middle school is a tough place to put yourself out there like that.

    Reading through all these posts makes me realize how absolutely fortunate I am, each day is a treasure!

  210. tweeted it… circle_studio

  211. Danielle says:

    My fiance’s mother. She passed away two years ago from lung to brain cancer. Although everyone calls her brave, she always said “I’m not brave, I’m just doing what I have to do.”

  212. Lorri says:

    My sister! Right now she is in the middle of chemotherapy treatments for kidney disease. She has two sweet (but active) children that keep her very busy. She is refusing to let this stop her from being “normal.” Even when she is miserable and so tired she can barely keep her eyes open, she pushes through and carries on so that her children don’t see her suffering. That is BRAVE!

  213. pia brown says:

    we all are brave each and every day just getting by life’s small and big setbacks!! I am brave today trying to mop up my 2 year old’s vomit and at the same time trying to keep her twin sister away from the mess whilst it is my birthday!

  214. Emily says:

    My sweet Cuban grandma…Abuelita. She and her husband (my grandpa) worked so hard to do all they could to leave Cuba. Then in 1962, a few weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis, she brought her little family to the U.S. A month later – her husband died suddenly at 42….leaving my Abuelita with two little ones in a new country with a new language to learn.
    Fast forward to 4 successful granddaughters…graduate school, husbands and one great grandson. And it was all because of her :-)

  215. Jessica Lane says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter, Riley who gets up and stands up to that bully at school each and everyday. Being a little one is tough, especially these days but she maintains a positive attitude and has created a wonderful circle of friends who will help her as she makes her way through the tough times. She has the confidence that I wish I had now!

  216. Dominique says:

    My sister…who for 8 years has been living with NMO and now Lupus. She is only 32 and has had to learn to live with a devastating disease at a very young.

  217. Stephanie Erickson says:

    One of my best friends – she’s been living with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer for over 10 years. Her spirit and attitude are so bright . She’s forever telling me that “No matter what, life is good.”
    I am so thankful for her…

  218. Penny says:

    My best friend, Anne. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a few days before her birthday. She has a son with severe Autism, is undergoing Radiation treatments, working and caring for him. I don’t know how she does it.

  219. Emma says:

    One of my husband’s co-workers who is going through chemo right now and has a newborn, a three year old, and a wife to support.

  220. The bravest person I know is my mom. She’s not ever afraid to try something new, whether she wants to be trying it or not. She made a huge change 2 years ago moving across country on a whim of my dad’s and handled it with such ease and grace. She is without a doubt one of the bravest people I know.

  221. Jordan says:

    My husband, he’s a police officer… enough said! :)

  222. Beth says:

    Working moms are the bravest people I know. I am a mom of one two-year-old and work a full time job and I feel flustered and overwhelmed much of the time. Then, when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I see a mom juggling two or three kids, or one with a special need. I always think, “Wow, they are awesome!”

  223. Jessica says:

    the bravest person i know? this is a tough one. can i put 2 people? the first is my best friend who has lived 31 years with cystic fibrosis and has 18% lung function. regardless of her health, she lives her life to the fullest and LOVES fully. she married bravely, had a child bravely, and continues to fight for her life each day.
    the second is my sister. you know her story. she fights for her children and their rights, especially her oldest who was diagnosed with autism almost 9 years ago. she has hard, hard days, but she never gives up on him or on getting him everything he needs to progress.
    thanks lisa! xoxo

  224. FunkySteph says:

    My Mum… Faced so many challenges in life and still keep faith and give so much love to others… Have been battling leukemia for now 6 years and still her first thoughts are for her grand children and children…. She barely complain on her condition even she would have many reasons to… Thx for this post Lisa as it made me coming to this conclusion!

  225. Kiki says:

    I would have to say that the bravest person I know is my father-in-law. He’s been living with MS for more than 20 years and as his body continues to fail him, his spirit enables him to face the unknown with grace.

  226. Megan says:

    My husband, for dealing with me!

  227. LaNaya says:

    My grandmother, Wanda Eva Witt is the bravest person I know. She helped raise my brother and I. I know neither of us would be as accomplished as we are without her as our biggest fan.

  228. Anne Saloff says:

    My daughter Mackenzie!

  229. Rachel says:

    I have a friend who lost her only son (a miracle baby to start with) to cancer at the age of 5 a few years ago and lost her husband to cancer this spring. She is only 40 years old and a widow and childless mother…. She has to be so brave and strong every day just to keep going. I admire her and my heart breaks for her all at the same time.

  230. Mama Fisch says:

    The bravest people I know are all of my girlfriends who have struggle with infertility and yet have managed to still be a supportive friend, sister, aunt etc… My best girlfriend Jen is this person. She would never tell you the BITTER battle she is waging with infertility, she would never do anything but celebrate new additions while begging for her own. She is brave because she smiles, stays positive and never has lost hope that it will happen for her.

  231. Whitney Bray says:

    facebooked it

  232. Katy says:

    The bravest person I know is my mother. I see that’s a very common answer to this question. But in my life, it’s true. She has been through the ringer these last five years. Both her parents died, my dad up and left her, her best friend died of cancer. And yet, her faith in the Lord and her strength in Him is so admirable and a trait I really hope I can have.

  233. Senja says:

    I think the bravest person I know is my mother-in-law. She was 35 when her husband passed away because of cancer and despite being left with 5 kids between 5-16 years of age, she raised them all alone on a little salary. All her kids turned out so great. She is my hero and I admire her strength. She is a fighter.

  234. Tracie Smith says:

    I would say my children.
    I lost a daughter to brain cancer at the age of 3. She was the bravest little person imaginable. I don’t know if I could have gone through every thing that she did. I truly believe that she was placed upon this earth to do something special and then God called her back home. I am so blessed to have had her in my life.
    My middle daughter was only 1 year old when her big sister passed away. She struggles with life and I feel that one of the reason is because of the loss and of not knowing her sister. She puts on a brave face and she has a special way of letting me know that every thing is going to be all right.
    My youngest daughter had seizures when she was a toddler. She is mentally retarded because of this. She has the mind of a small child. She faces every day with that naive mind. I fear for her as she matures, but she knows no difference. She lives her life day by day. She is very brave and I try to lead by her example.

  235. Lynn says:

    It is hard to decided on just one, so many have different situtations in which I believe they are the bravest. I will pick my daughter for this one.. she is a single mom of a 4 month old, finishing college in the spring. I am proud of her!

  236. elz says:

    My friend Rachel. She’s been battling Stage 4 breast cancer (metasticized throughout her body) since last year. Looking at her, you would never know. She’s strong and fearless-at least to us.

  237. Christy says:

    My cousin who is the mom of a 2 year old who is blind and continuing to deal with unknown illness. The not knowing and constant doctors appointments must be torturous!

  238. Melissa says:

    My cousin. She was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with a prognosis of 6 months to a year with chemo. Her will to fight this battle, be the best mom to her two daughters, age 8 and 2, and wife to her wonderful husband makes her the bravest person I know.

  239. Melissa says:

    My cousin. She was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with a prognosis of 6 months to a year with chemo. Her will to fight this battle, be the best mom to her two daughters, age 8 and 2, and wife to her wonderful husband makes her the bravest person I know.

  240. sarah says:

    my sister. she lost her baby daughter, tori mae, after 9 days last year. the way that she has coped and held on through that amazes me. she is strong!

  241. Deb says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband. God has called him to walk in a way that has required hard work and much sacrifice. Everyday my guy says YES to God. I’m so proud of him.

  242. ebeck says:

    My Mom!!

  243. Anneke B says:

    my children for going out into the world everyday and learning new things

  244. Michele says:

    The bravest person I know are my two Daughters who we adopted from China. Our first Simone was 12 months three weeks when we went to bring her home. She was so scared and confused that she did not talk and was so sad for three days. We were taking her away from the only family she had ever known. Our second Daughter is Sophie and we adopted her at 2 years 10 months. Right when we brought her home we found out that her accetabulum (part of her pelvis) was not formed and had hip displaysia. She had a major surgery where they used a part of her femur to reconstruct her accetabulum. She had to be in a full body cast for six weeks, non weight baring. I know everyones life has its ups and downs but I have learned from my girls that with love and a family you can work through those hard times.

  245. Jenn S says:

    My cutie boy youngest son is the bravest person I know! At just 2 years old, his little complex body has been challenged by Cerebral Palsy. Yet, day in and day out, he shows me what it means to have resilience and determination.

  246. The bravest person I have ever known is my daughter Caroline. Caroline was 13 and just beginning the 8th grade when she was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had been the picture of health: beautiful, smart, funny, good student, good athlete, lots of friends. The tumor and surgery left Caroline paralyzed on the right side, and she endured radiation and 5 different chemotherapies. She lost her beautiful hair, and she spent months relearning to walk, talk and use her right arm. But she did, and by summer was wearing flip flops, going to the pool and working in the snack shack at her old soccer fields. Caroline worked so hard to get better and never complained. But just as 9th grade was beginning, the tumor came back with a vengence. In November, just before she died, she tapped the school’s bumper sticker on the back of the car and said “I’ll be back!” Caroline will always be my hero and will always be the bravest person I have ever known. Caroline died December 9, 2008.

  247. Sara Botma says:

    My 3 1/2 year old son is the bravest person I know. He had open heart surgery at 4 days old and has had 7 surgeries since then. Looking at him now, you would never know he had a heart defect. He truly amazes me!

  248. Teresa says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister!

  249. Tiffany says:

    My dad is the bravest person I know. My mother passed away when I was 11 and my brother was only 2. My dad quickly took over as the single parent and did a phenomenal job raising my brother and I. I am now 29 years old raising two of the greatest kids alive and happily married. I thank my dad for bringing me up in a loving, wonderful home while dealing with the loss of the only person he ever loved.

  250. The bravest person I know is my dad. He faces the uncertainty of life as a farmer with weather challenges and financial hardships and uncertainties of providing for his family with confidence and a love for his job!

  251. Katie says:

    My 102 year old grandmother is the bravest person I know because she continues to press forward despite being blind and hard of hearing. She stands straight, keeps up-to-date with world events, does her own cooking and laundry, walks and exercises in the pool when she can…she’s my biggest inspiration.

  252. karen says:

    My 16 year old son fighting Crohn’s Disease is the bravest person I know!

  253. Katie Mac says:

    My best friend got married two summers ago to one of the sweetest men I have ever met and was pregnant within the first year with my godson. In her 8th month of the pregnancy, her husband and two others were killed in a helicopter crash while doing a training run for work. She is the bravest person I know because she has taken life as it has been handed to her. Her persevering faith has been inspiring and the love that she has for her little boy knows no bounds. Her family is stronger than anything I have experienced and she has taught everyone around her about what it means to trust in your faith no matter where life has taken you.

  254. Katy says:

    i blogged this!!

  255. Kim M says:

    That would be my mom. While my dad was trying to beat cancer for 3 1/2 years she was his rock. She never let him give up his fight. Unfortunately he passed away a year and half ago. She always puts on a brave face but I know that it is hard for her to go home every night to an empty house.

  256. Susanne N. says:

    i would have to say my mom. my dad was in an accident and died when my mom was only 34. she was left to raise me and my sister. we were 9 and 1 at the time. she was a great single parent and one of the most patient people i know. we hardly ever saw her depressed or crying. she had us to raise and did what she had to do. even though we lived through tragic circumstances, i would never say that i had a bad childhood. my mom made it easier to deal with what we had to deal with. she almost always was in a cheerful mood and the three of us did everything together!

  257. Margie Brown says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband.

  258. Nicki says:

    I don’t have any sad story or anything – but I think the bravest person is my son. He is an only child with divorced parents and a mom who I am sure lets him down a lot. I wish I could give him all he deserves, but I can’t and so he goes without a lot. He still graduated with good grades and is preparing to serve an LDS mission. He has a bright future, but mainly due to his own perserverance. He’s awesome.

  259. Kimberley says:

    The bravest person I know would have to be our dear family friend, JoAnn. Throughout her life’s journey, he has lost 3 husbands and battled and survived cancer twice. She is incredible!!! We love you, JoAnn!!

  260. Ana says:

    My husband is the bravest person i know. He is so strong and has learned to be all by him self. He has never had the examples growing up, but he is determined to be different than what he experienced through out his childhood.

  261. Angie says:

    I have a friend who broke off her engagement years ago. I’ve always thought that was such a brave thing to do, and it turned out to be a GREAT move!!!

  262. Jewelscapes says:

    The bravest person I know right now is my sister-in-law. For 3 reasons
    1 – She’s staying well balanced despite her father (who she is extremely close to) majorly struggling with cancer.
    2 – She’s (and her hubby) are pregnant with her 4th baby AND LOVING it!
    3 – She’s going to name her baby Rhubarb (Ruby for short) and doesn’t care at all (is actually laughing about it) when people react to the name with things like, “that poor kid.”

    If I won this necklace I’d give it to her.

  263. MichelleF says:

    tweet, chirp, beautiful song…. :)

  264. Dumke5 says:

    My mom. Only now that I have kids of my own do I realize how far out of her comfort zone she went to give us a ton of experiences growing up, and to make us unafraid of exploring the wide, wide wold.

  265. RebeccaL says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She has been through so much and through it all she still remains faithful to God and is a wonderful support to me and my daughter.

  266. Arijaan says:

    Many people in my life are brave, the one to come to mind right now is Kristen, who is working with IJM in India!

  267. Theresa Dinning says:

    My grandmother. She had to raise 3 grandkids by herself after my father died and my mom wasn’t brave enough to handle it.

  268. Robyn says:

    Is it bad to say me? Probably, but right now, I think it is. I have a tween daughter in the throes of pre-puberty hormones, drama and angst. A four year old son who thinks he’s 10 and acts like it all too often. And an 8 year old son who’s facing an alphabet soup of diagnoses, which means doctors and therapists and tests, oh my. Through it all, I put on my brave face and tell my daughter it will be OK and try to teach younger son to be more age appropriate. And middle son? Oh my sweet middle son. I’m bravest of all for him as I worry what all of these diagnoses mean for him, for his schooling, for his life. I fight the good fight with insurance, with doctors, with schools to get him the help he needs. And no one knows who truly scared I am inside because I bravely and confidently will myself to make things better for him.

  269. Courtney says:

    my mom, we went through a lot when i was younger, but she always put me and my brother first no matter what, i would love to give this to her as a gift!

  270. Katie says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom! She has been through so much! She’s admirable :)

  271. Noelle White says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know…..He was in the military, was the first in his family to graduate from college and he married me… that is REALLY brave. He takes care of us and our daughters and never quivers from the responsibility. LOVE HIM.

  272. Jenna says:

    i would have to say my mom is the bravest person i know. when she was 16 her sister died in a train accident, then her two brothers died leaving her the only sibling left. when her mom died it crushed her. then she was diagnosed with lupus and overcame it through much prayer and perserverance 3 years ago her dad died and watching her heal and grow through her pain taught me so much about being brave and leaning on god. she is now in remission with her lupus and continues to be a courageous prayer warrior for our family and everybody else around her. my mom is my best friend, my cheerleader, my biggest fan, and continues to point me in the direction of heaven.

  273. My grandma. She went through a lot growing up, some of which she’s only recently shared with me.

  274. NancyLee says:

    I’m with Robyn here…. as soon as the question popped into my head, there’s no denying that I can’t think of any other brave person I know other than myself. I may be coward at some incident but generally, looking at my life and the way I went through it over the years, where it brought me and where I am at right now, I’d say I’m greatful to have chosen the choices I made because of whether you call it braveness or faith. I think I deserve to wear the necklace…..and thank you so much.

  275. Kelsey says:

    As a nurse who works with cancer patients, on a daily basis I meet the “bravest person I know”. They inspire me everyday to really live each day of my life!

  276. Marissa says:

    I think my sister. She is a 21 year old who has had more experiences and problems than most old people. She was abandoned by her birth mother after two years of abusive and neglectful behavior. She has more baggage than most of us could ever dream of, and yet her smile lights up any room. She struggles to find who she is in this world, all while showing unconditional love and joy to those that are around her. She gives everything that she has…I’ve struggled as an adult knowing how to help her find the identity that we all know she’s capable of. She has given more to my flaw-filled self than I could ever give her. I am truly humbled to call her my sister. My brave sister.

  277. Bekah Moser says:

    My mom–My sister and dad died within 3 years of each other. She said, “Sometimes she doesn’t know who she is anymore.” but she has not let her grief and loss paralyze her. She continues to live and discover who this new wounded person is and loves others more deeply out of her grief.

