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big, big giveaway {closed}

March 9th | jewelry, weddings

we introduced the ‘my treasure’ necklace last month and we’ve been thrilled with incredible response. this little necklace really captures the simple, everyday sentiment of love and friendship.

we think it’s a perfect bridesmaid’s gift. but really, it’s great for any girl!

the little glass jar with hearts captures the sweet idea of treasuring every moment and being grateful for the love and friendship that make life so much richer!

and of course, you can customize each piece to make it even more meaningful! chose a special name, word or date and make it a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

we are giving away a my treasure necklace to FIVE lucky winners!

{{just leave a comment and tell us your favorite way to use mason jars}}

you can enter up to 3 extra times! please leave a comment for each entry!

blog about the giveaway, post on your facebook page and/or tweet about it!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED {thank you!!}

1,532 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    I love to put candy in them!!! :)

  2. Melanie S says:

    I like to use Mason jars to put cooking ingredients like flour, sugar and cornstarch in them.

  3. Kim J says:

    to put flowers in!!

  4. Melanie S says:

    I also use them to put craft items.

  5. Kathleen says:

    We gather all our spare change in mason jars. To us, they’re worth quite a lot :)

  6. Kim J says:

    posted it on facebook!

  7. Melanie S says:

    I used one to put all my daughter’s ponytail holders and barrettes in another one.

  8. Nichole says:

    to put leftovers in…I am so unoriginal. :)

  9. kristin says:

    Mason Jars = Bubble Gum, Sea Shells, Change and
    my daughter Bella uses them to store her “mini lala loopsy dolls”….
    Mason Jars ROCK!!!

  10. Sarah says:

    I use them to freeze delicious summer ripe berries, so that we can enjoy their sweet goodness in the middle of winter too. Gotta have blueberry pancakes!!

  11. Ayah says:

    I like to drink out of them!

  12. Laurie says:

    mmmm my favourite is to put the ingredients for soup and have my students take it home for a mother’s day gift!

  13. Valerie says:

    My favourite way to use mason jars is to fill them with home made jam of course!

    They also look pretty lined up in a row filled with ribbons :)

  14. Cara says:

    To hold cotton balls and q-tips.

  15. Kelly H-Y says:

    During the summer months, we keep mason jars filled with gorgeous hydrangeas on the indoor and patio table. They’re so great to use for birthday parties, etc. too … a simple, quick, classic table pick-me-up!

  16. I love to use mason jars for flowers vases! Especially to put daisies in.

  17. Megan Boragine says:

    oh my gosh. i’m the first one to post…! fun! old mason jars = my weakness. my favorite way is to group or line-up different sizes (height/mouth size) and color (clear or blue) and put a single flower in each one. i especially like it on our kitchen table. i love mason jars <3 megan

  18. Trena says:

    I love them as drinking glasses. Reminds when I was a little girl and we had sweet tea and lemonade. Good ole days!

  19. Kristin says:

    We love to can veggies & applesauce in them :) And we also like to drink out of them!!! Mason jars are cute to decorate with too!!!!

  20. Laurie says:

    buttons buttons buttons….there is nothing more fun than sifting through my jar of buttons when I am completing a knitting project :)

  21. Jennay says:

    I love to drink sweet tea in them!!

  22. Linda says:

    Love mason jars…with just about anything in them…I think my favorite thing to put in them is probably flowers.

  23. Cindy says:

    I use some of mine as flower vases.

  24. Amy says:

    I’d use mason jars for fresh flowers or to fill with homemade salsa. :)

  25. Laurie says:

    Raspberry jam, strawberry jam, peach jam, stewed rhubarb……mmmmmmm I cannot wait for summer!

  26. Cara says:

    Posted it on facebook.

  27. Megan Boragine says:

    oops. guess i wasn’t the first! haha! technology!

    2nd entry: at christmas I get my biggest/tallest clear mason jar with a cool lid and fill it with green and red m-n-m’s. pretty. practical. yummy.

  28. laura says:

    i love to put flowers in mason jars. it’s so fresh and cute!

  29. Marsha says:

    I use my jars to mix vinaigrette in, hold sea shells, pinecones, cotton balls, Q tips, candles, flowers, they are well used at my house!

  30. Ashley D says:

    I like making cup cakes and layering parts of the cupcake and icing and depends on the type fruit in mason jars. So I can send them on a lunch and they are the perfect size for a mid day treat!

  31. Nicole Denette says:

    I use them for extra buttons! Looks so pretty with all the different colors of buttons!

  32. I love sorting my classroom crayons and colored pencils in them! It’s pretty and functional!

  33. Afie McRae says:

    I agree with Ayah, I love to drink out of them. I also love fresh freezer jam in them.

  34. Megan Boragine says:

    posted on fb :)

  35. Tammy says:

    we buy canned goods from a local farm,,,I use the jars to send leftovers home with the kids,,,and then they have extra drinking glasses…

  36. Chrissy says:

    I love to put flowers in them, splenda in one for my coffee

  37. Anne says:

    I use them to store leftovers. I wish I were more creative!

  38. I like to put items from my pantry in them….sugar, salt, etc….it makes me feel organized!

  39. emily says:

    love the necklace! right now, i have some flowers in a mason jar, our toothbrushes in a mason jar, and some leftovers.

  40. i retweeted it!


  41. christie oconnor says:

    So pretty with sea glass!

  42. Kelsi says:

    I always drink from them! But also I store colored pencils, rocks, seashells and all my dried goods in the pantry.

  43. Kalee says:

    I love to hot glue sea glass on mason jars and then wrap a sturdy wire around the top rim. Then I put a tealight inside, hang them outdoors and they glow with the hues of the ocean.

  44. ann in indy says:

    I love to put tulips in my mason jars. M & M’s. Pencils, buttons…..I even actually can in my jars (tomato, beans, jelly, jams)

  45. Robin M. says:

    I love to put “seasonal” candy in them.

  46. Robin M. says:

    Office supplies are easy to see and organize in them.

  47. Megan Boragine says:

    okay. 3rd post.

    I have a blue mason jar on my white bedside table that is about 1/2 full of old glass (kind of diamond looking) drawer pulls. i love it.

  48. Linda says:

    I also like to use them for craft supply storage.

  49. Manda says:

    I love Mason jars for storage (I have ones full of pesto in my fridge and others filled with special rocks and shells around the house), but my favorite use for them reveals the country girl in me: I love drinking out of them best!

  50. trish says:

    i love filling ’em with white stones!

  51. Anette says:

    LoVe it!! Mason jars? What are they NOT good for? I love to use them to store dry nuts and lentils in. It is called uniformity people. At least something in my life is in “order”! :)

  52. Mary says:

    I love putting flowers in them!

  53. Linda says:

    Using them for seasonal themes would be fun too! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your necklaces.

  54. Tammy says:

    I keep them in our camper,,great firefly catcher :) wildflower holder,,,sea shells,,,treasure holder !!!

  55. Carol says:

    I make homemade plum jam.

  56. Mary says:

    Just tweeter about your giveaway :)

  57. Anette says:

    Aaaand, there ya have it…via Twitter at: @justanette

  58. i use mason jars as glasses at all my parties… i always add a ribbon with a cute little name tag so you can always remember which drink is yours :)

  59. jan Hoefler says:

    We make our own Sage chicken rub. We put it in simply decorated. Mason jars with recipes for gifts.

  60. Robin M. says:

    We put game pieces that have been lost inside. Everyone puts them there when they’ve been found. We keep the jar with the games and when we find a game with a missing piece we go to the “jar of misfit game pieces” and see if it’s been found yet.

  61. Julie says:

    I love to use them for little trinkets, they work great for anything.
    I am crossing my fingers. This is one of my absolute favorite designs of yours.

  62. Jaime A says:

    We love to drink out of them, use them for flowers, put small items such my girls array of beads in them and most of all we like to put homemade pickled okra, bread & butter and crunchy sweet pickles in them.

  63. Lisa says:

    Right now I have a blue one on my mantle holding some berry branches with sweet little fabric birds sitting in the branches. I love the light blue color.

  64. Kelly Morley says:

    I like using mason jars to store my 6 y.o. son’s little teeny tiny lego pieces. :-)

  65. i’m making some into patio lights to use in the summer. More to come on the blog later.

    and of course, drinking from them. Love it.

  66. Ingrid says:

    I like to use mason jars for things that would otherwise end up in my junk drawer – all sorts of odds and ends look surprisingly cute in one.

  67. Kelsi says:

    We put them on our bathroom countertops and store our toothpaste and tooth brushes in them.

  68. Jen says:

    we use them for summertime drinks like sweet tea and lemonade!

  69. MaryDK says:

    My favorite thing to do with mason jars it’s to put ingredients for yummy homemade recipes for cookies or soup to give away to friends during the holidays.

  70. Summer says:

    I love mason jars! I actually made over 50 mason jar lanterns for my wedding using wire. You simply wrap the wire around the lip of the jar then make a wire ‘handle’ to hang. I filled the bottoms with some sand, some sea glass bits and a votive candle. We hung them from the trees and the fence posts at our backyard reception. They lent a very magical and romantic candle lit glow to our celebration. I actually managed to find many vintage mason jars at thrift stores all over town for .50 to 1.00 each. We still have several of the mason jar lanterns and bring them out regularly for parties – what a wonderful reminder of our special day.

  71. Janet says:

    I like to make cookies-in-a-jar for other people!

  72. Kelsi says:

    My daughter stores her little treasures in them: beads, magnets, her favorite paintbrush, a few stray collected rocks…

  73. MaryDK says:

    Added a link to your blog on my FB page.

  74. Kelly B. says:

    There are so many great uses for mason jars… drinking out of them always reminds me of childhood! Colored pencils look awesome in them.

    The new necklace is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for the chance to win one.

  75. Cristy says:

    cool iced tea… yeah body.

  76. Cristy says:

    sorry… baby…. not body.

  77. angie says:

    I use mason jars for homemade pickles! :)

  78. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my gosh! What a fun question because lately one of my favorite things have been mason jars! My favorite way to use my jar is to put flowers in it {currently I have ranniculas in it.} and put it on my sink because I don’t have a kitchen window to look out {boo!} so they cheer me up and make me feel happy while I pretend I am looking out into my backyard with flowers….hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  79. Janet says:

    I LOVE fresh flowers in my mason jars!!!!

  80. Heather H says:

    There’s a lady from my hometown that makes great ‘homemade’ soy candles in mason jars. LOVE them! Thank you for a chance to win!

  81. Sandy says:

    I use my blue ones to store my paint brushes on my art desk.

  82. Traci Lauderdale says:

    Lisa- My husband LOVES to make his homemade HOT SAUCE and keep in mason jars! Our frig is stocked!

  83. I use mine to store beautiful star fish as an adornment in my bathroom. I also put pegs in one on a shelf in my laundry room – makes a nice colourful addition to my room. Another one holds my soap powder. And off course all the usual storage of herbs, spices and flour.

  84. Heather H says:

    Loving Summer’s idea for mason lanterns, will have to try that soon. Necklace is adorable, my daughter is so hoping to ‘win’ one:)

  85. angie says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! :) ang_EP (I used your twitter name in the post)

  86. angie says:

    I posted it on Facebook as well! (Angie Patterson) – one of your friends. :)

  87. mary says:

    in the south, mason jars are used for sweet tea! :) i also use mine for my paint brushes. :)

  88. MaryDK says:

    Added a post of your giveaway to my blog.

  89. Lauren says:

    I love to use them as vases :)

  90. Janae says:

    I love to use them for decorating. They have such a rustic vintage look.

  91. tammy says:

    i like to use them for canning homemade spaghetti sauce and green beans….thinking of using them to store my knitting needles.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  92. tammy says:

    i posted on facebook…

  93. Amber r says:

    Eve though I haven’t done it- I love the idea of storing buttons in mason jars. I would love to do canning but I don’t have the time! Thanks for the great giveaway- I love all your designs!!!

  94. Maureen says:

    I use one to store all of my extra buttons so I don’t lose them.

  95. Jen G... says:

    We hold a lot of art supplies in mason jars! I really love fresh flowers in my old vintage mason jars! Fun question…thanks!

  96. Chas says:

    Mason Jars are a BIG item in my house. We can in them in the Summer, once they are emptied, they are used for drinking glasses. I store grain and beans in them. I put flowers in them when I cut some out of the garden or honey brings some home to me. Older ones line my shelves as decorations or hold bath salts in the bathroom. They are a necessity in this house of ours.

  97. When my husband gives me a bouquet of flowers, I take 2 or 3 buds and cut them short and place them in a mason jar, then place the jar on my nightstand. That way, when I wake up, a little bit of the bouquet is right there. :)

  98. Jennifer says:

    I love to use them as crafty supplies :) Thanks for the chance! Love this new necklace!

  99. megan says:

    definitely for drinking glasses! i am a southern gal :)

  100. Krista says:

    loving these necklaces! a friend of mine is getting married. I should direct her here for bridesmaids gifts!It doesn’t hurt that i’m one of those bridesmaids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Anna D. says:

    I like to use mason jars for beans, grains, and such. :)

  102. megan says:

    tweeted about it!

  103. Chas says:

    I tweeted too… Btw, I didn’t even mention how I use them in my sewing area. :)
    Buttons, rick rack, bias tape, safety pins… did I mention buttons? <3

  104. Amy says:

    What a very special and beautiful necklace! I love to use antique mason jars (specifically those with the old zinc tops) to store buttons and embroidery thread in!

  105. Dorothy says:

    I used them to display cut flowers. X them.

  106. Kat says:

    I love using them for holiday decorations… candy corn for halloween, red & green m&m’s for christmas, pretty leaves in the fall, and beautiful flowers in the spring!

  107. Bekah Moser says:

    storage of everything–buttons, candy, you name it.

  108. Dorothy says:

    I am converting one to use for a soap dispenser.

  109. Karen S says:

    I mostly use them as vases during the summer and to put my shells from the beach in them.

