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April 1st | jewelry

hello friends!

a couple of you let us know of another jewelry designer with an open heart necklace and since we don’t want to step on any toes, we changed the name of our new design to the molded heart necklace and the molded heart bracelet.

i love the new name even more since it reflects how our loved ones mold our hearts and help make us who we are!

and don’t forget, you can use the code momlove for 15% until midnight tonight PST.

{{hugs to you!!}}

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  1. Alima says:

    I see you bought those wedges from Target that you had your eye on! :)

  2. Lisa Leonard says:

    yep i did! and i love em! xo

  3. I love that you changed it to molded….anyway, your is way cuter!

  4. Piper says:

    Lisa, I love how upfront you are with us—your customers! That kind of transparency shows your worth and makes me love LLD even more!

  5. Janeen says:

    You are just a doll! I love your stuff so much! I can’t wait to buy something and show it off!!
    Love & Hugs,

  6. Lisa S. says:

    I agree with Paige and Piper! Love your stuff and your honesty! Enjoy your weekend Lisa!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You got the wedge sandals! So cute! I just came across your blog. I had previously visited your shop after seeing your beautiful jewelery on Enjoying The Small Things.

    I LOVE your jewelery…and your blog. Quick question – WHAT do you use on your hair? I am a curly girl too but can’t control my hair and yours is SO cute!

    Thanks! :)

  8. Delicia says:

    Love the heart necklace and the new name. I ordered one this afternoon and can’t wait to get it. But then I’ll have to wait until Mother’s Day for my boys to give it to me.

  9. Michelle says:

    Lisa, no one compares to you!!!!

  10. Sarah-Anne says:

    i’m with michelle: there isn’t another company like yours, but i gotta say i love the new name!!

  11. Renae says:

    love the new name ‘molded heart’ you are right… it is our loved ones who mold our hearts.

  12. i think i love the new name even more!

  13. Lisa- I love that name and those shoes are killer!!

  14. I love this and as soon as daylight breaks i will be lightly hinting.. okay begging hubby to get his for me. You know to congratulate me for surviving my fourth and last c-section 12 days ago.
    Can the names: Aiva , Aidan, Maive and Pippa fit??

  15. Jessica says:

    Nice photo of you :)

  16. You are such a graceful person…even in the way you run your business Lisa. Im very impressed with you lady:) And the “revised” name is even better than the 1st one.
    PS I love the shoes too!

  17. Michelle Woolf says:

    I am absolutely in love with this bracelet. Love the work you do. Will be leaving major hints to my family for this one. :)
    PS… always love What I Wore on Wednesday… too cute.

  18. Martha says:

    I love your jewelry but am really interested in the shoes. Where did you find those?



  19. alicia says:

    And your design is WAY better!


  20. mary says:

    LOVE the necklace AND the shoes. :)

  21. Grace & Class …and humble. You rock Lisa. You set a new standard in business in my book.

    Love the heart. Love the name.
    …isn’t funny how things work out :)

  22. Megan Adams says:

    Lisa – I received a necklace from your collection for Christmas with both of my children’s names on it and I LOVE IT so very much! I wear it day in and day out…

    I have asked for the Molded Heart Necklace for mother’s day. Hope they get the hint :)

    All the best,

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