  278. Kristi says:

    My 7 year old son. He has bad asthma and allergy issues and right now has a broken arm. He has been so brave. He gets his cast off tomorrow which is very exciting!

  279. Kristi says:

    I just facebooked it~

  280. Kirsten says:

    My Aunt Rozalie! She has faced a lot of adversity and has never lost her faith… she is a shining beacon for me!

  281. Deb says:

    My Dad was the bravest person I know. He battled diabetes, had his 2 legs amputated right below his knees, then was strickened with Alzheimer’s. I cry just thinking about everything he went thru but he never complained. He has been gone since 2002.

  282. Laurie says:

    my daughter! While I have been sick and on bed rest for a good portion of 2 years my 12 year old daughter has maintained the house, made all the meals, and taken care of me.

  283. Meg K says:

    My good friends Marla, working in Afghanistan. Serving and aiding women. So awesome.

  284. Kristin Etzel says:

    My mother… she had 5 of us kids… and my little sister (the last one) has cerebral pulsy…. she deals with it everyday with confidence and love and does EVERYTHING to make sure my sister feels as normal as possible! :) She is not only the bravest person I know, but she is truly amazing. I hope to be a mother like her someday. :)

  285. Krista Follett says:

    my mom-for taking a chance on love and getting out a bad marriage. She married my dad years later and hasn’t looked back since.

  286. Theresa says:

    My Mom. She became a sheriff’s officer so that she could support us. Back in the 70’s there was alot of sex discrimination. She rocked it though!

  287. Marcie says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know. She was left to raise four kids on her own when my dad passed away from a brain tumor when I was eight years old. She did an amazing job with all of us and I’m so proud of her.

  288. Jennifer says:

    My dad!!!

  289. My sister who has just left an awful marriage and is really on her own, without a man in her life for the first time in her life.

  290. Shelley says:

    The bravest person I know is for sure my mom. She’s had ongoing health issues for 25 years – we were just little kids – but she always has a smile on her face and takes her challenges head on. She never complains and still makes lots of time for her kids and grandkids, and is always serving others – she’s amazing! If I were to win I would give her this necklace so she knows how brave I think she is! Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. Suzanne says:

    Without a doubt the bravest person I know is my son Jeff, who at 40 lost his fight with ALS. His wife and two little boys are brave too as they face live without a husband and daddy. What a wonderful necklace that would be for Jeff’s wife to wear and remind everyone that they were and still are a loving family.

  292. Ali Hedrick says:

    My mom was the bravest person I know. She fought Stage 4 colon cancer for 5 years, with a smile on her face the whole time!

  293. zalaine says:

    My daughter… She had a serous conflicting medical condition when she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. I have never seen such strength. We didn’t know if the baby would come with every procedure she had to go thru. This lasted 19 days and on the 20th, our baby came safe and sound. He is now 8 and you can tell whey he did so well but I have never seen that kind of courage. Never.

  294. AnaBel says:

    My friend Leslie is the bravest person I know. She’s been through so much with her family in her younger years (alcoholism, suicide, homelessness) and had only her sister to lean on. Years later she had triplets – I can’t even imagine! Recently she reconciled with her father, only to have him pass away too soon from cancer. Although she’s married, it’s not the best situation, but she devotes herself totally and completely to her family, and has raised three beautiful and wonderful children and is an incredibly devoted friend. She may not have done anything heroic, but she’s been through so much and yet she always has a beautiful and sincere smile.

  295. wanda says:

    I have a close friend that I work with. Carole. She lost her college age son to cancer.
    Together, they fought this disease tooth and nail.
    Now, I see how brave she is to keep going without her sweet son Mark.

    I admire her so much. As a mother…..I know that she would rather not be
    the person being admired. She’d rather have her boy.

  296. jamie says:

    jenni black, my friend. her son was born with a imperfect heart about six years ago. she is the bravest girl i know. her heart is so full of jesus.

  297. lauren says:

    my older sister natalie. she recently went through an ugly divorce after a very short marriage, and i wasn’t sure she could ever trust another man again. but she has opened up her heart once again to someone who is very special. and she is so happy.

    thanks for the opportunity to win! <3

  298. Kim Miller says:

    My friend Holly is one of the bravest people that I know. She has 3 kids, two with pretty crazy health issues and she still finds the time and spunk to take on the world!

  299. Kim says:

    My friend’s 2 year old daughter, Caroline. She was diagnosed at the beginning of 2010 with Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer). She has since finished her Chemo treatments and her port has been removed. So far, all scans are clear of the cancer and this weekend she will be celebrating her 2nd birthday!! She has no idea how strong she truly is. She is a miracle.

  300. Brooke D. says:

    My husband has to be the bravest person I know!

    Thank you Lisa so much for all your kindness! This necklace is just simply beautiful!

  301. Tanya says:

    By far, my Mom…. she is battling cancer again and continues to be a source of light and inspiration for those around her.

  302. Marty Ann says:

    Wow, I have several people who I think are brave.But after reading some of the comments, I’m sooo humbled. I love your blog, and the things you do are so up my alley. But I don’t compare to some of the comments that I read. Yes, I hold my people up as the most awesome brave people I know as do all the rest here. God Bless you all.

  303. Angie says:

    Hands down, my beautiful mother. She has been and continues to be an inspiration for all of us in our immediate and extended family.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  304. Kelly says:

    My 3 daughters(13, 9, and 4) are some of the bravest people I know! They are constantly faced with their dad working long, long hours or being away from home for months at a a time. Or packing up all their belongings and saying too many tearful goodbyes to sweet friends so we can move to a different town. In the face of this, and many more trials, my girls work very hard to be happy and joyful and not complain about their circumstances wherever we might live! Such a blessing in my life!!!

  305. Angelica says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband.

  306. Nichole says:

    Hope this does not come across wrong, but I would have to say myself. With all the hurdles, blows, disappointments, and loss, I am still here; fighting to find the goodness in life! I’m trying my hardest to find constant peace, joy, and love.

    The necklace is simply beautiful!!


  307. Nikol says:

    My son is the bravest person I have ever known. When he was born he spent 6 months in the NICU. He has endured more physical pain then one body should ever have to. He recently spent months laying flat due to two eye surgeries. He is a 12 year old boy who should have been out playing, but he hardly complained. He lost vision but continues to laugh, find joy and smile. He has never asked “Why Me?” but moves forward with a resilient spirit that amazes and inspires me everyday.

  308. Sheri says:

    My Grandma. She left Germany when she was in her early twenties to come to the U.S. with my grandpa and 2 of his brothers to start a new life. Of course she’d never been out of her country before, and she left her family there hoping for good things in the U.S. Back in the 20’s there was no picking up the phone for a quick chat, or sending an email to make sure all was well, or hopping on a plane to be back there in a day. Come to think of it, I think her family (and my grandfather’s family) were all pretty brave, too, watching them all go!

  309. Tracy says:

    My sister! My mother died at age 37 of breast cancer leaving four young children. I was only 2.5 but my sister was 7 and can remember some of the ordeal. Then she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 42. Our worst fear as a daughter of a breast cancer victim. She had chemo, a stem cell transplant, radiation and reconstruction. Thirteen years later she is healthy and happy and I know that it helped that she was SO BRAVE during all that she went through that helped her Conquer! I’m oh so proud of her :o)

  310. Brianne says:

    the bravest person I know is my Mom <3

  311. The bravest person I know – today – is my hubby for going in and making a case for a promotion even when already told no. He sold himself and proved his worth. This time they said yes!

  312. Kristi F says:

    The bravest person I know is my dear friend, Nan, who lost her husband 3-1/2 years ago in a motorcycle accident while living in Rome, Italy. Their children were 9 and 14 at the time, and she had to arrange for transportation of his body to Arlington National Cemetery and then move herself and the kids from Rome to Virginia (a decision based on proximity to family and friends). In the ensuing years she has dealt with her grief and that of her children while still creating a warm, safe, happy environment for them. The man who was her soulmate is gone, but she bravely moves on – one day at a time. If I win this giveaway she will get this necklace.

  313. Julianna says:

    The bravest person I know is my grandpa. He grew up in an orphanage in Washington, but he didn’t let his circumstances get him down! He kept moving forward, graduated from college, got married, built a family and became the dean of Cuesta’s nursing department. Now, in retirement, he faces prostate cancer and other medical problems, but nothing can keep him from living life and loving his family.

  314. polly says:

    I am going to go with a little group of brave souls … the kids who are bullied at school. My only son was bullied in middle school and some days, when I would drop him off, and watch him walk away, tears would stream down my cheeks and I would think, “I am sending him off to the wolves.”

    Too many of our little ones are sent to the wolves every day – but off they go putting on the best brave face they can. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for them!

  315. rhea says:

    one of the bravest people i know is my friend kelly. she is so amazing – she is raising her two kids (one with rett and one with down syndrome) all by herself. her husband cheated on her! another brave person is my aunt – her husband committed suicide when her kids were 11, 7 and 5. she found him in the basement hung and that has been over 35 years and still lives in that house. i would definitely give this necklace to my aunt!!!!!! she comes to my house and helps me with my laundry and makes me meals!

  316. Victoria says:

    my brother…doctor & a flight surgeon…

  317. Amanda says:

    My aunt who is undergoing chemotherapy. She has taken her aggressive illness and has used it as a chance to witness to those around her. She is filled with peace and throughout it all has a smile on her face. She is an inspiration.

  318. Ruthie says:

    Probably the bravest person I know (knew) is my Grandma. She is in Heaven know, but she suffered greatly from rheumatoid arthritis but never did complain! She was such a testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness… I miss her so!

  319. tawnya says:

    My husband. without a doubt.

  320. MeganAnne says:

    my little sister. see’s been going to college in Israel for the past couple years. and then she up and decided to do a semester abroad and go to Singapore. i miss her bunches but am so proud of her having such wonderful and amazing life experiences.

  321. Bravest Person I know… My friend Tina. She has been battling Lupus for years and continues to shine the Love of Christ so brightly. She was a missionary with her husband and the Lupus brought her home to American. They are a sweet, loving couple and she is a missionary of encouragement from her couch in Texas. She loves and shines bravely.

  322. Kristen says:

    My little brother-in-law. He has a host of diagnoses including ADD, Tourette syndrome, OCD, etc., etc. and was bullied all throughout school. Regardless of all these things, he brings light to everyone’s life by just being himself. He fights people’s negative comments and bad looks all the time, but he doesn’t try to be something he’s not.

  323. pam says:

    the bravest person i know is my mom brenda. she passed away in 1999 from colon cancer – she was 48 and i was 17 yrs old-she loved life and especially her husband and family. she had so much yet to experience and i cant imagine knowing she was leaving her soulmate and beloved kids but she had so much grace all the way to the end- and to this day she is still my hero, someone i admire, and someone i look to everyday to also be brave in my own life and struggles. i only hope to be just like her

  324. Megan says:

    the bravest person i know is my friend katy. she’s been faced with a lot of challenges over the last few years but yet she has turned to the lord every time.

  325. Jenny V says:

    My husband. He is always there to talk to and lean on!

  326. Alison says:

    The bravest person I know is my grandma. She has overcome a heart attack and breast cancer. She is so brave and such an amazing woman.

  327. karen says:

    My friend/old college roommate is probably the bravest person I know. She doesn’t get scared and is always willing to take on a challenge!

  328. The bravest person I know is my almost-2-year old son who has been battling leukemia and aspergillosis for more than 1/2 his little life. He’s spent more than 7 months of the last year in the hospital. He’s lying next to me in a hospital crib right now, with a chest tube in his precious side, recovering from his 8th surgery. He’s been poked and prodded and cut and ventilated and xrayed and ct scanned literally more times than I can count. Yet he’s still happy, and smiling, and trying his hardest to do normal kid things like walk and play. He’s endured more in the last 53 weeks than any person I’ve known and I’m honored to be his mother.

  329. Silvia Salvático says:

    I think my mother is a brave woman, nothing in her life is easy. And she’s go on.

  330. Alison says:

    I also added a link on my facebook page to share the giveaway with others! :o)

  331. Jamie says:

    I do believe the bravest person I know would be my dearest friend Shan-she has overcome so many challenges in life and still wears a beautiful smile on her face! Inspires me to be strong and brave everyday!

  332. desiree says:

    bravest person… my friends Mandie and Dave who are on the adoption path right now. They have to stay brave in order to make it through.

  333. Erin says:

    My sister! She is a lupus survivor and a inspiration!

  334. tammy says:

    the bravest people i know are my sister, who has endured endless health issues, and my mom, who takes perfect care of her.

  335. Rebecca says:

    My mom…she has Multiple Sclerosis and she is now almost completely bed bound. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself. Instead she prays for everyone. Really everyone. She prays for evil people, lovely people, persecuted Christians, neighbors, family, friends, presidents, everyone!! She lets God use her the way He has seen fit. We don’t stop praying for healing but in the meantime she is so brave to accept this disease until God says otherwise. 😀 She is more content and joyful than most people I know…

  336. Katy says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest brother. Even though his bravery has sometimes been a downfall of his existence, he is one brave soul.

  337. Jane says:

    My sons are the bravest people I know. They are both serving in the Marine Corps, one is currently deployed and I’m not sure where he is. They face huge mental and physical challenges every day, yet they find time for laughter and checking in with their mama. I’m so proud of them.

  338. amanda says:

    Definately my childhood friend, Michelle. We’ve recently reconnected and shortly afterwards found out she has invasive breast cancer (age 37 with 3 small children) and has shown the most amazing strength throughout that I don’t think I would ever have if I were in her position.

  339. becca brown says:

    The bravest people I know are the ones who deny themselves and pick up their cross and follow Jesus everyday. Matt 16:24

  340. Jenn says:

    The bravest person I know right now is my good friend, Karen. She has some challenges in her life right now, is a mom of 3 children 5 and under and just recently lost her cousin. He was a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan just 20 days before he was to return home. She manages to continue to be a loving, and positive force in this crazy world!!! This brave love necklace would be perfect for her! Thank you Lisa!

  341. Melissa says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know . . . although I haven’t told her that. What a shame! She raised 6 kids, lost one child to cancer, lost a husband to cancer, and now spends her time taking care of her dying mother. I don’t remember seeing her cry or ever complain about the life that she has been given. It takes a lot of bravery to do the things she’s done.

  342. Andrea says:

    Brave is the person who faces each day with a smile and great attitude.

  343. Paige says:

    The bravest person I know is probably my husband. Always sweet and encouraging even when the kids and I are having a rough day. Plus he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

  344. Tracey says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband–he married me even though he knew the good, the bad, and the ugly of my unsaved self. He has patience that is almost unending and he is a wonderful leader to our family. *Brave Love*

  345. kaley smith says:

    the bravest person i know is my dad. at the time in life that he would retire, he listened to God and started a business. Gods faithfulness has been so evident in the fruitfullness of the business. even greater is that he uses his daily interactions with customers to share the faithfulness of God. that is brave- to stand unashamed of Christ.

  346. Chelseabird says:

    The bravest person I know would have to be my dad, in all honesty. He has built our family business from the ground up, and has had to put up with a lot of things in his life i.e. shady business people, back problems, traveling and being away from his family for long periods of time.

    He is honestly a great guy, and because of his braveness our family is in a good place nowadays.

    I am thankful for him, and for all that he has done to make my life better.


  347. Misty C says:

    for sure my mom…looking back I am just amazed how she kept us all together and with so little!!!
    and since her birthday is coming up this would be perfect!!

    thanks for the daily inspo!

  348. Ingrid says:

    I’m going to say my Ma – although she is now twice widowed, she still puts herself out there to try and find true (and healthy!) love again. Takes some guts to lead into a date with being 2x widowed – but both were beautiful and long (19 years with my Dad and 13 years with my step dad) marriages – can’t blame her for wanting that again!

  349. The bravest person I know is my daughter Ruby. She has had to struggle every step of the way in her 5 short years. She is still happy and funny…and beautiful.

  350. My parents tie for the bravest people I know. When my dad lost his job in his early 50’s, only a few years after building their dream house, it seemed the future wasn’t certain anymore. In the few years since, he’s made supplemental income using his amazing carpentry talents and my mom has held fast at her counseling job that she loves. They continue to lean on their faith and on the promise that God will provide. He has. My parents are an example of bravery, faith, trust and on the power of friendship and love in a marriage – riding out the tribulations.