  110. I have such a deep love for mason jars!! My favorite new application…cupcakes in a jar!


  111. Dorothy says:

    I use them as candleholders for tealights. Very pretty. :)

  112. Heather says:

    I make salad dressing in them…balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a bit of spicy mustard, minced shallot, salt/pepper and shake it up! :)

  113. Angie says:

    love putting fresh flowers in them :)

  114. Karen H says:

    I use them for everything, but I love collecting my change in it to give away at Christmas time!

  115. Colleen says:

    I use my jars mostly for their intended purpose… Canning everything – vegetables, fruits, jams, soup, juice, etc. I learned to can with my grandma, so every time I do it I am reminded of her!

  116. Kat says:

    Just facebook’d!

  117. Flowers, colored pencils, crayons, seashells and sea glass. I think I am going to start storing my girls paint brushes too :) Thanks for doing this lisa!

  118. Tamara says:

    i usually use them as a flower vase…or to put silverware in when i have a serve-yourself buffet. i like the idea of the person above me…as a candleholder for tealights. i haven’t tried that yet! thanks dorothy!

  119. Erin says:

    hmmmmm. . . . it’s a toss up! Storing buttons, displaying knitting needles, holding art supplies. My five year old uses them for drinking glasses!

  120. My absolute fave for mason jars is storing all of my colorful buttons! My grandma always used old tins but I like being able to see them all right in front of me!

  121. janet says:

    I use mason jars to catch fire flies in the summer. I also use them for cotton balls in the bathroom.

  122. Beata says:

    Great childhood memories growing up in Europe, we used mason jars for fruits and vegetables from my grandparents farm…for the snowy winters.

  123. Jody says:

    I like them for holding art supplies!

  124. Marianne says:

    My favorite ways: storing leftovers (wide-mouth pint), freezing stuff (same), lamp bases (quart and 2 quart), storing rice and pasta (2 quart). I would love to win!

  125. Kelly says:

    I have vintage blue mason jars from my gram’s kitchen on top of my cupboards in my kitchen. :) They’re the perfect reminder of my amazing gram! :)

  126. Amanda says:

    Mason jars are for freshly picked flowers, for ice cold lemonade, for Nanny’s leftovers.

  127. Nichole says:

    I use them to store just about anything! Paint brushes, buttons, crayons, you name it!

  128. BethG says:

    Drinking lemonaide out of them! :)

  129. Dyan says:

    I love using mason jars for keeping lots of paintbrushes handy and all in one great place!

  130. Rhonda says:

    I love to use them at Christmas time with sand and a candle inside lining my sidewalk. Love it!

  131. Jessica Jacobs says:

    I like to drink sweet tea out of them. I also have some in my room- one holds antique keys and another has quarters for my laundry.

  132. Angie says:

    I use it to put the small items for my arts and craft, i put pencil or pens at my office and use it as a base for my flowers in my bedroom. :)

  133. Kathy Z. says:

    A Mason jar is perfect for a handful of daisies, especially from a grubby little boy!!

  134. Danielle J. says:

    Mason jars for yummy homemade jam!! How perfect is that :)

  135. Jennifer D says:

    I love to put dandlion’s that my girls pick for me.

  136. Danielle J. says:

    I tweeted!

  137. Christi Castillo says:

    I put glass beads them when the kids are good – when the jars are full they get $10 to buy a new toy.

  138. Jennifer D says:

    Use them for fireflies when we are camping!

  139. Erin G says:

    I love to can apple butter in mason jars. I also store some of my spice rack items in mason jars.

  140. Christi Castillo says:

    My favorite gift to receive is homemade jelly in them.

  141. Tricia says:

    Mine are empty! Hmmm..wonder what that says about me?? I just love the jars themselves….

  142. Peggy K says:

    When I cut from my garden, it’s my favorite vase!

    Love these necklaces!

  143. Kim says:

    Canning!! hehe

  144. Kim says:

    oh and they are the best for drinking ice tea!

  145. We will be using them to hold candy (yellow) as part of the table centerpieces at my sister’s upcoming wedding!

  146. Kathy Z. says:

    I use Mason jars for flowers, buttons, spools of thread, knitting needles, bobbins, notions, mararoni, flowers, sand and seashells, and special rocks.

  147. Joan says:

    I don’t use mason jars… I don’t have any at all….LOL Must be the only one in the world who doesn’t…but I love your jewelry……..

  148. Michelle says:

    My husband keeps dirt from the yard of the house he grew up in. So sentimental.

  149. Tricia says:

    I just posted on facebook!!

  150. Kristi Anderson says:

    My family’s favorite thing to do with mason jars is to collect change for my daughters. My father started this when my 5 year old, Addisyn, was born. My two girls now have a collection of fun jars full of change. Some with collector coins, as Grandpa is an avid coin collector. Some day those coins will help pay for their college educations. For now, they make cute decorations that are useful as well!!

  151. Janelle Eller says:

    I love fresh flowers or marbles!

  152. Angela F. says:

    I love drinking tea out of them, or putting rocks and candles inside, or craft supplies!

  153. Peggy K says:

    Just posted on FB

  154. Lindsey clark says:

    I use the really small ones to store some of my jewelry and I also use them for my kiddos snacks!!

  155. missy says:

    I love storing buttons and laces in mason jars. We also every Christmas make up Cookies in Jar and Bean Medley soups in a jar. Not to mention Iced Tea in the summertime.

  156. Courtney says:

    They’re really great for “southern drinks.” Think sweet tea or a mixed drink with whiskey!

  157. Alecia kleiner says:

    I use mason jars for everthing. We lalalove them around here. My daughter is getting married next month and we are using the short squatty ones to hold candy for the ice cream sundae bar! I love you jewelry Lisa–it is soo lovely.

    xoxo from seattle

  158. kelly says:

    I LOVE THESE! What a sweet reminder with the little jar of hearts to capture and remember every moment.

    I use mason jars to hold candles! (well and for canning. =0) but I during the winter months, I put white sand in the bottom of a jar, then a candle, then wrap rafia or some type of ribbon around it. =0)

  159. On a hot summer day, I think it is so cute to use them to serve lemonade in (my husband prefers a cold beer), but you get the point! :)

  160. Cathy says:

    1. for berry jam! Yum….
    2. for flowers and put them on the sill…..lovely

  161. Kodi says:

    Love to drink sweet tea out of Mason jars!

  162. Adrianne P says:

    Flowers, candy or candles!

  163. tara says:

    We store vintage marbles in them!

  164. ASH says:

    I love putting flowers in them! So simple and pretty.

  165. Kodi says:

    I use them to store practical items like q-tips :)

  166. rachel says:

    i love to use them as candle holders

  167. Kathryn says:

    I love old mason jars… I have my grandmother’s old vintage blue ball jars that she used for flower and sugar on her counter…They are so pretty. I love to put flowers in them…decorate the table with them, put candy in them, anything. They have so many uses!!

  168. Marie says:

    Fireflies! But I am completely smitten with some of the other submissions.

  169. Kodi says:

    I also think they’re adorable little vases!

  170. Suzanne says:

    I like using Mason jars to store buttons… they looks bright and pretty!!

  171. Jill says:

    I most love to fill them with treats to give to others…strawberries for a neighbor, cookies for a special friend or even crafty things for a teacher!

  172. cynzano says:

    I put all of my flour, sugar, rice, and special spice mixes in mason jars.

  173. Patti says:

    I like to fill them with sand and put a votive candle in them.

  174. VickiS says:

    I love making mini pies in them to give away over the holidays or put mixes in them for various drinks or baking for fun everyday no reason kind of gifts

  175. Denise says:

    I store old vintage buttons in mine…my daughter and I sell our vegetables at our local farmers market….we take cuttings of our flowers out of my flower garden, put them in a Mason jar, tie twine around the jar and sell them. THEY are always a bit hit!

  176. Rachael B says:

    It’s a tie between using them to store candy or fresh flowers, love the necklace!

  177. Katy says:

    i like to put q-tips and cotton balls in smaller ones for the bathrooms.

    love the necklace!

  178. Sarah-Anne says:

    we use mason jars to drink out of and i think it is so clever!!

  179. Jessica says:

    I love gerber daisies and they look even more beautiful in a mason jar! Thanks!

  180. Linda says:

    fresh flowers and coffee beans. I love the necklace.

  181. Ann says:

    I make homemade granola and give as gifts. Store baking supplies in the pantry. My favourite one at present has two big fluffy dried hydrangea blooms in it.

  182. Allison says:

    Every year my dad plants a garden and spends all summer growing delicious homegrown vegetables. Once everything is ready, we have several canning weekends and my parents and I spent hours in the kitchen filling mason jars with salsa, pickles and green beans to name a few. So mason jars make me think of the time spent with my parents and the delicious food we enjoy all year long!

  183. Barbie says:

    I keep my favorite flavor of jelly bellies, in a mason jar.

  184. Jessica Dawn says:

    I like to make cute lanterns out of them and hang them in trees during the summer!

  185. Tonya says:

    I don’t think there’s anything you can’t use mason jars for…q-tips/cotton balls in the bathroom, pens/pencils on a desk, flowers on the table, lemonade at a picinic, etc, etc, etc!

    This necklace reminds me of my mom…she has a huge collection of mason jars all filled w/some of her favorite things…puzzle pieces, buttons, tiny spools of thread, shells.

  186. Megan LaBelle says:

    I use mine to store all of my pretty buttons in a multitude of colors!

  187. Marni G says:

    Buttons! I also think they make the best flower vases too.

  188. babi says:

    My mason jars are vintage and of course, I keep in there all my vintage laces and buttons. Thanks for this! I can’t wait to see who wins it!

  189. Marni G says:

    Just posted on facebook :)

    Just realized I use them a lot at Christmas for gifts…cookie or soup jars :)

  190. Sara K. says:

    When I was little my brothers and I would use them to store bugs that we caught. Ick! Now I use them to store stuff or put a candle in for decoration.

  191. Vickie says:

    Love putting shells/rocks/etc. in and a votive

  192. Jan Mason says:

    Since our last name is Mason and we have a precious grandson whose first name is Mason — we love Mason jars! And I actually use them for drinking glasses when we picnic and I have Mason jar salt-and-pepper shakers, I guess we use them a lot. Mostly i use my Mason (*grandson) for hugging.

    LOVE these necklaces and would love to have one!

  193. Amy says:

    Love this necklace. I can think of so many people I would want to give one to. We just used mason jars as center pieces at my sister-in-laws wedding. It was perfect!!!

  194. Nichole says:

    Mason jars are best filled with homemade butterscotch sauce! :)

  195. Vickie says:

    My other favorite use would be getting homemade jam from my mom and grandmom in them :)

  196. Julianna says:

    I like drinking out of them! Like at Tahoe Joes.

  197. Rebecca W says:

    sweet giveaway!!
    favorite for mason jars is as vases for flowers….next favorite…canned dill pickles.

  198. rhea says:

    definitely sand and a candle! ok – i am ready for summer!!!! lol!

  199. Halley says:

    I love the vintage blue mason jars best of all! This week I used it to force some beautiful yellow forsythia to bloom and bring a little bit of Spring into my living room. The contrast of the blue and yellow is beautiful!

  200. Natalie says:

    At my house, we make homemade chicken and beef stock and freeze it in mason jars :) yum!

  201. rhea says:

    i would so love to win!!! i use mason jars for flowers picked from my garden!

  202. Courtney H says:

    I use them for putting all the coins I have collected from my travels to different places. I love looking at the jar and remembering my adventures :)

  203. Halley says:

    Tweeted your giveaway! Also love to use them with little white lights in them. What’s prettier than a bunch of little mason jars flickering away in the evening?

  204. rhea says:

    buttons! we always have buttons all over the house, especially with six kids. thanks for the chance to win.

  205. Amy says:

    I love the way paintbrushes look coming out of a Mason jar.

  206. Ari says:

    My favorite way to use mason jars is to put cupcakes and frosting in them! My best friend made them with adorable bows for my baby shower. She is wonderful!

  207. Dawn says:

    Homemade applesauce!!!

  208. Halley says:

    Facebooked it! Mason jars hold all the flowers my kids pick all spring and summer and give to me with such pride on their faces!

  209. Danielle says:

    I love using mason jars as vases to put flowers in! They make great table decorations. Or mason jars are perfect as drinking glasses! So fun!

  210. Lola P says:

    I use mason jars to put ribbon and buttons :)

  211. Laura says:

    Flower vases!

  212. Donna says:

    I made a thankful jar for our family, in which during the week anyone can add a piece of paper, stating what they were thankful for that week. We read the contents of the jar each Sunday during family dinner.

  213. Anita T says:

    I love to use them for drinking tea, shaking up a delightful dressing, holding buttons, honeysuckle starters and much more! Mason Jars are the best~!

  214. lizibeth says:

    storing pasta, rice and other dry goods :)
    they all look so pretty lined up on the shelf!

  215. Jeannie says:

    I use pint ones for the kids drinking glasses. We don’t use plastic, and these are far less breakable than our regular glasses. I use large jars for storing EVERYTHING – dry beans, pasta, granola, leftovers…you name it. They are a staple in my life.

  216. Laura says:

    I also use them to store all those extra buttons that come with new clothes

  217. Joanie says:

    Mason Jar use #1
    flower vase

  218. I love this necklace! If I won, I would give it to my best friend who just told me this is her favorite necklace you make. I love to put buttons, fabric scraps, pens and pencils in my mason jars.

  219. EmilyL says:

    ooooo, I LOVE using mason jars as drink glasses. keep them in the freezer before guests arrive and they are so cold and fun! (i’m getting married in 17 days and would LOVE to give these to my girls!)

  220. Joanie says:

    Mason jar use #2
    cotton balls

  221. Heather says:

    I have a bunch in my kitchen cupboard holding nuts, popcorn kernels, dried fruit, etc.- love the look and practicality!

  222. Christina Warren says:

    Love notes to my husband and daughters!

