autumn’s song earrings

i am love love loving these earrings. so simple-so sweet for fall.

they are the perfect length with the perfect amount of dangle. you can see the autumn’s  song earrings here.

i feel myself settling into fall. i’m ready for boots and pumpkin patches and hot apple cider. yum. i want to try a new cobbler recipe and i want to makeover our front porch for the new season.

what fall activity are you looking forward to?

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  1. SPRING!!! Big smiles, it is early Spring in New Zealand and it is SO my favourite time of year. Second comes Autumn (you call it Fall). Love the changing leaves but right now I’m loving watching the buds on the fruit and deciduous trees in my garden swell! Happy, happy, place!! xx

  2. Halloween! Love it-I have 4 bins of decor & a months worth of festive earrings! Also, with my new camera, I’d love to get some shoots of fall colors.

  3. Football for me too…finally something to watch on the weekends! I was just thinking about whether or not it was too soon to get my all my pumpkin decorations out…I think I’ll wait a week or two….maybe

  4. Sorry ladies, i’m ready for some football! Tennessee Vols and bright orange! And soccer, soccer, soccer! Love the cooler weather – here in the south we’ve had 100 degree days for a month and now finally 65 – 75 degree days. Outside recess and sweaters and jackets.

  5. Can’t wait to go apple picking in the North Georgia Mountains and then come home, make apple pies, dumplings and tarts with my husband and boys! Ice cream will be served…

  6. The earrings are adorable!
    My friends and I went apple picking last year for the first time since elementary school. I’m looking forward to going again this year!

  7. Don’t know about you guys in the states but what happened to summer! Forgotten the last time we had a good one in the uk LOL. Love the earrings, lovely and delicate with great detail and a slice of autumn colour.

  8. Oh! I know exactly how you feel…awaiting all the bounty Autumn has to offer! We were at the library yesterday and I grabbed all the Fall magazines to peruse. Anything that had pumpkins, apples, corn husks, or the colors orange and brown on the cover, I grabbed. I actually felt giddy and lightheaded with the anticipation of awaiting Fall days.

    Love the earrings! I melt for anything with leaves!

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