  351. rachel says:

    the bravest person I know is my friend traci. she did invetro 5 times to get a set of twins (a boy and a girl) and when the twins were almost 2 her daughter was in a freak home accident and died. It was of course awful as you could imagine but she used her saddness for good and started a non profit that helps greiving, hospitalized and needy children thoughout the year. last year 700 children at christmas time. 10 years have past and she has had another set of twin boys, has become a teacher, and in january will adopt a little girl. She is the bravest person I know and this necklace would be the perfect gift for her to remind herself how much she has been through and how brave everyone truly knows she is.

  352. My mother in law is the bravest person I know. She battled and fought stage 3 colon cancer, is currently starting her life over after her dirtbag husband left her. She’s raising three teens, she works full time, and manages to get almost all A’s in nursing school in an effort to better provide for her family as a new single mom.

  353. Gloria says:

    Can I pick two? My younger sisters both bravely battle cystic fibrosis every day. They do it without complaint. Just taking each day as it comes and hoping for the best life possible.

  354. Jenny Hart says:

    I see lots of brave people each day at the cancer center I work with. They have inspired me and changed me. They have taught me so much about living.

  355. Charity says:

    The bravest person I know is my 10 year old daughter. She has had 2 open heart surgeries and is not done yet. She goes to every doctor appointment with a smile on her face and is not ashamed of her scar. I could not go through what she has; I am amazed at her strength and fortitude.

  356. Misty C says:

    my mom…looking back I just don’t know how she did it all and with so little…and her birthday is just around the corner and this would be perfect…

    thanks for the daily inspo…and I just said this on facebook…
    check out
    …she has a giveaway today and I love, love her jewelry. I get kuddos almost daily about mine and what’s even better, you can get them in varying lengths so you can wear more than one design at a time!!! hint hint those looking for xmas gifts!

  357. Krystal K. says:

    The bravest person I know is my Dad. He faces constant discrimination because he is simply Deaf. My Dad is the smartest, most hard working person I know. Yet, he is often discriminated against because he simply cannot hear. He is often called stupid, dumb, “mute”, etc because he is Deaf. But no matter what type of ignorance he faces, he still keeps trucking on. No matter what, he keeps his head held high and does whatever he can to provide for me and my family. Because of his strength, I am able to go to college and peruse my dreams of becoming a sign language interpreter. It is my Dad’s strength that keeps me going in the face of adversity. If it wasn’t for my Dad, I would not be the strong, passionate person I am today.

  358. The bravest person I know is my nephew, Carter. Carter was born premature, and has battled several health issues resulting in a miracle transplant of 7 organs. He is three years old and has spent more time in a hospital than at home. He doesn’t speak, walk, or eat by mouth (with the exception of a small list of snacks), but the expression in his eyes has told me countless stories. His hugs, kisses and ‘pretty eyes’ (he bats them at us with a smile) are our life line into his mute world. His parents are right up there to as they have battled a strain on their marriage during this difficult season. My brother has also been unemployed for the last two years and his struggling to keep his head above water for his family. If you’d like to read more about Carter’s amazing journey, please check out If I win, the necklace will be gifted to Carter’s Mom, she adores your jewelry!

  359. Carmen says:

    The bravest person I know – would be my husband, who goes off to work every day and works 14+ hours to provide for our family of 8.

  360. Maria Di Cesare says:

    i think the bravest person i know would be my friend who lost her sister to breast cancer 4 years ago, took care of her the best she could, as well as, her own 2 little boys. not long after her sister died, 5 months later she too was diagnosed with breast cancer WHILE pregnant with her 3 child. went through chemo, delivered a beautiful baby girl who is happy and healthy. She doesn’t think she is brave or strong but she has surprised herself, she has gone through so much in such a short period of time. i just love her and miss her sister everyday.

  361. Misty C says:

    my mom…looking back I am so amazed how she did so much with so little!!! and her birthday is just around the corner and this would be perfect, with all the grandkids names

    thanks for the daily inspo
    I don’t tweet but sent the word out thru email to all my contacts!

  362. Virginia says:

    The braves person I know is my friend E. She died 5 years ago from breast cancer, after a long and strong fight. She didn’t give up, ever, but she accepted what she knew would end her life, and that which ended the life of her mother and grandmother. She was gracious, loving and optimistic until the end, though she very much did not want to die. My husband and I lost our son 1.5 years before she died, and E. was there comforting and loving us even while fighting her own battle. She was the most amazing person I will ever know.

  363. Kendra says:

    Since adoption/orphans is our heart, I think of the millions of children who have no one. Hopefully some of those children will be added to our family of 4 soon, and I will have lots of names to put on a necklace like this. :)

  364. Sidnie says:

    I guess it depends on what kind of bravery we’re talking about…
    My mom for all that she’s been through in her life.
    And my husband for being a soldier and sacrificing so much.

  365. Royce says:

    The bravest person I know is my mother. She spent 28 years in an abusive relationship. When God gave her an open door to leave this relationship she did. Then in an incredible act of bravery at the age of 55 she applied to a local university and is currently matriculating there. God has used this experience to help build her into a person able to make her own choices and learn once again to think for herself. She is a changed person.

  366. Danielle says:

    The bravest person I know is my little friend Lucy. She is 3 and fighting leukemia like nobody’s business!

  367. shelly cabada says:

    My son, Marcus, is the bravest person I know. Emergency C-section brought him into the world and he has been fighting for his life ever since. He has many disabilities, global developmental delays, non-verbal, not able to sit up, therapists constantly at him. Medical and feeding issues. He has taught me so much, and has brought me closer to God. His smile lights up his family’s life. His brothers and sister have also learned bravery by Marcus’ example. He is a blessing and a Joy and the bravest person I know.

  368. NotAMeanGirl says:

    Bravest person I know? My friend Kara. She has OI and has recently given birth to a baby girl. She faces every challenge that comes at her with dignity, positivity and strength. I admire her more than she’ll ever know.

  369. Heather says:

    So many brave people – soldiers, people living with illnesses and diseases. Right now, the bravest person I know is a work friend that became quite ill within the past few months. Had to go on medical leave, has since had to quit work and just had her colon removed after it ruptured, sending E-Coli and strep into her blood. She’s going through a lot yet is keeping her spirits up.

  370. Ang says:

    My son who has been ill for almost fourteen years. The doctors do not know what is causing the extreme pain. He is in pain twenty-four hours a day. The pain is so severe it is difficult for him to walk at times. But he never complains or says anything about the pain.

  371. Meredith says:

    My dear friend Rebecca!

  372. Carmen says:

    I tweeted it as well.
    This shows where I RT’ed it, btw:

  373. Erin says:

    My best friend Keely is the bravest person I know.

  374. Patti says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter, Emilie! Emilie is 10 and was diagnosed with Leukemia in June. She has one more chemo treatment to go. Her first chemo treatment caused paralysis in her legs, so she has been wheelchair bound since the end of June. In addition to the chemo she has undergone a few procedures to try and counter her leg paralysis. She has endured many pokes and procedures and continues to have a wonderfully positive attitude. She is my hero and her bravery and courage inspires me daily!

  375. Kristin says:

    My 14 year old cousin that beat cancer. She is my hero and is oh-so-brave because she had toxic reactions to the chemo but handled it like a champ!

  376. Sarah W says:

    My oldest son is the bravest person that I know! He was born with a deformity of his foot but doesn’t let that slow him down. He runs, swims, plays soccer, rides bikes, etc. He has strength and determination! I am so proud to be his mommy!

  377. Virginia says:

    My kids. The oldest for living with type 1 diabetes for nearly 13 years. He totaled the number of shots in his leg per year to 1825. That does not include the 2 per day in the hip and the 5+ finger sticks. That is a lot of body poking!! And his brother is a hero for always helping out and thinking of the family. He will grab the low blood sugar bag and make sure it has what it needs. They are a team in the “bad deal” world of diabetes. They are brothers and they are my heros.

  378. Patti says:

    Just posted on Facebook! Thank you for the chance to win!

  379. The bravest person I know is my husband. He held his family together when his mom passsed. Now he holds our family together when we need it. Even thru 2 job layoffs this year he’s been so amazing thru it all! Love him!!

  380. AzAndee says:

    Amazing giveaway. Bravest person I know is a tough one! I lost both my grandmother and father to cancer and both of them were quite brave about forcing us to face the end. I remember wondering how they were so matter of fact about it and how we were still in denial right to the end. They had the grace to help us accept it while their time was coming to an end. I also think you are pretty brave with a child going into surgery….that is some serious strength and I pray everything comes out better than you could hope for!

  381. Maria says:

    My grandmother who has stayed by my grandfather’s side for 65 years especially now through his dimentia. She’s my hero for all the love she has for him and the continued love she gives the rest of her huge family.

  382. Mrs. Dunbar says:

    Most definitely without a doubt would be my mom. She spent 20 years of living a military life with my dad and then went off and became a police woman at the age of 35. Now she’s a rockin gramma who is going to brave the weekend taking care of my boys.

  383. Hillary says:

    I would have to nominate my mother!! The past 2 months have been nothing of a sunny day for her as she goes through a tough separation from her husband, my father, of 29 years. They both had agreed a change from the bitter cold winters in Nebraska to the sunny sky’s in Arizona, moving from their home of 13 years and selling everything for a better future. Things did not work out the way they had hoped for and are now living apart. Going through all of this, my mother still seems to find the joy/happiness in the simple things of everyday life… Keep Strong!!! You are my hero mom.
    Thank you Lisa :)

  384. cate says:

    the bravest person I know is my husband…he’s the best.

  385. Sarah P says:

    My friend Diana is the bravest person I know. Her oldest son died of a brain tumor when he was 6 years old. She and her husband walked that little boy through a scary battle, and somehow made him have as much of a happy life as possible. And now she gets out of bed every day. Every time I see her, I am amazed that she is up and out, and taking care of her other kids. She is also very supportive of other families with kids with brain tumors. She just puts my world into perspective.

  386. Kim says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. On August 27th we all had to say goodbye to my brother Mitchell at the age of 48. This was unexpected and tragic. My mom has shown grace, strength and a brave love. She brought him into this world and made the brave decision to let him leave. I have a 5 year old and dont know how she deals with the pain but she does. I would love this necklace for her with my brothers name on it. I have been admiring it for the last week for her as my sister and I have have not taken off our “hope is the thing” necklaces since they arrived a week after my brother was hospitalized. I know this would be treasured and provide comfort to a beautiful brave mother.

  387. Judy says:

    My patients are the bravest people I know~ struggling against weakness, confusion & difficulty speaking to recover from strokes. Being a physical therapist is the most rewarding career I could have chosen!

  388. Jennifer says:

    DEFINITELY my father! He was diagnosed with mesothelioma 12 months ago and was given 18 months as a prognosis. I have NEVER heard him complain, ask “why me?” or have a depressed attitude. He believes every day is given to us from God, and every situation is allowed of God. He is such an encouragement to all around him in spite of his physical weakness. God has changed the lives of many people through the circumstances of this one man and I’m so thankful that I have him as a father. The days ahead will be worse rather than better, but his motto is “one day at a time with God”.
    I know you have had many stresses in life with your precious David and I applaud how you lean on God too and see David as a gift from him. Praying for David’s upcoming surgery and for comfort and strength for you too.

  389. catherine wilson says:

    The bravest person I know is my Mom, she took over raising the family when her Mom and Dad died just after her 18th birthday. She raised 4 brothers while in college, and running the family farm. When she was 25 the youngest graduated from high school and joined the navy, and she moved to New Orleans to work for the US public health services, providing medical care to the poorest neighborhoods from a specially equipped school bus. She went on to marry and raise a family of her own, and through all the trials and struggles, she always maintains a brave face, in spite of everything. She is my inspiration! I might have to buy her one of these regardless of whether I win…it fits her style and her spirit.

  390. jan margrave says:

    the bravest person i know is my daughter. she had a stillborn daughter 3 years ago at 8 month gestation. she has a blood clotting disorder and almost died during the birth. she had faith and belief that God wanted her to have another baby and 2 years later had a healthy baby boy. she had to have her tubes tied because of the danger of another pregnancy but is considering adopting a baby girl as soon as they can afford it. she is my hero!

  391. Brenda Trojcak says:

    the bravest person i’ve ever known is my grandfather. he lost his wife (at age 38) after she gave birth to their 9th child. my grandfather never remarried, he raised the children alone with his faith rooted firmly in his Heavenly Father. my grandfather was a farmer and i can’t even imagine how he managed his farming duties (not a tractor but mules and plow) and a newborn, not to mention the other youngest children (of which my mother was one), who were 1-1/2 and 3 years old. my mother recalled him always being happy and sitting in his chair reading his Bible. he was always singing hymns in the kitchen as he prepared meals for his family and canning for the winter months. my mom who will be 84 on oct. 21st is his last living child. it would be difficult for a man to raise 9 children alone in todays world, and i’ve often wondered how he did it before electricity or modern conveniences or before he owned a car and during the period of the great depression. what great faith he must have had and to see him through. i’m blessed to have such strength in my heritage.

  392. megan says:

    After 5 miscarriages my mom created me- I can be ever thankful that she tried just one more time. She is brave and probably the strongest person I know. Now that I live a 24 hour drive from her, I try to tell her as often as possible on the phone how much I appreciate her and her strength.

  393. melinda says:

    My daughter. She is a high school teacher- that takes guts.

  394. Amy Cameron says:

    The bravest person I know is my brother-in-law. He was born in the middle east and is a pastor there. He has faced much persecution and almost death. But he believes that he is doing the right thing and he so wants to help people so he and his wife (my sister-in-law) and new baby will be returning there very soon.

  395. I tweeted about it @funkyfaithgirl

  396. I facebooked too -Leigh Dusek

  397. My husband is the bravest person I know. He grew up in a fractured, abusive family and at a very young age knew that he wanted (and deserved!) better for himself. He moved out of his house the day he turned eighteen and has beat all the odds against him to create a beautiful, fulfilling life. He has true guts, and deserves glory.

  398. Rachel says:

    My mom! She sold/gave away everything she could, put the rest in storage, and left the country with only 2 suitcases and a plane ticket to go on the mission field. She left on her 60th birthday to a place where she didn’t know the language – and didn’t know anyone. I admire her for that, probably because I don’t think I could do it if asked to.

  399. Gonna go and blog it now, too!

  400. Melyssa says:

    my husband – his job requires much bravery & he is SO great @ his job! Then he comes home & continues to be strong & brave & loving & kind all at the same time. I am so lucky to have him in my life!

  401. Melissa says:

    My mom. She battled bulemia for 30 years and finally beat it!! All while my father was very un-understanding about her struggles. She works everyday as a dietician at 62 year old, counseling people about how to be healthy and have a healthy body image. My mom has used her experience to help other people. She is my hero!!

  402. Laurie says:

    My mom for many reasons!

  403. Michelle C says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know, closely followed by our son. They both through themselves fully into whatever they are doing, or whatever needs to be done! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  404. Emily Brecht says:

    kind of a funny one – but my 2 1/2 year old son! he will try ANYTHING – he is brave without even knowing it!

  405. Kimberly says:

    My Aunt Sharon. She was amazing to listen to and watch as she received treatment for stage III breast cancer. She stood on the rock of Jesus Christ. She was not afraid of what this world could do to her. She knew her life was in God’s hands and she was at peace knowing God is a good god.

  406. Rachel Heldt says:

    Paul Myhill. He advocates for orphans around the world and relentlessly works to stop child trafficing. Oh, the places he goes. He also has 5 kids of his own at home! Awesome man, Awesome ministry.

  407. The bravest people I know are those friends who are dealing with breast cancer. My Aunt Linda and friends Melissa, Patricia, and Debbie are all bravely facing this challenge. I am moved daily by their Facebook posts of positivity and the generosity of their friends who are doing all they can to help out.

  408. Alice C. says:

    The bravest person I know is my grandma.

  409. the bravest person(s) i know is the students who i used to teach how have autism. i loved being a teacher and teaching those courageous kids every day! never a dull day, but never a day that one of them didn’t show me what love really is.

  410. Jamie says:

    I think my 5 kids are the bravest children I know. In their short lives they were removed from their biological parents, moved between 4 different foster homes, 2 of which were pretty abusive towards them, then moved to our home where we were lucky enough to be able to adopt them. However with everything they witnessed, been through physical and emotional they are all very loving and caring children. Always willing to help other children, tell their stories to be able to help other kids going through similar thing. I know that because of them my life will never be the same.