  223. They hold my cutie patootie buttons… one for black and white and one for pretty colors!

  224. Joanie says:

    Mason jar use #3
    Q-tips, with a cork on top

  225. janet says:

    Southern sweet tea and to catch fire flies.:)

  226. Laura says:

    I use them to store my cats treats too!

  227. Jen says:

    We use mason jars to serve cold drinks out of – perfect in the summer! We also use them to burn candles in. Love mason jars

  228. K Hutchinson says:

    To hold my paint brushes of course :)

  229. Sarah says:

    I love using mason jars for holding spices and baking supplies. It keeps everything fresh and I can see what I have.

  230. Czarina says:

    We gather our spare change in mason jars.

  231. Sarah says:

    I just posted about the giveaway on my Facebook page, too! Thanks for the chance.

  232. Lola P says:

    Posted it on FB :)

  233. I have two favourites…one is holding lavender (love the way it looks in the jar and how it smells!) and also to hold my beeswax/safflower oil mix between batches of lipbalm.

  234. mandy snow says:

    we don’t have jars like that in australia, but very similar ones, and I use them for 2 things…little tea light candles on our square country outdoor table…and….long paintbrushes…lol…these little necklaces would be a perfect gift for my one and only best frined whom i see every week, she is moving away, and i have cried enough rivers, now i am trying to see it as a place i can visit…lol…ok..thanks for the lovely give away…

  235. Lisa says:

    We drink out of them!!!

  236. Anne says:

    I wish I could say mine have fresh homemade jam in them…but not the case…just cottonballs in one and spare change in another. I could put a necklace in one though…haha! The necklace is great.

  237. Sarah says:

    I use them for everything! Flowers, q-tips, cotton balls . . .you name it! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your gorgeous necklaces!!

  238. Margie Brown says:

    I use my mason jars to store all my beans/noodles and small food items in. I love the way it looks!

  239. Christy says:

    I use tons of them, my favorite use is to collect shells & sand from every beach we’ve visited. They sit on my mantel as a reminder. I make a little handmade tag and write the location for each jar.

  240. Terri Ann says:

    I store all my grains in them!

  241. Melissa says:

    I love them to serve drinks in!

  242. Melinda says:

    I love mason jars as storage for anything that looks interesting and also to hold candles. With a little sand in the bottom they make a great place for chunky candles that won’t blow out when a little wind comes through. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  243. Kimberly Mc says:

    I love mason jars around the Christmas holidays–cut a big ( or little) branch and put in the mason jar. Then you can hang ornaments, snowflakes, Christmas crafts on the branches. In the middle of a table with fabric “puddled” and little candles, it is spectacular!

  244. Shauna Giesbrecht says:

    I use Mason jars to can with and share the delish treats inside with family and friends.

  245. Lucy says:

    This summer we will use our mason jars for catching lightning bugs to light up our room at night! Of course, we will poke holes in the tops and let them go the next morning!

  246. lesley says:

    I use my jars for holding our forks/spoons/knives /straws when we host parties at our house!

  247. Stephanie says:

    I love to fill them with my favourite homemade garden salsa!

  248. Sallie E. says:

    I am starting to use jars in my pantry to organize rice/pasta/etc. I love the way jars look. I have a couple of blue ones around the house for can tabs & in the bathroom for toothbrushes. :)

  249. Sallie E. says:

    Facebooked it.

  250. Jaymie says:

    Giving them as gifts with cookie ingredients in! Yum-o!

  251. Betsy says:

    I use them for center pieces for showers (bridal and baby). Add some candy or flowers and it’s a super cute!

  252. Molly Byrd says:

    I always put my home made peanut brittle in mason jars to give as gifts. . .especially for my Grandpa!

  253. Lucy says:

    Just shared on Facebook!

  254. Deb says:

    they are not widely available in Australia from what i have seen (or maybe i am not looking in the right places) but if i had some i think i would use them for organizing craft bits and drawing supplies or for flowers

  255. Nancy says:

    I think they are perfect for fall candy, like candy corn!

  256. Alicia says:

    I LOVE drinking sweet tea out of a mason jar! Something about it just screams “I’m from the South!” :)

  257. Katie says:

    I use mason jars for little collections around the house – buttons for the little sweaters, m & m potty training treats, mommy’s sanity coffee change, etc.

  258. Jaymie says:

    We use them to store our pencils on our desk…mason jars make everything look a little prettier!

  259. Linda says:

    I keep my cooking utensils in a mason jar on my counter

  260. Ari says:

    I tweeted :) @ariannapatrick

  261. Karen James says:

    The best thing is peach preserves, otherwise color buttons ribbons or any other bright cheering findings.


  262. corinne says:

    I love to put tea lights in them – so sweet and they don’t blow out as easily when outside!

  263. Luz Santos says:

    I have a few mason jars fillled with letters from my hubby who was then my bf 16 years ago. Including little keepsakes from all the travels we’ve shared together. Mason jars remind me of our little world filled with all the love, friendship, promises and dreams we have shared together. Seeing our memories through these jars makes me feel loved and cherished.


  264. stephanie says:

    i use 3…on the back of the toilet…one for qtips, one for lovely sented soaps, the other for puffy white cotton balls…used daily…and loved daily

  265. mason jars are perfect for pretty flowers:)

  266. Lucy says:

    retweeted on twitter!

  267. Chanda says:

    When i was a little girl my grandma would put her spare change in a mason jar , when it got full we all had a chance to guess the amount of money in the jar. Whoever got the closest to how much is in the jar got to keep the whole thing!!!! I thought that was what mason jars were made from till one summer my mom made homemade jelly! :)

  268. Ari says:

    I also posted it on my facebook page!

  269. LOVE! I’ll be using mason jars in my wedding/reception for centerpieces, candle holders, etc. They’re so versatile!

  270. Sonja says:

    i use mason jars to decorate with. i have used them as a vase to put pissywillows in them. i have some potpourri in one and mini pinecones in another right now.

  271. Moriah Sunde says:

    I love mason jars! I currently use them to store a lot of my shop supplies!

  272. alyssa says:

    I love mason jars for collections of small things like buttons.

  273. Christy says:

    So many things! Seashells, flowers…. and last year we discovered how fun it is to put m&ms in them to decorate for a baby shower! Everyone loved the look…and later on got to enjoy a tasty treat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  274. Moriah Sunde says:

    I also use them as vases for when the hubs brings me home flowers!

  275. Moriah Sunde says:

    I’ll also be using them as decoration in my children’s new nursery!

  276. Natalie Marie says:

    I love using mason jars for just about anything — adorable food storage for colorful pasta, flowers for a centerpiece, candy for a sweet bite to eat or candles for a nice evening outside!

  277. all shall be well says:

    I used 3 different sizes in an 8 x 8 baking dish and put my knives, forks, and spoons in them for when we have big family dinners.

    karen :)

  278. Holly says:

    What DARLING necklaces!!
    My favorite thing to put in mason jars are dilly beans!! {pickled greenbeans!!} YUMMY

  279. Teresa says:

    I love to use them to store candy in the cabinets!

  280. Katie Snow says:

    I’ve used them for all sorts of things over the years – drinks, flowers, extra buttons, markers, pencils. Right now I have loose change in one for first grade milk money. I love that she still wants milk every day:)

  281. I use mason jars as our drinking glasses, in my art studio to hold paint brushes and buttons, as vases, as a change collector and I am sure I will come up with more uses for them…

  282. Lisa says:

    I love putting little candles in them and setting them in my windows!

  283. sarah r. says:

    amazing giveaway!! i love to use mason jars to hold art supplies in my studio <3

  284. Lisa says:

    in a pinch, we’ll drink out of them, too!

  285. Michelle says:

    I use them for canning..storing and flowers!

  286. Lisa says:

    I love putting silverware (or plastic) in them for parties!

  287. Jen says:

    My favorite way to use a mason jar is for flowers especially sunflowers and gerber daisies!

  288. Lauren says:

    I love to use mason jars to sort out buttons by color!

  289. for drinking sweet tea of course : D

  290. Kim davis says:

    Its a tie between using for flowers and using for buttons :)

  291. Brianna says:

    I love using one as a coffee mug every morning.

  292. Arijaan says:

    I love it when a mason jar is storing my mom’s homemade jam!

  293. Shelby says:

    I love love LOVE using them for flowers!!!

  294. Shelby says:

    I tweeted it!

  295. Drinking sweet tea. Perfection.

  296. Linh C says:

    I don’t use mason jars, but I re-use salsa jars, jelly jars, and spaghetti sauce jars to store paintbrushes, pens/pencils/markers, and scrapbooking tools.

  297. kaleigh says:

    i totally love to use them for candy!

  298. Nancy says:

    Mason jars will be used to hold votives at my daughter’s wedding!

  299. Amy Bee says:

    Make homemade marmalade, give sweet gift away, get jar back and repeat!

  300. Sarah Sharp says:

    During my student days, when I was flat broke, I used a set of Mason jars as beverage glasses. Lemonade seemed to taste better out of those!

  301. I love my blue mason jar that is full of random wine corks from the flea market!

    And did you make the silver hearts that are in the pictures? I love them!

  302. Nancy says:

    Of course, the best home veggies are in mason jars!

  303. Donna Bieber says:

    I collect the old aqua ones and love to fill them with seasonal candies. :-)

  304. kaleigh says:

    i tweeted it too! :)

  305. Tammy Fulinara says:

    I use mason jars for a variety of things. I like filling them with ingredients for recipes and giving them to friends and family. I also like to use them to store sewing notions.

  306. Amy Bee says:

    To receive the flowers my kids gather in the garden. They like to fill the jars with plants and flowers and sell them out on our sidewalk or give them to neighbors as “community service.”

  307. Angie Bowman says:

    Being from the south, I grew up using mason jars as drinking glasses! :)

  308. Nancy says:

    The pint size jars are just right for a casual drinking glass.

  309. Amy Bee says:

    I use mason jars for mini terrariums – but haven’t mastered getting them to survive for long . . .

  310. Melanie says:

    Hmmm. Not very exciting – but useful … i love them for storage in my cupboards.

  311. Jacque says:

    I love using mason jars for everything! I use them to organize my sewing and craft stuff and also my paints and brushes. I even just started some basil seeds in a mason jar on my kitchen windowsill!

  312. April says:

    Theres nothing better than drinking an ice cold IPA out of them… :)

  313. Whitney says:

    i love a mason jar filled with iced tea.
    makes me wish for summer.

  314. Donna Bieber says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  315. Kayla says:

    I love mason jar with jelly in them.

  316. Jaymi says:

    I know I’m not original, but I keep vintage buttons in my mason jars. I love looking at them through the pretty glass.

  317. Kim says:

    When i was little, we used mason jars to drink orange soda. Yum!

  318. Alena says:

    I put buttons into mine.

    And I have a friend who gives me homemade body scrub in mason jars.

  319. Suzanne says:

    I love to put anything colorful in them for a decorative touch. I have some with tumbled beach glass in various colors inside. So pretty!

  320. Donna Bieber says:

    I also Facebook linked. :-)

  321. Marilyn says:

    I like to store my cotton balls in a mason jar. It’s functional and has a simple, tidy aesthetic.

  322. Andrea says:

    I use mason jars for freezing the homemade chicken noodle soup I like to make in the winter months. It is such a warm way to bottle up the love…

  323. Amber says:

    I LOVE mason jars! I want to use one to make a light fixture over my kitchen sink. I am also planning on using them for drinks for my daughter’s bday aprty.

  324. the veg meg says:

    right now my favorite way to use mason jars is to store all of my dry goods in them! i went through my pantry just today actually and did this — oats, dry beans, grains, pastas….all in ball jars!

  325. Sandy says:

    Love to have in the laundry room to toss pocket finds in

  326. Leigh says:

    It may be boring, but I keep spices in them!

  327. Jeri T. says:

    We store all our dried goods in Mason jars – beans, flours, grains. I’m starting to get hungry now…LOL

  328. Wendi says:

    I use a mason jar with a pump cover for dish soap in my kitchen. I love your designs!

  329. Beth M says:

    Oh all kinds of fun stuff–but I use a lot for making jams or putting sand and a candle in it for the patio table on a nice summer night!

  330. penny says:

    Umm, honestly? I’m using our one lone Mason jar to hold a science experiment. But I do love the necklace! :-)

  331. in the summer i use them as vases for all of the flowers my kids bring me. it’s usually my son bringing me dandelions or wild flowers from the fields. there’s something precious about how the two go together.

  332. Suz says:

    I don’t have any mason jars! I guess I need some based on y’alls comments.

  333. karlee shirelle says:

    they are perfect for shells and sand from my travels. i heart them!

  334. Karen says:

    I love to use the small ones to put my homemade hand scrubs in to give as a gift. Love all of your designs!

  335. Ariella says:

    I use it for jamming

  336. Jani says:

    Sitting on the front porch swing, the sweat on the mason jar running through your fingers on a hot July day. The anticipation of your cool drink (lemonade or sweet tea) to refresh you from the inside out. Another great memory of a mason jar for me is watching my grandmother can green beans and pickles. She would just tell stories and sing songs. The magic of a mason jar :)

  337. Andrea says:

    I also love to use mason jars to fill with dry ingredients needed to make cookies. I print out the recipe, string with ribbon, and tie around the top of the jar before sealing the top. It makes great gifts for teachers too.

  338. I posted on facebook!!!

  339. penny says:

    Just posted this on FB!

  340. I blogged about this! Yay!

  341. Tami C. says:

    I like to put fresh flowers in a mason jar, either for myself or someone special.

  342. Linda G. says:

    Hi! I use Mason Jars to put candy in and give one to each of my fourth graders for his/her birthday. :)

  343. Mason jars were made to drip with moisture, full of sweet tea which shall be enjoyed at the beach.


    Gorgeous necklaces…as always!

  344. Mama2Four says:

    I like to use them for vases and spare change! I love the necklace!