  411. Linda says:

    Well not to be selfish or greedy or any of those things, I think I am the bravest. I have dealt with so much and have gone through so much with my very own family and I am going to give pats to myself. I really think everyone forgets how brave and strong moms really have to be. My husband went through 5 way bi pass surgery about 6 years ago and then having our son diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis has been very difficult. Trying to keep our marrige, family, treatments, surgeries, medications, happiness, I forget about myself. So this one is for me and all of the other brave and strong moms that do so much for every one else! (wished I was a much better writer)

  412. Lisa B says:

    My mother. She has worked endlessly to make sure her children had a better life than she did. She’s the most amazing person I have ever known.

  413. wendy says:

    my friend Corena is the bravest person I know. She’s been through so much crap in her life, but she refuses to let that stop her from being an intensely loyal, caring, and strong woman. I’m so honoured to be her friend.

  414. Kristin says:

    The bravest person I know is probably my grandmother, who has lived for the last sixteen years without the love of her life and who continues to face growing older with great grace.

  415. my sister. she’s been through divorce, an adoption that fell through, and most recently breast cancer, a mastectomy, and chemo, and she is so STRONG. love her!

  416. Laura says:

    My mom.

  417. Jennifer says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. We lost my dad to cancer and she was brave enough to raise her 5 kids, including one that was in her tummy when it happened.

  418. Rachel says:

    The bravest person I know is my friend, Melissa. She faces medical challenges that make me weary just to think about, and she faces them with courage and grace. She is an encouragement and an inspiration to me.

  419. Patty says:

    My baby sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 35. She is the strongest, bravest person I know.

  420. liz r. says:

    Right now the bravest person I know is my 8-year-old son, who has gone through three surgeries and a whole bunch of followup appointments over the course of a year and a half. It’s such a drag, and he is so patient and (almost) uncomplaining. He is such a great kid.

  421. Becky says:

    The bravest person I know was my grandmother who passed away after a triumphant fight of cancer for 5 years! She loved the Lord and shared that with anyone who would listen until the day she passed away. She was a beautiful woman who light up the room with her smile and kind heart. She passed away last February and we are so glad she is whole again in heaven, but miss her dearly!



  423. Sarah says:

    The bravest people I know are military wives and their families. They give up so much of their personal lives everyday so that we can have our own happy little lives.

  424. Amy Anderson says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister-in-law, Katie. She gave birth to my nephew 3.5 weeks ago, a beautiful boy named Gabe. When she was about 4 months pregnant with him, she and my brother learned Gabe has spina bifida and their world was turned upside down. Since his birth, Gabe has endured two surgeries, a MRSA infection and is still hospitalized while he heals. My sister-in-law has been with him since his arrival, separated from her husband and 3 other children, which has been pretty difficult. It’s been a long, hard and winding road so far, and may continue to be, but she is staying hopeful and faithful. The good news is that Gabe may go home on Monday!

  425. Allie says:

    The people who lived through the Rwandan Genocide… as we wait to adopt our daughter from there, and I read more about it, they were so brave and strong, and then to rebuild their country, and forgive each other… wow.

  426. Margaret says:

    My sister is the bravest person I know right now! Today she just entered treatment for her eating disorder which has spiraled out of control. She’s a wonderful wife, sister and mom and needs to get better! If I won I’d totally give her this necklace! : )

  427. Kristi Blank says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She has had breast cancer, other female type surgery, and just recovered from bells palsey…regardless of what’s going on with her, she always thinks of and helps others. She is always present in her grandchildren’s lives and always there whenever anyone needs her. Very, very brave indeed!

  428. Erika M says:

    The bravest person I know is my dad – he has faced so much and yet still is positive in everything he does.

  429. I’m going to have to say my husband… for marrying me! :)

  430. Misti says:

    I would have to say my mother-in-law. She’s had breast cancer & lymphoma, and is by far the strongest person I know.

  431. the bravest person i know…my friends who have had to deal with and are still dealing with breast cancer.

    danielle muller



    less than 5 seconds ago via web

  433. posted to my facebook page! thanks!!

    danielle muller

  434. Carrie says:

    My Granny Carrell was an amazing woman,,,lived through the Great Depression, sent two sons off to fight in World War II, raised a daughter with developmental delays, and survived a brutal double mastectomy in the early 60s. She was a woman of great faith and never said an unkind word about anyone. I named my firstborn for her and aspire every day to be just like her.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  435. The bravest person I know is my sister-in-law who battled her way back from near death when she was hit head-on in her van by a big dump truck on a highway near her home in Illinois. She was launched all the way into the back of the van and had more broken bones than I can count but she battled her way back after numerous surgeries and months of physical rehab and now she’s back to her intelligent, spunky, funny self and I thank God for that!

  436. Kim says:

    My sweet man, who bravely defends and protects his children (not by me) against the abuses of their mama, who is mentally ill and emotionally abusive. In spite of a system that doesn’t naturally protect father’s rights, in spite of having to work odd jobs just to pay for legal fees…he forges on to protect his babies!! Oh how the world would look if more daddies would fight for their children even when it gets really, really touch and looks impossible! xo

  437. Marti says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She raised me alone, took care of an ailing aunt and both of her parents and now takes care of an ill sister. She is always happy to see me and my kids and never lets life get her down.

  438. Carrie says:

    Posted to my Facebook page!

  439. Stacy says:

    The bravest person I know is my Mom! She raised 4 kids all by herself, living below poverty level (and we never knew we were poor!). She has been suffering with Lupus for several years now and has been forced to retire – she’d love this bracelet with all her girls’ names on it! Thanks for sharing :)

  440. Colleen says:

    My friend Kate, a cancer survivor, with 2 children under 5. She managed to go through a year of grueling chemo but never lost her zest for being there for her kids and being an amazing mom. Her story helps me put my daily stresses in perspective.

  441. Candy Foster says:

    My daughter . . . she’s only 4 but she is the bravest and toughest person I know (a close second to her daddy!) For example, my husband had a heart attack at a young age. There is a 50/50 chance our children can have the same cholesterol problem that led to his heart attack. So at age 3, they test them by drawing blood. She was incredibly still during the whole procedure and only at the very end did crocodile tears start silently falling down her cheeks. She got excellent results (Thank you, God!) and is now helping us prepare our son for his test early next year!

  442. Marin D says:

    I think I have two super brave people in my life – my mom and her sister. Their dad died when they were little and each have suffered many different trials through life. But they are both so kind and giving. Where I could see either of them becoming bitter, they haven’t. I always tell myself I need to be more like them.

  443. Raina says:

    The bravest person I know is a dear friend who recently had a son born with a disability. She’s handling the news knowing that God is in control and holds her family in His hands.

  444. Christine Mazzurco says:

    The bravest person I know is my 6 yr old niece, who has recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and has had to endure multiple blood transfusions over the past 2 months and is now on a chemotherapy drug that she will have to stay on for the rest of her life. Her condition will progress to Crones disease eventually,which may shorten her life. She is the bravest little girl I know, never complains when she needs to go to the hospital for blood.She is an amazing child and hopefully will grow to an amazing woman some day!

  445. Nancy says:

    I want to use the word courageous and the most courageous person I know is my cousin Amee. She is a single mom doing the daily battles of raising a son with no support from his father. I admire her tenacity.

  446. Ewa Morphy says:

    Two strong, brave women that I love – my mom (breast cancer survivor and inspiration) and a lovely girlfriend who recently delivered a beautful girl at her due date, knowing she had died two days before … blessings to these two beautiful ladies and special love to that little angel we did not get to meet ….

  447. Dasha says:

    Bravest people i know are people who are not afraid to be who they are. They don’t hide under someone others want them to be, the are who they are. I think that is brave.

  448. KrisDot says:

    I Facebooked about the giveaway! :-)

  449. Marianne says:

    Hmm, I would have to say that one of the bravest is my husband, who travelled to India to tell people there that God loves them!

  450. KrisDot says:

    I Tweeted about the giveaway too! :-) @KrisDot

  451. Dasha says:

    Just facebooked the give away.

  452. denise says:

    the bravest person i know… i pondered the answer and it surprised me lisa, my mom.

    she was pregnant with me at 14, she abandoned my younger sister and i at 18 ( hind sight is 20/20 and it was the best decision she ever made), she returned for us when she was 21, and in the years that followed my sister and i had 6 stepfathers… but she is the first person to come to mind.
    because of grace.
    grace allows me to see that she is wounded. that she comes from generations of people that were wounded, and wounded her.
    grace causes me to see that she is brave, just to get out of bed each day, face each day (carrying the past), and live.
    bit by bit she is overcoming.

  453. Melissa Boeger says:

    One of the bravest persons I know lives with her husband and 5 children in a very difficult country so that they can make a difference in the lives of the people there.

  454. Amy says:

    Our amazingly awesome 26 year old babysitter. She’s fighting her pants off to win the battle against leukemia….she is the bravest person I know.

  455. Jan says:

    My sweet parents — dad is 87 and mom is 85 (and how lucky I am to still have them!) — and they are not in great health and struggle with everything they do. But rarely do we ever hear a complaint. Old age is definitely not for sissies – and my mom and dad are the brave ones.

  456. Dawn says:

    My two grandmothers were very brave. They both lost their husbands early in life and had to raise kids all by themselves.

  457. Alicia says:

    My sweet Granny who has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bless her sweet soul!

  458. kelly snelling says:

    the bravest person i know is a tough one. i know a lot of tough folks! i’m going to say my father. he suffered anoxia many years ago but still manages to meet each day with a life that would be insurmountable for many. and it’s a beautiful necklace!

  459. lisy says:

    My dad…A year after his death do I truly understand how brave his “end of life” decision was.

  460. September Goudy says:

    The bravest person I know. For me it is the bravest 4 kids I know. Our 4 kids are all adopted from Foster Care. They experienced and witnessed things, NO child should ever have to. They amaze me and teach me everyday about Hope, Love, Grace, Faith and Bravery!

  461. Jeannine Q says:

    The bravest person I know is my best friend. She is not afraid to take a chance.

  462. Marcye says:

    The bravest person I’ve ever known was my mom. She lived through more events in her 89 years of life than any one person deserved. And through it all she always showed enormous strength, courage and faith. I miss her so much!

  463. Her name is Laura. She is a young mama with a daughter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this past year & had to endure a double mastectomy & reconstruction in the same week. Also going through chemo and everything else. She praised God all the way through it.

  464. Alexis says:

    My Grandmother who not only became a widow thanks to a freak military accident but she was left with 3 young children. She went back to school (in her 30’s in the 60’s!) and got a teaching degree where she taught low income children. She has never married, loves taking care of widows herself, she volunteers at theaters (and she’s in her late 70’s!!). She travels around the world and loves love loves family. I am truly lucky to be apart of her linage.

  465. Doreen Agliata says:

    Panic attacks are something that many of us deal with in silence…too embarassed to admit it. I was inflicted with panic disorder…it was handed down by my mother to me and my sister. I suffered through many of episodes – missing out on class trips, sleepovers, prom, even walking down the aisle. Along comes my baby girl –she is my HERO and the bravest person I will ever admire. She too has had many struggles but we were both determined to stop it in its tracks. No way was she going to miss out on all the fun that was in store for her young life. Through many long talks, many phone calls, text messages, techniques, sharing openly with all, and tough love, she has broken the pattern and for that I am honored to call her my daughter – the bravest person I know.

  466. darla says:

    My grandpa. He lived to 103 and he was my hero.

  467. april says:

    the parents who’s chldren are in my care in the Pediatric Intensive care.

  468. april says:

    the parents who’s chldren are in my care in the Pediatric Intensive care.
    fb’d about it.

  469. anita roth says:

    the bravest person I know is my husband we have faced some very hard times in our marriage but he has always been there to take on whatever happened.we have a daughter who battles depression and we had to admit her in the hospital .I was a basket case but my husband was there to take care of everything.I could hot have made it through with out him.


  470. Jaimie says:

    A close {church} friend of our family, Joey, who is 12 and undergoing a second kidney transplant today. His first kidney was donated from his mom and this second kidney is from his dad. What a brave family all around..

  471. Rachel says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know. He always tries to do what’s right and will do anything for his family.

  472. Ari says:

    My brother- After breaking his back, both arms and a leg, he hiked the Appalachian trail in it’s entirety. How cool is that? :)

  473. Kris says:

    My husband. He has stood next to me and held my hand throughout my battle with breast cancer. I was first diagnosed eight years ago and have recently relapsed with stage 4 breast cancer. Today we spent our 21st anniversary at the chemo clinic and he watched me sleep. We have two school-age children and he amazingly steps in wherever I leave off to care for them and our home. It is during times such as these that you truly see what you are made of, and he is made of phenomenal strengh, courage and compassion. I think this sweet necklace signifies our commitment to family, and how our love for family comes first and cancer cannot take that away.

  474. Suzanne Pennington says:

    My husband and I recently lost our second daughter, Phoebe at birth. While going through our loss, the quiet, strong, graceful presence of a special nurse entered our lives. Sue is a bereavement nurse and spends every day comforting, encouraging and listening to families, who like us, have lost a baby. Being available to families in crisis day in and day out has been her job for over 20 years and I can think of nothing more brave than making yourself totally available to those who are grieving and offering them hope and a listening ear.

  475. Cam says:

    My answer is absolutely my husband. Because he’s with ME! ;-p It takes allot to be with me and he has shown tremendous bravery in the last year as we’ve stumbled through some pretty rough times. I love him with all my heart for being willing to stretch and grow like he has and it’s inspiring to me all the time.

  476. Jen Smith says:

    My fiancé is the bravest person I know…for loving me whole-heartedly and unequivocally like no one in this world. We are getting hitched this month!! Whoo hooo!!

  477. kristy arden says:

    Right now I would have to say the bravest person I know is my daughter Kaylie, and that is because she has just started high school and she is not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. She hold tight to her morals and values even if when others have said to her “why do you wear a purity ring” and she will say back “why not, it reminds he of what I want for my future”. That is brave!

  478. Margaret Scott says:

    I work in childcare and until recently supported a little girl, who has Downs Syndrome, in her primary school, helping with her daily routine and learning. The bravest person I know is her mother Karen. Karen has this amazing ability to just keep on going, no matter what odds she comes up against. Her daughter was also diagnosed with leukaemia and Karen herself suffers from epilepsy. Yet she is always smiling and grateful to others for their support for her daughter. I am so happy that I know this family and count Karen as a good friend now.

  479. My dear friend sister-in-law is so much braver than I. Her husband is in the Army, currently deployed for a year overseas. I’d love to give her this necklace, with her family’s names on it.

  480. alyssa says:

    My husband has always been a warrior for me.

  481. Maria says:

    Thank you for this giving. My husband is bravest person in this world. Just becouse He live with me over 6 years, and we still in love!!!!

  482. Lisa says:

    The bravest person I know is Stephanie Nielson, from Nienie Dialogues. She chose life, even on her death bed, and faces more challenges is just one day than the rest of us will in our lifetimes. She is inspiring as a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a woman.

  483. Maria says:

    I share your giveaway on facebook

  484. jeni says:

    The bravest person I know is my Mom.

  485. liz says:

    It would have to be my mom. She musters on, day after day, despite her only son having pushed my parents out of his life. As the mom of two little boys who I love more than life itself, I cannot imagine the pain her heart must feel every single day. She longs to hug him again and feel a true connection.

  486. Mimi says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know. As a single mom for most of her life, she led a godly life and worked and worked to give me everything.

  487. Julia S says:

    This Lisa…the bravest person I know is my sweet daughter who I almost lost 10 years ago….and her Daddy…well he IS the absolute bravest because he is the reason I still have her here today. His fearlessness..kept her alive. I’m fortunate to know two… 😉 I’d love a necklace with my hubby and children’s names as a reminder.

  488. Naomi Jamison says:

    Brittany is a 26 yr. old mother of two small children. Late Spring 2010 she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Folicular Lymphoma. She is suffering greatly through chemo-therapy. She is struggling, but her attitude is always positive and she is constantly trying to help others see the need to celebrate every day! She puts forth great effort to spend quality time with her beautiful children, even when she doesn’t feel so great. She recently asked her fb friends to pray for a little boy who has the same condition as she has. Brittany is so brave–I’d like her to have a necklace like this to remind her of the fact that many see her bravery, and they are blessed by it.

  489. Suzanne says:

    My kids. I can only imagine that it’s a challenge to be children of parents who are divorced, especially when the parents live in different cities. However, I’m often caught off guard by how caring and compassionate my kids are. And I admire that they rarely manipulate their situation to get the upper hand with their dad or with me. I appreciate that they are open and honest with me about how they feel even when it’s hard to say (or to hear!) They are pretty neat little people!

  490. Krystina says:

    the bravest person I know is my dad, in my eyes.

  491. Lourdes says:

    My friend Kathleen who trusts God in everything she does. No fear, just faith.

  492. Jaimee says:

    right now… my friend, Sheri ~ she has three precious little ones to take care of while her husband is deployed for a year.

  493. Beth Logan says:

    The bravest two people I know are the two birthmothers who made selfless, difficult, and brave sacrifices of love to allow my husband and I to adopt their sons. We are so thankful everyday to both of them for allowing us know the joys of being parents, and to have the great honor of raising two beautiful, wonderful, silly, rambunctious little boys. They are true heros to us.

  494. Stephanie says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know.

  495. Stephanie says:

    The bravest person I know would have to be my mom. She has gone through my dad being in the military, three daughters of every personality type, and being a rock for our entire family.

  496. Cat G. says:

    My Mom for getting both knees replaced at once this year. She pushed through and impressed everyone at PT with how far she went so fast!

  497. Kristin says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest sister Tina! She is the oldest out of us 5 girls. When my mom passed away 5 years ago she had to step in and play the “mother” role. I am the youngest so she was always there for me no matter what! She was there to talk, complain too, and she was there to couch me on when both of my children were born. Having a family of her own she had alot on her plate. But she always seemed to find a way when one of us sisters needed her. I never thought in a million years that anyone would beable to fill my mothers shoes but she is doing an awesome job!! I dont know where I would be without her.

  498. summer says:

    my girlfriend Kristen (and her hubby Scott). Their 2nd anniversary is coming up on Saturday, and they have been through more trials and tribulations than anyone should have to go through in life, let alone their first years of marriage. Kristen pursued a relationship with Scott even though she knew had a congenital heart defect, and those two love the heck out of each other, I mean crazy, brave love. After being on the transplant list for over 8 months (and living apart) Scott just received a V.A.D. He was able to come home for a week and he is already back on the transplant list. They live life fully even while separated and even while facing such intimidating circumstances. Their love is inspiring.

  499. Kristin M says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter Lily. She just turned 2.5 and every day she is brave to me. It hasbeen only 6 months since we met her and she became ours. She was SO scared that first day and cried and cried. But since then she has put her brave face on, walked into our life and never looked back. Every day she has to be brave to experience new things, see new people, learn a new language and embrace both her past and her future. She has made such a difference in our life and we are so blessed to be her parents!

  500. Megan says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom – we lost my Dad to cancer 10 years ago and she remarried, only to lose my Stepdad to cancer 2 years later. She still faces each day with faith and love and lets her light shine bright!

  501. Jan says:

    The bravest person I have known was my Mom. She lived for 17 years in 24 hour skilled nursing care facilities. She had a brain aneurysm at 63 years of age and was left paralyzed on her left side.
    She lived with grace and a smile making friends with the staff who cared for her all those years.
    She still found joy in living with her handicaps and served as an inspiration to us all until the Lord
    took her home right after her 80th birthday.

  502. Amy says:

    Right this very minute the bravest person I know is my daughter who is dealing with a very painful infection and is being as brave as she possibly can with an amazing attitude!


  503. Christy says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom & tomorrow is her birthday! My dad was killed in a car accident when my sis & I were babies, my mom did a great job raising us on her own. She was our mother & our father. She moved us 1/2 way across the country (mid-west to the sw) 20+ years ago, away from all of our family for a fresh start. It was such a brave move for her & to this day I am still very happy she did.

  504. Debbie says:

    The bravest person i know would be my mum. She has tauught me strength and humility through her fight with 2 different types of Breast cancer at once. Right through the diagnosis, the double mastectomy and chemo, hair loss and now onto a 5 year treatment, she has shown me that no matter what you face, just as long as you show faith of love in your heart , you can overcome any obstacle with dignity and pride and a most radiant smile from the heart. Love you ma.

  505. Kelli says:

    The bravest person I know is my neighbor, Marianne. We moved in last spring, and when we finally met her a few months later, we learned that this woman, whom we had watched fervently gardening her “Sunset Magazine”-perfect yard for months from our bedroom window, had lost her husband unexpectedly days before we moved in. She greeted us with smiles and cookies and apologies at being tardy to welcome us to the neighborhood {!!!}. In a mailbox conversation with her recently, she revealed that her younger son also died tragically in a plane crash with his new bride and all of their closest college friends a decade ago. That she is still cheerful and hopeful and full of faith after those trials, when one alone would be horrendous, is so inspirational to me. I am so blessed to have her as a neighbor.

  506. Barb M. says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister, Lynne, who is battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She is an active part in her kids lives and since her diagnosis has not missed a school or sporting event.

  507. Ally Smith says:

    Wow! I sooo love this necklace :) You are so talented, Lisa!
    The bravest person I know is my grandmother. She is fearless, independent and strong! Everyday I wish to be more like her.

  508. My husband is truly the bravest human being I have ever met, or will ever know!
    I am crying…………I moved myself with my answer :o)

  509. Melissa says:

    My dad! after losing my mom and sister in a accident he raised his other three kids on his own and couldn’t have asked for a better dad!

  510. Mindy says:

    The bravest person I know are my friends (sorry, two) Nate and Julie. Their son recently passed away and yet every day they get out of bed. They are trying to make a new life for their daughter.

  511. Christina says:

    My neighbor, Nikki, is one of the bravest people I have ever known. She has faced countless obstacles throughout her life. Yet her spirit remains strong and she is always bringing joy in whatever way that she can to those around her. She is a role model for how I want to live my own life. I love you, Nikki!

  512. Ally Smith says:

    This is my second comment! I posted this giveaway on my blog:

  513. Mrs. Puma says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband for moving across the country so I could attend grad school, even though he had no job leads and we don’t know a soul.

  514. Mrs. Puma says:

    I tweeted as well: soonerpsych

  515. Sara M. says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister who has MS. Despite this she continues to give back everyday (she works at a nursing home), and hardly ever complains about the pain she is in. She would give the shirt off of her back (and has before), to anyone in need.

  516. lisa says:

    My sweet Mom! Who I miss so much. She had fought cancer with all she had and she will always be in my heart.

  517. kristy says:

    My husband. He signed up for the military to pay off school debt and ended up over in Kuwait in 2004. I can’t imagine having to serve over there with the possibility of death always a reality, so to me, that’s brave!

  518. FoxyMomma says:

    the bravest person i have ever known was my mommy. she battled stomach problems for 3 years before being diagnosed with stomach cancer. she lived with that ugly disease for 16 months before meeting her precious Lord & being reunited with my sister & her daddy. she fought hard & she was fearless. i remember asking her time & time again if she was scared & she always answered “no”.. she had peace about it all. she was such a trooper. i never heard her complain.. not once.



    Lisa Leonard Online

  520. Rita Lourenço says:

    The bravest person in my life at this moment is my best friend and my cousin. She lost the love of her life last year and since then she’s been fighting to keep her house and feed her 4 years old son. Recently lost her job but still, she always has a smile in her face for those around her and listen to their insignificant problems.

  521. Amelia says:

    The bravest person I know is my aunt who is battling stomach cancer – she is so positive and uplifting to everyone around her!

  522. Roxy says:

    I would say my four-year-old son . . . we’re finally over the hump , but he has come through a hard year of awful allergy attacks – not being able to breathe and scaring the life out of me. Yet he was the one always comforting me and saying he would get better. That’s awfully brave, I think!

  523. Sharon says:

    The bravest person I know is my sister, Cindy. She battled breast cancer, lost her husband and is now a single mom. Through it all she is was so strong and brave.

  524. Nicole says:

    The bravest person I know? Definitely my 7 year old son. He was born with only 6 fingers……all 5 on his left hand and only his thumb on his right hand. Unfortunately, he is right handed, but quickly adapted to being left handed. The amazing/brave thing about my son is that it doesn’t stop him. Not in his abilities to play sports (played flag football last year and is currently playing soccer), get dressed, write, play games, or in his ability to make friends or live a normal life. He embraces his “special hand” that God gave him and he himself thinks it’s pretty special and cool. He actually told his grandma out of the blue the other day that he likes his hand and that he wouldn’t want his fingers to grow . I’m a very proud momma! :)

  525. Michelle says:

    A dear friend.

  526. Shelby says:

    My wonderful Grandma

  527. Alli says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband – who fights dragons everyday and has so much faith!

  528. Marcia says:

    The bravest person I know is me, because I never really consider myself brave; I’ve always been a fearful sort of person. About 5 years ago I faced some of the toughest situations with my daughter: in HS; she had been caught cutting herself; she told a friend she was going to commit suicide and we had to place her in treatment for one week; 4 months later from HS graduation she overdosed on some pills and we lived 2 hours away and couldn’t do anything. 2 months later she came home, and I got cut wrestling a knife out of her hands; she was arrested for domestic violence against me and spent 5 days in jail; the judge gave me a one year no contact order with her; he reversed it 6 months later after she fulfilled all the requirements of her judgment and got her record expunged as a first time offender. I prayed daily to God for her; He spared her life and we reconciled; God changed her. I had to continually entrust her to him. She is now a responsible young adult mentoring other girls and teenagers; I may have become brace, but perhaps she is the brave one: she chose life and we both chose forgiveness.

  529. Heather says:

    The bravest person I know is my Dad. I see alot of people have answered this question this way as well. My Dad was the bravest Man I have met. He by no means was perfect in his life time. But he never tried to hide that. He suffered through many things in his life and was always there to extend Grace and Love to anyone who needed it. He would never judge someone for their falls he would help pick them say he had been there too and let me walk with you through this. He was an honest man even though it didn’t always portray him in a good light. He allowed himself to surrender it all to God in order to be used for His glory. I admire that especially as I struggle through giving it all to Him to be used for His kingdom and it is hard.

  530. Elizabeth says:

    My incredible mom. Her strength amazes me.

  531. lala says:

    My husband, Aaron. We were facing infertility together and discussing the possibility of adoption – he was totally against it, stating that he could never love another person’s child. He has now come full circle and embraces adoption. We have our sweet daughter, Ellie because of the miracle of adoption!

  532. Christina Esola says:

    I can’t compare with these amazing people and their stories, but the bravest person I know is my husband who is always putting our family first and constantly struggles to keep work going.

  533. Teri says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know. She has faced cancer three times and is a survivor. She has handled it with such faith, strength and grace. She has taught me so much.

  534. Amanda C. says:

    I am a teacher and the bravest person I know would have to be a student and his family in our school. The student is in 7th grade and has a brain tumor that is slowing taking his life. He goes to school almost every day (now in a wheelchair). His mom wants him to live a “normal” life as long as he can. The community has really rallied around them and raised money for the family to help with expenses. The students in the district have held many fundraisers as well. When I see the family I just think of the mother and if that were me…

  535. Sarah says:

    The bravest person I know is my husband. He fights battles and wins them for God, my daughter and myself. I’m so thankful for him.

  536. Carrie H says:

    My father. He is a cancer survivor and during his whole ordeal, I know that he had to be scared. But he radiated peace and bravery. I admire and respect him so much. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  537. Jill Pierce says:

    My Husband is the bravest person I know. He is a firefighter and a paramedic. He is willing to go into a burning building to saves lives and property. He is smart, strong, unselfish, and very brave.

  538. Brittney says:

    My Dad is the bravest person I know! I can always come to him for anything!

  539. Lisa in TX says:

    My mother-in-law. I know not many people really get along with their mother-in-laws, but mine is the best. She showed breast cancer who is boss about a year ago and for that she will forever be the bravest person I know!

  540. siobhan says:

    the bravest person i know is the a tough young woman named Tauni,she recently lost her job as our youth pastor but has kept her head held high and continued to come back each week even though she was terrified of not being accepted,that to me is bravery.

  541. April O. says:

    Well, I can think of many people, but no one braver than my saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing compares to what He took upon Himself for humanity.

  542. Mary Kathryn says:

    The bravest person i know would be my friend Amy. She lost her mother to cancer at age 16, and lost a son a little over a year ago. She has been amazing through it all and relies on God for strength. She is an inspiration to me as well as countless others. Thank you so much for the chance at this amazing giveaway.

  543. Heather H. says:

    My husband. He is facing his 2nd deployment to Iraq and has seen so many horrific things–yet he has put his life in God’s hands and is calmly facing leaving again. So proud of him and grateful, as his being brave helps me and the kids to be brave, too.

  544. stephanie says:

    hands down has to be my oldest son. he has fought many battles in the past five years with crohn’s disease…and conquers them each time.

  545. Mary Kathryn says:

    just tweeted about your giveaway! I’m MKMathews.

  546. Kathy C. says:

    Hmmm….I know so many brave people, but I have to say our men and women in the military who put their lives on hold and do what I would never want to do. I am so grateful!

  547. Mary Kathryn says:

    just facebooked (is that even a word?) about your giveaway.

  548. Alicia says:

    I would have to say my mom. I want to be like her when I grow up.

  549. Lori Taylor says:

    I would have to say my son. He is only 11 and has been thru more than most. On the days that I struggle being a parent of a special needs child I just think of everything that he has to go thru daily. I can always walk away and somewhat lead a normal like but he can not and he must suffer every day with his illness and the ignorance of society. He is my brave soldier.

  550. Ann says:

    right now the first people that come to mind are my brother and his wife, who have just decided to give five years of their lives to the people of nicaragua. they are going over to help teach the people how to goat farm so that they can obtain a sustainable living source. they have never done anything like this before, but realize that God is calling them to more than just this life. and they are selling everything and following Him. we get so comfortable in “our” lives that we forget they belong to God. i am so proud of them for putting their trust in Him and going where He sends them.

  551. Wendy Orme says:

    The bravest person I know is my ever patient and loving husband for marrying me in the first place and for sticking with me for over 30 years.

  552. Lana says:

    The bravest person I know is my dad. My dad suffered a severe burn injury 12 years ago and was told he would never survive. He’s still with us and bravely starts every day with an attitude of thankfulness. He is our hero.

  553. Emily says:

    Wow, what a fun give away. I love your necklaces, they have been on my wish list for a while now! I would love to win! The bravest person I know is a sweet little 3 year old girl. Her name is McKenzie, and she has been fighting cancer since she was 16 months old. Her battle has been long, really tough, and completely overwhelming for such a little person! She has been so brave, never complains, and moved through each phase of the treatments with a smile! She has now completed the treatments, and is headed into remission! So amazed by her, and so love her spirit!

  554. shannon says:

    I also did an upload to my blog on facebook about the bravest person I know!

  555. Stacey says:

    Bravest person I know is my little boy…SAM. He suffers from Aspergers and also has health issues related to his kidney’s. He is such a joyful and funny little man. He is an inspiration to our whole family.

  556. Amanda says:

    My Nan is the bravest person I know. This past summer, she was really sick, and when she went in for a routine day surgery, she found out she had a hole in her bowel. Her body had literally been poisoning itself. Since then, she has had her whole large intestine removed, as well as her spleen. This has meant adjusting to a whole new way of life. She is still in the hospital but she has had incredible spirit throughout the whole ordeal.

    I also have to tell you that I learned this summer how brave I can be. I live with my Nan, and because she was in the hospital, I was home alone for a whole month. Although I’m 20, this was my first time being alone for that long and I have to admit, it was scary at times. Especially on August 18th.

    That morning, a Wednesday, I got a phone call telling me my Nan’s surgery to repair the hole in her bowel had been more serious than they thought; they had to remove her whole intestine and spleen. I cried, wiped my tears, and went to work because I had a party to put on for children (I was the Summer Reading Club Coordinator at the local library). On my lunch break, I checked my messages and there was a message from my dad’s girlfriend, asking me to call her as soon as possible. I did, and she told me my dad had had a heart attack the night before. I collapsed against the kitchen cupboard in tears. I was home alone and two of the most important people in my life were in hospitals where I couldn’t reach them. This was the first time in my life that someone so close to me was so close to death, and I couldn’t believe that it was two at the same time, and I had to deal with it alone.

    This was all 4 days before I had to return to university and begin my final year, as well as start a new job as a Residence Coordinator, running one of the dorms on campus. All of this alone was enough to make me nervous, without the extra scariness of two members of my family being so sick.