  345. Kimberly says:

    I use mason jars as picture frames. I put a photo inside the jar and it curves the photo slightly which adds a great feel to the photo. I have three jars lined up together, one with each of my four legged babies! It’s a great look

  346. penny says:

    Just re-tweeted you, too! :-)

  347. Meg Lyons says:


  348. Amanda Perry says:

    I make giftbaskets every year for my family at Christmas. I use mason jars to make candles, I have also used them make jam with my daughter.

  349. Jeanette says:

    for homemade strawberry jam….

  350. Karen says:

    Fig perserves. Love the necklace.

  351. Andrea says:

    The latest idea for great usage of mason jars was in my kids arts and crafts area. Using the shelf about the desk area I took the top lid of the jar and screwed it into the shelf. Then I filled the jars with buttons, stickers and other crafty things. The kids are able to twist and untwist the jar on their own and the jars hang from the lid. Cool huh?

  352. Ally says:

    I would love to fill mason jars with spring flower! They’re great to store little trinkets, and have such clean look. Hope to win :)

  353. Sara says:

    I like to use them for various crafty items and I keep my spare change in one

  354. lisa says:

    Sweet Tea!

  355. Kimberly says:

    I also put shells collected during a mission trip to rocky point Mexico in a mason jar

  356. Marissa says:

    I like to put anything loose together in a mason jar! Several antique spoons? Put em in a mason jar! Paint brushes from your summer in China? Put em in a mason jar! Everything is elevated to a collection when they’re grouped into a mason jar!

  357. Facebooked it too!

    I’m considering finally getting on to twitter for just the purpose of this giveaway!

  358. nancy says:

    I love mason jars- especially the old blue ones. I use them for lots of things but my favorite is full of buttons.

  359. Mandy says:

    I love to use a mason jar in my classroom (2nd Grade) to hold a Preying Mantis egg. I cover the jar with Saran Wrap and when the egg hatches, there are about 200 little Mantis’ that we take outside and free into the garden! :)

  360. Ally says:

    Tweet Tweet!! Love ALL of your jewelry!

  361. Kimberly says:

    And finally I have just started collected all those extra buttons we get with new clothes and all my fortunes from fortune cookies and putting them in a mason jar on my desk. Not sure why or how I came up with this, but makes s great little statement, I try to have some of the fortunes showing through glass

  362. Beth says:

    We use them to keep our memories in. We’ve got one stuffed with ticket stubs, another with rocks collected from great-grandma’s rock bed, another with shells from our first time at the beach…you get the idea.

  363. Georgia Monroe says:

    I love to put flowers in my mason jars!

  364. MelissaF says:

    I like them with buttons or flowers. A simple but beautiful decoration.

  365. Mindy says:

    I love the jars & use them for all sorts of things. Right now in my kitchen I have one full of kosher salt, one full of mint sugar (mint was from my garden last summer), and one with chai tea mix. Have some filled with ribbon & buttons in my craft room. They come in handy for so many different things!

  366. Megan says:

    I LOVE the way mason jars look with vibrant strawberry freezer jam in them and growing up we used them as cups!

  367. Anneke B. says:

    I use them to put candy or cookie mixes in and then give them away as presents!

  368. We put our extra change in them. I LOVE MASON JARS!!

  369. sydney says:

    oh let’s see…one for colored pencils, one for makeup brushes, one for seashells, one for seaglass, one for skittles, one for change. the list could go on and on. i love mason jars and this necklace!

  370. 52scrap says:

    I absolutely love mason jars. I have several antique blue ones above my kitchen cabinets. I have put white christmas lights around them. They are so twinkly. I have them on a timer so they always turn on. Otherwise I would always forget. I love them! And I would love to win a necklace too!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  371. Kari says:

    I just saw the coolest thing on Etsy today using a mason jar as a light fixture… would look so cool hanging by our hottub!

  372. Lauren Taylor says:

    I was actually watching the food network one day, and I saw the lady fill up a mason jar with coffee and then put a simple candle in the middle and tied it with a bow. I definitly tried it and it makes the whole house smell like coffee! It was a great idea!

  373. Shelley Rempson says:

    What else but for lighting bugs that you catch on a summer night with your babies!!

  374. Amanda says:

    I like to put my daughter’s many art supplies in them :)

  375. B Smith says:

    I don’t use Mason jars at all like I should. I just store random stuff in them! You are inspiring me to do some cute things!

  376. Sharon says:

    I use them for dry ingredients such as choc. chips, raisins, pasta, etc. But they really look pretty with wild flowers in at our cottage. Going to have to try the seashells and sand though.

  377. Caiti says:

    Being a science teacher, I always have little expirements going on around my classroom and home. Mason jars make the best containers for those expirements. Nothing is more beautiful in a mason jar than sugar and salt crystals. I have about five sitting on my windowsill right now filled with different colors of sugar crystals (rock candy!) and colored, perfumed bath salts.

  378. GretchenG says:

    I don’t own real glasses; I just use mason jars. Most girls love it, and guys think I’m a little odd, but I love them. And flowers are delightful in them, as well as buttons, coffee beans, ribbons, pens, paintbrushes… You know, all the important stuff :)

  379. Diana says:

    Usually I put flowers in mason jars. Last summer, however, I had my first experience canning tomatoes. Now that it’s winter, I love, love, love the fact that I have garden tomatoes to use in recipes!! :)

  380. Amanda says:

    Posted it on facebook!! :)

  381. Kelly Mc says:

    I love to layer a mason jar with ingredients for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and give them away at Christmas time. It looks way cool and everyone likes cookies!

  382. Shelley Rempson says:

    …and growing up mama always served us sweet tea in them!!

  383. I love mason jars soo much! I want to make a chandelier with them for my dining room!

    Katie p

  384. christy a says:

    We use mason jars for all of our little girl’s special “findings”…rocks, shells, etc. It is her special place to keep it.

  385. Patty says:

    They are prefect for making gifts of soup and cookie mixes.

  386. Roxy says:

    We use them for many things – yesterday I just filled one with wooden beads for a little girl to string!

  387. christy a says:

    I love all of the inspiring uses for mason jars! I need to get more mason jars around the house now!! :)

  388. Patty says:


  389. Alima says:

    I like to use them as a flower vase

  390. I also love to put fresh flowers in mason jars! So beautiful! Love the necklace!!!

    Katie p

  391. I love them in the kitchen for holding straws … a vintage blue one turned soap dispenser. Decorating, organizing … and of course canning :).

    Happy Day!

  392. Lisa R. says:

    There is one in our guest room that has the Hersey’s Easter candy eggs in it. The spring colors and match quilt in the room perfectly!

  393. … and I shared on Facebook :).

  394. Jennifer says:

    I actually started using them to put a little piece of our family vacation in! Our daughter is 3 and when she was 2, we took our first family vacation to the beach. In the jar is sand and seashells that my daughter and I collected. Then I labeled the jar ‘Pawleys Island 2009′ w/ a piece of Scotch tape. I did the same in 2010, and I intend to continue over the years. They look so cute sitting next to each other on a shelf.

    I got the idea from Young House Love and then put my own spin on it. :)

  395. Tina says:

    I love to put March Lilies, Forsythia bush, and/or Redbud blossoms in a Mason jar and set on my dining room table. To me, that is the first sign that spring really has “sprung.”

  396. I love this necklace!! So beautiful! I use mason jars all over my house and I like pearls as filler and candles! Would love to win!

    Katie p

  397. Destiny says:

    I like to keep marbles in my mason jars — that way I know where they are when I lose them. My marbles that is!

  398. Trish says:

    they make the best casual vases for wildflowers

  399. Liz Schmidt says:

    I love using mason jars for all my son’s treasures. I have mason jars filled with the rocks that I would pull out of his little pockets when I did laundry, the marbles that he collected, and the special pine cones he would bring me. They started as his treasures and now they’re mine because they represent the little boy I will forever hold in my heart.

  400. Susan says:

    What a generous giveaway. Lisa! Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful necklace! :)
    I’ve used Mason jars for many things like catching fireflies and collecting seashells, but right now they’re holding paint brushes. I love how they look with a candle inside (esp. blue), holding buttons, wildflowers, marbles, picnic utencils, lemonade with fresh lemon slices, and as a home for a goldfish or beta too! :)

  401. Alima says:

    posted to fb

  402. Sarah says:

    I love them for packaging gifts. Cupcakes, bath salts, flowers, gift cards…you name it.

  403. Fiona says:

    Mason jars are for catching fireflies! And for little white lights – to sit on the countertop and light up the dark! I love this necklace – a perfect gift for my daughters – who are the ones who catch the fireflies!

  404. Rebecca says:

    When I was little we would run around Grandma and Grandpas house catching lightning bugs in Mason jars that Grandma had, put the lid on with small little holes and it was so amazing. In my area now, there are not near as many. But what a memory! Thanks!

  405. Ally says:

    Facebook’ed it!!

  406. Trissa says:

    I love them for storing cotton balls and Q-tips in the bathroom!

  407. Miriam says:

    I use them to can veggies!

  408. jennifer says:

    Fill them full of fresh cut flowers from my yard in the summer.

  409. Amy T. says:

    I like to drink out of mason jars! I also like to put candle in them and hang them in the trees from wires. Thanks for the opportunity to win a necklace!

  410. Kelly Pramberger says:

    I like to put my scrapbooking scissors in mason jars.

  411. I love them for putting little gifts into – especially this homemade sugar scrub that I make! I have always wanted to make a soap dispenser out of one too!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  412. Carrie says:

    I like to use them for glasses and also to hold straws, then in my boys’ room they use them for nerf darts and special notes and silly bands on their dresser :)

  413. Rebecca says:

    I also use Mason Jars to put all the little flowers that my beautiful Grandchildren pick for me. Thanks.

  414. jennifer says:

    full of home made strawberry jam for a taste of summer in the middle of a long, cold winter…yum

  415. Andrea says:

    I keep my makeup brushes in one!

  416. Debbie says:

    I use them to store art supplies in my craft room, but I absolutely HAVE to put daisies in them, if I am lucky enough to get some! ( sometimes I cheat & buy some just for ME)!! Love the new necklace, but then, I love ALL of your designs! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  417. Stacy says:

    First … LOVE the necklace! Second … mason jars are so versatile that I can’t pick just one favorite way to use it (I have to pick three) ๐Ÿ˜‰ 1) drinking glass. my favorite restaurant serves their drinks in HUGE mason jars. and I just love it! 2) canister. to store just about anything … pens/pencils, flowers, loose buttons … I could go on forever. 3) candle holder.

  418. Carrie says:

    Facebooked it, too – Thanks!

  419. jennifer says:

    layered with cookie ingredients to give away with the recipe for gifts during the holidays…

  420. Gailanne says:

    Mason jars ROCK!

    Vase for flowers outta the yard….
    Love Jars made esp for someone special….
    Drinks in the Summer on the porch…
    even a picture slipped inside looks beautiful!

  421. darla says:

    Love everything you make.

  422. erica says:

    i love mason jars! especially old blue ones! i like filling the bottom with marbles and picking flowers from my backyard to put in them.
    i also love just lining them along my window sill and watching the sun shine through them in the afternoon!

  423. Trissa says:

    We’ve used them in my classroom to make gift jars as we measure out the dry ingredients for yummy recipes!

  424. KaraM says:

    To drink sweet tea! They just make me wish for summer and a porch swing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  425. Gailanne says:

    Candles on the porch…

  426. Meghan says:

    I store all my buttons for crafting in mason jars! I just love how the look.

  427. Drink out of them :) Lemonade or Crystal light

  428. Rebecca says:

    I put some of my scissors, map pencils, markers in them. Thanks for this giveaway, amazing necklaces.

  429. Jennifer says:

    They line my kitchen window seal. I love the way the sun shines through them!

  430. Gailanne says:

    My favorite of all time has to be the
    LOVE jar, filled with scents, and little notes of love, decorated for that one special person like no other.

  431. Jennifer says:

    I would love to win this for my BFF’s! As far as Mason jars, I love them! I use them for buttons, holding pens, dominos, dice :)

  432. Kelly Pramberger says:

    I shared the blog link on facebook.

  433. AbbyS says:

    I use three mason jars for a variety of (seasonal) dark chocolate candy on our living room coffee table. I also used them for Q-tips, cotton balls & new toothbrushes w/small tubed toothpaste for the guest bathroom.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  434. Stacey Aplanalp says:

    My daughter just turned 14 on February 14th so I did a treasure hunt and titled it jar of hearts. I used 14 heart boxes that I found at Michaels and put a clue in each one. Then I used a Mason Jar to collect all the hearts and added a tag that said “Jar of Hearts.” Love the necklace:))

  435. posted on Facebook-and I also like to use them a button holders!

  436. TinaL says:

    I love mason jars! They are great for a whole host of things. However, one really great way to use them is to use them to put a little gift in it whether you are giving a cookie mix or a gift card you can put it in a mason jar!

  437. Jamie says:

    My favorite thing is homemade strawberry jam! My mom made it when I was little, and I’ve loved it ever since!

  438. Elizabeth says:

    i love to use them for flower vases!

  439. Jenn S says:

    We either use them to make pickles or the mason jars also are great silverware containers on a buffet table!

  440. Brooke says:

    i like to use them for putting pens, pencils, coloured pencils, etc!

  441. Cindy says:

    Buttons! Buttons of all shapes, sizes, colors peeking thru the glass remind me of where they have been and who wore them. Each has a story to tell.

  442. Lindsey Jo says:

    i like to use them for flowers and trinkets.

  443. Caren says:

    Believe it or not, I LOVE to use Mason jars for making JAM :0) I especially like the flat small ones (Ballยฎ Brushed Silver Wide Mouth 8oz. Jars).
    They are great for neighbor/teacher gifts…
    Mason jar are just SO romantic!
    PS, I LOVE this font :0)

  444. Kendra says:

    i like to use them for storing random things like jewlery

  445. Jenny says:

    I love to use them as vases! I did it for the centerpieces and aisle decor at my wedding.

  446. Angela says:

    <3 My boys (ages 17, 11 and 10) make homemade hot chocolate during the holiday season and share with their teachers, friends and family <3 I've been doing this for 19 years now and I love to do it!