    Fortunately, both my Nan and Dad are recovering, and I am at school, working away so I can graduate in the spring. The events of this summer taught me that I AM brave, and I can deal with things I didn’t think I could. If I can get through this, I can graduate and go out into the world.

    All it takes is a little bravery.

  557. Kimberly says:

    My dad! He is always able to face life’s challenges in the most respectful way. I admire this quality about him.

  558. The bravest person I knew was my Nana. I say knew because she passed away over a year ago from breast cancer at the age of 89. She was a wonderful woman, my second mother, who lived with me and my family and always had a story to tell from “back in the day”. She got through having her mother die in her arms, losing her husband to lung cancer and her oldest son to a mountain climbing accident with amazing strength (I never saw her break down) and was always happy to have her family around her. She was taken from us so quickly (2 months after her diagnosis) but I’ll always remember the last conversation we had, when she asked me how my boyfriend of 4 years and I were doing. When I told her we were great, she said “Oh good, I wanted to make sure you were taken care of”. Even in the face of her own death she wasn’t thinking of herself, she was thinking of her family and worrying about their well being. If she were alive today, this necklace would be for her.

  559. umm … is it okay if the bravest person I know it ME?!? I’ve had miscarriages and keep trying again for one of God’s children to be a blessing to my husband and myself. I feel like it takes a very brave person to keep trying & trying. So … ME! :)

  560. Facebooked it! (do you like how I used “facebook” as a verb? 😉 xoxo

  561. Denise says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter(30 years old). She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 16, lost an ovary…had another cyst 5 years ago and lost 1/2 the remaining ovary. During the CT scans and ultrasounds, she found out that only one of her kidneys was functioning, so she had to have surgery to have a stint put in. During all of this, she only had two good cries….God has answered our prayers and she is now 14 years cancer free AND God has also blessed her and our family with our miracle baby…Mary Margaret. If I could be as brave as anyone, it would definately be my daughter

  562. Cheri says:

    my husband. he doesn’t do things just to please people {unlike me. ahem.}. he’s never afraid of a new challenge. he went into business for himself almost 9 years ago, has worked very, very hard and is extremely successful and well respected. and he always pushes me to follow my dreams and try new things, even when i’m terrified.

  563. sydney says:

    i think that every day we each find bravery hiding inside of us, giving us the strength to make it to the next. Sometimes we just need to “be” brave a little more than others.

  564. Marisa says:

    my husband… he takes risks and dreams bigger than anyone else i know, truly loves people (even when it isn’t easy), works REALLY hard, LOVES his kids, and adores me…

  565. LibraryGirl62 says:

    Toss up-my mom and my grandma:) Such strong women and great role models

  566. Laura {{* *}} says:

    My father.
    He served many tours of duty in Vietnam
    as a Chaplain
    and returned home
    to deal effectively with the demons of war
    and presented his family to this day, a loving, nurturing life.

    {{* *}}

  567. Stephanie C. says:

    My husband is so brave. He just quit the job he’s had since he graduated coege to start over so he could move us clear across the country so we can be back with our family!

  568. Rian says:

    I have a family of brave people.
    One of my bestest friends, Sierra Dawn…passed away from brain cancer on Sept. 28th. It was something that happened very quickly and unexpectedly, as the tumors has been shrinking and all of a sudden quadrupled and took our dear Sierra.
    My “nomination” would be for her parents, brother and her fiance’. They were supposed to get married this Saturday, Oct. 16th…but instead we are having her funeral. I can’t imagine the strength and bravery her family and fiance’ has to have to navigate something so difficult. We all have to be brave as she was as the cancer took her from us. I miss her dearly and hope I can be brave enough to make it through this difficult weekend.

  569. Anna says:

    My 3 year old daughter, who wages war daily with the pain of arthritis. Her strength and patience in the face of adversity are a constant source of inspiration for me.

  570. Molly Byrd says:

    My cousin Isaac. Fought a very rare brain tumor at age 8, but was not able to beat it. He brought joy to everyone he knew during his short time on earth.
    thanks, Lisa, for the giveaway and inspiration!

  571. amy says:

    The bravest person I know is my friend K.

    In her long struggle to start a family she has suffered three losses, thousands of fruitless Dr appointments, and unmeasurable heartbreak.

    Through all of this she has been a great support for many others in our community that are also struggling with infertility. She is always there the first to console or congratulate, a shoulder to cry on, and helpful with knowledge.

    She has been my friend and supporter through my own struggle with infertility and then through both my pregnancies. Never once has she been anything but thrilled for others while still waiting for her own dreams to become a reality.

  572. cat stevens says:

    the bravest person I know is my 5 year old son. This sweet child was born at 30 weeks, two and a half months early. He almost died so very many times. BUT he didn’t. His brave little soul fought HARD, every single minute, every single day for so long. And now, he is an incredible curious being, touched by the love of so many specialists, doctors, nurses, care providers. I wonder if it was the combination of so much different love, from so many different people for so long that created this special person that he is now. The journey of parenthood, life, always a blessing.

  573. jackie robinette says:

    My mom who raised 4 girls in the jungles of Brazil as my dad and her were missionaries. And she never complained about the lack of conveniences. She has survied his death and now the unexpected deaths of two of her daughters and she is amazing! Her peace comes from God and she is our brave one!

  574. Chelsea says:

    Right now I would say my twin brother. He deploys to Afghanistan in two days and his attitude and outlook for his stay there and leaving his new bride behind are incredible. But overall he gets it from my mom. She is absolutely incredible. She lives with a heart condition that has almost taken her life three times now, she has a serious kidney disease, she works, cares for my grandmother full time, and still offers to babysit all the grandkids, sometimes all at once. She lives life to the fullest and appreciates it all, and doesn’t shy away from the challenges like I tend to.

  575. Sarah says:

    Lisa, the bravest person I know is my sister. She moved cross country to crash on a friends couch, jobless and homeless a month after graduation college. Now she is thriving in a new city, with new friends and a fabulous set of opportunities in front of her. I would definitely give her this necklace as a reminder of that bravery!

  576. Heather says:

    My mom :). I’m not sure it needs any more of an explanation than that!

  577. DAWNYELLE says:

    I think that my friend Candy who is battling breast cancer with such grace and strength. She is amazing!

  578. Lisa Somerville says:

    The bravest person I know is my Dad. I grew up with 3 sisters so he was and still is a very brave man to endure all of us! Love him!

  579. Christina Warren says:

    My mom is the bravest person I know. She has battled (and won!) cancer twice. She dedicated the last two years to thoughtfully, gracefully, and kindly caring for my dad who was fighting his own losing battle to cancer. My parents had booked a cruise on my Dad’s favorite trip before he died unexpectedly. Two weeks later, she went on the cruise BY HERSELF, in celebration of him. She missed him terribly and but overcame (most) of her apprehension and would have made him proud. She will continue to be the bravest person I know.

  580. sarah r. says:

    i think the bravest person i know might be my grandpa. he’s so lonely since my grandma died, and he has so many health issues. we are with him when we can be, but oh grandpa…

  581. Anyone battling life threatening illnesses from Type 1 Juvenile Diabetics to cancer patients have to be the bravest people I know. My heart and prayers go out to folks who fight for their very lives.

  582. Lisa says:

    I think the bravest person I know is a friend of mine, she’s a single mom raising a wonderful boy. Love her!

  583. Andrea says:

    My Hubby!

  584. Jennifer Miller says:

    The bravest person is the adorable girl who is the birthmother to our new baby. She wanted more for him than she was in a position to provide. That is brave.

  585. The bravest person I know is my Grandma. She’s outlived 3 husbands, breast cancer, and skin cancer. She lives by herself on a farm that she worked herself for more than 30 years. She is one amazing woman, and I hope I can live up to her example.

  586. Kim M says:

    My daughter…she’s handling the middle school transition well, but struggling with the stresses daily. 1st quarter report cards coming tomorrow and her lowest grade is 98%. I’m so proud of the wonderful person she has/is becoming.

  587. Shauna Lobre says:

    My youngest son’s middle name should be BRAVE! He makes the best of every day and holds his head high. He is never bothered..always goes with the flow. He is a brave soul and I am blessed to be his Mom every day!!!! LOVE him

  588. Christy says:

    My Grandaddy. He fought in WW II and earned a Medal Of Honor and Purple Heart. He later battled heart disease and lung cancer. He lost his fight 5 years ago next month, but still lives in my heart as the bravest person I know. He never complaned and always had a smile and a hug for me. I miss him so…..

  589. Shawnie says:

    my cousin!

  590. madeleine says:

    my aunt, who passed away a few months ago after a brave 4 year fight with ovarian cancer. the cancer and treatment both ruined her body, but she did not let it stop her from enjoying as much life as she could. she knew death was certain, and she lived every moment like it was her last.

  591. Natali says:

    The bravest person I know is son. No matter how difficult or scary the task he doesn’t back down and works hard until he accomplishes it. He is an amazing example!

  592. traci says:

    Lisa- I am a special education teacher…everyday I am surrounded by heroes! My students are very brave!
    Love your craft, and love your blog too!

  593. gina says:

    lisa, what a gorgeous necklace! my grandpa is so brave and courageous! he battles mesothelioma daily (cancer caused by asbestos) and he was given 3-6 months to live last december. it has almost been a year. His faith in the Lord is so strong and he amazes us on a daily basis by his positivity and ability to keep on fighting through the cancer.

    thank you for listening to my ounce of his story.
    regina_dixon763 at yahoo dot com

  594. lora says:

    My husband is definitely the bravest person I know…….he committed to be married to me for the rest of his life!

  595. Melody says:

    My uncle. 8 years ago they gave him 6 months to live when he contracted a rare lung cancer from asbestos he was exposed to when he rehabbed low-income housing. Praise God he is still alive today and does so much to give back to his small town just outside of Tucson.

  596. Sarah says:

    One of my good friends…she’s gone through a lot the last couple years…

  597. sue white says:

    I would have to say my grandson. He went away to college. He never has been away from home for more that 4 days and it’s been 2 months and he is loving it.

  598. Jennifer says:

    One of the bravest people I know is my sister, as she’s dealt with chronic back pain for over half her life. Her continual trust in God and His plan for her life is a great example to me.

  599. Machele says:

    My grandma…she has always set a wonderful example of how to work hard, persevere, and love your family, come what may.

  600. Sue says:

    My mum! Raising 4 very young girls after my dad passed away…

  601. my babe for fighting cancer and being brave for every follow up

  602. Lynn says:

    My husband. He’s also the most self-less and cheerful person I know.

  603. Karen says:

    My little girl is the bravest person I know. She is three, she is fearless, she will happily go up and make a new friend and she loves to put on a show. Having always been an introvert, I consider her very brave.

  604. Ashley says:

    Morene Thompson. She and her husband have adopted 14 orphan children and given their lives to give those kids the world, and most importantly, a family.

  605. Ailene says:

    My mother is the bravest person I know. She was widowed at the age of 31 and left with six children to raise on her own. I never heard her complain or question why this had happened to her. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman.

  606. Mary says:

    I have to say my grandmother. She raised 7 kids in a foreign country. My grandpa was a missionary and not home a lot. He was kicked out of a country and she found out after he was gone. She packed up the house, the kids and made her way to meet him on her own. She has always been supportive and never seems to have anything bad to say about anything. I could only hope to someday be as selfless as she is.

  607. Candice Hyde says:

    My husband is the bravest person I know. He works very hard so I can stay home with our two boys. He works in real estate which is very up and down but through it all he keeps a brave face and faith. He is a wonderful man, I am so blessed.

  608. KaraM says:

    Bravest Person: My parents. Their story is plain, but through the plain they raised two kids and they still hold hands! That’s a lot, I think!

  609. Charlotte says:

    My cousin, whose 2 month old is about to have heart surgery.

  610. SaRaH says:

    Without a doubt, my sister. she works full time (and excels at her job), is a single mom raising two unbelievably respectful and kind little boys, always makes time to encourage others, organizes church functions, takes care of herself by running/biking/swimming, and always has a smile or hug to share. she is strong, and brave, and is an excellent role model to me and everyone lucky enough to cross paths with her. The adversity she has overcome is tremendous and her courageous spirit is something to be admired.

  611. Jennifer says:

    The person who comes to mind right now is my friend Leah. She is 40 years old and has two teenage sons. Leah has cancer throughout her bones, but she is one tough fighter. Her saying is, “She who laughs LASTS”.

  612. My daughter, Rylee… born a month early with Down syndrome and a heart defect… spent 57 days in ICU. First heart surgery at 20 days old… 2nd heart surgery at 3 months old. Everything she does takes twice as much effort… but she shows determination and never gives up.

    She is amazing. Definitely the definition of brave.

  613. deb says:

    I would say my two girls. Prior to coming to live with us they were in foster care. I don’t know if I will ever get the whole story from them but you only need to be around them for a few minutes to discover they are amazing. They came to us when they were 8 and 6 and have been with us for 2 1.2 years.

  614. Monica says:

    My mom, definitely. My dad went to prison when I was four and my brother seven. No one expected this and it shocked everyone, most of all my mom. My mom step to the plate in her usual perseverance, raised my brother and I all by herself and still managed to be an AMAZING person after the devastating event that changed her life. I don’t remember much from that time but my life has been blessed in love. She has always been a positive force in my life and a guiding light for my faith. The word “Brave” doesn’t even manage to touch upon my mother.

  615. Lindsay says:

    My mother. She moved with my father across the Atlantic when she was 22. She has made many moves for his job and she never complains. She is far away from her parents and as an only child, is very brave for coping with aging parents.

  616. Jesica says:

    Currently, the bravest person I know is my friend, Erika, who is a loving wife and mother. She had a sweet baby girl three weeks ago, Hannah, who is in the NICU with some very serious problems with her heart, lungs and liver. Erika has been so strong, faithful, and amazing. She is so brave and so strong – knowing that Hannah would have special needs and choosing to love her unconditionally before she even took her first breath.

  617. Mothers in general. Single,married,widowed,big,little,small,tall. I feel all of us are brave in our own special way :)

  618. nancy says:

    The bravest people I know are my special education students who face so many struggles in their lives. Things that are easy for all of us are difficult for my kids but they continue to work. They are truly brave heroes.

  619. Lindsey says:

    My husband is my hero. He is preparing to enlist in the Navy, and I could not be more proud of him. I would love to wear the Brave Love necklace to represent my brave love :)

  620. jerikay says:

    my dad. a faithful man of God whose life has inspired so many.

  621. Erin says:

    My Mum is definitely the bravest person I know. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 20 years ago, she is unable to walk, has lost the vision in one eye and is in severe and constant pain. She also lives on her own. She never complains and never let’s it get her down. She puts her trust in the Lord and lives each day to the fullest!

  622. Dena says:

    My dad is probably the bravest person I know. In his life he’s overcome a brain tumor and prostate cancer. He’s been suffering the effects of a stroke the past 7 years. Life always seems to be throwing something at him and not once does he ever complain.

  623. Whitney says:

    Proudly, I would have to say myself :) I am quite proud of myself in the last 12 months :)
    I have had A LOT of health complications after the birth of my daughter…SO MANY doctor appointments, surgeries, nerve damage, and physical therapy. I think I have remained very strong and most importantly positive through it all and have continued to try to be the very best mommy I can be :) I LOVE being a mommy and it makes it all worth it. It has been the most challenging year of my life I can honestly say…but I am proud of how I handled it. Wow, I feel better just writing this 😉

  624. Donna Bettencourt says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest grandson Alex who has had more than 30 surgeries in his life and still every day teaches the rest of us what bravery really is. His dad, my son and his mom are brave every single day. We are blessed to have this boy in our daily lives. I would love to get a square necklace with the names of my two grandsons on it, Alex and Todd! Your work is beautiful.


    I came over from Saavy Southern Style and Low Tide High Style although I already have you in my favorites waiting to order one of these days, now I am thinking Christmas gifts for my daughter and daughter in law.

  625. Susan says:

    I sat with my husbands grandmother today, watching her struggle to breathe as her body shuts down. The hospice has said she has days left and I realized how brave she is, facing the unknown of life after death. It has to be so frightening and yet she bravely told her daughter last week that she was ready to see her other family now.

  626. Stacey says:

    The bravest person I know is anyone who has to deal with health struggles day in and day out…they are so brave tackling each day and fighting through it!

  627. Cheryl says:

    Actually both my Mom and Dad, My brother just passed away and to watch their strength during this whole ordeal is amazing!