  447. Kelly Pramberger says:

    tweeted it.

  448. Jamie says:

    I’ve collected sea glass from the beach by my grandmother’s house every time I visited her. I have filled a jar with green, blue, brown, and other colors of smooth sea glass. It’s beautiful and full of wonderful memories!

  449. Angela says:

    Shared via Twitter and FaceBook :0)

  450. TinaL says:

    I posted it on FB!

  451. angelina says:

    i love drinking from the jars. cool !

  452. April says:

    I absolutely love Mason jars (especially the vintage blue ones)! I had no idea so many others did, too!! My favorite way to use them would have to be for canning. I know, old-fashion, right? But I love canning up the love and letting my loves open it throughout the year!


  453. Claire says:

    I use mason jars for my homemade pasta sauce.

  454. Alison says:

    Sand and candles! In the summer!

  455. Jana says:

    Wishes, dreams, and prayers (on little pieces of paper:)

    Also have used them for potpourri:)

  456. Bailey says:

    My favorites have to be buttons and flowers :)

  457. Tiffane says:

    Any colorful food. I love the look of the bright colors through the jar! And marshmallows last a looong time this way, because who uses a whole bag before the moisture from the air makes them sticky? Great solution. I really use them for everything!

  458. Sharon H. says:

    We are using mason jars as a major part of the centerpieces at my son’s wedding in August. They’re doing a 50s theme and mason jars will fit right in!

  459. Kelly says:

    What don’t I love to use mason jars for? I use them all the time! My latest favorite is to use them for “gift wrap”! It’s so cute!

  460. Lauriel says:

    We drink out of ours!

  461. Lisa McGriff says:

    My favorite way to use a mason jar would be to fill it with fresh blackberry jelly.

  462. KatieD says:

    I love them, but don’t have enough to use on a regular basis for drinking glasses. I do use to display cut flowers from the garden.

  463. Rebecca says:

    I love Mason jars! My favorite thing to use them for is candle holders. But, I also use them in my classroom to hold crayons on each table, they look SO cute!

  464. Cindy says:

    I wire them…put a candle in them…and hang them in my trees!

  465. DeLynn says:

    I love them for flowers (especially hydrangeas!) and also for small decorative soaps.

  466. Brianne says:

    I LOVE MASON JARS! and I looovveeee your new treasure necklace!
    I collect jars and use them for storage. It is the best storage ever. I have seen mason jars used as lanterns and am thinking of trying it!
    thanks for the chance to win! xo

  467. Kelly says:

    I posted this on FB! :)

  468. Katrina R. says:

    Mason jars are used in my house as drinking glasses, straw holders, sauce & broth holder…LOTS of use in my house!

  469. Abby says:

    I LOVE mason jars and use them for many things…right now they’re the home to my vintage cream buttons, in the summer I fill them with sand shells and candles and in the winter with pinecones and faux snow. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your beautiful necklaces!


  470. Lauren Davison says:

    I love to use them to keep secret cash stashes for a rainy day! :)

  471. Laurel says:

    so unoriginal, but I use them to store the fruit my MIL cans :)

  472. Katrina R. says:

    I facebooked about it Katrina Rapp…

  473. Karen Morand says:

    I sprout lentils in mine – just today in fact.

  474. Christy says:

    Love them as candle holders, especially outside!

  475. Rachael says:

    My grandma cans lime pickles in mason jars…I wouldn’t take anything in the world for those pickles or for the memories around those jars!!

  476. Karen Morand says:

    I store my sourdough starter in it.

  477. Jaime says:

    I use Mason jars to store our treats-candy, suckers, stickers, etc.

  478. Katrina R. says:

    I tweeted about it @thatisinarapp

  479. Sarah says:

    Since my last name is Mason, I just enjoy arranging them in the kitchen…differet sizes…makes a great conversation piece when friends come over. During the spring and summer they make fabulous vases for all the beautiful flowers!

  480. Stacy says:

    blogged about it :-)

  481. Grace says:

    I use mason jars in our “old kentucky home”. They make the best eco-friendly containers for left overs.

  482. Sarah says:

    Love the idea of candle holders!!! Gonna try that tomorrow!

  483. Sarah says:

    Facebooked it!!!

  484. Dawn says:

    I have several jars full of buttons. Not sure why I adore the look of antique white/cream buttons but I always have and simply beautiful in a jar!

  485. Grace says:

    They can also be used as fun DIY crafts with kids- colored sand, layer and voila! your own little keepsake treasure from your kids!

  486. Gina C. says:

    Homemade strawberry jam! And Flowers! I have tulips in a jar on my counter right now.

  487. Jess says:

    I love using mason jars for backyard parties. Sipping lemonade out of a mason jar is the best!

  488. tawnya says:

    I just found an etsy shop that sells solar light tops for them. I see summer in their eyes!

  489. Tina says:

    I use one to hold all the loose buttons on my dresser. I clipped a peacock feather to it to make it extra pretty.

  490. Jenna says:

    Filled with diet coke… my hand as I sit in a rocking chair on a big porch!

  491. kae says:

    i love to drink lemonade out of my jars with a hollow noodle as a straw. we used to go to a restaurant that used noodles for straws and i’ve done it ever since : )

  492. Alice C. says:

    Love it! My favorite use of mason jars is to store the cranes that I am making! (Going for 1000)

  493. kae says:

    love to store buttons and bows in jars too : )

  494. rachel says:

    to can food so we can eat it up!

  495. Elizabeth says:

    I use mason jars for raspberry jelly!

  496. Heidi says:

    I’m pretty southern so…I love to use Mason jars to drink out of…preferably sweet tea. :)

  497. Gabriella says:

    I love to use Mason Jars to fill with flowers and other fun things like seashells & sand, etc. depending on the season!

  498. Kimberly says:

    Wow. What don’t I use them for? Canning, of course. Food storage, craft storage, button holders, marble jars, flower vases, lanterns, ice tea glasses, water to go, smoothies to go, on and on! Right now, my FAVORITE us is the really old blue jars and zinc lids filled with all my baking things-salt, baking powder, baking soda, etc. sitting on my kitchen windowsill. They make me smile.

  499. Jen says:

    I use mason jars for EVERYTHING… But lately I have been filling wide mouth jars with mini homemade cookies, and giving them to friends and family… I would LOVE to win a “my treasure” necklace!

  500. Jennifer C. says:

    I put our wedding candles in blue antique ball jars to decorate around our kitchen – love it!

  501. Jocelyn says:

    I love making gifts with mason jars…most recently, sugar scrubs!

  502. anne says:

    To hold my grandmama’s buttons.

  503. Sara says:

    I love my vintage turqouise mason jars. I put votive candles in them (with colored glass holders) and they give off a unique light. Perfect for a summer get together on the deck.

  504. Mary says:

    I love them for flowers, candles, canning, drinking pink lemonade or iced tea, the list could be endless!

  505. Jill O. says:

    I love flowers in mason jars.

  506. Lindsay says:

    I love to use them for fresh flowers. And I drink my orange juice out of one every morning.

  507. Laura says:

    I love putting flowers in them!

  508. Jill O. says:

    I use mason jars for my spare change. The kids always know where to look when they need an extra quarter, dime, nickel, or penny.

  509. Wanda says:

    I love them for tons of stuff…but my very favorite is putting homemade jelly or applebutter in them!
    Delicious & beautiful!

  510. Jen says:

    I use them to decorate- I filled several with polished rocks and seashells from trips.

  511. Jenna says:

    i use mason jars to hold my sewing hardware, rings, snaps, buttons and ribbons. love the new necklace *super*cute!

  512. Jill O. says:

    mason jars are very cute halloween decorations with tissue paper modge-podged on them and faces made out of construction paper and then you put a votive candle in it.

  513. Julia says:

    I love to use mason jars to store lots of odds and ends that I am unable to part with! Loose change, sewing supplies, little trial-sized toothpastes from the dentist, etc. :-) They are a great way to store things in a linen closet!

  514. Jen says:

    Mason jars are great to use as a vase for fresh flowers.

  515. amy says:

    i have a big blue one filled with cute cupcake liners and a smaller one filled with sprinkles and i just love how they look on my kitchen counter together!

  516. Linda says:


  517. Jen says:

    I love to use them as candle holders for the back porch.

  518. Robbin says:

    For craft stuff, pens and pencils…

  519. Mindy May says:

    I use mason jars for everything. Although I am not engaged {yet} there is talk about a November wedding and I would love to use mason jars in my centerpieces. Think white hydrangeas and tealight candles in them. Sounds beautiful to me!

  520. Jenna says:

    i tweeted about it!

  521. Carol A says:

    I love to put fresh flowers in the jars tied with a ribbon.

  522. grey girl says:

    To take a big gulp of water. I’m new to your site. I love your jewlery. Will be getting stuff! Loved reading about David and your family. God is certainly showing himself great in all of you. Your boys are wonderful! You’re all a work of beauty. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  523. Shirley says:

    I use mason jars for just about anything. They are put to use in my pantry for storing different kinds of nuts. I use them in the bathroom, especially the old turquoise ones, with q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, etc. I use them in my sewing room and sort different types/colors of buttons. But my newest favorite is for canning. I started canning last summer, at the young age of 64, and had a blast doing it. So this summer I plan to do a whole lot more canning using what else but Mason Jars.

  524. Liz Schmidt says:

    I love to use mason jars to make and shake salad dressings or marinades in.

  525. Janet says:

    Being from the south, sweet tea!

  526. Kristen says:

    I use mason jars for storing homemade bread crumbs.

  527. Liz Schmidt says:

    Apricot jam, yummy.

  528. Judy says:

    holding my little man’s rock collection or canned home grown tomatoes!

  529. Lauren says:

    Homemade hot fudge goes perfectly in a mason jar. And, cold spoonfuls directly from the fridge are pretty fantastic. Yummy!

  530. Whitney says:

    I LOVE to use them for some yummy lemonade!

    It reminds me of happy days filled with sunshine :)

  531. Robbin says:

    I tweeted. After all I am “Robbin”

  532. Stephanie says:

    Mmm…I love to use mason jars to drink fresh-squeezed lemonade!

  533. Robbin says:

    Facebook entry.

  534. Mary B. says:

    I just love them as drinking glasses. I am a Southern girl :)

  535. Janay says:

    Lindsey Cheney taught me forever ago how fun it is to dress them up with flowers for parties.

  536. Natalie says:

    For the last 9 months everyone in my HUGE family has been collecting and saving mason jars to fill with candles and flowers for my brother’s upcoming outdoor wedding. It was our special way to contribute and be a part of his celebration

  537. Jeanette says:

    When I was little I always kept my allowance in a mason jar. I love to collect them, they are so fun and useful!

  538. kim says:

    Mason jars can be used for so many things…holding flowers, organizing things, drinking cup, etc.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  539. Carrie says:

    I use mason jars to catch fireflies in the summertime!

  540. Mindy May says:

    I tweeted!! @MindyMay

  541. I use them to hold kitchen utensils!!!

  542. Brittany Johnston says:

    I would use the mason jars for fresh flowers, Autism pins and fresh watermelon.

    Love your give sways!

  543. L. Weber says:

    Firefly’s…nothing better than summer fun with children catching firefly’s and then taking the mason jar filled with the bugs into your room at night !!!!

  544. Leana says:

    I love to give them to my mom and get back her homemade raspberry jam.

  545. marianne says:

    with nothing in them, lined up in a windowsill catching the sunshine

  546. Tanya says:

    I love using mason jars to share homemade soup – for a picnic with my kids or in my husband’s lunch (the lids are great places to write love notes).

  547. Mebs says:

    Just today we put leftover whipped cream in one. Although there wasn’t much to put in. :)

  548. marianne says:

    to hold the rocks my 24 year old son gave me when he was a little boy. that jar is one of my most treasured possessions.

  549. Mebs says:

    We have them in our spice cabinet with garlic/onion powder in one. Yummy!

  550. Jessica mead says:

    Fresh daisies of course!!!

  551. Mebs says:

    We put a few of Jonas’ toys in them and bring them out periodically.

  552. marianne says:

    my grandmother kept her buttons in a mason jar, my mother passed them on to me

  553. Erin says:

    I love mason jars for putting candles in they look beautiful!

  554. SarahJ says:

    I use a huge mason jar to store soups! I found it w/a lid at a garage sale. What a score for me!

  555. Katie says:

    Sweet tea in the summer…family tradition. Pour a beer into one straight out of the freezer – icy cold to sip on a hot summer night while sitting on the porch. {yes, I’m ready for summer now!}

  556. I love to use them to collect buttons, thimbles, and other sewing supplies… or to fill with some sweet tea on a warm summer evening.

  557. I wish I had some great creative uses, but we use ours mostly to can as we have embraced homemaking. Love the adorable charms!

  558. Hannah says:

    I am actually using mason jars as center pieces for my bridal shower. We will be filling them with sand and setting candles in them. Cute, handmade, non expensive.

  559. Petrina says:

    For Sea Shells we collect on vacation.

  560. Erin Anselm says:

    I love to fill them with shells and colored sea glass from our beautiful beaches!

  561. Southern Gal says:

    I have a few in my cupboard for drinking, one I’m using as a vase, one on a candy dispenser a friend made for me (looks like an old bubble gum machine with the jar screwed on upside down) and about a dozen on top of my freezer just waiting for their own special use. Love mason jars and love this necklace!

  562. Kristin S says:

    I use them all over and love them in the pantry but I have to be honest…..

    My favorite use is as a drinking glass. That IS summer!

  563. Marcy says:

    I think they are very fun to use for lemonade & iced tea in the summer!

  564. Robyn Brown says:

    We have been using them to put the boys allowance in, one for saving and one for spending. I also have two in the laundry room, one for change, one for others.

  565. Sarah says:

    I use them a lot for odds and ends, but my favorite is to fill them with all my craft buttons :)

  566. Heidi says:

    I guess I’m a traditionalist with my Mason jars (although I love differently shaped ones) – I use them for sauces, spreads, etc – homemade of course.