  628. Sonya B says:

    That would have to be my husband, whom I don’t think I give enough credit to everyday for all that he does. I think I will go call him and tell him that I think he is the bravest person I know.

  629. julie theule says:

    the bravest person I know is actually a young mom who passed away yesterday from an 12 month battle with pancreatic cancer. She went through so much pain and suffering but never focused on herself, just always encouraged others. I pray I never have to go through the fires she did but could live life with a fraction of her bravery.

  630. Jennifer says:

    My Mom. She escaped an abusive relationship with nothing but the clothes on her back. She has since made a wonderful life for herself. Her example gave me the courage to leave an abusive relationship as well.

  631. Vicki says:

    The bravest person I know is my friend, DeAnn: wife, mom (of 4), daughter (of a dad with early-onset Alzheimer’s), Air Force Major and breast cancer survivor. She’s real and yet, super-above-the-curve fantastic.

  632. Brittany says:

    My friend Beth is the bravest person I know. Shes been through so much in her life and keeps on forging forward! Shes in med school now at the top of her class and nothing seems to stop her.

  633. Janay says:

    The bravest person I know is my father. After farming his entire life with his father he is taking on the challenge of harvesting the crops for only the 2nd time in all of his 58 years without his hero, his Dad. My Dad is brave & so grateful for everything he has everyday.

  634. gillian says:

    My husband. I am proud and blessed to be married to a man that is willing to fight and defend and be brave for me. I heart that guy. :-)

  635. 52scrap says:

    I have to say my mom is the bravest person I know – she’s survived all eight of us!

  636. Beth says:

    My grandmother. <3

  637. Beth says:

    I shared on FB. Thanks!

  638. Kelly H-Y says:

    My mom … she is in the midst of battling metastatic breast cancer throughout her body; and her father just passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago.

  639. Mary says:

    The bravest person right would be your little one to not know what is ahead of him and I pray that all goes well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. We are enjoying our first grandson and know that each day is a gift from God and what we do with that gift is up to his parents and those who touch his life everyday.

  640. Jody says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter.

  641. Gianina says:

    The bravest person that I know is my mom. She is so strong. After having an open heart operation thats went wrong. She survive that way, raise me, send me to college, and continue to help me know with my son. Love you mom.

  642. Nancy rammos says:

    The bravest person I know is my son Gregory. Each day he reminds me just how brave he truly is…7 open heart surgeries.

  643. Jenn B. says:

    My mom, she has battled Lymes Disease and chronic debilitating migraines for the last 20 years. Through all of the pain and difficult days, she somehow has a smile and a warm hug for family and friends. The depression had gotten so bad at one point that she considered suicide…she thought she was too big a burden to us. In her last cry for help she reached for the bible and thought to herself,….Iwith my eyes closed, ‘m going to open the bible and point to a spot on the page. That message will decide my fate. The message she pointed to was one of everlasting love and faith that love overcomes all pain and sorrow. From that day on she has continued to fight for her life. She still battles horrible days, but she is MUCH better. Praise the lord for reminding my mom of her strength, and of those that love her dearly.
    My mom is the bravest person I know. (-;

  644. Jean M says:

    My niece Aubrey is the bravest person I know right now. Her 7 week old baby just left the hospital after 4.5 weeks of being there. Baby P almost died about a month ago, had heart surgery less than 2 weeks ago, and amazingly went home today! God is so good. And Aubrey has been strong and courageous through it all. Changed forever. I love her!

  645. Tiffany says:

    bravest person i know is my son cameron, who suffers from reactive attachment disorder and has a really tough life right now, as we are getting him help to heal. amazing kid.

  646. Oh this is hard…so many people, in so many ways, big and small….but I would have to say my mom. She has been through so much change in the last few years, from having to give up her home and relocate to a smaller home away from the coastal community she loved> She had to leave a job she enjoyed and was good at, and had to take one that she doesn’ t like but has to keep because my dad is on disability and can’t work (making my mom the breadwinner.) My mom also got her own horse, at age 55, a few years ago and has overcome her fear of horses to become a cowgirl. Even after getting bucked off her horse a year ago, she got back in the saddle, as scary as it was! My mom was also recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and her job is very physical so she is often dealing with pain. But she works out, eats well, makes time for her horse, and her hubby and her family….she is so loving! I love her and I am so proud of her!!!!
    Beautiful necklace, thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  647. Whitney says:

    The bravest person I know at the moment is my little sis who just had to return to work after maternity leave. She hates leaving her little girl in the mornings…it takes all she has to walk out the door!

  648. Angela says:

    I’d have to call a tie, between my father, and my son. We’ve nicknamed them IronMan, and Superman…they’re both so brave!!

  649. Janelle Eller says:

    I would say my husband, who is a police officer.

  650. Amber says:

    The bravest person I know is my oldest son Seth. He will be 10 in November. He is special needs and has autism and even though people have treated him differently and made fun of him…he is nevr shy, is always friendly and outgoing and makes friends so easily. I wish I had his confidence.

  651. Amber says:

    also posted on facebook

  652. Jalayne says:

    My brother….He joined the Navy right out of High School and is currently on deployment in the Middle East

  653. Marina D-K says:

    My mom. Six years ago my younger brother died suddenly when he was 19. Now that I have a child of my own almost everyday I think about how devastating it was for her, and would be for any mother. Beyond the daily thoughts of my brother, I I also reflect on the strength of my mother during that awful time and those thoughts get me through my own down times.

  654. kim says:

    The bravest person I know is my 97 year old grandmother.

  655. Lindsey says:

    The bravest person I know is my Uncle Jim who fighting cancer! He has put up a good fight!

  656. Lisandrea says:

    oops–I posted this under “What I Wore on Wednesday” instead of here. Repeat:

    My dear friend, Susan P., who knew your sister in CA, sent me to your site when she saw my silver jewelry, and am I ever glad she did!

    To answer your question, **who is the bravest person you know?** I reply it is currently my uncle, who is battling bronchioalveolar carcinoma. He is age 64 and an avid bicyclist who, in the fall in Michigan, is still at it, despite being Stage 4. He’s hit some real lows, but seems to be experiencing miraculous healing! Before him, though, it was young (age 3) Mary Claire, who fought against & lost to a brain tumor…

    On a daily basis it is my friend, Tiffany, whose son is autistic and often escapes from their house on a whim, only to be tracked by ankle bracelet so he can be safely returned home. For each of these (& more) faith plays a major key–we thank God for his grace & amazing mercy!!

  657. Lisandrea says:

    (also posted to FB)

  658. Mary B. says:

    My Daddy is the bravest, for sure! He battled cancer for 2.5 yrs. with such strength to the end.

  659. Robbin says:

    Right now a friend’s daughter. Her mom is dying of cancer right now and for her to stand by her mom and family has got to be the bravest thing. She loves the Lord, she loves her mom. If I could win one of these and give it to her, that would be wonderful. I would still buy it if I don’t win.

  660. Robbin says:

    AND I’m facebooking.

  661. Melinda says:

    I am brave, I have been told.
    I don’t know if brave is the right word though, because when life hands you circumstances, we all just do what we have to do, don’t we?

    I was born with CP (Cerebral Palsy).
    I am 44 years old now,
    Single. Mostly alone, because death, and the grief of having a disabled ‘child’ has separated my family.

    I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones; I walk, drive, am able to live independently, and I was even able to work full-time at one time.

    But, being this kind of lucky takes a lot of work.
    I have had more surgeries than I can count.
    Spent over 35 years of my life in physical therapy appointments.
    worn braces on my legs,
    get Botox injected in to my legs- every four months.
    Feel at once abundantly blessed, fortunate, and conspicuously different.

    I couldn’t be true to myself or to God by not trying to do my best with the life I have been given; does that make me brave?

    I dunno- but it is a lovely necklace!

    Thank you for reading, and hearing my heart Lisa!

  662. jamsandwich says:

    My friend Dallas is the bravest person I know. Her son was hit by a car and has an aquired brain injury and a couple of months later her daughter was diagnosed diabetic. She refuses to have any animosity towards the couple who were in charge of her son at the time of the accident. Her relationship with her husband is stronger that ever. Every day she gets out of bed and deals with whatever life is offering her with a smile on her face and hope in her heart. She is my hero.

  663. The bravest person I know is a woman who never gave up on her dreams. She is one who finds something of value in each moment, each experience, and most of all sees value in the heart of each person she meets. Human beauty, intelligence, or clothing never get in the way to her…she is the one who looks for someone needing a friend, a smile, or just a touch. She is gentle and quiet … laughs heartily, teaches and plays with her children, and cry’s with others that are hurting. She gives of herself rather than money, and recognizes that each person’s worth is not decided by anything or anyone other than the same God she serves. This was my Mom….always gracious, always patient and loving, never a harsh word….a lover and follower of Jesus Christ. She walks the streets of heaven now….Can’t wait to see her again.

  664. kathy h says:

    The bravest person I know is my son, Zach. He was an only child for ten years and all the while he was growing up I was always amazed at how he would start something new, like a sport, and just put himself out there. For example, he has basketball camp every summer and that first day, when he doesn’t know anyone, he just goes out onto the court and starts playing.

    He is the complete opposite of me in that respect. I was the 3rd of 4 children and I would NEVER have done that. In fact, I would have refused to get out of the car. I’m still a scaredy cat.

    He is my hero ( and this is only ONE reason why :-)

  665. kathy h says:

    I put it on my Facebook!

  666. kathy h says:

    I tweeted!

  667. lori says:

    hi lisa,
    i can say, having met you, the bravest person i know right now, is you.

    i don’t know how it must feel to be facing such a serious operation with your sweet son. but i hope you will continue to find the place inside you, to comfort you, when you need it most.

    thinking of you,
    with love,
    lori (happy necklace now lives in germany, i paid it forward ☺)

  668. MJ says:

    My husband is brave – he does everything with such a happy heart. He doesn’t always get to see where the path is taking him, but does what he needs to so that his family knows they are loved and supported. Truly an amazing man!!

  669. MJ says:

    on facebook

  670. The bravest person I know is my daughter Lillie who is 3 and has has 2 open heart surgery’s! She is the bravest little patient ever! She has taught our family so much about faith in God, patience and love! Her imagination and doctor skills on her stuffed animals is amazing! I hope to grow up to be like her.

  671. nancy says:

    my friend Velda — married early on to a spouse abuser, finally found her soulmate who helped her raise two of the greatest men I know, lost that spouse to cancer in less than 4 months during her youngest son’s senior year in high school, she remarried to another cancer widow and raised his second grade twins girls and another son, almost lost this spouse in a burn accident spending up to a year in the burn unit in Tampa. She has recently battled breast cancer and is not in remission, and they’ve just been told this spouse has cancer as well. She smiles, and loves God, and plays with grandbabies and lives like there is no promise of tomorrow!

  672. Vicky McAdams says:

    My Daughter, Haley!!

  673. Is it terrible to say that I am the bravest person that I know? Here is why……. I feel that I have shown true bravery to myself, I moved away from my home and everyone I know, to pursue a relationship that I felt would be THE relationship and have now been with my husband for 13 years. Before we became serious I told him that I would most likely not be able to have children and he simply said “we’ll adopt”. We tried fertility treatments for several years and each month braved the intense procedures with no success. Soon after we stopped fertility treatments, I found out that I was pregnant, only to miscarry two days later. Two years later we adopted our daughter, she is now five.

  674. Liz says:

    The bravest person I know is my Dad. My mom died when I was just three and he was left to raise 4 kids all under 10 all by himself. He raised 4 happy, healthy, productive children, and He’s an amazing man.

  675. nancie says:

    the bravest person i know is my cousin, lori…who is caring for her mother who has had alzheimer’s for over 10 years now…she also, at the same time, cared for her dad until the day he died from his battle with cancer. she has done it – the entire time – with a smile on her face, and takes each moment and seeing it as a blessing. that has got to be hard to do…i really admire her..

  676. Whitney says:

    The bravest person I know is the sweet birthmother who gave us our little Hope 3 years ago tomorrow! She trusted us fully and didn’t even need to meet us before handing us our angel swaddled so tight. We love you Antonette!

  677. My mom is the bravest person I know! My dad died and she has been so strong through it all!

  678. Dana Markawicz says:

    the bravest person i know would be my daughter. She went to heaven to be with Jesus as an infant. She is brave and gives me so much strength to get thru things. I look to her everyday for the strength and patience to get thru each day:) She is my brave angel.

  679. Dana Markawicz says:

    tweeted :)

  680. Keshet says:

    My husband:)

  681. mo says:

    The bravest person I know would be my friend Rob. She passed away last year from ovarian cancer.
    She put up a inspiring fight and I look to her for my inspiration.

  682. Angela Mitchell says:

    My friend, Crystal. She is finding the courage to end an abusive relationship and do what is best for her baby son. She is so brave and strong, and yet with all she is going through, she still finds the time to be caring, supportive, and empathetic to all of her friends. I don’t know how she does it! We’re all anxious about her upcoming court date and hoping this will be over, although we know it a sense it will never truly be ‘over’, for her. Better days are ahead. And she soooo derserves them!!!

  683. Robin at Recess says:

    All of the beautiful women who follow their hearts and make their creative dreams come true!

  684. Heather N says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She was raised by a mother who had a mental illness, but my mom survived and blossomed. She is beautiful and artistic, and spent her life teaching others about the joy of music. She is a kind, compassionate, and passionate mom and a wonderful grandmom. I only hope I will do as well with my daughter. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to give her this gift.

  685. jean says:

    My mom, she is the best!

  686. The bravest person I know is my sister in law, her brother just died and I am proud of how she is making it through.

  687. Sarah-Kate* says:

    My dad

  688. Jen B says:

    My Mom is the bravest person i know right now as she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is preparing for a fight that she is not willing to lose!

  689. Hillary says:

    I work in marketing for a children’s cancer hospital, and the sweet babies I write about every day to raise money are the bravest souls I know.

  690. Julie says:

    The bravest person I know is my mom. She is the “mother” of everyone in our family. She takes care of everyone (her sisters, nieces, nephews, my family, EVERYONE) and always puts other people first…even if she’s not feeling well!! She’s had a couple of cancer scares (thank you Lord that they ended up false scares) but she continued, even through those difficult times, to care for everyone else. If I could half the woman she is, I would be so blessed. :o)

  691. Julie says:

    Oh and I put a link on FB. :o)

  692. Katie says:

    I lady from church. Her husband passed away 3 years ago from cancer, 6 months later her mother passed away from cancer, 6 months after that her brother passed away, also with cancer. Recently while sharing a thought on coping with hard things, she said, “I don’t know why I was asked to share, I feel like I live a pretty charmed life.” Wow. True inspiration.

  693. Katie says:


  694. Cindy Perkins says:

    I am privileged to work with the bravest people I know. I work at a Cancer Center. It goes without saying that our patients have strength beyond measure and are true heroes in their battles with this horrible disease. What is often overlooked are the people who care for oncology patients. It takes a special person to meet, treat, and grow to love a cancer patient and their families and often times watch them die. Then this special caregiver gets up and goes back to work and does it all over again. It’s not just the doctors, nurses and therapists to which I refer. Every employee in the center, regardless of their job description, goes above and beyond their professional roles to provide compassion and care to our patients. I am honored to work with them all.

    Dr. Cindy Perkns, R.N., Ph.D.
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  695. Andrea T. :) says:

    Gosh, this may sound cliche or silly, but I’d have to say all of the wonderful mothers in my life. I think often of the quote that refers to your child as your heart running around outside your body and it is so true. For all of the mom’s in my life that are so invested in their children, who love them with their whole heart and who walk through some of lives hardest and scariest moments with their kiddos.

    Happy Friday!

  696. Shoshana says:

    My mom, for raising us 4 kids and later dealing with her elderly parents, and still remaining cheerful.

  697. Helen says:

    My best Friend Steffanie who is 35 and if fighting Breast / Liver Caner She still wakes up each day with a smile on her face.

  698. Lauren says:

    My mother-in-law! She lives with a medical condition daily, never complains, and is a constant reminder of God’s love. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

  699. Amy Terral says:

    The bravest person I know is my 19 year old daughter. She was born with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum which means the the main communication center between the right and left hemispheres of her brain never developed and is totally absent. She is absolutely amazing! Life can be challenging and full of fearful situations when you can’t process information like normal people, but my daughter pushes through life like a champ simply because she’s brave enough to face it head on. She could stay inside her own little world, terrified of everything that she doesn’t understand, but she doesn’t. She gets out and faces her fears and attacks every situation with the bravest spirit I know.