  567. redheadkate says:

    My preference…to receive them as gifts. Filled with wonderful canned produce, of course.

  568. Michele says:

    I have some blue/aqua mason jars that were my grandma’s and great-grandma’s. I have one of them full of old wooden spools of brightly colored thread that were in my great-grandma’s treadle sewing machine. So sentimental and so pretty.

  569. Megan says:

    Our house loves to use mason jars as drinking glasses. They hold the perfect amount of water and look so cute doing it!

  570. Amy says:

    Homemade raspberry jam! Yum!

  571. Sarah R says:

    We use our mason jars for drinking glasses. They also make wonderful vases.

  572. Ashley says:

    Easy… I love using them as drinking glasses! {Even though they are pretty great for holding change!}
    -Many Smiles!

  573. sarita says:

    i also drink out of my jars. i just found a blue/green ball mason jar in the back of a closet! and now it holds fresh flowers in the middle of my dining room table. thank you for a chance to win one of your lovely necklaces.

  574. donna says:

    Buttons and other sewing-related knick knacks. :)

  575. Paige says:

    When something happy happens I like to write it on a slip of paper, the back of a receipt or whatever and when I’m having a crappy day I look in a jar and remember something good. :)

  576. Melissa says:

    I love using Mason jars as vases for flowers, as well as for organizing my craft supplies (like ribbon).

  577. Paige says:

    Mason jars are also so beautiful with fresh flowers and a pretty polka-dot ribbon tied around the top. Nothing makes me so happy.

  578. Jen says:

    Raspberry jam!

  579. Jen says:

    Strawberry jam!

  580. Jen says:

    Cracked Black Peppercorn Honey Mustard!

  581. Wendy Orme says:

    Well, of course we like to fill Mason jars with homemade jam and we also catch bugs & spiders in them. LOVE this necklace!

  582. summer says:

    Lets see ……Over the past 30 years or so I have used these artful ,ecclectic yet handy & practical beauties for keeping just about everything from lentils and dried split peas to antique buttons and pretty summer jams ……there has been corn relish , dilly piclkes , red beets and chicken soup in my Mason jars as well as spare change , stewed tomatoes , herbal teas and dried flowers ……not to mention laundry soap , lemonade ,dog bisquits and fireflies ……..And lets not forget summer sand , seashells ,rubberbands and cotton balls …….But more recently I have been using these AMERICAN MADE JARS at our 4th of July celebration by filling them with red white and blue sand and then placing a tea light in some and a flag in others …..then for the dessert table I make red white and blue mason jar cupcakes ……One thing’s for sure I’d like to win this really pretty necklace but even if i don’t I’ll still be using Mason Jars !!!!!

  583. Susan says:

    love to use them for fresh flowers!!!

  584. Lynn in AK says:

    Aside from using mason jars for home canning our fresh Alaskan salmon, my children and I have jars filled with beach treasures – shells, sea glass, agates, etc.

  585. Sarah says:

    Love drinking ice-cold lemonade out of mason jars…..the epitome of summer!

    Also LOVE your mason jar treasures necklace….so simple, so sweet.

  586. Kendall says:

    I use mason jars for all sorts of things, to bring leftovers to work, to store salad dressing, and (of course) for canning fruits and veggies! I love how quaint they look all lined up and filled. Thanks for the giveaway!

  587. Jan Richards says:

    I have loved mason jars since I helped my Mom with canning as a kid. I like to store pearl buttons in the blue jars with a zinc lid. Your new necklace is so pretty and fun. Would love to win one. Thanks.

  588. cb says:

    I use them for my homemade dill pickles and onions. Yum!

  589. I love Mason jars full of pineapple spritzer– my favorite drink at a BBQ restaurant :)

  590. cb says:

    Bourbon slushies on a hot summer day, too!

  591. Heather says:

    I like to put flowers in them!

  592. Melody says:

    We’ve always used them as drinking glasses…using one right now as a matter of fact! :)

  593. Dana says:

    I love filling ours full of raisins, craisins and dried blueberries.

  594. Ann says:

    I use them as little flower jars. Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful necklaces.

  595. Nicki says:

    Red Wine…. actually the small jam size mason jars make great wine glasses. (The big mason jars might make you a little silly)

  596. Victoria says:

    Sweet tea tastes a little sweeter when sipped from a mason jar.:)

  597. Pat says:

    These jars are wonderful for little things like rocks, dried flowers, etc….and can help decorate any little space.

  598. Misti says:

    I keep one in my laundry room to collect change from pockets. If I find it, it’s mine! :)

  599. Rebecca G says:

    I love canned peaches so I use mine to do just that!

  600. Lynn in AK says:

    I posted on FB!

  601. Elisa Koranda says:

    I am an elementary school teacher and use mason jars as marble collectors for table points.

  602. Jessica B says:

    I love mason jars. My favorite time to use them is at Christmas when I fill them with small glass ball ornaments. Great giveaway!

  603. Elisa Koranda says:

    I use mason jars for storing craft items like paper flowers and beads.

  604. Elisa Koranda says:

    I use mason jars for holiday gifts in a jar. Like, cookies in a jar where you layer all the dry ingredients and then attach the recipe.

  605. Elisa Koranda says:

    I use mason jars to store leftovers, in case they get moldy, I can boil it away!

  606. Heather says:

    I love to give gifts in Mason jars! My children use them to “collect” their special things in:)

  607. Erin says:

    For homemade salsa!

  608. Laura says:

    As flower vases for the centerpieces in our wedding!

  609. Nanette Lawing says:

    As a child, made mudshakes in them…saw a neighbor-child actually drink some of it!

  610. Lauren says:

    I love them for fresh flowers and candles!

  611. Lauren says:

    For “homamade” cookie and brownie mixes for hostess gifts

  612. We use them for piggy banks, because they’re SO much easier to put the money into and get the money out of than traditional piggy banks! And you can easily see how much money is in there, AND you can decorate them individually for the kids. Win-win!

  613. Lauren says:

    ANd last but not least- for HOMEMADE SWEET TEA! Soooo tasty! yum yum!

  614. Shelley says:

    I LOVE them as flower vases, but my fave is the one I have with my grandma’s button collection in it.
    Love the necklace, thanks so much!

  615. Jessica says:

    My son’s name is Mason, so I would probably use it to collect something special of his. Beautiful necklaceโ€ฆso meaningful!

  616. Kristin says:

    I use them for decorating filled with flowers or seasonal things, and for cute storage of buttons, ribbon, scrapbooking supplies like colored brads and paper flowers.

  617. Misty says:

    Mason jars remind me of my grandma & great grandma!
    I would use them to serve ice cold lemonade or sweet tea.
    My great grandma (Mommie) used to make the best pomegranate jelly, I remember being so excited to get my very own jar!

  618. kristin says:

    A mason jar holds the contents of my daily fruit and veggie shake that i blend up! Its perfect! Its the perfect to-go container for a cold shake!

  619. Renae says:

    I love using mason jars for my little buttons, rocks and shells I find. as a vase for fresh flowers in a sunny window. and as a holder for my paint brushes.

  620. Misty says:

    posted on fb. fingers crossed!

  621. Jessica says:

    Fresh flowers!

  622. Machele says:

    I use them to make homemade salad dressing as well as for flowers and a pencil cup.
    LOVE this necklace, by the way!!

  623. Lori Danelle says:

    Amongst other things, I enjoy using them at parties as a way to display pretty candies & favors.

    And Lisa, I love love love this necklace.

  624. Sharon says:

    i use ’em for everything, in the kitchen, outside rooting plants,in my studio(they hold the short pieces of glass rods), in the bathroom they hold homemade bathscrubs …..well you get the idea haha, thanks for yet another wonderful giveaway!!

  625. maggie b. says:

    My dining room table is currently home to five mason jars filled with flowers. (And another mason jar is hiding the kitchen cupboard filled with chocolate chips!)

  626. Victoria says:

    blogged about it.

  627. Nili says:

    I fill mine with fresh cut herbs…. I love to se them lined up full of green smelling goodness on my kitchen window sill.

  628. LISA says:

    Last year at my cousin’s after-rehearsal dinner, each table had a mason jar filled with assorted colorful flowers! At the end of the evening, we got to take one jar home with us!

  629. Monica says:

    We use our mason jars as all-purpose drinking glasses. I love to use them as vases, or to hold buttons for sorting into muffin tins (for my little guys).

    My husband has recently ‘discovered’ mason jars and is now obessessed. He wants to use them for EVERYTHING.

    We love us some mason jars!

  630. Monica says:

    Facebooked it!

  631. Dara says:

    I use mason jars for cloth baby wipes on the go. ๐Ÿ˜€

  632. Mary B. says:


  633. Becky K. says:

    Fresh flowers. So sweet.

  634. Lauren says:

    A cold glass of sweet tea!

  635. Ooo! Candles. Candles in Mason Jars. Off-white candles. Yep.

  636. I once heard that its handy to nail the tops to the bottom of a shelf, and then put stuff in the jars and screw them into their lid, thus hanging them from the shelf. Seems pretty clever.

    But I would keep candy in them. GUMBALLS.

  637. Denise says:

    I use them for storing my homemade salad dressings. Perfect!

  638. Stephanie says:

    I love filling a mason jar with coffee in the morning and then putting it in the fridge with my lunch for a mid-afternoon treat. My coffee doesn’t leak and I always feel extra perky after my 2nd cup ‘o’ joe!

  639. Robin says:

    Ohhhhh how I LOVE mason jars! My favorite way to use them is in the spring/summer/fall….outdoors….fill some with sand and candles along the walkways…wrap with wire and place candle inside and hang in trees…catch fireflies with the grandbabies…use them for drinking…sand castle making…collect bottle tops on the outdoor bar…Ohhhh…how i LOVE mason jars!!!

  640. Anita says:

    I put buttons in mine and use it to stand up my makeup brushes. Cute and functional!!!

  641. Sue Burns says:

    I use them to can grape juice from the grapevines in my backyard.

  642. LISA says:

    During the holiday season, I gave recipes in a jar with the assembled dry ingredients layered in a mason jar! I made a layered brownie mix and a layered soup mix. Just tie a ribbon or raffia around the lid and tie on the recipe.

  643. Nicole H. says:

    I love to keep one in the middle of my dining room table on my lazy susan and put seasonal things in it, such as red wooden hearts for Valentine’s Day, pastel jelly beans for Easter, red & green gems for Christmas, etc…

  644. Angie says:

    I put my embroidery floss in them. Cute!

  645. Jaime Angel says:

    I love using mason jars for things like buttons and small things like that. My next venture with them is silverware for a dinner party.

  646. Linda J. says:

    My grand daughter (aged 2) always leaves “treasures” tucked underneath/between the sofa cushions. Things like paperclips, pennies, a sock,animal crackers, her little books, rocks from the neighbor’s driveway…. We put them in a jar on the kitchen window sill so we’ll have them when she comes back. But then, she always brings MORE treasures to leave. A little “love” for grandma and grandpa to find when she’s gone….

  647. LISA says:

    When I was newly married, we went to a country restaurant that served beverages in Mason jars. I thought that was so clever and so I copied the idea- – -using Mason jars for my everyday glasses. They even sell them with mug handles now!

  648. So funny…I toyed with buying a whole case today…but will wait until payday. But I used one from home to gather a big bunch of daffodil buds…I will be so happy when they have opened up tomorrow…my favorite thing!

  649. Pipsqueak says:

    Grapefruit marmelade.

  650. Kim T. says:

    My favorite way to use mason jars is to make lanterns. Ala Martha Stewart good things from the late 90’s or maybe 2000? Make a hanger out of wire, fill with sand and put in a votive (with a votive holder, i learned) or a tealight in a clear holder. hang. love it!

  651. Sandy says:

    Love the necklace. My grandma always had mason jars full of old buttons in her house. My grandpa had a mason jar full of marbles. My girls each have a mason jar full of sea shells from a vacation several years ago. I use mason jars for change/candles/flower vases. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your cute necklaces. Love your jewelry!

  652. Zarna says:

    Mason Jars aren’t something I’ve heard of until recently (and apparently I was living under a rock!!) But I want to use them for everything!!! Especially vases

  653. Candice says:

    They make great candle holders!

  654. Holly B says:

    to hold sea shells from family trips to the beach

  655. Holly B says:

    flowers from my garden

  656. Holly B says:

    I don’t “can” but wow, my best friend does – so I love it when she sends me home with jars of apple pie filling, green beans, peach honey, and whatever else her domestic diva self has come up with – that’s truly my favorite

  657. I love how people are now using mason jars for cupcakes. Talk about treasure!

  658. sheri says:

    fresh flowers from the yard with cute gingham ribbon around the rim!

  659. Jamie E. says:

    My favorite way to use a mason jar is definetly making fresh raspberry freezer jam.

  660. quincy says:

    I love to fill them with goodies to take to a friend. Whether it be soup or cookies!

  661. I love those shots with the mason jars! Gorgeous! :) Thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve filled them up with layers of sand and pretty pebbles to use as a paperweight on my desk, lol :)

  662. Maria Ricci says:

    Mason jars….one in my bathroom with pebbles from our anniversary trip to Moonstone Beach!

  663. Maria Ricci says:

    Mason jars… storage for, flax seed, bulk oats, bulk almonds, anything that needs to have sealed storage.

  664. Maria Ricci says:

    Mason jars…..I also use them for drinking glasses.

  665. Anna says:

    Cookie mix ingredients for Christmas presents! We love to layer the ingredients and always include a colorful gumdrop layer

  666. Haleigh says:

    Ribbons and mason jars are the perfect combo for fresh flowers or a prayer jar!

  667. Margaret T. says:

    I love to use mason jars for flowers and good old fashioned canning fruits and veggies!

  668. kathy h says:

    Wrap the rim with wire, put in a candle and you have an adorable lantern!

  669. kathy h says:

    How about a nice cold beverage on a warm afternoon!

  670. kathy h says:

    And lastly, put a a simple bouqet of flowers in to brighten your day!

  671. Amber R. says:

    I like to use them to hold a hot chocolate mix- makes an easy, sweet christmas gift!

  672. Leah says:

    everything from leftovers to my special rock collection. Thanks for the chance at your fabulous giveaway!

  673. Brittany says:

    Nothing beats an ice cold soda drunk out of a mason jar with condensation running down the side onto your leg as you watch the sun go down on a perfect summer night. Best. Thing. Ever.

  674. Karen says:

    I love to use jars for flowers, buttons and holding cutlery :)

  675. Lisa says:

    To collect the treasures that my girls’ find out in the garden! Natural and simple!! Makes my heart smile!!!

  676. April says:

    Mason jars are great for catching rain drops…

  677. maria m. says:

    1. flowers :)
    2. lg. green one as a lamp…bought a lightbulb attachment.
    3. now that my boys are in school we fill them w/seasonal candy or cookies, place a small fabric circle on the top & tie w/bow or raffia to hold fabric in place and give them to teachers.

  678. April says:

    We actually use Mason jars for our regular glasses. My mom thinks this is strange and always talks about how sad it is that we can’t afford proper glasses. Oh Mom….

  679. April says:

    Mason jars are the best with little tea lights lit inside on a sweet summer night out on the porch. yum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  680. Angie says:

    Spring is right around the corner… they’re bug-catchers, of course!

  681. Ellen says:

    For buttons buttons buttons… and pencils!

  682. Sue says:

    For Christmas, I fill Mason jars with my own Almond & Cranberry Granola. And I make sure to keep a jar or two for us!

  683. Daniela says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I used old jar to keep buttons! I put them in different jars and they are divided by colors (sorry if my english is not perfect!).
    I love the result!

  684. Emilie says:

    I love to fill them with yummy cookie recipes at Christmas and put a special christmas message along with the directions for cooking the cookies. Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm good!

  685. Daniela says:

    I love your jewelry! I am waiting to receive my order: the friendship necklace to give to my friend Nunzia for her birthday!
    I love it!

  686. Daniela says:

    Anyway… I also use old jar to hold crayons almost finished… Then I will decide what I will create with them!


    Have a nice day!

  687. YBeltran says:

    I like the jars for cold iced tea.

  688. aimymichelle says:

    i love mason jars. when i have my own place when married, we can drink in them. but i also love the idea of doing bookie mixes in them and giving them as gifts.

  689. Lynnette says:

    I love mason jars for root beer floats!

  690. Elizabeth says:

    growing up… mason jars were my absolute favorite to drink out of, in my mind they made it taste better! haha.

  691. Claire says:

    I love to put gifts in them. Cookie mix, crafting materials, pretty things….you name it!


  692. Elizabeth says:

    Now, i love putting flowers in them. makes it easier to spread the cheer around the house!

  693. Elizabeth says:

    I also have a jar full of white sea shells I found at the beach. It’s a nice reminder to relax and take life as it comes.

  694. Ramona says:

    i love to put all my little buttons and flowers in them- i make headbands! love your blog, your store, everything you do!

  695. Kelly says:

    I use a mason jar to store the strained whey from my homemade yogurt.

  696. Rebecca says:

    My mom’s homemade apricot jam. Yummmmm!

  697. Sabine says:

    I like to put anything in there that’s colorful. and then put them on shelfs. easy and pretty decoration. even my blog name is “jars of goodies”.
    Thanks for the chance to win this adorable necklace.

  698. Lea says:

    Can I please win – just this time – haha
    I use them for my sewing tools – threads and needles and rubber bands, buttons etc.

  699. April O. says:

    Oh flowers in mason jars! Absolutely flowers! :)

  700. Maureen says:

    I have a large mason jar that I keep popcorn kernels in (I’m a popcorn addict) Plus I just love how it looks :)

  701. Pipsqueak says:

    I’ve used the jars for gifts. Added the dry ingredients for cookies – attached a bow and the recipe and voila!

  702. Ellen says:

    I love to use them as a vase for my cut flowers or to hold buttons.

  703. Janie says:

    I use them for lots too! Ribbons, buttons, threads and beads are the ones I can see from where I sit – in the kitchen they hold baking supplies and I have a very pretty one in the bathrom full of pretty little bath bombs!

  704. mojca says:

    They’re my favourite storage anyway so I keep all sorts of things in them – pasta, sweets, biscuits; crafting materials, buttons, threads, flowers… the list is endless! Favourite? Flowers, of course!

  705. Hannah says:

    I use the german equivalent “Weck-Glas” (I guess thats what it is) for anything: Ribbons, craft supplies, flowers, storing food, gifts, pens on my desk, cotton balls in the bathroom, candles…

    Hello from Germany, I really love your work and blog,

  706. Lesli says:

    I love to put my craft items in Mason jars!

  707. Daniela B. says:

    I love to put shells and nature treasures into mason jars
    :-) We have two big mason jars full of white and brown shells my husban collected on a beach in africa!

  708. rach says:

    Never heard of Mason Jars before you. Not readily available in Wales. Think I’d use them for everything, food storage, ribbon storage and anything else that needs storing. Love this necklace.

  709. Deedee says:

    they make fab drinking glasses and they’re gorgeous as decorations!

  710. Cait says:

    I use mason jars for everything! I make my own jams and pickles for starter. In my bathroom I have a jar holding my toothbrush and toothpaste and another one holding mascara, eye pencils and eye shadow sticks as well as one for lipsticks. In my living room I have a jar for pencils, a monster big one holding candle sticks and some small ones in the window with votive candles (very pretty, I recommend it!)

    I even have 2 mason jars that I use for iced tea. They’re bigger than my glasses so there’s place for lots of ice, fresh mint, lemon slices and enough tea to beat the summer heat!

  711. Cait says:

    I’ve facebooked

  712. Cait says:

    And tweeted

  713. Tina Lear says:

    I use mason jars for sea glass .

  714. Shannon Adragna says:

    I fill those jars with homemade jam and also for votives on the patio.Such versatility in a great design.

  715. Mina says:

    I use a small one to hold our toothbrushes and a large one for my cornstarch. I’d use them for everything!

  716. Jessica says:

    I like to use mason jars for storage of dry beans, lentils, etc.

  717. Mina says:

    Facebooked it, too! put collections of stuff in the jars–my daughter collects seashells at Bethany Beach, DE every year and puts them in mason jars

  718. Heather says:

    I use them to store arts and crafts supplies

  719. melissa says:

    yikes! that’s a lot of comments:)))

    i like to use mason jars to hold flowers. i have one right now full of pink daisies in my daughters bathroom…she adores them!

  720. Mari Larkin says:

    I love to put buttons in them…so colorful. Love the jar of hearts!

  721. Carolyn says:

    Nothing to fancy…I like to use them for vases for fresh cut flowers.

  722. deezie says:

    How fun this is. I bet everyone uses them a different way.
    I sure hope I win one of those beautiful necklaces.
    I use the jars for so many things. I use them to store baking supplies, like chocolate chips, sugar, marshmallows. I use them to store buttons, cottonballs. I also use them as a flower vase. Oh the best is to fill them with cookie or brownie ingredients and give as a gift.
    Happy day Lisa

  723. Love your jewelry. I’ve purchased pieces for friends but would love something for myself. The adoption necklace would be perfect as we adopted our son 26 years ago. He is such a treasure and I would love something to wear daily to commemorate that blessed event.

  724. Margie says:

    favourite way to use mason jars is as drinking glasses.

  725. Megan W says:

    I use mason jars to hold flowers. All sizes of the jars will work.

  726. Corey says:

    Tea lights in Mason jars around the tub is bliss…
    Thank you for your gorgeous designs.

  727. Joan Brown says:

    I love to put buttons in my old mason jars.

  728. Heather says:

    I use mason jars for just about everything, but my favorite is fresh cut sunflowers in the summer. The combination (especially in the vintage blue jars) is one of my favorite things! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I LOVE this necklace and it’s already on my birthday list ๐Ÿ˜‰

  729. Gina says:

    I have been storing the last dibs and dabs of room paint int hem so I can see the color right way. It’s good for a little bit of touch-up paint.

  730. Becky T says:

    LOVE this necklace. I so would wear this to remind me every day of my granddaughter :)
    I love using mason jars by putting sand in the bottom and adding tea light candles all through the house

  731. Becky T says:

    I also use mason jars to hold all my antique buttons in my craft room

  732. Becky T says:

    I use small mason jars to cook individual desserts in

  733. Heather says:

    All kinds of uses at our house!
    My three kids and I painted w/acrylics to decorate them up for holding flowers, paint brushes, pencils, etc.

  734. Jo says:

    Jam – lots and lots of strawberry jam!

  735. Heather says:

    I also use a mason jar to hold all the extra buttons that come with our clothes!

  736. Anouk says:

    I use mine to store all my buttons in. I use them to make cards.

  737. Gina says:

    I have some beautiful colored sea glass and it look’s awsome in a mason jar !!!

  738. Heather says:

    Love this necklace and your giveaways!
    I have a few everyday make-up “supplies” sitting in one on our bathroom counter too . . .

  739. Anouk says:

    I put gifts in them. Cookie mix, crafting materials, pretty thingsโ€ฆ.anything you can think of.

  740. Emily B. says:

    Sweet tea!!

  741. Anouk says:

    I also use them to collect all the change I find in the laundrt. Mommies special fund. LOL

  742. Marcie says:

    My favorite thing to do with my collection of mason jars is fill them with fresh flowers! Can’t wait for spring!!

  743. Marina says:

    I also put dry cooking stuff in them – rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, cous-cous, pasta, black beans, lentils, etc…. they all look rather nice lined up on the shelf! I also put my tea, coffee, sugar and chocolates in them – I love having guests over for afternoon tea… they always comment on how pretty my tea things look!

  744. Marcie says:

    I also have a mason jar that I fill with our loose buttons

  745. We have a ton of mason jars from my hubby’s g-ma. She canned for years and we bought her home and found them all stashed in the cellar.

    I LOVE them for drinking iced tea. Yes, the lip at the top makes you dribble tea down your chin, but I don’t care. There’s something that makes you think of family and home, and of IdaLee, (his g-ma) when I’m sipping from my mason jar.


  746. Lori says:

    Here in Alabama, we use them as drinking glasses :)

  747. Marcie says:

    I use a large mason jar to store my cupcake liners in my kitchen… shows off all the beautiful colors/patterns!

  748. melissa says:

    an oldie but a goodie – jam!! i love homemade jam, both the making and the eating! mmmmm….. makes me want to go make some toast! :)
    we also seem to have a lot of mason jars turned drinking glasses floating around the cupboard.

  749. erika says:

    I love to use them for holding flowers . . . or making sauerkraut!

  750. Jeannine says:

    I always put my flowers in mason jars and put a simple jute string around the neck tied in a bow so that is my “favorite” and I also use them as my Chjristmas luminary to light my walkway… sand on the bottom and a candle inside or if snowing or raining I put the lid on and use battery candles… i change out the ribbon for halloween too! I LOVE mason jars!

  751. I love using mason jars for fresh cut flowers from my garden…they look so simple and elegant sitting on my kitchen table

  752. I also use mason jars for bath salts…add a little essential oils and relax

  753. Also use mason jars for homemade granola .. tie a beautiful ribbon around it and it makes a wonderful gift at Christmas for friends. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift you’ve made yourself?

  754. Cheryl Sims says:

    I use a mason jar to vacum pack foods in.They look pretty lined up on a shelf.
    Cheryl Sims

  755. Kara says:

    What a lovely necklace! I just love mason jars – they are so useful for so many things. Right now, I am using them constantly in the science classes I teach to a local group of home schoolers! I also love to use them to hold craft supplies, like buttons, lace, ribbon, etc.

  756. Stacy says:

    I love mason jars. I put homemade salsa in them for gifts.

  757. Cheryl Sims says:

    I tweeted about your awesome giveaway.

  758. ahdra says:

    fresh cut flowers in the spring is my favorite way to use a mason jar. and some ribbon at the neck.

  759. Cheryl Sims says:

    I put a link on facebook about the giveaway. Love this necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Cheryl Sims

  760. Stacy says:

    I made one into a lamp with some old buttons inside. It really “lights up” my laundry room.

  761. Alessandra says:

    I like putting teas, flours, granola and spices in mason jars.
    They work great and look really nice on the counter :)

  762. I love mason jars for glasses and for vases. Such a full touch to any home :)

  763. Meghan Hall says:

    I love to use them as a vase and put fresh flowers around the house- I have one on the table with a camilla now and one on the counter with goldenrod!

  764. Marie says:

    At Christmas time I fill them (different sizes) with cranberries and water and float a cranberry tea candle. And in the spring and summer I put flowers in them

  765. Stacy says:

    I keep a large mason jar on my island with pretzels inside. My son loves to snack on them. Also the small ones work great for dips or nuts on a veggie or fruit platter.

  766. Katie says:

    I use mason jars to store buttons by color. That must mean I have a lot. Lol

  767. Jessie says:

    So boring but I love mason jars for home made jellys and jams!! Yummy in the tummy!! Love your new design!

  768. Dasha says:

    I have yummy buttons in my only mason jar i treasure. We dont have them in Czech Republic! :)

  769. Shana says:

    I like to use them to decorate and put little odds and ends in them like old buttons etc.

  770. ahhh…so fun! i can, so i use mason jars regularly, but my favorite way is as a memory jar for all those little treasures little boys like to bring their mama’s!

  771. Lin says:

    I have old marbles in a mason jar.

  772. Lori S says:

    I like putting sand in the bottom of the mason jars and then putting a candle in to use on the deck.

  773. Mary Jo says:

    My granddaughter lives on the east coast so when I have the chance to go to the beach with her–we collect sea shells. When I bring them home to Indiana they go into a mason jar so I can be reminded of the great time we had together. Makes my day to see that memory everyday.

  774. Wow Lisa, this is incredibly generous of you! We love using mason jars as vases for flowers. Theyre less formal than a vase, hold alot of flowers and just look great!

  775. heatherly says:

    I use mason jars for anything….storing coffee or nuts and displaying river rocks! Love to see some of the other ideas people had. :)

  776. I love to use them for canning peaches! Yum!

  777. Lisa says:

    All of the above. Seriously. They’re pretty much in every room of my house, being utilized. My new favorite way to put them to work is using the 1/2 pint jars for my granddaughters drinking glasses. Little girls drinking from these small cuties is so adorable.

  778. Melanie says:

    my 4-year-old son is a collector, sorter, filler-and-dumper … so he has appropriated many a mason jar to fill with coins, legos and other small treasures.

  779. faith says:

    I have a great mason jar with a very rusty lid. Inside I filled it with old buttons. Looks very country.

  780. Diana says:

    Filling a mason jar with fresh cut tulips is one of my favorite ways to fill a mason jar.

  781. melissa says:

    i just love to look at them!! i have them all over my house :)

  782. Tamara says:

    I love to use mason jars to store my ribbon supple in the colours of the rainbow. It makes it easy to see what I have and looks so pretty on the shelf.

  783. Jess C. says:

    I love cocktails in mason jars with pretty garnishes!

  784. Erin says:

    I love to use mason jars for flowers and to store my son’s treasures from the outdoors. As soon as I have the time and money to start canning, making yummy food to put in them will be next!

  785. SusanC says:

    I used mason jars from my mom’s home, put light blue cut glass and a candle and lined the walkway for our son’s wedding! Absolutely beautiful plus it was a light from Heaven as my Mom, Dad and sister are in Heaven!

  786. Jaimie says:

    I use mason jars for EVERYTHING! And I really do mean everything. They hold pens and pencils, beautiful flowers, hot glue sticks, makeup pencils and brushes, hair accessories, coins, and little treasures from my kids. They are the perfect container for almost everything!

  787. Jess C. says:

    We also have a few mason jars hanging on our back porch with tea lights inside, rustic lanterns of course.

  788. Susan says:

    Gosh is this hard!! I guess my favorite way is to store odds and ends in them – paint brushes, extra buttons, craft supplies, etc.

  789. Bonnie says:

    i love to put fresh flowers in them :) and put them on the kitchen table

  790. Sara says:

    My husband and I use mason jars to keep pipe tobacco fresh. Every time we open one up it fills the room!

  791. Kara says:

    Oh I haven’t used mason jars since I caught lightening bugs and put them in jars when I was little. Love your beautiful jewelry!

  792. Erin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. This necklace has been my favorite. The comments about buttons remind me of my childhood. My aunt gave me a huge jar of buttons as a gift one year and I would often dump them out and explore the colors and textures and then put them all back to store. :)

  793. kate says:

    i love to use mason jars to hold my colored pencils, buttons, flowers and change…the possibilities are endless! :)

  794. Nina says:

    Love your necklace. Mason jars bring back great memories of my grandmother canning her wonderful sweet and sour pickles! We have a raised bed in our backyard and grow lots of tomatoes! We pick ’em, wash ’em and put ’em right in a pot! Canning tomato suace has become our family tradition. Opening a mason jar full of suace in the middle of winter is like opening a jar of summer sunshine! I like the wide mouth ones the best!

  795. Nina says:

    Leaving comment on my blog!

  796. Heather G. says:

    Right now, mason jars sit on shelves in our son, Cooper’s, room (20 mos.)…they are filled with new “old school” pencils, little green army men, dominoes and another with blue monkeys from the Barrel of Monkeys game.

  797. Ashley says:

    I use them for all sorts of things. Candles, canning, seashells, and just plain decor. I love the look of them. :]

  798. Ronda says:

    I collect vintage buttons and then put them in mason jars. They look so pretty in them! Love to use them as vases for flowers also.

  799. Amy says:

    I love to use mason jars to make cookies in a jar, and give them as presents to friends and loved ones!

  800. Heather G. says:

    Along with our kiddo’s mason jar display in his room, my own favorite mason jar collection is filled with my great grandma’s collection of thread – all on wooden spools. The colors are so bright! The robin’s egg blue spool was the color inspiration for my wedding dress…it sits at the top of the jar.

  801. kyla says:

    I love to use mason jars as art… I put leftover yarn strands or small balls of yarn in them and display them on a table or shelf.

  802. Kerrie says:

    I would use the jar for memories. My friend who past away while in high school…his family has a jar and whenever they get any special memories about Matt they put them in the jar. I loved the idea of it all and that is how I would use a jar. xoxoxo I love your designs!

  803. vicki says:

    Right now, of the hundreds of Mason jars that I have sitting around this house, the one that has Jelly Bellys in it is my FAVORITE!!

  804. Stefany says:

    So cute. Mason jars are fabulous -most commonly used in my house for centerpieces with flowers and candles.

  805. Michelle says:

    I use mason jars to store things…..dry beans, nuts, my collection of wooden spools, etc… I love them. Some are my Grams. Those are my favorites.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  806. Michele T says:

    You know, I really don’t use Mason jars but I’m getting more and more into vintage stuff. I need to get some and use them for stuff like putting pens & pencils in, spring flowers, old buttons.

  807. Melissa says:

    I’m actually doing a “mason jar theme” at my wedding – I’ve made 65 jars of homemade jams, the centerpieces will have flowers in big and little mason jars, and candles in little mason jars. At home, we use mason jars for our canning, as vases, and to store dry beans and pasta in. What can I say, I love mason jars!

  808. Melanie says:

    facebooked it too!

  809. Amanda says:

    I love a simple flower arrangement in a mason jar … there’s nothing sweeter. Well, maybe if it was filled with candy. :)

  810. Scarlett says:

    I use Mason jars to collect change around the house. Then when the jar is full, we spend the money on a family treat!

  811. Heather G. says:

    Another favorite mason jar in our house is tall and blue – a few of my husband’s grandmother’s 1950’s knitting needles sit in.

  812. wendy6 says:

    Iced tea in a mason jar is a classic, but I love to give friends a cupcake in a mason jar for birthdays and special occassions!

  813. Susan says:

    I have facebook’d about it as well!

  814. Susan says:

    It’s been tweeted about, too!

  815. Michele T says:

    Hi, Lisa! I blogged about your giveaway! Love you designs. I have the through my lens necklace on today!

    Thanks for sharing!

  816. Michele T says:

    And it’s been Facebooked, too!

  817. Tara says:

    We use mason jars for everything!!! Especially in the kitchen…our pantry is fill of them….we also use them in the fridge for fresh juicing!

  818. tiffany day says:

    Hi oh what a great give away

    Flowers. I like to put flowers in mason jars.

    Thanks and good lucj to all


  819. Tara says:

    I Fbooked it!

  820. Megan says:

    We use a jar to write down things we’re thankful for and then draw one out to read. It’s a special family bonding moment.

  821. Paige says:

    My favorite ways to use Mason jars are for flowers, candy and pens/pencils. Right now I have some bright yellow daffodils on my kitchen window sill in a mason jar…they look great! Ove the summer we gave away some gifts to people with fresh tomato sauce from our garden, in mason jars of course!

  822. Allison says:

    I was sooo excited when I opened your blog today and saw BIG BIG GIVEAWAY!! Made my day :-) I use mason jars for just about anything…crayons, decorating with candles in them, flowers, drinking from…

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity! Cheers to mason jars!

  823. Megan says:

    i facebooked it

  824. Keri says:

    Mason jars are for: Buttons, loose change before it goes into the wash, clippings of new plants starting to take root, whole grains and dried beans, home-made granola (my favorite!) & bath salts–to sit in my pantry or tie a pretty ribbon around and give to friends, and for drinking smoothies :)

  825. Megan says:

    i tweeted it

  826. Carol S. says:

    I love to hold various shades of white buttons. I have the old blue tinted jars filled with white buttons sitting on a shelf. Just gorgeous!

  827. Denise B says:

    craft supplies — and peaches.

  828. Jill J says:

    we use them mainly as drinking glasses and to hold anything else!

  829. Christine says:

    I love making lanterns out of them. We have done this as a camping craft with kids….tissue squares glued to the outside, beaded wire handles, a little candle and off on a night hike we go. Magical!

  830. Michele says:

    To put flowers in!

  831. mandi says:

    i love the “old barn” look of mason jars. I use them for decorations with candles or rocks, in the bathroom for q-tips and stray buttons…I’d like to transfer all my spices to small jars and add erasable chalkboard labels.

  832. Kristy S. says:

    Little treasures that my children find! Little tokens of LOVE!

  833. Tricia says:

    Love to store vintage buttons to inspire me!

  834. Cheryl Bach says:

    Mason jars… brother makes an awesome homemade pasta sauce & he uses Mason jars to can the sauce. It’s so yummy – definitely my favorite use of a Mason jar!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  835. Melinda says:

    I use mason jars to hold pocket change around the house. When they get full the bounty goes into savings and we start all over again collecting.

  836. Carrie says:

    I love putting wild flowers in them…. makes me think of my grandma’s house when i was little :)

  837. Meaghan says:

    I love to fill my blue mason jars with gorgeous, pink, sweet-smelling peonies from my garden. Can’t wait for them to bloom this spring!

  838. Tessa says:

    Buttons, flowers, candy, you name it … they are so fun to fill!

  839. Laurie says:

    To hold the dried rose petals from the roses my wonderful husband has given me over the years – makes them last forever…

  840. Robin says:

    We always seem to have so many Mason jars. I don’t can anymore so I give my to a friend or my daughter-in-law who do. But mostly my husband uses them for nails and screws down in his workshop!!

  841. Angie says:

    One of my holiday traditions is to put tea light candles in them and line them up along our driveway for Christmas Eve. So pretty in the snow. Also fun the the summer too!

  842. Judi says:

    To Put Flowers In, Love that simple look.

  843. Blair says:

    I love filling them with daisies in the spring and acorns in the fall! Such a cute and inexpensive way to liven up a space :)

  844. Gloria says:

    I love drinking freshly brewed iced tea in them. I like clear glass for all drinks, but for some reason, iced tea in the summer with loads of ice and a freshly cut lemon swimming around looks best in a mason jar!!!

  845. Melissa says:

    I use them for flowers.

  846. Kim M says:

    Great for flowers, art supplies, ribbons, old clothes pins in the laundry room, I have some that have been made into lamps filled with old marbles. Pretty much anything that will fit looks better in a Mason jar.
    My favorites are the old blue ones.

  847. Megan says:

    I actually just ordered this necklace and it is on it’s way to me right now. It is a birthday gift from my parents for my 25th birthday!!

  848. Kristy says:

    Drinking out of them! I’ve been collecting/thrifting these cute Mason jars with handles. They are my newest favorite finds.

  849. Megan says:

    If I won, I have a couple of people in mind to give it to. First, probably my mom…we have a close relationship. Or one of my good friends.

  850. Darcy says:

    They are great to drink out of, especially ice cold lemonade!

  851. Amber says:

    I use them for candles. I put little tea lights in the pint jars, and votive candles in the quart jars.

  852. Laura says:

    I use mason jars as candle holders – I set a few together with different sizes/colors of candles and it makes a cute decorative centre piece for my kitchen table! or any room in the house :)

  853. eeekkk!! I love mason jars and this necklace. A friend used them on the candy bar at her wedding. So cute and affordable!

  854. I also think that wildflowers look gorgeous in a mason jar ๐Ÿ˜‰

  855. We are using mason jars of all shapes and sizes to decorate the tables at our women’s retreat this weekend. Our small group just put them together last night and they are soooo cute!

    We have five jars together as a centerpiece. A simple ribbon tied around a big one in the middle holds a cluster of white daisies and pink tulips. Two smaller ones hold sea salt and tealights (the battery ones as we can’t have candles lit in the church building). Because every women’s even needs treats, one has colored hard candy to match our theme colors. And my favorite, one for collecting quarters for the laundry ministry to the homeless in our community.

    Turned out so simple and cute… wish I had a picture to share!

  856. Tammy M. says:

    My favorite use for Mason jars is to stick sand, beans, dried corn, etc in the bottom and stick a candle in it…then put a nice ribbon around the top…instant accent piece…love mason jars!

    Lisa ~ I have to comment about this piece…this is the next necklace I am ordering once I get the money to treat myself. This is the perfect necklace as my hubby’s grandma passed away 7 years ago…one of my fondest memories is when my hubby and I would go up to visit his grandparents once a week they always had coffee brewing on the stove. One night while visiting I offered to make the coffee…there was a glass jar on the stove that to me looked like sugar…so in went two heaping teaspoons of what I thought was sugar into the coffee…needless to say the sour faces I got after they drank their coffee because the jar actually contained salt!!! We laughed about that often and when granny passed away the only thing I wanted was that salt jar…it is one of my very favorite possessions, even with chips and the plastic coffee lid on top. When I see that jar it just reminds me of the love Granny and Papa had for their grandson (my hubby) and me. Thanks for making jewelry that really speaks from the heart.

  857. Lastly mason jars are great to make “cake in a jar” with. A friend was able to do this for her husband in Afghanistan for his birthday and it was still fresh when it arrived!

  858. Sarah says:

    I like to use mine for food that I buy at the bulk food store. Rice, dried beans or candy :).

  859. Holly says:

    Oh, how I love mason jars. So versatile–and so eco-friendly. :-)

    My favorite use is to bring lemonade w/ raspberries or blueberries floating in it to work with me in the summertime. Perfect afternoon treat–and I can pretend that I’m sitting on a lovely wraparound porch and listening to the chirping birds while I sip.

  860. Vanessa says:

    I usually take my lunch on mason jars. But, we also use them as glass for water or other cold beverage. Love mason jars!

  861. Ashley Chattaway says:

    What don’t I use them for?? Let’s see, we drink use them to drink sweet tea. And I use them to store my crochet hooks and my quilting safety pins. I’ve been collecting them for years and just love them!

  862. Alaina says:

    I use them for to hold cotton balls in the bathroom. :) Gives it a clean, simple look. :)