  700. My husband is the bravest person I know. There hasn’t been a moment that I haven’t felt safe since the Lord brought us together and I’m truly grateful for him!

  701. Jessie says:

    The bravest person I know is my grandma. She has survived breast cancer and a brain tumor. She had a mastectomy and lost sight in her eye from the tumor. You could never tell either one of these things. She always recovered and then went back to being a nurse to help others. Even when she was able to retire, she kept helping others until the age of 70. She acts like she is 21… always on the go and always traveling even across seas. She is the most amazing, bravest person I know.

  702. Michelle says:

    My mother… (who I terribly miss) Cancer took her 16 years ago, when she was just 54 years old. I remember how brave she was — though her heart was breaking. We had so much more to share. She just kept worrying about me and how hard it was going to be for me to be without her. A BRAVE MOTHER TO THE END…

  703. Melissa says:

    my friend alison – who died after battling brain tumors bravely for 6 years… she was a wife, an amazing mother whose positive attitude and strength was so inspiring – even more so during my own battle with a brain tumor… xo

  704. Heather says:

    The bravest people I know are all the kids that I have the priviledge of working with every day. From birth to 14, they each have special gifts and special challenges that most of us will never have to face in our own lives. Each day they greet me every day with a smile or a big hug, no matter what. How lucky am I?

  705. Hailey says:

    I am unable to narrow my answer down to just one person…I am blessed to have several very brave people in my life. My Mom, my Dad & my husband are all exceptionally brave. I am constantly encouraged & inspired by their kind, strong hearts.

  706. My daughter would probably be the bravest person I know. Even at the age of 4, she has been through so much. She was a very sickly baby, spending numerous nights in hospital emergency rooms for ear infections, burst ear drums, bleeding from her ears, 105 temps, acid reflux, etc. I was told by 3 doctors that I would not carry her and expect a miscarriage, but I proved them wrong and my miracle baby was born.
    Ive raised her alone–her father didn’t want her when i was pregnant. He came around for a year, and just recently left again, looking her straight in the eyes and telling her he’s “never coming back.” Counseling has helped, but we still struggle on a daily basis. She knows that “mommy and I are a team” and that i am never leaving her. Even through it all, she has such a sweet and loving heart. Her teachers at school adore her, and even told me that my daughter is the reason she enjoys coming to work. She said she is “such a blessing and has the most compassionate heart.”
    I would probably give her my necklace if I won (or at least let her wear it.) She LOVES jewelry and I know she would love to have a necklace with her name on it.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  707. Katie says:

    My best friend is the bravest person that I know. She is just one of those people who makes taking chances look easy. I am inspired by her every day!

  708. I blogged about it! justmeandz(dot)blogspot(dot)com.

  709. amy says:

    Megan, a close friend of mine. She is a young, single foster parent that just adopted two of the children she has been fostering for the past 2 1/2 years. She will take in the children that no one else will, the ones that have been moved more times than you can count on one hand in their short little lives. The children she just adopted are 4 and 2 1/2, she has had them since the youngest was born. The youngest had no prenatal care and was born 10 weeks early, the oldest was diagnosed “Failure to Thrive”. She took them on anyway and has given them a forever home. This is bravery, selfless-ness and love if I have ever seen it.

    And did I mention that next month she is going to Guatemala to volunteer in an orphanage?

  710. Brandy Grisham says:

    Besides you??:) I would have to say everyone that is dealing with children’s health issues. My goodness they are all brave. To sit and watch one of your babies be sick is the most terrible thing, and those mother and fathers that have to endure that I pray for your strenghth and bravory!!!!

    My husband! To put up with our household takes someone brave! lol… We have a 2 children. One 13, and one 6mos. We didn’t think we could have another baby and 12 years later we had our baby girl. My husband is one brave man to endure this all over again at our age. Sleepless nights, changing diapers, cleaning up throw up, and working a job that requires 14 hours a day 6 days a week and still has the time to be an involved father going to ball games, school functions and doing bath time and reading stories!

  711. Camille A. says:

    To All Parents like my husband and myself who are raising a child with special needs. No one can truly know what it is like to worry on a daily basis if your son or daughter will make it in this world once you are gone.

  712. Pam says:

    My daughter – I love how she runs into new experiences and never holds back on having a good time and participating in everything!

  713. Melissa says:

    The bravest person I know is my son….he has no fear, his curiousity blooms everyday, he has nothing to loose, and is still so full of innocense.!

  714. Shelley says:

    My sweet 1 year old baby Sarah : )

  715. SarahJ says:

    My husband! He is a police officer & volunteer fire fighter and faces things every day that I can’t even imagine! He proudly does his job in the face of danger and I’m proud he’s mine!

  716. SarahJ says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! sarahjarnagin

  717. Kari says:

    My mom – two time breast cancer survivor and wonderful single mom!

  718. teresa b says:

    The bravest person I know is my daughter…She’s only 15 years old now but she is fearless, determined, strong willed, outgoing and courageous. Ever since she was a little girl I’ve always said her life theme song was from the Mia Hamm & Michael Jordan Commercial with the music playing in the background of .. anything you can do I can do better. I’m so proud of her and I am enjoying the journey of watching her growing into a beautiful young woman.

  719. The bravest person I know is my best friend. She has walked such a rough road and yet still shines God’s glory in all she does. She is such a light for Him, always.

  720. shannon torres says:

    The bravest people I know are the men and women that are defending our freedom over seas. :)

  721. Sara B. says:

    My son. He had ADD — you can practically see neurotransmitters firing in the air above his head — and pervasive anxiety. With all that, he has started several new schools, makes new friends and has an insatiable love of learning. I love his courage and curiosity.

  722. Shannon says:

    My friend Nancy is. She gave birth naturally to 3 boys (one of which was breech), survived a bitter divorce from a man who wanted nothing to do with the kids. She raised them completely on her own. Helped her middle child go through addiction and rehab, is helping her older child with his battle of bi-polar disease, and is teaching her youngest to use his wings and fly on his own … all the while battling her own demons of manic depression (her best friend was brutally murdered last year) and addiction (she passed her 2 years sober anniversary on Oct. 3rd!).

    I’m so proud of her and her brave soul.

  723. teresa b says:

    Posted on FB

  724. Cristy says:

    Ok, I’m entering this for my friend Shannon. She is a beautiful mother of 3 young kiddos. About a year and a half ago she was diagnosed w/a super rare form of cancer in her hip. After giong thruogh various tests and chemo she ended up having to have half of her hip/pelvic bone removed. Through more chemo and physical terapy she has regained the ability to walk (apparently the scar tissue from the procedure builds up enough to help her support her weight) but the cancer has come back in her lungs and vertebrae She has tried several different types of chemo, lost her hair twice traveled great distances to get the best care she can find. She is literally battling for her life and never complains.

  725. Denise says:

    My ten year old neice just broke her femur bone- 8 hours before seeing a dr and go a full day and a half before surgery. Now she has a rod in her leg, is walking with a walker and needs an adult to help her go to the bathroom. We all know how ten year olds need their privacy! She is toughed out the pain and is staying positive.

  726. Bethany says:

    The bravest person I know would have to be my mom.. she has faced so many challenges in her life, the breast cancer at 22, the loss of my father and still managed to raise 3 wonderful children. she is my hero and every day I am proud to call her mine.

  727. Brianna says:

    I feel as I’m blessed to know many brave people. It’s incredibly hard to choose just one! I think I’ll just leave it vague and say that the many friends I have who have sacrificed an easy, comfortable, affluent life to step out and adopt waiting children. Many of these children are older, have medical needs etc. and yet these families are so committed to healing and helping their child. I am so humbled by their lives.

  728. Beth G. says:

    The bravest person I know is Hannah Kelly. Hannah was diagnosed with cancer in her arm a 3.5 years ago. She and her family lived in the Ronald McDonald house in Rochester Minnesota while she underwent surgery, chemo and radiation … This brave little girl is now in 8th grade, and thriving, while coping with the loss of some functions of her arm.

    Thanks for the giveaway! You’re awesome Lisa!

  729. Denissa says:

    My husband :)

  730. Nora Dugan says:

    the bravest person i know is my husband. he is always very optimistic unlike me.

  731. rebecca says:

    Right now I would say MYSELF :-)
    In December I’ll have three kids under 3!
    Wow! I can’t believe it myself!

  732. Kerrie Kaufmann says:

    the bravest person I know is my dad. He is celebrating 3 years of being cancer free. He had Ocular Melanoma and lost his eye. He is still going strong though. He works, drives and makes windsor chairs. He is a godly example of a man of strength and wisdom. He is so brave to be out living life!

  733. Tiffany says:

    My mom. She had, fought and beat breast cancer… love that lady!

  734. knmkendall says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! The bravest person I know is the mom of our foster baby. She is brave enough to release her children knowing it is what is best for them, even though her own heart is breaking.

  735. Helen says:

    It is a bit redundant…but my mom (and dad too!) At the beginning of the year, they found themselves with both their remaining parents living with them with sudden illnesses…after countless doctor visits and lots of time on their knees…they both went to be with the Lord in these last few months…it has been immeasurable…but they continue to encourage all of us in the midst of their fatigue and grief.

  736. Penny says:

    That would have to be my son. He’s 10 and has ADHD/Asperger’s and every day presents challenges for him. He’s old enough now to know he’s different, but he never gives up. I tell him often that I’m proud to be his mom!

  737. becca says:

    The bravest person I know… son’s best friend, Sammy. He’s 4 years old. When he was in the womb, he was diagnosed with spina bifida. The Doctors told his Mom to abort. She refused.

    Beautiful Sammy was born in 2006, whisked into surgery after surgery and has defied so many odds I just cry at the thought. Things the Doctor said he’d never do that he CAN DO: walk (with a walker), talk, eat, hear, see, play, live without pain.

    He was diagnosed with epilepsy and possibly diabetes recently. When they left the hospital he told them he had a nice stay and had alot of fun.

    He is such a blessing to me and I love him SO much.

  738. Ann says:

    My son is the bravest person I know. He is almost 3 and may soon be diagnosed with being somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Things are much harder for him to learn and he has difficulty communicating with us. Hoping and praying for the best for my son.

  739. Pat says:

    My husband is a very brave man! We have many challenges here with our son who has some very special needs. My husband helps to keep us all “together” when the tough gets tougher.

  740. Robin says:

    Today…the bravest person I know is my uncle who passed away this morning from misery to glory after a long fight with cancer. Coming in at a close second would be his wife and my grandmother who will miss his presence the very most!

  741. amy jane says:

    my mom!

  742. B Smith says:

    Without a doubt, my husband. Strong. Confident. Peacemaker. Brave. Period. Fabulous.

    **Great meeting you today :)

  743. Traci says:

    My co-worker Sheree is the bravest person I know. Her husband and son serve in the military and were stationed in Iraq at the same time two years ago. While they were gone, she took care of their homes and assitted with her husbands business, and managed to do her job in a top notch way. She recently found out her husband has been recalled to Afghanistan and her son is going back to Iraq. She says she is not brave, but does what she has to do. I don’t think I could even function worrying about them both! I admire her for her bravery and courage, and I would like to give a necklace to tell her so.

  744. Margaret T. says:

    I am a hospice nurse and I took care of a 7 year old girl with multiple sclerosis. I learned so much about LIVING and being brave from that tiny girl.

  745. janie says:

    My dad. Visiting him today on day 4 of his chemo and he’s dealing with it soooo much better than I thought he would. It’s just the rest of us that are falling apart xx

  746. Shana says:

    My mom….over the years she has been through so much and always came out on top to be stronger. I admire her strength, nothing can get her down.

  747. eryn says:

    Luke Jensen, a family friend of ours, recently lost his battle with AML Leukemia. Luke was such a brave little boy, who’s hope was in the Lord. His family continues each day, bravely putting one foot in front of the other :)

  748. Karen says:

    My 18 year old daughter is the bravest person I know. At age 6 she was diagnosed with lyme disease and babesiosis. Her diagnosis was delayed which caused years of complications and lots of treatment. As a result of being infected with 2 tick borne illnesses she does not have a strong immune system and has been hospitalized several times for what should be minor illnesses. While in high school we found out that her tibias grew improperly and had to be rotated. This involved cutting the bones in half and holding them in the correct position with rods and screws. It took 2 years and 4 very painful surgeries. Unfortunately, because the lyme disease affected her peripheral nervous system, each time she had surgery she suffered from months of severe nerve pain that could not be controlled. What amazes me is her positive attitude, sheer bravery and her willingness to undergo surgery despite the fact that she knows how painful it would be. Her legs and knees have large scars from the surgeries but she does not try to hide them. Seeing her suffer has been unbearable. This would have stopped me in my tracks…I’m sure of it. But she is more determined than ever to press on and find a way to make the world a better place. She is now a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in biology and has decided to dedicate her life to cancer research. I would give this necklace to her so she could have a daily reminder of how brave she is.

  749. Debbie says:

    Definitely my husband! He married me even knowing all my faults!

  750. Megan says:

    The bravest person I know is my friend Jen. Jordan was born with ambiotic band syndrome. It is rare. She has undergone about 10 surgeries in her 4 years. Her hands, her feet, her face were all affected by this band that wrapped around her while she was developing in Jen’s womb. Jen has put her hope in the Lord alone, and it has been so clear how she has clung to HIS word through her trials. If I win this necklace, I will give it to her. She deserves it!

  751. Megan says:

    I posted it on Facebook too!

  752. Melissa says:

    Love this new necklace!! The bravest person I know would probably be my Grandma. She has raised 5 daughters, survived one husband and one late-in-life partner and is still going strong (well…not as strong as she used to be, but hopefully she’ll be around for a while still!) We share a birthday so I’m hoping some of her courage and strength will rub off on me :)

  753. elizabeth says:

    I would have to say you.
    Being a mama of a special needs son myself ( Jonas is 4 with a mitochondrial disorder), I found your blog to be downright humbling…To see your creativity,hope,joy,beauty,vulnerability really inspires me to see my life for what it really is. BEAUTIFUL! I have a tendency to feel slightly victimish and overwhelmed, stumbling upon your blog has really given me inspiration and when I am down it has been wonderfully refreshing and fun to check in on you and your family. You are awesome, Thank you!

  754. Melissa says:

    My aunt, who lost her husband, the love of her life, to cancer.

  755. amy says:

    Gosh, for some reason that’s a tough question to answer. I have never really given it that much thought. I would have to say that it’s my Dad. Seven years ago he had to have quadruple bypass surgery. Facing that was terrifying for me, I could only imagine what it was like for him. Since then, he has had a lot of issues with his health, and through it all he perseveres and to quote my favorite movie, he ‘keeps on swimming’.

  756. Kristin says:

    Right now, my sister came to my mind….she’s been through a lot in the past several years, but last year she decided to try to make a career for herself and go back to school in nursing. She has some learning challenges, so this is harder for her than the ‘average’ person so it’s been really tough. She doesn’t live near any of the rest of our family and has no support in that way…she’s doing it on her own. Last week, she had a final where if she didn’t do really well, she wouldn’t pass the class and she’d get kicked out of the program….well, she studied so hard, and I prayed like crazy for her and she got an A on the test!!! Whoo hoo!

  757. Lisa says:

    The bravest person I know is my 12 year old son Garrett who has undergone 3 open heart surgeries! He is my hero and my miracle boy. He has had to endure so much in his short life and never have I once heard him complain or say life it isn’t fair! He was only born with half of a funcitoning heart but lives his life like he has a full heart! Lisa I have been following your blog and know what you are getting ready to go through! Trust in God with all your heart and I know he will take care of your boy! That is how I have made it through the last 12 years. I have had to fully trust God and give him my boy to watch over! I won’t lie open heart surgery is scary but we have the lord on our side!

  758. my husband, without doubt. for many reasons, but mostly because he gets up every morning and chooses to serve God. i love that.

  759. YBeltran says:

    The bravest person I know is my mother – cancer survivor. single mother, all around beautiful embodiment of courage.

  760. Chris says:

    My friend Sue. She puts her mind to something and does it. She wanted to do the iron man and didn’t know how to swim but she learned and finished the iron man.

  761. Tiffany says:

    The bravest person I know right now is my friend Lisa, who was just given a fatal diagnosis for her second child. He is currently 20 weeks in utero, we are praying constantly for him and for her.

  762. Tiffany says: